The Phallic Symbol

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The Berkeley Steam works just north of Oakland on the east side of the bay is a popular haunt for men who like men. It offers television sets, private and public play areas. Sex swings are available. A guy can socialize with other dudes and get a piece of ass.

It also doubles as a gym. There is a sauna, steam room and secure lockers for clothes and valuables.

A wintry Friday afternoon at 3 30 finds me walking toward that bathhouse to have my needs met. The last time I got laid the temperature at 3 30 was in the 80s with about 5 hours of daylight remaining. I was prepared to pay for a month- long membership.

Just inside, I looked around scoping out the joint. Hot guys here and cute guys seem to be everywhere I look.

Having approached the window I said, “I would like to purchase a month.”

“OK,” said the clerk.

That said, the hot youthful-looking dude at the check-in counter took out a membership agreement which I signed before putting my plastic on the countertop. I looked at the prices listed on the board behind him.

I did notice that the guys in the workout room were wearing speedos so I wore one.

A few steps away a cute brawny fellow was bench-pressing so I joined him. Though much stronger than me, he didn’t mind having a smaller workout partner.

Maybe I can get him out of his speedos. I want that dick.

I memorized his features: light-brown hair, thin lips, a trimmed beard, blue eyes. His face is oval.

Anyway three sets of 10 reps later I decided to tell him my name.

“Nice to meet you Steven. I’m Paul.”

“I’m going to sit in the jacuzzi.”

“I’ll join you.”

Noticing that men are walking around in the Bolu Escort nude, I pulled my speedos off and left them in my locker before stepping down into the tub.

The 104 degree water bubbled around me. Streams hit my body.

“Is this your first time here?”

“It is,” I replied.

“What do you do for a living?”

“Alta Bates Medical Center, Radiology tech.”

He nodded and replied. “I’m a copywriter.”

“So you’re in marketing.”

“You can say that.”

I wonder how old you are if you don’t mind me asking.

Instead of that I asked, “how long have you been doing that job.”

“Almost 30 years,” he replied.

“I’ve been at my job for 3 years since I graduated from San Diego State.”

“I went to UCLA. I got my degree in English with a minor in Marketing.”

“Do you have an MBA?”

“That’s encouraged but it’s not required, so no.”

Other topics came to mind: past boyfriends, teenage crushes. Those topics can wait for another day.

“There’s televisions in this place.”

“I know. They’re there to encourage jerking off.”

I did not say that I love masturbating. That’s a revelation for another time.

I found a room where a tv was showing dudes going at it hot and heavy so I plopped into a cushion chair. My dick was responding to the video the instant the tv caught my eye.

Unable to resist temptation, I began sliding my hand up and down the 6-inch shaft that is my dick. The first few strokes were slow and made with a lose grip. My grip tightened and my hand slid faster.

Meanwhile, on the screen the blond was spooning his partner, a brown-haired fellow, on a kingsize bed.

Sensing Bolu Escort Bayan a presence in the room, I looked up. Paul had come into the room in time to see my cum squirting.

“What’s your pleasure? Are you just going to keep jerking off?”

“Sucking you,” I said in a muted voice.

“Go for it.”

He slouched into the chair with his legs extended and spread inviting me. I licked my lip then put my head in his lap. My lips slid slowly downward from the head to his nutsack then slid backward moistening his member.

He voiced a soft “mmmmmmmmm” expressing his delight. His fingers ran through my hair as my head slowly bobbed.

About two minutes passed. My mouth released his cock.

I left the bathhouse shortly after giving him a blow job. By 5 I was back home at my suburban apartment.

My roomie and long time friend Katie Trent is in front of the stove stirring a pot.

“Did you work overtime or something?”

“I went to Berkeley Steam Works. What are you making?”

“Spaghetti and meantballs.”

I noticed the bottle of sauce on the counter near the stove.”

Katie and I had met and became fast friends a few years ago in the high school drama club. About a month into our friendship we became a couple.

She is not unattractive, to say the least. Guys ogle her. My friends back in the day had tried to encourage me to have sex with her. “She has killer boobs,” said one friend.

Long wavy dark-auburn hair frames her oval face. She has brown eyes and watermellon-red semi-full lips. Having come out as gay after only one date, I’ve never seen her naked. I don’t miss that. I know only that we are the same height, 5′ Escort Bolu 6″ and that her waist is slimmer than mine by a few inches.

“I didn’t stay long.”

“Just long enough to get a peice of ass right?”

I nodded with a grin.

Katie and I sat at opposite ends of the dining table enjoying an unhurried meal.

I gulped from my bottle of Budweiser and she sipped red wine.

I asked, “how was work today.”

A realator by profession, she had her finger on the pulse of the housing market.

“It’s a buyer’s market these days.”

She described some houses that she had showed.

I processed that tidbit and kept it for the future.

“I have something for you.”

The sly grin on her face told me that I was in for a treat.

The words still hung in the air as she disappeared into her bedroom. Less than a minute later she returned carrying a dildo.

“Get naked and bend over the sofa.”

The command brought a smile to my face so off came the clothes.

Katie slid her hand inside my crack spreading lube just like a man would do so.

The dildo penetrated slowly almost it’s entire length then slid backward.

“How’s that. Do you want it faster? Harder?”

“That feels so good.”

She slid the toy in and out repeatedly at a moderate tempo touching my prostate gland.

“Mmmmmm that feels so good.”

“You need to be jerking off.”

I did as I was told. I felt the phallic symbol quicken hammering my gland. My muted moans became grunts.

I could not have known that she was rubbing her lady parts while she was doing me.

She asked, “are you close (to an orgasm).”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m close. The instant I have an orgasm the dildo gets pulled out of you.”

Suddenly I no longer felt the toy inside me. I straightened up and turned around to see Katie flashing a toothy smile.

“I don’t know about yours but mine was great.”

“I’ll bet,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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