The Ride Home

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It had been a long week at work, and today was the worst. I had been running around the building trying to get the last of my work done so I could go home for the weekend. I’d seen her several times during the day, but did not have time to chat, just business talk. We had talked in the past about basic things during our breaks and in passing and seemed to get along fine, but I never thought it would become more then just co-workers. Even though I had thought of it, but she never really gave any signs that it could be more. As it got later in the day and I caught up on my work did I have time to take a break.

As I walked into the break room I was pleased to see her there also. Mandy was talking to Jill, one of the girls that had been with the company for some time and did not see me walk in. As I was getting some coffee Jill looked up at me and smiled, and I nodded and smiled back. As not wanting to be rude I went to a table away from them and sat down with the paper and my coffee. As I sat reading the paper, I did not even see her walk up to the table.

As I looked up with a start I said, “Hi.”

It was then I saw Jill had left. I asked how her day was going.

She said, “not well.”

I gestured for her to set down and tell me about it if she like. I have time. I offered to get you some coffee, but she kind of laughed,

Then said, “No, but a nice stiff drink would help!”

We both kind of laughed.

I said, “Yea, I know what you mean, it has been a crap week for me also.”

Then I asked, “What’s got you so uptight?”

She looked into my eyes and I get this feeling just before she spoke. It is odd, it is the way her eyes sparkle and her lips tighten up, almost like she was up to something. I shrug it off and listen to her plight.

She explains to me that Jill had told her that I had helped her (Jill) in the past and she suggested that she could ask me for help also. My heart raced, just what had Jill told her, and how much? She could see the change on my face, and then went on. It seems as though she has been having car trouble as of late and has not been able to find someone to fix it without paying out too much. She told me all about the dealers that had looked at it and there prices and what they said was wrong.

After she was done I said, “I could help if you like.”

You responded. “Please!”

I picked up my cell and made a call to Mike, a friend with an auto shop. He owed me a favor, but that was something else. I gave him the details of the car and asked if he could look at it. He agreed, I also told him it was a co-worker and did not have a lot to spend. He gave me the “no worry” and asked when can he look at it. I looked at her and asked where the car was.

She said, “It’s at my house and I can have it towed to the shop.”

Mike heard this and said, “He can just pick it up and take it to the shop, and will stop by the office and get the keys in twenty, then go pick up the car.”

She said, “That would be great and I will call security to let them know the car is getting picked up.”

After the call, she seemed very happy and the stress had lifted. She gave me the keys and the directions to her house so Mike could get the car. As we stood up I explained that Mike was a good friend and would take care of her car right and I would call her when he picked up the keys. As we stood up to leave she hugged me to thank me, then left. Mike showed up and we got it worked out to get the car.

It was getting late and I had not heard from Mike. Just then Mike called. He explained that it was not as bad as what he thought, but it will take another day to get the parts, and he was going to cut a good price on labor. It was a dam site better then what she had been quoted from the others. I called her while Mike was on the line and told her what was up. She seemed very happy and gave the ok for the work. I told Mike it was a go and to call me when it was done.

It wasn’t till just as I was walking out the door, my phone rang. I thought about not getting it, but decided to pick it up. It was Mandy.

She said, “I am glad I caught you and I hate to bother you further, but my ride home had an unexpected emergency come up and now I don’t have a ride home.”

I replied, “You are far from a bother, and I would be more then happy to give you a ride home.”

We met in the lobby and walked to my car. She apologized several times for putting me out and was thankful for my help. As we got to the car I opened the door for her and she turned toward me.

“What bayan escort ankara can I do to make it up to you?” She blurted.

My thoughts raced, (being the horny male), but I said, “How about dinner?”

She said, “Deal.”

I knew she had a car repair to pay for, so I picked a place that was good, but not pricey. We had a good meal and a few drinks while talking and learning more about one another. It turned out that we had a lot in common then I had expected. We left the restaurant and headed for her place. We reached her house and I parked in the drive.

She asked, “Do you have time to come in for a drink?” I nodded yes and we went in.

As we walked in the front, I was surprised how much room was inside. It did not look that big from outside. We walked over to a small bar area and she fixed us a drink.

Then asked, “Would like a tour?”

Of coarse I said yes. It was a nice layout, and well set up. We stepped out to the back to find a very nice patio and Jacuzzi. The yard had a tall wooden fence with several trees within. At that point she had finished her drink, and handing me her glass she asked me to fix us another one.

When I returned with the drinks, she was gone. I set hers on the table and checked out the back yard till she returned. It was then that I heard music start playing, soft and slow. When I turned I saw Mandy standing just outside the patio door. She had let her hair down letting it flow across her shoulders. The light gleamed off her black silk robe that stopped just below her thigh.

She picked up her drink and raised it as if in a toast, saying, ” I would like to thank you for you help.”

I walked toward her, raising my glass to meet hers, looking into her eyes said, and “I’m glad to help, anytime.”

