The Older Male Virgin

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John Carmichael had been tempted nearly all his adult life. When he was a priest he constantly had to fend off the attempts of the women in his various parishes to get inside his cassock. He had left that life behind ten years ago and built a successful IT company from nothing but every day was still a challenge. He remained a regular churchgoer and still tried to maintain the celibate life he had vowed to follow even if he no longer practised as a Catholic priest.

Nowadays the temptations came from the women who worked for him or the women who seemed desperate to marry him. He could never understand how they could be so brazen in their approach; even in the office some of the secretaries’ clothes left nothing to the imagination. Mini-skirts that barely covered their private parts, blouses with far too many buttons opened and tops which seemed to hug to their every curve. Every day he had to go home and take a long cold shower to calm down the urges that he knew were simply the work of the devil.

Today he was going to have to interview yet another woman to fill the vacancy for his P.A. and he was not looking forward to it one bit. The problem was that he knew this one. He had taught her when he used to teach in the local convent school and the fact that he was a priest at the time hadn’t deterred her, or the others, from teasing him by opening their legs during class so that he could have seen up their tiny skirts, if he had been so inclined, or from bending over in front of him on the pretence of having dropped something. When they did this he was always shocked; shocked by the fact that he could see their tiny knickers and shocked even more that he could feel his penis reacting beneath his cassock. He was always physically aroused by the sight of their beautiful arses, big or small, round or skinny. Mary’s wasn’t too big, as he remembered, but it was gorgeous enough for him to want to touch her there and then, whenever she presented herself in this manner. He knew she wanted him to put his hands on her, to touch her, to rub his erect penis against her be never had. Each and every time it had always taken a huge effort not to give her what she thought she wanted but he would never have allowed himself to be so weak.

Now, at the end of another long day, when nearly all of his staff had already left, his secretary knocked on the door and escorted her in. It had been ten years since he had last seen Mary Stewart but even he had to admit that the years had been kind to her. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman who, he estimated, must be approaching her thirtieth birthday in a year or two. Even so, he was only in his mid forties himself and he could see why other men his age would have found her attractive. He wondered if her arse was still as beautiful then reprimanded himself internally for having such a wicked, sinful thought.

Mary had been shocked when she was shown into the large office and introduced to her potential new employer. It wasn’t so much that she immediately recognised the man before her in his expensive suit as the man who used to be Father John, the man who had filled many of her school friends’ fantasies and the man who had pleasured her in so many ways in so many of her dreams. What really took her breath away was the fact that he was even more attractive now without his cassock. As he invited her to sit and summarily dismissed his secretary, letting her know that she could leave for home now, it was very obvious who was in charge. She liked that and she could feel all the old feelings returning in abundance, causing her to blush and squeeze her legs together as she felt that familiar tingling between her legs.

She had prepared well for the interview and had even bought a new business suit and white silk blouse to try to impress whoever was interviewing her. She had a sudden thought that maybe she should have opened one or two more buttons on her blouse or chosen a worn a shorter skirt the way she used to do in class but, even then, Father John had never seemed to take much notice. It was a source of great frustration for Mary and the other girls that they only man worth looking at in their very strict convent school seemed totally immune to their charms, except when they used to bend over in front of him. Accidentally, of course. The girls used to giggle among themselves about how his erection was very obvious even under his cassock and they fantasised about just how big he really was. She wondered briefly if the sexy underwear she had chosen to wear to boost her confidence today would have more effect on him than the simple white cotton she was forced to wear at school. She couldn’t have imagined she would ever get the chance to find out.

“I see that you recognise me, Miss Stewart.” It wasn’t a question so Mary simply smiled and nodded.

“Well, looking at your CV I can see that you have the qualifications for the job. What we need to ascertain is whether or not you will be suitable for this office. As I recall, you Kurtköy Escort were quite naughty at school.”

Mary nearly burst into a fit of giggles at the use of such a childish word but she really needed this job and, with supreme effort, managed to control herself.

