The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 05

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Reader’s Note: Thanks for all of the feedback and comments! Please keep them coming! Leave your email in the feedback if you want me to respond. Please read the earlier chapters to catch up. I hope you guys enjoy!


Sleep didn’t come easy after I was named the number one contender for The Little Terror’s title. I spent a lot of the night trying to envision what our match would be like. She was so small and petite. She couldn’t have a lot of strength. She had to be extremely flexible. I talked to myself for hours that night. By the time morning came, I felt that I had Tiffany’s game plan all figured out. I felt confident as I called up Clark to find out when we would start training.

There was no answer to my call to Clark, so I left him a message, “Hey man, give me a call when you get a chance! I really want to get to training. Alright I’ll be around all day.”

I was wound up. I had to do something, or call someone. I looked back at my mirror. There was the note from Victoria. It made my blood boil. I wanted to have that match back. If I would have attacked her, like I did Kaitlyn then I know I could have won. Instead, if I did win the title, Victoria would be able to claim that she beat me. I would probably have to give her the first title shot.

I haven’t even won the title, I told myself. Focus on the present, worry about the future later. There was a small knock on the door. I saw Sean through the window. He never looked very happy these days. His record had gotten worse and was told he would rarely be scheduled for another match. I opened the door, “What’s up Sean?”

“Not a whole lot. I just wanted to talk to you about your upcoming match against Tiffany. I hope you aren’t overlooking her.” He said as he stepped in and sat down at my table. I brought him some water as I sat down next to him.

I looked at him with some concern. He could definitely tell I was worried about him. “Dude, don’t look at me that way. I know I haven’t been doing well in the league but you are kicking ass. I feel like I’m living through your matches.”

I smiled at him slightly, “Alright, well tell me about Tiffany. You had a match against her?”

“Yeah, I did. And Rob, she is tough. She’s fast, surprisingly stronger than you think, and she fucking ridiculous when it comes to a guy’s dick. She was really good at getting me off. Hell, she’s really good at getting most guys off. That’s why she’s the champ.” Sean said.

“Does she have any tendencies? How should I game plan for her?” I asked Sean. The confidence that I had earlier was really starting to fade.

“Honestly, no. She’s good. Real good. She is so small that it makes it difficult to attack her. I think that I only got in three or four good shots at her.” Sean said with some concern. “I feel like you can beat her.”

Sean looked up to me. This had been our dreams, but I was the only one having success with in the league. I felt bad for him. After my match with Tiffany, I had to figure out a way to get Sean some more matches.

“What type of move did she beat you with Sean?” I asked him trying to get a better judge on the move set that Tiffany used.

“Well, She got me in a submission hold where she put a lot of pressure on my back. I had to tap out. After that, she gave me a blowjob to get me hard, the put me to the mat and fucked me until I came. It didn’t last long. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s that tough.” Sean said looking down at the table.

Sean and I talked for a little while longer. I was debating in my head to tell him about Ashley, but it wasn’t serious yet, so I figured it was pointless to let him know that I was also sleeping with someone outside the league. Sean left with a promise to be at the match. He gave me one more vote of confidence in my match.

I finally got a hold of Clark. He set up my training for early that night. I was pumped, even though I was a little nervous. Tiffany was going to be tough, but if I really wanted to win training with Clark was the answer.

I packed my gear quickly and drove over to the center. I entered into a large empty room with Clark standing in the middle of the ring. “Rob, do you know what it is going to be like going against an undefeated champion?” Clark said to me as I climbed into the ring.

“She is going to give you all you can handle. You have shown that you can handle a lot and I think you do have a chance against her, but don’t you dare underestimate what she is able to do.” Clark said with a solemn look on his face.

“Clark, I’m ready. I want to become the champion more than anything else. I want to give Tiffany her first loss. Not just for me, but for all the other guys who have lost to her.” I said confidently again.

Clark decided that it would be best to work on getting out of submission holds and to apply them. I was getting better by the week at using my body weight to flip out of a submission hold. Clark also worked on my pain tolerance. It was probably the most painful training session I have had since I started. Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort Clark was really kicking my ass.

Clark had me locked in a figure four leg lock. I was screaming in pain, but had to focus. I knew that if I could flip him over, that could open him up to the Texas Cloverleaf. I rocked back and forth on the ground. Clark was a lot stronger than some of the women I had been up against. Finally when I did get him flipped over, I hesitated at going for his legs for the Cloverleaf. Clark moved his legs quickly and swept out my legs from under me and twisted my ankle.

