The Step Daughter Ch. 08

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I woke up the next morning thinking about what I had done to my little Jan last night; fourteen times, she had cum while I used my wand on her luscious sexy body. Not all her orgasms had been from the wand the last three had come with me fucking her soaking wet cunt like the wild animal I become at times like that. We had both then fallen into the exhausted sleep of two sexually satisfied people, both of us naked and smelling of sweat and sex. I slipped out bed without disturbing my sex toy and stood admiring her naked sexy little body, thinking how petite she is compared to Lori my tall buxom secretary. Then my mind started rolling with the plans for the day, they included one petite sexy blonde, one hot big breasted red head and the one man who controlled them both, ME! I left her there sleeping sweetly, went into the bathroom with my cell phone and punched Lori’s home phone number.

L: Hello Master, what do you require? (Came the deep sexy voice, she obviously saw it was me calling.)

C: Call the office, tell them neither of us will be in today, put on your sexist dress with nothing under it and get over here, I will expect you in one hour, understand?

L: Will the white one that you can see my nipples thru be all right, Master? (Her voice now became even sexier as she knew she was in for some kind of new perverted sexual adventure)

C: Yes, that will do fine, and wear your black fuck me heels with a black velvet collar. Now get your sexy ass moving.

L: Master, I have a question. (I could hear another woman’s voice in the background)

C: What is it?

L: Well Sir, my friend Diane is here and would like to know if she may come along, she has wanted to meet you for a long time. (I had seen her one time when she picked up Lori, she was a very tall, long legged, blue eyed blonde with a nice set of tits maybe D’s, she looked to be in her mid thirties.)

C: Put her on the phone.

D: Hello Sir.

C: Are you a slut like Lori?

D: Ah, yes I guess so Sir. (Her voice stammered slightly at the directness of my question)

C: You must pay a price to come with come with Lori, are you willing to do that?

D: Yes Sir, what do you want me to do? (Her voice quivered a little with anticipation of what I might demand of her)

C: You are to allow Lori to eat your cunt for thirty minutes without cumming, then call me back and cum when I command it, understand slut.

D: Oh Sir, that would be very hard for me, but I will try. (Her voice was quivering more now with the thought of what I had commanded)

C: You will do it! Understand me slut! Now put Lori back on.

D: Yes Sir, I will do as you command, here’s Lori.

L: I heard you, Master, we have you on speaker, I will eat her as you ordered, is that all Sir?

C: Show her no mercy, use a vibrator as well as you tongue, drive her insane, understand?

L: Yes Master, I will, I know just what you want. (I could tell by her voice that she was excited at the prospect of tormenting her sexy friend.)

C: Call me back in thirty minutes!

I quickly called down to my housekeeper instructed her to prepare a breakfast of cut fresh fruit then take the rest of the day off, then headed for the shower. As I washed, my mind was filled with thoughts of the two sexy sluts going at it, doing MY bidding, causing my cock Maltepe Yabancı Escort to grow. I showered as fast as I could for my now fully hard cock needed attention, and I knew just the hot little mouth to take care of it. When I return to the bedroom Jan had awakened and was stretching like a cat, the site on her sexy little naked body only added to my growing arousal.

“Good morning, Master, Oh I see you are truly awake aren’t you?” Jan asked her sexy blue eyes fixed on my naked body, but especially my big hard cock, which was standing straight out and throbbing. I looked at the clock, ten minutes to go just the right timing for what I wanted to do.

“On your knees slut, NOW!” I ordered my sex slave as I pulled her nude little body up off the bed and replaced her there. I sat down, spreading my legs open to allow her full access to my raging hard cock as she kneeled obediently before her lord and Master. “Suck my cock and make it good if you don’t want to be punished,” were my instructions to my waiting sex slave. She moved quickly to obey me, taking the tip of my fat cock into her open mouth, while cradling my sperm heavy balls in her soft warm hands. She then began working more and more of my ramrod hard cock into her warm wet mouth, while at the same time her hot tongue did its best to please me by going around and around it. I put my big hand on the back of her head, forcing my entire big sex tool down her throat and began fucking her mouth like I would a hot cunt. Then just as I began really, picking up my pace my cell phone rang just as I had hoped it would.