“I have grown up considerably since those days, Father, and I’m sure I can handle anything you ask of me.”

The possibility that he could take her words the wrong way only dawned on her once they were out of her mouth and she regretted them immediately.

“No one calls me “Father” anymore. I prefer to be addressed as “Sir” in the office.”

“Of course, Father. I mean, Sir. Sorry, Sir,” she smiled, her nervousness growing as she felt the interview slipping away from her.

“You haven’t worked in this kind of office before, have you?”

“No, Sir.” The negatives seemed to be piling up. “But I’m a quick learner and I’ll do anything you want me to do, Sir.”

Again the words were out before she could stop them and she mentally kicked herself as she forced herself to concentrate.

“I’m really not sure whether you are right or not, Miss Stewart. I think I will take a few days to consider my position.”

Mary knew that if she left the office that evening without a guaranteed offer of employment then she would have lost her chance and would never hear from the attractive, Mr Carmichael again. She knew she had to do something to win him over and decided to take a huge gamble.

“If you prefer, Sir, I can be naughty again, she said, licking her top lip as if in anticipation.

“I beg your pardon, Miss Stewart?”

“Well, I don’t seem to have impressed you by my new-found maturity, Sir. What if I was to be the naughty schoolgirl again? Would you like that, “Father”?”

Mary knew her blouse fitted her round breasts snugly and when she leaned forward in her chair, opening a couple of buttons as she did so, the flustered man on the other side of the desk was rewarded with an ample view of each of her prize assets. He could hardly tear his eyes away but when he finally managed to do so, he was presented with the vision of her crossing her legs in her tight black skirt. It had ridden up her nylon encased thighs and, although his sinful lust wanted to see more, he was prevented from seeing the very top of her legs by the confines of the chair.

“Is it hot in here, Father?” Mary asked, using this excuse to take off her blazer which allowed her to thrust her considerable chest forward. When he didn’t take the bait she reached up and opened the top buttons on her blouse, first one, then two, then three, revealing a lacy black bra which seemed to cover not very much at all. Instead it simply seemed to push her round breasts up, almost forcing the flustered CEO to stare at them.

“What do you think you are doing, Miss Stewart? Put your clothes back on immediately.”

John Carmichael was trying to keep his cool but the antics of this wanton woman before him were almost too much for him to resist. Almost.

“Oh, I think you’ve dropped something off your desk, Father. Let me pick it up for you.”

Mary got up out of her chair and took the few steps to the front of his large desk. Looking him in the eye, she suddenly turned round and bent over at the waist to pick up the imaginary item on the floor.

The poor man couldn’t help but stare, the memories of her doing exactly the same thing as a schoolgirl flooding back. He watched as Mary’s skirt rode up over what he had presumed were tights to reveal lace-top stockings. Bending even further forward, her hands now resting on the carpet, he could see the naked skin of her thighs above her stockings and her lacy black knickers.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Father. I must have been mistaken. There’s nothing there,” she said innocently as she suddenly stood up and turned around, catching him staring at her backside.

“Were you looking up my skirt, Father? Maybe I’m not the only naughty one in here after all. Did you like what you saw, Father. Maybe you would like to see some more.”

With that Mary undid the final buttons on her blouse. She stood now defiantly in front of the embarrassed former priest, her round breasts still covered by a lacy black bra that matched her knickers but still managing to catch the eye of John Carmichael so that he was totally incapable of looking elsewhere. He tried to shift his position in the chair but Mary had swung it around to face her and smiled when she saw the large bulge in his trousers.

“So you are human after all, Father,” she smiled as she cupped the undersides of her breasts before sliding her hands up slightly to squeeze them and tease him even further.

“Have you ever seen a pair like these, Father? Maybe you’d like to touch them. Would you, Father? Would you like to get your holy hands on my big tits?”

Mary reached back and deftly unclipped her bra before dropping her arms and allowing it to slide down to the floor.