“Don’t hesitate!” Clark screamed. “You will lose quickly if you hesitate!”

I screamed and tapped on the mat to get Clark to break the hold. “Jesus Clark! That pain was extreme. I thought that this was just training???” I grabbed my ankle.

“Tiffany won’t care about how much pain you are in. She just wants to win.” Clark reminded me. He was right. I was sure that Tiffany was not going to take it easy on me.

Clark and I trained for about another hour. “Be sure to get some rest tonight, the rest of the week we are going to train just as hard.” Clark reminded me as I pack my gym bag.

He was right. The rest of the week kicked my ass. I was meaning to call Ashley, but never got around to it. I was just that tired. It was strange though, she never called me either. I brush those thoughts to the side. I figured that she must be busy as well.

Clark and I trained hard all week. Clark started to teach me some new moves, mainly because he told me that I was getting a little too predictable. “Tiffany knows that you will be going for a submission for that part of the match. You need to be able to pin her as well.”

“Isn’t that the easy part?” I asked Clark, a little caught off guard. I thought all you need to do is to cover them.

Clark shot me a very serious look. “That shit never really works. Your pins must practically neutralize Tiffany. Rob, do you understand what you are going against? This girl will eat you alive if you are not a complete wrestler.”

“Yea, I know Clark. She’s going to be tough, but that tough?”

“Yes that tough. She’s undefeated. That never happens! For the years this league has been running, they have never had an undefeated champ. Most wrestlers accumulate one or two losses early on in their career. They are getting to learn the ropes, how matches are called, how to attack and so on. Tiffany has never lost. Every time we get a new guy who might have a shot at knocking her off, he loses. Don’t just be another guy Rob.”

That really hit home. Clark was serious about this match. I guess I needed to set up even more. For the next few hours, Clark taught me all sorts of different pinning combinations. I thought that just maybe, if I could land an early pinfall, Tiffany would be thrown off her game.

The night before the match, I could barely sleep. Sean called and wished me good luck and assured me that he would be at the match. “Dude, if you become champion, we are throwing the biggest party ever!”

“Sean, relax. I got to make sure I win the match first.” Sean was always thinking about after the difficult part. I guess he expected things to come easy to him. Maybe that’s why he’s failed at this. I felt some pity for him again, but this time brushed it off. It was time to focus only on Tiffany.

I was surprised on how well I slept the night before the biggest match of my career. No waking up in the middle of the night or struggling to fall asleep. I guess I had now accepted what I was doing on a weekly basis. By noon I was ready to go. I was about to leave, when the phone rang.


“Hey Rob, it’s Ashley! What are you doing tonight?”

Damnit. She called today. I cursed myself for picking up the phone right before leaving.

“I’m sorry Ashley, I have plans tonight. What about tomorrow?” I tried not to sound annoyed.

“What are your plans tonight? Are you competing in that thing you were telling me about? Could I come and support you?” Ashley asked

“No, I’m just got a few things to take care of.” I lied. “Seriously, I was just about to walk out the door when you called. I promise I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“That’s fine, Rob. Enjoy your night and I’ll see you later.” Ashley said.

“See ya later!” I quickly responded and hung up the phone. I didn’t like lying to Ashley, but what could I have told her?

As I drove to the center, I felt horrible for lying to Ashley. I told myself that I would make it up to her tomorrow. I’d take her out someplace nice. As I pulled into the parking area, I told myself to focus again. Damn, I could not keep my mind on Tiffany.

Clark greeted me at the door, “This is it. What we’ve been training for. I want to show you something.” Clark took me by the hand and led me into a room right across from the locker room. Inside were 14 different guys all clapping for me?

Clark stood next to me and said, “These are some of the guys Tiffany Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort has defeated. Each one wants to wish you good luck tonight Rob.” One by one, each guy came up to me and shook my hand saying “Good Luck” or “Kick her ass, man”.

I looked at each one, I was no different than them. Nothing made me special or exceptional. This worried me. Was I just going to become a statistic? I walked out of the room and straight into the locker room. My mind was racing. Now I was doubting myself.

Clark came after a few minutes. “Rob, I hope you understand the point of that.”

