The Redhead

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The Redhead

Online flirting leads to family fun.

“Come on love, it’s been ages since we did anything. Just a quickie?” I pleaded.

“No, now stop it and go to sleep, I told you I don’t feel like it.” She replied.

We were soon to become empty nesters and the thought of no sex didn’t appeal to me at all, after all we were both nearing fifty not bloody ninety.

That had been a frequent scenario for the last 6 months since my wife had a minor operation, her sex drive had waned to nothing. I was frustrated and horny as fuck. I lay there staring at the ceiling as my wife Penny slept beside me, I contemplated an affair but decided I had too much to lose if I got found out. I had no real answer to my problem and whatever I was thinking about sent me to sleep, the alarm buzzing the next morning woke me.

Showered and dressed, I went to the kitchen to grab my morning coffee and head off to work. Our youngest daughter Louise was eating breakfast before heading off to college, she was going to university in a few months and I was going to miss her.

“Morning Dad.”

“Morning,” I replied with a yawn.

“Someone’s tired, busy night?” She said with a giggle.

“Yeah something like that,” I replied.

“Well you take it easy old timer, we don’t want you doing anything silly.” Louise said playfully as she put her bowl in the dishwasher and headed out the door.

I followed soon after deliberately to avoid my wife, I was in the sort of mood where I might say something I would regret later. During the day at work I was clearly distracted and several people noticed it, I assured them I was just tired and left it at that. It wasn’t until I heard two guys discussing a woman, suddenly my attention span peaked.

“I tell you she was gagging for it, turns out her old man has lost interest and she needed some cock. I didn’t want to disappoint the lady and we had a wild night. Honest you need to get signed up on that site there are women of all ages looking for a fuck, I reckon I could get a different one every night if I tried!” He bragged.

I listened to a bit more of the conversation and when he revealed the address I went back to my desk and scribbled it down. Later that evening in my study I was sitting staring at the piece of paper and looking at my laptop screen, eventually my need for sex won and I signed up for the site. Picking the username of “HORNYGUY49” I completed the profile and added a pic of myself, I used one from last year of myself in swimming trunks and I blurred my face. Knowing my luck there would be someone on there who knew Penny.

I closed the site down and finished off some work before heading to bed for the night, Penny was already asleep so I knew my chances of sex were zero.

The following day I checked my private email and had notifications of several new messages. They would have to wait until I got home as checking that site at work would have got me fired. After dinner Louise went to a friend’s house for a few hours, my wife immersed herself in a film on TV. I checked the messages, finding one from a woman of sixty who was a little on the large side for my liking, the second message was from a woman who claimed to be twenty-seven. Like my picture, her face was blurred. She had a great looking body, the message was straight to the point.

Hi Hornyguy49. Nice pic you have a good looking body. I am looking for an older man who knows how to please a woman, is that you? I hope so and if you like what you see then get back to me and we can chat a bit more.”


Looking at her profile I saw she was indeed very busty, she lived in the next town over from me which was okay as it was close, but not too close for me to get caught. Just then I spotted a green dot on her profile which meant she was online, so I decided to go for it and start a chat. Being new to all this I hoped I wouldn’t make a complete idiot of myself trying to chat her up.

Hi, fancy a chat?”

“Hey sexy, how’s you?”

“Would you believe frustrated and horny!” I replied

“I would, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Lol”

Being as she was younger than myself I thought it best to check what she was into, I didn’t want to get into anything I didn’t like or couldn’t handle due to my age.

“So what brings a lovely young woman like you on here?”

“A husband who doesn’t care for my needs! What brought you here?” she asked

“Same thing, a wife who ignores me and has lost interest in sex.”

“How long since you last got laid?”

“Six months, I’m so horny I will fuck a hole in the wall if I don’t get laid soon!” I replied.

“6 months, fucking hell! You must be about ready to burst lol”

“Pretty kocaeli escort much” I replied.

“I get sex a lot more than that, just not good sex. As soon as he is done he rolls off and falls asleep”

“That’s not good”

“Tell me about it, he’s done and I haven’t got started. I have lost count of the times I have got myself off as my old man is asleep next to me.”

