The Third Brother – The Days After

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(This is a follow-on from Strip Poker and Dare Game. Once again, many thanks to Rotorhead450 for solving dilemmas, sense-checking and editing!)

It was the Thursday after the Strip Poker night. Those five days seemed a lifetime ago; I had gone from clueless to overwhelmed. Most butterflies transform in a chrysalis in “five to twenty-one days”, so in the realms of nature my transformation was fast.

Jack had left for his Mom’s as planned and would be gone a month and a half. When Mei arrived at my door on Thursday evening, she jumped into my arms, bless her. My hand went to her ass and I held her and we kissed. Gordon, Billy and one of their other friends called Dog were in the lounge watching baseball and drinking beer.

“Six weeks,” she said smiling.

“Six weeks of sex,” I clarified.

“Lots of sex,” Mei confirmed.

“Not that you’ve been starved of it,” I commented snidely. Mei grinned.

“With Jack? For sure. What do you expect? We’ll be all this time apart. He fucked the shit out of me these last few days,” she teased me. “Does that make you hard?”

She reached down into my shorts. Clearly it did.

“It’s okay,” she said in my ear. “It’s your sperm’s turn, baby.”

Mei let go and I allowed her to drop to her feet. She reached down and held the button on her shorts.

“You want me to leave my clothes off when I’m here?” she asked.

“Depends. You okay if those boys see you naked?” I asked, nodding toward the noise in the lounge room.

“I don’t mind either way, you want me to show them?” she offered.

I nodded for her to take it off, so Mei walked into the lounge where the boys were. Wordlessly she undid her shorts and slid them down her legs, kicking them away. She lifted her t-shirt over her head. As casual as anyone would do, she reached around and unhooked her bra, tossing it to me. Her tits looked as great as I remembered, as Gordon and Billy remembered too. Dog, however, was having a jaw-dropping introduction to Mei’s body. When her panties went sailing down her thighs and she stood full-frontal to the boys, I think Dog had to stop himself from cumming in his shorts.

“I thought you were shy when we were playing strip?” Billy commented.

“Are you going to fuck us?” Gordon asked the question that had to be asked.

“No,” Mei flatly answered. “I only fuck randoms at parties.”

“This is a party!” they rose as one. Mei shook her head. She came back over and started pulling on my trousers.

“I don’t mind if you watch me do it with Brett, though,” she teased them. The boys cheered. I took Mei by the hand and led her out the back and up the stairs. I was keeping the garage room to myself while Mom and Dad stayed away, though I guessed Gordon would take it back later. Mei and I fell into each other like long-lost lovers. My cock fairly sawed at her cunt. She milked all the semen she could from it before she was done.

“Not bad for a girl whose already been on her back all day with Jack, huh?” she teased me.

“No doubt you could fuck for a living if you wanted to.”

Mei smiled. “Can you imagine? Earning money for just laying there and letting some guy fuck you. Wouldn’t be so bad.”

I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.

Mei couldn’t stay the night, so we lay naked upstairs until she had to go. The next morning, she came back as soon as her parents left for the store. When I heard Mei’s clunky old Ford pull up our drive I immediately went hard. It was pouring with rain out, absolutely sheeting down, although the summer air was still warm. Mei ran up the stairs and ripped her wet clothes off to crawl back into bed with me. I held the smooth skin of her Asian ass as she laid herself on me and kissed. Her hair dripped wet from the short walk from the car.

“Oh, I’ve missed this already. Can we stay here and fuck all day?” she asked between kisses.

“You love cock so much?” I teased her.

“Every girl does,” she said, biting her lip. “Don’t they?”

At first, we didn’t talk a lot. We grunted and screamed and groaned and gasped. I was still amazed to know that girls actually liked cock in them. She would lay and shut her legs on me, squeezing hard to maximize the pressure on her insides. I had much to learn. And Mei had so much to give. I asked her about the guys she had fucked and she told me about most of them, what they did to her and where they did it. She’d had a lot of men, most of them after she started dating Jack.

“What do you expect when you date a girl at a completely different school?” she told me. “That I keep my legs closed every single day you’re not there?”

Gee, poor Jack. I can’t imagine he knew so many guys had squeezed on the naked ass of his girlfriend, mostly as they drove their penis between her legs.

“Does Jack know you had sex with so many guys behind his back?” I asked.

“Of course not, not all of them anyway,” she said calmly.

“Not all of them? What’s that mean, he knows about some of them?” I squinted at her.

“Well. One of them at least. I got caught,” she mumbled.


“In the act,” she confirmed.

“In istanbul travesti the act?” I asked. “As in on-the-job?”