John’s Maltepe Escort mouth was suddenly as dry as a stick. He had never even seen a woman’s breasts in real life and now he was presented with such a gorgeous vision only inches from his face. He moaned in torment and his tormentor just smiled.

“Go on, Father. They’re all yours. Touch them, squeeze them. Do whatever you want to them,” she smiled as she rolled her nipples between her fingers and caused them to point directly at their target.

And so he did. He could no longer resist the temptation placed before him and he reached out, taking the beautiful globes in his hands, he seemed to weigh them before, leaning forward, he licked her nipples in turn with his dry tongue. Mary moaned in pleasure and, taking that as encouragement, he began to suck in earnest, his unpractised mouth making loud sucking sounds the way a hungry baby would.

Seeming to come to his senses at the noise he was making he pulled back but Mary wasn’t finished with him yet. She took a step back before reaching back again and unzipping her skirt.

“No you musn’t, Miss Stewart. This must stop now. Right now. Put your clothes back on,” he commanded. He was used to people doing what he told him but he was facing something he had never experienced before: a woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. And she wanted him.

Her skirt fell to the floor revealing her high-cut French knickers and very sheer black stockings. Turning around she bent forward once more and began to very slowly peel down those dainty panties. When they reached the floor, with Mary almost double, she slowly turned. She had wanted him to get a close-up view of her wet pussy and even her arsehole but John had closed his eyes and hid his face behind his hands.

She simply stood there and waited until he lowered his hands and opened his eyes. Before he could stop her she jumped on to his desk immediately in front of him and opened her legs. He couldn’t help but look at the pink lips before him as they too were now inches from his face. They were wet, just as she knew they would be, when, looking straight into his eyes, she ran her right hand down over her engorged clit and slid her middle finger between them, sliding it deep inside of her hungry cunt.

He could see how wet she was. Oh God, he could smell how aroused she was and watched transfixed as the woman began to teasingly slide her finger in and out. Her groaning became louder but he could still hear the sinful squelching of her finger and where it was going.

“Would you like to do this, Father? Would you like to feel your finger sliding in and out of my pussy? Do you know what would be even better? If you were to take out that hard cock you’re trying to hide and slide it all the way in here. You know you want to.”

She smiled as John’s hands began to move almost of their own free will towards her but, at the very last moment, he grabbed hold of the edge of the desk, gripping it as if his life depended on. His life wasn’t really at stake but his celibacy certainly was and holding on to his desk wasn’t going to save him from Mary Stewart.

Keeping eye contact with him, she removed her finger from her pussy and brought it to her mouth.

“Mmmm, I taste so nice, Father, but that can wait. Let me taste you instead.”

She suddenly slipped off the desk, between his outstretched arms and knelt on the floor in front of him. Grabbing his legs, she pulled him forward on his chair, his hands seemingly glued to the desk now by some invisible force.

Although he could see what she was doing, he jumped when he felt a woman’s hand squeeze his erect penis for the first time, even though it was through his trousers. Slowly she undid his zip and slid her right hand into his trousers on a mission to find his cock. As she grabbed it and pulled it out he could only gasp in disbelief that this was happening to him, here, in his own office, by a woman he had once known as a schoolgirl but who was no schoolgirl now. This was a determined woman who knew what she wanted and nothing was going to stop her.

As her warm mouth slid over the head of his penis his face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and shame as he finally succumbed to the lust which had tempted him ever since he knew what temptation was. Although he tried to glare down at the sinful woman he could no longer deny the feelings of sheer pleasure that the insistent sucking of Mary’s mouth was causing. Her lips formed a tight ring around his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth while, incredibly, flicking her tongue over the head each time it almost popped out.

He had never ejaculated in his life (unless you counted those inconvenient wet dreams he used to have in his younger days) but he felt sure it was about to happen any time now as Mary changed tactics slightly and began to suck on his testicles. It was a sensation he had no words to describe as he had never known such heights of Tuzla Escort pleasure were possible on this earth.