“We make a right pair lol” I replied.

“Yeah don’t we just” Do you have any other pics of yourself, maybe one with no clothes on?”

“I don’t but I will take one later when everyone is in bed and send it to you.”

“Okay I have a few I will send you as well. I will have to go now as hubby is moving about, I hope we can chat again soon xx”

“Okay I understand, tomorrow night?”

“Yeah say about 9pm, I look forward to seeing the pic as well xx”

“Okay see you tomorrow, I will send the pic later. Night xx”

With that I logged off and prayed she would like what she saw, I needed to get laid and she had a body that would suit my needs. I closed my laptop down and joined my wife in the lounge for a while. When the film finished we talked for a while, mostly about Louise leaving home soon.

“I’m off to bed, goodnight,” My wife announced as she walked upstairs.

I was watching the late news when our daughter arrived home, we talked and she headed off to bed a short while later. I waited to give them time to fall asleep and prepared to take the photo I was going to send my online friend. In my study I put my camera on its tripod and hung a sheet on the wall. I took several pictures, most of them my cock was flaccid but in the last two it was as hard as steel. I downloaded them to my laptop and checked the quality. I decided to send one of me flaccid and one with an erection so she would know what to expect. Pictures were sent. I closed the laptop down, put the camera away and went to bed.

The next evening my wife and daughter were out at a party for one of the local Mums, I went online just before 9pm and waited.

Ping “Hey thanks for the pictures, you have a nice cock.”

“Thank you, I hope you didn’t mind the second one of me hard?”

“I was hoping for one like that to be honest, I have just sent you a couple of me, I hope you like them.”

“Okay I’ll take a look, hang on.”

I opened the new message and there were two pics in one she was playing with her tits and making her nipples hard, in the second she had a finger inserted in a smoothly shaved cunt. My cock went hard straight away as I looked at them.

“They are great pics, you have a lovely body.”

“Thank you, I did start to wonder if there was something wrong with me when hubby went off sex.”

“Trust me from what I have seen there is nothing wrong with you, you have a great set of tits and your shaved cunt looks so good I could eat it.”

“Oh god! The thought of someone eating me is making me wet, it’s been fucking ages since I had that done to me.”

“If we ever get to meet I promise I will eat you as much as you want.” I replied.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.” I replied.

“Is there anything you don’t like doing? You know sexually.”

“Not really, I like various positions and stuff like that. One thing I won’t do is pee or poop, that turns me right off.” I replied hoping I wasn’t scaring her away.

“That’s okay I am not into that myself, I just like to fuck and I don’t care if I am on top, underneath or get taken from the rear doggy style. That really gets me off.”

Our chat was getting more explicit by the minute and my cock was painfully hard, I knew I would have to jerk off later or I would never sleep tonight.

“I’m so fucking wet, I wish you were here now fucking me!”

So do I, my cock is so hard it hurts!”

“When can you meet?” she asked.

“This weekend, my wife is away seeing her sister. We will have to get a hotel room as my daughter still lives at home. If you like I can book a room at the Wayside Inn, it’s out of the way and they don’t ask questions, or so I am told.”

“That’s perfect, I can do Saturday night as hubby is away with work this weekend”

“Okay then I will book the room tomorrow, how will I recognise you?”

“I’m a redhead and I will be dressed in a figure hugging turquoise dress.”

“Okay I will be in black trousers and have a red polo kocaeli escort bayan shirt on,” I replied.

“Great I will see you Saturday night say 8pm, oh and don’t jerk off I want all of your cum.”

“Okay I’ll hold it for you, but be warned there will be a lot of it lol”

“Good! The more the better, see you Saturday xxx”

With that I signed out and went to take a shower, under the spray I stroked my cock thinking of Saturday night.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned as my cum splattered against the tiled wall. At least I knew I would sleep tonight.

I slipped into bed and must have fallen asleep straight away as I woke to the buzzing of the alarm clock. My wife was sound asleep next to me, I didn’t even hear her get home last night.