“Not really Clark, all I’m doing is doubting myself. I’m no different than each of those guys who lost to Tiffany.” I snapped at him.

“Yes you are. Remember Rob, I’ve trained most of those guys in that room. They don’t have the desire you do. They never worked their ass off for each match. That’s why you are different.” Clark said calming me down.

“I’m sorry man. I just am nervous. Been letting stupid shit distract me. ” I admitted to Clark.

“Don’t worry man. Once you hit that ring, you’ll be fine.” Clark reassured me.

He left me alone with my thoughts after that. I felt that I was ready for the match of my career. I was going to finish off Tiffany not just for myself but for everyone. I was going to be champion!

I changed into my mask and stripped naked. I stretched out for a while, waiting for my time. Finally came the knock on the door. “Time to go, Rocket!” the worked yelled into the locker room. I gave myself one last look in the mirror. I was ready.

I walked to the entrance. My music blared from the loud speakers. The rocket blasted off. Instead of taking off through the curtain I walked out and started to play the crowd. I tried to pump them up as best as I could. When I got to the ring, I climbed on one of the turnbuckle and posed for the crowd. This received a solid cheer from the crowd. I looked down into the crowd and my jaw dropped. Ashley was sitting in the front row!

I walked back into my corner and kept glancing over to Ashley. That couldn’t be her! I told myself, but it was. What the hell was she doing her? She must have followed my car here. My thoughts were interrupted by Tiffany’s music.

“Coming to the Ring, The SWL Undefeated, Undisputed Champion: THE LITTLE TERROR TIFFANY!!!!!!!”

The crowd went nuts. Tiffany stepped out through the curtain and holy shit. I had seen her only with her clothes on, but she was incredibly sexy. She had on a pink and black mask on that her now auburn hair stuck out. She has very small size B breasts. Her legs were slim but looked strong. She had almost not an ounce of fat on her, but she wasn’t ridiculously skinny. Her pussy was shaved to a small V. She was so unbelievably cute. She carried a gold belt with her that looked almost too big for her. She climbed into the ring and held the belt up for the crowd. The place went crazy. Well, we know who they were supporting. She handed the belt to the referee and looked at me. Her eyes were piercing.

The ref called us both to the center of the ring. “Hey Rob.” Tiffany said in a soft sweet voice. “Glad to see we get to have a match together.”

Was she messing with me? “Ready for your first loss Tiffany?” I said back to her with a cocky smile on my face.

“Well, history would say otherwise Rob, but good luck to you. I’m looking forward to our match with you.” She smiled and winked at me. Walking back to her corner her ass shook just a little. Damn that was cute too!

I walked back to my corner. I saw Sean and Clark sitting next to each other, with Ashley sitting a few chairs down. What the hell was happening? My attention was brought back to the ring at the sound of the bell.

I slowly walked out of my corner and started to circle Tiffany. My cock was already a little hard just looking at her. She smiled at that, knowing that she had already landed the first blow without even touching me. I dove in, trying to tie up with Tiffany, but she slipped under my arm and wrapped her arms around my waist. Quickly she pushed her legs out to the side and flipped me over her hip. My shoulders hit the ground first followed by the rest of my back.

Tiffany didn’t waste any time. She jumped on me and locked in a tight head lock. Her arms weren’t as long as some of the other wrestlers, which gave her a tighter grip. I tried to get out, but Tiffany had the headlock clinched in. I wrapped one arm around Tiffany and lifted under Tiffany’s legs. I lifted Tiffany as high as I could in the air and fell back. This definitely caught Tiffany off guard. As she fell to the ground she released the headlock. I dropped her hard onto her back. She cried out. I scrambled to my feet and picked Tiffany up by her mask.

I made sure that this time she couldn’t slip from my grip. I grabbed her arm and whipped Tiffany into the ropes. She was so small that I got as much force as I could behind her. She bounced off the ropes and came running back at me. I crouched Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort down to ready to catch Tiffany off the ropes. She came running right into my arms. I lifted Tiffany up and body slammed her down to the mat.

I couldn’t believe the position I was in! I wasn’t just winning the match, I was definitely controlling it. Tiffany lay on the ground, grabbing the small of her back. I felt that this would be a great time to go for a submission move. I grabbed Tiffany’s legs, hooking her ankles under my arms. She would be expecting the Texas Cloverleaf. I needed something different! I twisted Tiffany quickly into a Boston Crab. I squatted down as I pulled her legs back.