C: Hello Diane, how are you slut?

D: Oh…God…Please…Sir…May I… CUM! (She was panting hard, obviously near crazy from Lori’s oral attack)

C: Address me properly slut, I am your Master now!

D: Sorry…Master… Please…I beg…You…Let…Me…Cum! (Her voice was even more desperate now)

C: Not yet, I am getting my cock sucked and you may not cum until I do UNDERSTAND! (I was fucking Jan’s mouth so hard now my balls were slapping her chain)

D: Oh…Yes…Master…Cum…With…Me…Please!

C: Is her tongue inside your cunt? (My cock was really throbbing now I knew it wouldn’t be long)

D: YESSS…Master! (She hissed more than talked now)

C: Is she using the vibrator?


C: Where?

D: ON….MY…CLIT…MASTER…OH…GOD…PLEASE! (The desperation in her voice almost made me cum, but I wasn’t quite ready yet)

C: Tell Lori to use it harder, slut!

D: HARDER…LORI…HARDER…OH…GOD…OH…GOD! (I really love the sweet torment I was putting her thru)

C: I am almost there, wait for me! (I pulled Jan’s face into my crouch until her nose was buried in my thick pubic hair)

D: PLEASEEEEE!!!!PLEASEEEE!!!MASTERRRR!!!(Her voice so slurred now I could hardly understand it)

C: WAIT!!!

D: (No answer just desperately hard breathing)

C: WAIT!!!

D: (The sounds of a half-crazed woman’s desperation filled my ears)

C; NOW CUM FOR ME SLUT! (As I said that I exploded in Jan’s hot mouth)

D: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Diane screamed repeatedly into the phone as I pumped the last of my hot sperm down Jan’s throat, gagging her)

I waited a few moments enjoying Maltepe Yeni Escort listening to Diane finish her orgasm as Jan cleaned my now deflated cock of excess cum with her warm soft tongue, then I continued.

C: Now Diane my new slut, I want you to do the same thing to Lori’s hot cunt that she did to yours! Make her wait thirty minutes just like you did, understand?

D: Yes Master I will be more than happy to do that for you, anything else, Sir. (I could tell by her voice that Lori was in for a rough time, which brought an evil grin to my face)

C: Yes when you are done, shower together with her, put on your sexist dress with nothing under it and be here in ninety minutes, understood?

D: But Master I am dressed for work and have nothing else with me.

C: Improvise and make what you have sexy.

D: Yes Master may I get started now please Sir. (God was Lori in for it now)

C: Yes and make her suffer like you did, Good-bye.

Jan looked up at me with my cum dripping out the sides of her sweet mouth and lust in her pretty blue eyes then asked, “Please Master, wont you make me cum too?” I felt a little sorry for my small sex toy but I wasn’t ready to satisfy her need to cum just yet I has other plans for her hot wet cunt.

“Not yet, I have other plans for you; now go shower then come down to breakfast. Oh don’t put on any clothes just fuck me heels, now go quickly slut,” I told little Jan much to her disappointment. I could have soothed her distress a little by telling her more but I felt that she should always know not to question me about anything.

While Jan was showering I slipped on a robe and went downstairs to prepare things for what I had in mind. First I checked my computer to be sure there wasn’t anything at the office that wouldn’t keep until tomorrow, and then went to see if my housekeeper had done as I requested. She had set the dining table with a large bowl of assorted cut types of melon, a smaller bowl of very large strawberries and two place settings. I was satisfied that what she had left would serve my propose quite nicely only one detail remained for me, that was to remove the plates and silverware from my spot at the head of the table. Now I was ready for my special breakfast, I thought to myself as I sat waiting for my unsuspecting sex slave to come down.