Saturday morning Penny set off for her sister’s leaving me at home with our youngest daughter, as I was going out she asked if she could have a friend stay over. Both my wife and daughter believed I was going out drinking with some pals from work.

“Of course you can, which friend?” I asked.

“Megan, she could stay here so I am not alone all night.

“That’s okay with me, just remember no boys and no parties,” I smiled.

“Yes Dad,” Louise groaned.

I knew she would behave, the comments were a joke between us. I did a few light jobs around the house and ate an early dinner. I wanted to be in top form for tonight. Showered and dressed I said goodbye to Louise and Megan telling them I would be home Sunday morning.

I checked in at the hotel and dumped my overnight bag in the room. Sitting on the bed I felt a bit nervous but decided against going for a drink, I wanted the least amount of alcohol in me for tonight. Just before 8pm I strolled over to the bar and ordered a soft drink. I chose to sit at a table out of the way where I could see the door and whoever entered.

It was now 8.10pm and still no sign of my online companion, I looked around at everyone in the bar. Finishing my drink I went into the gent’s toilet.

I had decided to sit in the bar for an hour or so, if my date didn’t show I was in for a lonely night in a hotel room. When I came out there was a redhead in a turquoise dress at the bar. I approached the lady, and was just about to greet her when she turned around.

“Rebecca!” I said, stunned.

“Dad! Oh my god please no.” She replied as she stared at my clothing. Going by our reactions i don’t think either of us expected to meet on a sex date.

“Let’s get a drink and sit down,” I suggested.

We found a quiet table in a corner away from everyone else.

Now the bustybee nickname made sense, she was busty and the b was for Becca. That was her nickname at home.

“I’m so sorry Dad, you must think I am a right slut?”

“No I don’t, I can’t say too much. I reckon I am the last person you expected to see tonight.”

“We had better finish our drinks and then you can get off home, I’ll stay here tonight to make it look convincing for your sister’s benefit.” I explained.

“You can’t be serious Dad? I came here tonight to get the living daylights fucked out of me, I am not going home without that happening.” She replied quietly.

“But Becca I am your father, this isn’t right.”

“Right or not if you won’t fuck me, then I will go out and find someone who will. I am so fucking horny I can’t go home like this.”

I looked at Becca stunned at what she was suggesting.

“Look Dad, we both need to get laid and at least we know we can trust each other. Just for tonight don’t think of me as your daughter, think of me as a horny bitch who wants your cock. Please Dad, I need this as much as you do.” She pleaded, rubbing her hand on my thigh.

“Oh god forgive me. This is so wrong, but you are right. I want it as much as you do.” I replied standing and leading Becca back to the room I had booked.

I stood in the room and looked at the beauty in front of me, my own daughter wanted me to fuck her. She must have sensed that I had some reservations about what we were about to do as she walked over and kissed me, not a peck between family members but a full blown lovers kiss. Her tongue pushed through my lips as Becca kissed me harder.

Becca broke off from the kiss “Tonight Dad, I’m yours. Do what you want with me!” She gasped looking into my eyes.

I pulled her close and kissed her again, my hand groped her backside and she groaned with lust.

“Unzip my dress Dad.” Becca turned her back towards me.

I did as she asked and she shrugged out of the dress, she stood there in front of me in matching pale yellow lace lingerie. “Your beautiful Becca,” I gasped as I removed my shirt.

Becca undid the clasp on the front of her bra freeing her tits, I could see her nipples were hard. Next came the lace panties and by the way she peeled them off she must have been wet.

“Get undressed izmit escort and join me,” Becca said as she lay on the bed.

As I lay on the bed Becca knelt between my legs and looked into my eyes.

“This will take the edge off then we can really get started.”

Her head lowered and I felt her tongue lick around the head of my cock, she moaned as she sucked me into her mouth. I don’t know where she learned to suck cock, but her mother was never this good. She looked up at me as my cock disappeared into her mouth and her nose was buried in my pubic hair, Becca hummed and the sensation nearly set me off.