Surprisingly, Tiffany didn’t make a sound. I pulled back tighter, but Tiffany just laid there trying to grab my ankle. She was shockingly flexible. A move that would drive almost everyone else to the point of passing out from pain, was being tolerated by Tiffany. No wonder she was the champ.

“Ask her if she submits!” I screamed at the ref.

The ref got down to Tiffany’s face, “Do you give Tiffany? Do you submit??”

Tiffany, though slightly out of breathe, softly moaned, “Not yet!”

I was in a tough position. I had a hold locked in, but Tiffany wasn’t going to submit to the pain, if she was feeling any pain at all? But if I let her go, I’d be giving up the advantage. I had to make a quick decision. I released one of her legs, but kept the other leg locked under my arm.

“Well Tiffany, if you won’t submit, maybe you’ll cum for me.” I said with a smirk. I ran my hand right down her thigh. I lightly brushed my fingers against her pussy and she lurched just a bit. Her pussy was definitely sensitive! I guided my thumb right to her clit and started to rub it in a soft circle. I pushed my two middle fingers into Tiffany’s pussy. Finally, Tiffany let out a soft yelp and a moan.

I started out slowly, trying to build Tiffany up to climax. Tiffany’s pussy was definitely wet and only getting wetter as my fingers worked in and out of her. Tiffany laid on her stomach moaning out more and more. “Ohhhh god…” She moaned softly. “That’s it Rob, finger my pussy. Get me soaked baby.”

Tiffany was actually encouraging me to finger her faster, almost like she wanted to cum. I quicken the pace of my fingers. Tiffany was now moaning loud enough that everyone could hear her. The crowd was silent. They couldn’t believe that Tiffany was getting close to cumming. Tiffany was squirming all over the mat.

“Please Rob! Faster! Finger fuck my pussy faster Rob!” Tiffany moaned out.

This was starting to freak me out, but if that is what she wanted, then that was what she was going to get. Tiffany started to squirm even more. Tiffany’s pussy was soaked, she had to be close to cumming. I started to pay more attention to her clit. Pushing hard on it with my thumb, Tiffany let out a long moan.

“Oh fuck, Rob! Please….No….” Tiffany moaned.

I had an idea, I twisted Tiffany back over. I slid her leg further down under my arm. Locking one arm under her knee cap, I pushed her leg to her chest. Damn she looked sexy. I was still rubbing her pussy and her clit. Tiffany put her hand on my chest. “Do it Rob. Fuck me till I cum!”

I debated my options. I was firmly ahead and Tiffany had been primed to cum. I was already hard for her. Fingering her pussy had taken its toll on me too. I wanted nothing more than to fuck the Girl Next Door.

I was ready to fuck the shit out of Tiffany. I was about to push my dick deep inside Tiffany, when I looked up and made eye contact with Ashley. It made me hesitate for just a second. Why was Ashley here? Would she be pissed at me if I fucked Tiffany in the middle of the ring?

As I doubted myself, Tiffany had position her feet in the center of my chest and pushed me back. I went falling straight to my back. As close as she was to cumming, Tiffany sprung to life. She dove right onto me driving her elbow into my stomach. She stood up and did it again. I grabbed my stomach, hurting like hell. Losing focus for only a moment had completely turned the tide of the match. Tiffany stood over me, smirking. “Should have fucked me when you had the chance. Now you’re finished.”

Tiffany wrapped her legs around my head and started squeezing. My breathing was starting to get short. Her legs were short, but damn were they powerful. The pain was unbearable. All I could think about was Victoria making me pass out from a head scissors. I could see the referee asking me if I wanted to submit, but I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. I couldn’t afford to get knocked out. Tiffany would have an easy time making me cum. I had to make a quick choice. I grabbed at Tiffany’s legs but she had her ankles locked. That was it. I knew what I had to do.

I slapped the mat as hard as I could. I submitted to Tiffany. She released her head scissors and I could hear again. Tiffany smiled and licked her lips as I slowly got up. “Now it’s time for the fun part for me. The question is how long you’ll last with me. I give you maybe ten more minutes.”

I glared at her. She was showing that the cute and innocent side was an act. She had this serious competitor inside her. I walked back into my corner. I looked down at Clark and Sean, they both looked worried. Tiffany had showed how easy and quick she could turn the tides against any guy.

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