It wasn’t long before Jan appeared; she was nude except for her high heels and smelled of lilacs from her scented bath soap, she knew it was a favorite of mine. She rushed to my side bent over, her lips ready to kiss my cheek than stopped, and asked me, “May I kiss you Master?” Good I thought she is learning quickly not to do anything without my permission, soon she will be fully trained and my complete slave.

“Yes slut, you may,” I replied then after Jan had kissed me softly, I continued, “It seams I have no plate to eat my breakfast off of, so I have decided to use you for one.” I quickly grabbed her soft warm naked body and sat her on the table directly in front of me. “Lay back and spread your legs open, now!” I demanded using my sternness voice to show her it was not a request but an order.

“Yes Master,” Jan replied while laying back and spreading bare legs so wide that it pulled her smooth cunt lips slightly open allowing just a touch nice wet pink flesh to be seen. Without saying Maltepe Masaj Salonu another word I preceded to cover her naked torso in fresh melon pieces and when I had finished that I picked out two of the largest strawberries for my desert. Opening the lips of my sex toys soft pussy I then inserted both of them one after the other, causing her to moan a little in anticipation of what she now knew was the plan I had teased her with earlier.

“Remain totally silent, don’t say a single word,” were my final instructions before I started nibbling fruit from Jan’s midsection first, with each bite I made sure to just get the tiniest bit of her soft flesh, making her moan a little more each time. Her moans became pants when I licked the excess juice out of her navel, but she let out a half scream when I took a bite of the tender flesh near there. As I moved up to her big breasts and began my munching, each new bite brought her arousal to new heights, this I could tell how by how hard my little sex toy was breathing. Then when all the loose fruit was gone I turned my attention to my toys rock hard nipples, first I sucked each one to make sure they were as hard as possible, then I took them in turn between my teeth and bit down until she gasped in pain.

I stood back for a moment and admired my handy work, tiny red marks covered Jan’s sweating sex charged body, her nipples were a nice rosy red from the attention I had given them. “Now for my desert,” I stated simply as I moved to retrieve the two very large strawberries I had implant in my slut’s hot cunt. She moaned quite loudly as I pulled the first one out of her overheated sex hole, using only my teeth I rubbed the pointed end against her hard little clit until I was sure she was nearly crazy to cum. The taste of her sex mingled with the flavor of the fruit as I ate it, then I started back after the other one knowing I would have to go deep inside her hot wet pussy to get that one.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jan screamed as I dug my tongue far into her sex mound as I could trying to reach the last berry, her sex juices were now flowing so hard that it made it very difficult to get. Time after time I tried to get it each time going a little farther in and each time driving her closer to sex induced madness, then finally out it popped covered in her wetness. I moved up over her heaving nearly breathless body until I reached her lips with the elusive berry then as I fed it to her, while slipping my now rock hard cock into her white hot cunt, then I began slowly fucking her.

After only a half dozen long hard strokes I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me now.” The effect on her was amazing her body exploded in a massive orgasm, I held my cock still, buried to the hilt in her until it passed, then fucked her soaking wet cunt another half dozen times. “Cum again now!” I commanded to my sex slave and again her body was swept by a new wave of orgasm, I waited for that one also to pass before repeating what I had already done three more times, making five huge orgasms in only a few minutes. I pulled my cock out Jan’s now exhausted body before I lost control and exploded myself not wanting to use up my sexual energy for I had a guest to entertain, I very tall sexy blonde guest.

The sound of the doorbell was like a fire alarm to me, I left poor little Jan there to recover and rushed to answer it, I always love breaking in a new slut it is ALWAYS very entertaining. I wonder if Diane has any idea what she’s in for, well she will soon find out the thought of which brought a wicked evil grin to my face as I reached the front door.


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