The Siren in High Heels

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This is a submission to the 750 Word Project 2023. Deciding which category to place it in was another challenge since the story includes topics such as light bondage and role playing. Another story was also written for the contest but it contains no sex. It’s titled Sometimes The Bear Eats You. If you enjoy either of them please leave a rating. Comments are appreciated.


I’ve lost count of the women my married friends have introduced me to, and now I’ve been pressured to attend a singles mixer. I know my friends mean well, but the woman I’m looking for isn’t the type I’ll find at an event hosted by eHarmony.

My plan was to blend into the wallpaper until it was time to leave. Later I would say that I didn’t meet anyone interesting. That was the plan until an attractive woman approached me.

“You don’t look like you want to be here”, she said.

“This isn’t my kind of party.”

“Why don’t we finish the evening at my place?” she replied.

Without any hesitation, I threw my name tag into the trash and we took a cab to her apartment.

Once inside, Adana Escort she took my coat and said, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.” When she returned, her transformation was dramatic. She now wore stilettos, a black corset with matching stockings, garter straps and a thong. “Let me show you the rest of the apartment”, she said. “We’ll start with the bedroom.”

The bedroom contained a four-poster bed. Fur cuffs were attached to straps at each post. Seeing my expression, she said, “Relax, the straps and cuffs are for me, not you. Sit on the bed and enjoy the show.”

As I sat there speechless, she performed a routine that, in another place, would have caused more than a few bills to be thrown onto the stage. Then, dressed only in a wicked smile, she walked closer and lifted me off her bed by grabbing my tie. That was followed by a kiss that would melt steel.

When we finally ended that kiss, she crawled onto the bed and in a commanding voice said, “Place my wrists and ankles in the cuffs and fist me hard and fast. You can be gentle later but now I want Adana Escort Bayan it rough.” That was the only time in my life that I ever thought of saying “Yes mistress.”

I could feel her body grip my hand as it moved inside her. Her breathing changed and a violent orgasm shook her body. That was quickly followed by another. After the second, she urgently asked to be released. Once free, she wasted no time in removing my clothes. She pushed me flat onto the bed and reached under a pillow for a bottle of flavored lube which was drizzled down my chest. I watched as her tongue followed the liquid’s path to my cock, teasing me before slowly taking me deep into her mouth. She only stopped once to say that if I let her take control she wouldn’t stop again until I was exhausted. Her talented fingers were sliding up and down my cock as she talked. It was hard to think while she did that, and I agreed.

She whispered, “Now close your eyes. I’m going to tell you some very erotic stories while I play with your cock and balls. I won’t stop until your body betrays you and reveals Escort Adana your darkest fantasies. You gave me two orgasms and I intend to return the favor.”

In the first, a woman introduced her shy friend to sex toys. But what started very innocently turned passionate as both women got excited while using each toy on herself and her friend.

In the second story, after my older sister had seduced both of our parents, she and my mother were very persuasive in convincing me to join the group.

And, in the third, a sexy neighbor liked to masturbate while I watched from my window. Eventually I was invited over for a closer look and a mutual session but once we started, it didn’t end there.

It was during the third story that my cock erupted but not before I felt a warm mouth around it. When I finished, the woman licked her lips and said, “That was very nice, but you still owe me one more orgasm, so we’re going to play a game. I want you to pretend that I’m your sexy neighbor.”

Just as she predicted, when our playtime finally ended, I was exhausted. In the morning I left knowing that I was only another notch in her bed posts, but I didn’t care. It was an amazing night. As for my friends, I told them that I was still looking for the right woman. I couldn’t look them in the eyes with a straight face and say that I didn’t meet anyone interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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