The Seventh Date Pt. 03

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Big Dicks

Drip, drop, drip, drop.

I wake up in an upright position, sat in what can only be described as an embodiment of water, backside numb with a deep aching sensation of cold seeping through to my bones.

I take a look around me, almost total darkness apart from a slither of light emitting from above me.

My other senses start to kick in as I bring myself to my feet, the smell and feeling of damp smothers me as my entire outfit clings to me, droplets falling off making a distinct dripping sound.

As the panic starts to sink in I take a closer look at the only thing I can see from my current surroundings. Approximately 20 feet above me are what appear to be steel bars, the light illuminating through revealing circular drenched mossy brick walls. It almost feels like I’m trapped in a well? but I’m clearly indoors because I can’t see any natural lighting at all and just pure concrete above the bars, But wait, how?

It’s like I’m the star of Hannibal Lecter, I’m almost expecting a bucket to drop down from above.

I start to panic, questioning how I’ve ended up in such a claustrophobic hell hole.

Reaching all around me for some possible way out I start to shout for help, panic now getting the better of me and kick-starting my survival instincts. Pushing and slapping against the walls hoping for something to be trigged like a hidden passageway to open up just like in the movies.

When suddenly I hear what I can only describe as a scraping metal sound, it’s coming from near my feet but before It even registers properly water starts gushing through. I drop to my knees trying to block wherever the fuck this is coming from but I can’t see a thing.

Now the panic has reached a breaking point. I can’t feel what I’m searching for and know that if I don’t do something immediately, this room will become my underwater tomb.

My hands eventually feel a wide hole in the wall just inches away from the floor but it seems to stretch much further than my hands would be able to cover the force of the water making it impossible for me to close whatever it is causing this. I’m well and truly fucked, this is a trap that I’ve been placed in and it feels like I’ve got no way to escape.

I push myself back up on my feet and let off a primal scream, louder than I ever could imagine, my vocal cords straining under all the pressure that I’m directing from them. Water now reaching my waist height as I start bashing away at the wall hoping that I can rip something loose and start to save myself before it’s too late. My efforts leading to nothing more than agonizing pain.

By this point my vocal cords are tearing, causing my voice to crack in all kinds of terrible ways as the water rises above my head and I suddenly become lift from the floor. Struggling to breathe as the water clogs up every orifice as I try my best to stay Maltepe Sınırsız Escort afloat I look above me, the steel bars getting bigger and bigger as I get closer and closer.

23 years of life leading up to this very tragic situation and now I’m about to go in the most horrifying way possible.

Who could I have possibly pissed off enough to be put in such a situation?!

I try once more to scream for help but I’ve been muted. I can’t feel a thing and now I’m becoming light headed.

Eventually being lifted within reaching distance I grab onto the rusted steel bars trying with all my remaining strength to save myself, but nothing.

The detailless concrete walls around me become blurry as my entire face becomes emersed, everything starts fading to black.

The last thing I feel is a stabbing pain in my groin, when suddenly my senses come back to me, my breathing not impaired and my vision regained, I see a familiar ceiling.

“What the fuck” I shout to myself, sitting up in my bed.

I look around with extreme anxiety before jumping out of bed, sweat oozing from what seems like every pore in my body. I cover my face and drop to my knees as the sudden realization that it was all just a nightmare kicks in.

The stabbing pain still existing in my underwear, more specifically my cock. How the fuck I have a semi-erection I do not know. But one thing I do know is the fact it’s being crushed against the cage that surrounds it.

Was that what the nightmare was coming from?! It’s my first full night in chastity so I feel the sense of being trapped has played so subconsciously that I carried it into my dreams.

Taking a deep sigh of relief I open my bedroom curtains looking out at my backyard, the sunrise ever so slightly making the trees and distant houses and skyline visible.

But today it all seems so much more beautiful, I start valuing everything as the relief of waking up from the nightmare still chips away in my head.

I strip naked from my clothes leaving my already drenched shirt and boxers in a pile on the floor as I jump into the shower, washing away the pure filth that I feel holding onto me.

Last night after my date left my house I did plenty of research on how to wash correctly and take some self-care in chastity so I now feel somewhat capable of keeping as hygienic as possible.

Water flowing from the showerhead directly into my skin and bouncing off my limp cock instantly making it ‘rise’ again to give me that aching sensation once again.

It’s really uncomfortable but incredibly intoxicating knowing that my girl is quite possibly currently waking up right now knowing that she holds the key to my most valued possession.

My mind starts to go down a dark path as I suddenly think about the chances of her losing the key before I slap Maltepe Suriyeli Escort myself around the face knocking the disgusting thought out of my head.