When she returned to sucking the full length of his erect penis, this time turning him on even more by making her sucking as loud and as messy as possible, he knew he had lost and there was nothing he could do about it. Mary could see how close her former teacher, her former priest was, and began to bob her head up and down at an incredible rate.

Within seconds he cried aloud and began to cum as if he had waited his whole life to do so. He could never have imagined how good it would feel and Mary, in turn, could never have imagined how much cum he would produce. It filled her mouth with the first few shots and, even though she swallowed quickly and instinctively, streams of white cum began to escape from the corners of her mouth. It seemed to go on forever but she didn’t stop, even going so far as to wipe the last few dribbles on to her cheeks. Kissing the tip of his wilting cock, she sat back on her knees, a satisfied look all over her cum-streaked face.

Even with the evidence of his sin all too evident on her face, John Carmichael still couldn’t believe he had been so weak and succumbed to this sinful woman’s wily ways. Determined to regain control, he looked down at her in disgust.

“So my first instinct was right, Miss Stewart. You really haven’t changed much at all. You are still the bad girl I remember.”

“I can be, Father,” she said, using his former title quite deliberately. “But didn’t you like it when you had to punish the bad girls at school?”

John Carmichael’s mind was suddenly taken back to those years when he had been tasked with delivering the punishments that the nuns had decided on. Each day after school he was faced with a line-up of not very penitent girls who, in turn, bent over his desk and awaited their punishments. Each day he had to control his animal lusts as the girls lifted their skirts and presented him with their knickers-clad backsides. Each day he was faced with being torn between his duty and his want. Each day he succeeded but only because he was scared of what would happen if he succumbed even once.

Now a new opportunity had presented itself. One of those very same bad girls was here in his deserted office and he could relive the nearest thing he had ever come to with regards sexual release and he suddenly decided that he was going to take the chance.

“So you think you can come here and tempt me with your body do you, girl? Stand up.”

Mary thought that she might have taken things a bit too far when she heard the regained authoritative tone in his voice and tried to apologise. John Carmichael was horrified at what he had allowed to happen and knew that he would have to confess his sins. But someone else had to learn the meaning of repentance and that someone was Mary.

He reached into the top drawer in his desk and took out the wooden handled hairbrush that he used to brush his hair every day.

“I never got the chance to punish you when you were younger but now you are about to find out why girls that were sent to me never risked coming back a second time. Since you seem so keen on bending over, touch your toes.”

“Please, Father, I mean, Sir, please don’t do this. I’ll be good. I promise.”

“It’s too late for lame promises that you’d only break. Maybe this will make sure you behave properly in future.” With that he pushed her between her shoulders and forced her to adopt the position he wanted. It wasn’t easy for her to balance on her black patent leather high heels but that wasn’t his concern.

Bent double as she was, he now had a terrific view of the backs of her stocking clad legs, her smooth bare thighs and her gorgeous round arse. If he was any other man it would be his cock rather than a hairbrush that would be his chosen weapon but he was John Carmichael and he was on a mission from God to punish the sinner who had enticed him to act so badly.



His first strike left a satisfying red mark on her backside and he knew it would have been accompanied by a sharp sting.

The next three blows landed in quick succession and already tears were filling her eyes as she pleaded with him to stop.

“There’s no point in begging now, Mary Stewart. You are a very naughty woman, a dirty, wicked sinner and you must be punished.”

Her legs had parted as she tried to find some room to avoid his blows and the next one caught her on her pussy lips. When he raised his arm again he saw in disgust that the back of the brush was wet with her juices.

He threw it away, no longer wanting to be touching such a dirty thing and sat down once more. Pulling her over to him he threw her over his lap and continued her punishment with his hand. Although her cheeks were now a deep shade of pink he noticed that her cries had turned to moans. Stopping for a moment, he rested his aching arm.

“Please, she pleaded again but this time it was different.

“Please, what, you dirty girl?” unprepared for the answer he was about to receive.

“Please, Father, please fuck me.”

He threw her off his lap in shock and stood up not knowing how to respond to such a wicked request.

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