“If you do that again I will blow my load in your mouth,” I exclaimed.

She bobbed her head up and down a few times and as I got close she swallowed my cock again and hummed.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum, going to cum!” I said as my cock twitched, sending cum into her throat.

“Wow, that was a nice big load,” Becca said as she licked her lips.

“Dad, you said you would eat my pussy all night. Well here’s your chance,” she said, laying back on the bed.

I pushed Becca’s legs apart and proceeded to kiss the inside of her thighs. I knew I was teasing her but I wanted this to last for a while.

“Dad stop teasing me, please, just eat me!” Becca begged.

I licked around her cunt just barely touching her lips, I could see how wet she was and knew it would be easy to get her to cum. I flattened my tongue and ran it up her lips avoiding her clit which stood proud. Becca tried to hump my face so I placed my arm across her belly to hold her down as I licked around her clit, her breathing became ragged as I licked her.

“Yessss! Oh Fuck! Lick my cunt Dad! Suck on my fucking clit!”

I sucked her clit gently between my lips as Becca gasped, I sucked harder.

“FUCK! FUCK! YES SUCK ME!” she yelled.

I was sucking on her clit and as she begged me not to stop I pushed two fingers into her cunt.

“JESUS! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” She screamed as a flood of juice soaked my face.

I knelt up looking at my daughter laying on the bed, her hair stuck to her face with sweat and her face and chest red where she had cum so hard. As her breathing evened out she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Now fuck me. Come on Dad fuck me with your hard cock!”

I lowered myself over Becca and slipped my cock into her wet cunt, I pushed myself down until I couldn’t go any deeper. Slowly I fucked her as she gasped each time my cock bottomed out.

“Go faster and harder, stop playing and fuck me.” Becca demanded.

I slammed into her as hard as I could and she screamed in delight “YES HARDER DO IT AGAIN!”

We fucked like this for a few minutes until Becca suggested we fuck doggy style. She knelt in front of me as I guided my cock back into her, our bodies slapped together with every thrust and I watched her arse cheeks quiver. Becca moved her hand and started to flick her fingers over her clit.

“Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Oh fuck yes, yes yes! I’m Cumminnnnngggggggggg!” she screamed as she pushed back against me.

A stream of cum flooded out of her cunt and pooled on the bed covers, Becca lowered her head moaning as I pounded into her.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum, going to cum!” I groaned as my hot cum flooded into her. I pushed my cock deep into her pussy until the last drop of cum left me.

I collapsed on the bed next to Becca, her head facing to one side as her arse was still in the air.

“Mum must be mad if she won’t let you fuck her!” She gasped as she lowered herself down.

We lay there for a few minutes, our sweaty bodies touching each other.

“And to think I was going to walk away and send you home,” I laughed.

“You’re not finished yet Dad, let’s have a shower and then we can fuck again,” Becca suggested.

True to her word after we showered and dried off she climbed over me and we kissed, her pussy lips were rubbing against my hardening cock.

“I’ll do the work this time,” Becca stated as she raised her hips and slid down on my fully erect cock.

Slowly she rocked back and forth looking down at me smiling. I placed my hands on her tits and squeezed them gently.

“Play with my tits, squeeze my nipples.” Becca gasped.

I stroked her nipples with my thumb and sat up so I could suck each one in turn, Becca sped up and was now practically bouncing on my cock.

“Oh shit I’m going to cum again. Pull my nipples, pull them hard and squeeze them!” She begged.

“I pinched her nipples between my thumb and finger and as she got closer to her orgasm I increased the pressure, felt her juices flooding over my cock and balls as she gasped and rode me faster.

“Cumming. Cumming all over your cock Dad.”

I pinched her nipples hard and she screamed as she reached orgasm, her cum soaked both of us. I was almost ready to cum again and I let her know.

“Cum with me, Dad. Shoot your cum into me.”

I groaned and arched my back as my cock buried deep in her let loose its third load of cum.

“Aargh fuck!” I groaned.

Becca collapsed on my chest panting heavily “So good, so fucking good.” she gasped as her body relaxed.

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