She’s such a beautiful woman though. 22 years of age, 5 foot 6 in height perfect height for me, thick juicy curves in all the right places causing vertically jagged stretch marks up her fair skin, she’s always felt some kind of shame towards them but I’m always quick to shut her down and try to comfort her about them. Her long dark silk-like hair and the most beautiful smile that could melt anyone’s heart. I sound old-fashioned right now but this girl is genuinely sent from heaven. That perfect mix of being well-mannered when needed but totally wild in the bedroom, I’m sure her parents would be extremely surprised if only they knew the amazingly kinky side to her that I’ve experienced. But most of all she has a really warm, caring and at times hilarious personality that I’ve always been longing for. She’d previously told me on a previous date all about her upbringing and how her parents raised her under the great balance of a strict but affectionate environment, being pushed to the limits constantly to achieve high grades and make them proud without putting too much stress on her.

I feel like they already knew exactly what a beautiful women she would grow up to be when they decided to give her the name Tegan, which literally has the English meaning of ‘beautiful person’.

We’d originally met on a dating site after various failed attempts in the past, I was about to give up when I saw her and just felt possessed to give the online dating scene one last attempt. We clicked instantly and now she’s even the woman clicking locks around my cage penis, boy how things have moved fast!

After scrubbing myself spotless and washing away the precum leaking from my cage I dried myself off and got dressed, checking my phone to see one new text message from Tegan.

“I hope you had a great sleep and didn’t wake up too much last night, can’t wait to for later!”

I felt like it was best to save telling her about the nightmare until later so I just blagged it and said everything was good.

We’d arranged to go for a meal later that day so I was excited about that, I love being out in public with her.

Work was ten times more difficult today, I just felt like everyone knew that I was dating someone that owns my manhood, almost as if they could see straight through my jeans so my paranoia played a big factor in my entire day. I’m usually a very open guy so I had to hold myself back from almost throwing myself under the bus a few times by blurting out the truth in conversation, great idea right?

Later on that day I quickly got home and dressed, trying to find the best possible clothing to try and prevent the chaffing but looking smart at the same Maltepe İranlı Escort time. Fashion has never been my thing but I can scrub up well when I need to. Tegan didn’t surprise me by arriving too early today so I had a chance to shave my beard and prepare myself for the evening ahead.

“Well, don’t you just look adorable” were the first words to leave Tegan’ mouth when I opened I left the house and got into her car.

My anxiety made me do that thing where you compliment someone with the exact same compliment to which she giggled before showing her appreciation. She already knew all about my anxiety and had so far always been extremely supportive.

I tried to not pay too much attention to just how flawless she looked tonight because I know I’d just cause myself extreme discomfort the entirety of the night.

Eventually arriving and finding out seats at the Italian restaurant I’d recommended she suddenly decided exactly how the rest of the night was going to plan out, teasing me in almost every way acceptable in public. She would bring attention to my key dangling from her necklace just to make sure my cock was always on edge.

I’d give her the eyes that people are going to notice exactly what she’s doing as she giggles away and gives me the “so what?” Look before lifting a foot under the table gently pushing my scrotum against the hard plastic.

I wanted so badly to just push the table aside and pin her up against the wall fucking her in front of everyone as all of the horniness devoured my mind. It had only been 20 or so hours, I’d be like a raging dog humping her leg before this week is over!

I decided to tell her all about the dream just to distract her from being a tease so my cock could finally get some rest. She gave a slight look of guilt but deep in thought the whole time (I think she was trying to visualize the dream in detail too much and didn’t realize how blatant but cute it was.) She didn’t really tease much more after that, I think she felt bad about the traumatic nightmare I’d had, I wasn’t complaining though!

We finished off eating and I left a fair tip on the table for the waiter after his excellent service and for not making the night awkward by hovering around us too much whilst Tegan was trying to tease and humiliate me under the table with her feet.

When we got back to mine we watched some movies and cuddled up exchanging a few deep kisses, this alone gave me the tightest boner I’ve felt, my hard throbbing cock with nowhere to go, dripping in pre-cum. She would occasionally fake moan to make me even hornier but we didn’t really do much that night. I think she was taking it easy tonight to give me time to adapt.

I wanted so badly to ask for the key already but I think we both know that even if she did unlock it we’d be disappointed afterward so I ignored all of the urges and tried to put it to the back of my mind.

Something tells me that I’m in for a very rough couple of days ahead though.

This time she stayed mine overnight, although I’m in my 20s it kind of gave me comfort in case I had another fucked up dream, wow I really was turning into a little bitch!

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