With that she downed her drink, stepped back and dropped her robe. My eyes grew big as well as my dick; she had nothing on under the robe. As she slowly stepped into the Jacuzzi, I was stunned of just how hot she was. She hid it well at the office. Her skin was smooth and clear, her breasts were larger then I thought, and firm. Her legs were tight and tan, and there was just a small patch of fur above her pussy with the rest shaven. As she stepped into the Jacuzzi, she bent over to wet herself and gave me a wonderful view of the sweetest ass I have ever seen. This was not the woman I knew from work! I downed my drink. She saw this and laughed. Then told me to fix two more. I did, and returned. As I walked to the edge to hand Mandy her drink, she slowly stood up from the water to meet me at the edge. The water glistened of her tits like dew drops in the morning sun. She took both of the drinks from me and set them aside. They slowly started to unbutton my shirt. We said not a word, just gazed into each other’s eyes with a lustful gleam. As she dropped my shirt her hands explored my chest, caressing and lightly tugging on my hair. Working her way down to my belt she quickly undid it and then my pants. As they dropped to the deck she could then see just how well her plan was working. My cock was so hard it could split oak, but she had something else in mind. It was then that she spoke.

“It’s time for you to come join me in here.” she said with a grin.

I dropped my boxers and walked to the edge where she met me. She ran her hands up my legs as I stepped into the water. Reaching my cock she rubbed her hands along its length, then taking my hand sat me on the edge just above the water. Pushing my legs apart she moved in close and stroked my cock. I don’t know what was hotter, the water on my legs or the heat from her firm tits brushing along my legs. Looking up into my eyes I saw her give me an evil grin, then without warning she engulfed my rod in her mouth and sucked hard. I was taken by surprise by her abruptness yet thrilled at the same time. She did not let up, like a woman possessed she sucked and stroked me till I was on the verge of cumming. She could feel me tensing up but still did not slow her pumping. I could feel my cock throb in her mouth and told her I was going to cum if she did not stop. This only made her suck harder, as she reached down grabbing my balls I could not take anymore. I erupted in her mouth with such a heavy load I thought she would have drowned, but she took it all and sucked me till I was done spurting. It was then she pulled back and had a huge grin on her face; she was satisfied with herself for doing what she had planned all along. She took my hand and led my into the water, it felt good demetevler escort on my cock and balls.

As I settled down into a corner she swam up to me and kissed me deep, I could taste cum on her lips and tongue. Then she slid back and

Said, “Thank you.”

I laughed out loud then looked at you and said, “No, I think I should be thanking you!”

We both started to laugh. As we relaxed in the water she told me that she has always wanted me but did not know how to approach me. Then with the car trouble and talking to Jill she knew she had a chance. Again I felt uneasy when she mentioned Jill. Knowing Jill’s and my past I was wondering just how much she knew. She saw the look on my face and told me that Jill had told her that I had helped her in the past and was a very good friend. I began to ease up thinking Jill had not told her of our sexual relations.

I moved closer, she was sitting low in the water and I let my hands wonder over her body. I could see by the look on her face and the soft moaning I was on the right path. I caressed her body and felt her firm tits, as her nipples grew hard. The water was warm, as I gave her nipples a tweak and rolled them with my fingers she closed her eyes and moaned softly. I kissed her lips softly as my hand slid down her sides, and then gently lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge. The water rolled of her body making it gleam in the moonlight. I kissed her again, then worked my way down, kissing her ears and neck on the way. Sliding lower I kissed my way to her warm breasts, kissing and sucking her nipples till they were hard and red. Giving them one more squeeze I kissed my way down across her belly to her small patch of fur just above my target. Her breathing quickened as I rubbed my lips across her mound then brushed my tongue along the folds.

As I began to lick her up and down she spread her legs wider, opening herself to me. I eased a finger in as I flicked across her now exposed clit. I pumped in and out causing her to open her mouth and breathe heavily then I sucked hard on her clit, pulling at it. She was getting so wet I thought she may have already cum, but she had not. Her hips were rocking as I pumped my finger into her, then I worked a second in and this set her off. I worked them in and out and she flowed with wetness, I just pumped harder, sucking on her clit. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed her tit and found a very hard nipple. As I rolled it in my fingers she started to gasp and buck harder. My hand was a blur and mouth covered her clit. I pinched her nipple hard and she let out a scream, then grabbed my head and pushed me hard into her pussy. She was thrashing about so hard I felt I was going to get thrown off, but I stayed with her till the end.

She slowly settled down and let go of my head, which I was glad, I was not doing well breathing through my ears. I caught a breath then slowly licked her again while pressing my fingers upward toward her spot. This sent her into another orgasm, but more intense and long. It seemed as though her whole body went into a long spasm then released. She fell back on the deck, and I eased my fingers out causing her to twitch. My hand and face were soaked; I licked the juice from my fingers then made my way up to her face. She was still panting heavily, then looked up and giggled. My face was soaked with pussy cream. She pulled me to her and we let our tongues and lips do the rest. Then we slid back into the water. I got our drinks and handed one to her then sat back. She just sat there and let the water take her. Then looking up at me she raised her glass and without saying a word we drank a toast.

It took several minutes before we spoke, “That was intense!” She said.

It made me feel good to give her as much pleasure as I did, and the look on her face told it all. She had a glow that shown brighter then the moon, her lips were full and red, I knew I wanted more. We sat there next to each other till our drinks were gone and decided we had been in the tub long enough. As she stepped from the tub she shivered. The air had cooled since we first came out, not that we had noticed, while in the tub. I stepped out and followed her, grabbing a towel on the way. She went straight in as I toweled off quickly outside then went in. I saw her in the kitchen with the towel draped around her neck just covering her tits; she still had droplets of water slowly rolling down her body making small puddles on the floor. I had wrapped myself ankara evi olan escort in the towel before going in. As I walked in she smiled and

Said, ” So, do you like the place?”

I said, “I love what I have seen so far!”

We both smile.

As she walked around the counter from the kitchen she handed me another drink, then walks to the doors to the deck. She pointed to the stereo and ask if I would put on some more music, as I do, I think she is going back out, but she slid open the glass doors and latch the screen doors leaving the main doors open. Then she walked to the fireplace and lights it. I had just made my selection of music when she turned out the lights. It took my eyes a minute to adjust, but as they did the music started to play and I could see her in the glow of the fire swaying to the tunes with her eyes closed. I just stood there watching, her hands on the towel still around her neck, hips rolling to the rhythm. The glow of the fire lite her body showing her curves. She slowly pulled the towel from around her neck and brings it to her chest rubbing it over her breast. The cloth rubbing across her nipples makes them stand out hard.

My cock grew hard watching her as she danced, slowly taking one hand down across your stomach to the tuff of hair just above her pussy, rubbing it and running her fingers through it. Then she tugged at it hard making a slight whimper, and then moving lower she slid a finger into her wet folds playing and teasing. It was then she turned to look at me, eyes afire, she brought her hand up, fingers wet with her sweet nectar, and begin to suck them clean. I walk toward her dropping my towel on the way; my cock is full and hard, ready for her. I walked to her and we embrace, lips meeting, tongues exploring, the heat and passion building.

Her hand slides down my body to my hardness, and then gently she pulls me along while she steps back to the couch. As she sat down she saw the drop of wetness at my tip, gazing up into my eyes, she held me and slowly touched the tip with her tongue, circling the head. As she pulled back we can see a string of pre-cum between my head and her tongue. Then she smiles and dives down on me fully. After a few quick sucks she backs off and laid back on the couch, it was then that I knew she had been fingering her pussy while she sucked me. I saw this as she laid back pulling her fingers up with juice dripping from them. I take her hand and as I lick her fingers, I pushed the head of my cock along her wet pussy, then with one push I pop inside. She closed her eyes and gasps, then a smile grows across her face.

I push deeper into her slowly so we could adjust. Her hand slips from my mouth and she grips her tits and squeezes hard, kneading them like making bread as I slowly pump her. I just keep a slow steady pace; pushing deep then backing out till I almost pop out putting pressure on her outer lips, then slowly slide back in. I was not sure who was enjoying more, but it was clear that it was good for both. I work my hand to her clit and start to rub across it. Her eyes open wide and her breathing turns to gasps, I am in the right spot. I rub harder and faster to match her gasps. I push deep inside her as I rub harder on her clit. Her eyes shut hard and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock hard as she grabs my ass with both hands pulling me as deep as we could go and held me there. I feel her pussy gush soaking my cock and ooze out down my balls.

With that I can’t hold back any longer. I feel my balls tighten as I shoot deep into her pussy. This sets her off again bucking against me, she cums hard and long. It takes some time for us to calm down, as I soften, I back out causing her to quiver. The cream flows from her pussy as she pushes her fingers against her lips and fill them with cum, then bring her hand to her lips she tastes our mixture on her fingers. I move up so my cock is close to her lips, she engulfs me and licks till I am clean and spent.

I thought that this was the best night I ever had.

We lie there softly touching each other till we can move again. She got up closed and locked the doors then headed up the stairs. Half way up she looked over her shoulder and with a turn of her head motioned me to follow. I watch as she walked naked up the spiral staircase. It was if I am in a dream, the way the light hits her body from the fire. As she neared the top I make my way to the stairs and follow her up. As I get to the hall I see a dim light at the end from her bedroom, it is then that I hear the shower. I walk into the bathroom and see she has already gotten in.

I say, “So, do you want me to help scrub your back?”

In a sexy tone you say, “Yes please.”

I step in and we caress each other till the water gets cold. We step out and softly help dry each other. Then we slide into your bed and hold each other till we drift off to sleep.

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