“Hmmm. As in doing it. I had no idea Jack was coming to this party, he was supposed to be in bed with the flu. I’m upstairs in one of the rooms having sex, sitting up top of some guy I’d met in the hall. Amazing body that guy had, huge cock. I was completely naked and I’d gotten myself off already, I was working myself to help him to cum in me, too. I almost got the guy when Jack busts in – just as the guy is about to blow. I got off looking for my clothes and this guy is just lying there on his back, shooting sperm into fresh air wondering what the hell is going on.”

“Geez, I never heard about that. When was that?”

“Ages ago.”

“Shit. How did Jack take it?”

“Dragged me home in just my t-shirt. Yelled at me the whole way. Wasn’t too bad, didn’t sulk forever. I made an effort to give him great sex for a couple of weeks and he got past it.”

“No wonder Suzy went sexual so quickly, with you as her role-model,” I accused her, in the most non-accusatory way I could.

“Can’t blame me for Suzy!”

“How is she, do you know?”

“Good,” Mei smiled. “She told me she’s been reaching out to some of the gorgeous guys from high school that she never let touch her. She’s trying to resolve some of that.”

“What do you mean ‘resolve some of that’?”

Mei laughed. “She’s trying to have a fling with the hot guys that used to hit on her, before everyone takes off to their new schools.”

“Wow. They’ll be surprised.”

“You’re handling it exceptionally well. Suzy was yours a week ago,” Mei said, nodding. I smiled and kissed her. Getting over Suzy was made easier when Mei was coughing up her pussy, but I kept that to myself. We were quiet for a while. I was thinking about who people really are behind closed doors.

“I can’t believe you fucked so many guys,” I said eventually to break the silence.

“You make it sound like a bad thing,” she teased me.

“No, I don’t mean that. It’s just so different to what I thought. You don’t look like the sort of girl that… I don’t know, someone who guys can sleep with so easy. I never knew.”

“I like having one-night stands. What can I say? It’s fun,” she shrugged. “Guys get so excited when I don’t stop them, you know? They put their arm around my waist and when I don’t stop them, they get all puffed up. They kiss me, and start on my ass and stuff and all the time they’re kinda waiting for me to pull their hand away or start saying no, you know? Most girls do, right? Especially if you don’t know the guy and the girl is dressed normally, and I never dress slutty. It’s so funny. They start at my breasts, they’re so nervous and terrified I’ll scream. When I still don’t stop them you can see for the first time, they’re thinking maybe just maybe they’ll get lucky, yeah? But they’re still thinking there must be some catch right, usually a girl doesn’t just let a guy in her like that if they don’t know them, not unless she is too drunk to stand up. I never encourage it, never reach out and touch them, never give them the signal that I want it, I just don’t stop them.”

“That’s so cruel,” I crooned.

“No. It’s fun. Really. Guys are so cute. It takes forever for them to get between my legs and they kinda pretend at first like it’s an accident, you know. Then when I still don’t do anything to stop them, once they know they can get my pussy, they’re all over it.”

“Really?” I frowned, embarrassed for the predictability of my sex.

“As if you’re any different! Guys, I tell you, if I do nothing, and let you open the buttons on my jeans, that’s it, you guys are off and away, can’t get my pants off quick enough. Before I change my mind or something. The number of times I’ve had cock in me before my top is off, or before my pants are over my ankles is hilarious.”

“Oh,” was all I could say, trying to think if I would be like that, too.

“When it comes to sex with girl who’s a stranger, it’s all about get-your-cock-in-as-quickly-as-possible-before-she-changes-her-mind. Foreplay comes after insertion. Usually, it’s me myself who has to take my own top off. I like being nude when I’m being fucked, you know, I don’t like having my clothes half on, I want to feel the skin all over me, the sheets on my back. Guys are too busy trying to show me how good they fuck rather than how good they are at sex. So, I do the foreplay after they’ve cum, when they’re more relaxed, not so worried that they might miss out on getting their cock in my pussy, you know? It’s why I learnt to give a blow job after it’s been inside me. I know it’s kinda weird to lick up your own sex, but guys adore it, and I taste pretty good now, after a while.”

“They never just fuck you and leave you, then?”

“Not if I start cleaning their cock with my tongue. If I’m only going to have sex with a guy one night, better at least make it last, don’t you think? I wanna be fucked at least twice. He usually does a better job on the second one, not so much in a rush.”

“But what about your boyfriend, or if you have a husband one istanbul travestileri day? Who is ever going to be able to trust you?”

“Anyone can!” she exclaimed, hitting me lightly. “I don’t do anything when Jack is around. That’s why I was so annoyed at him last weekend. He went off with Maryanne with me right there. I would never do that.”

“Except with me,” I said again.

Mei sighed. “He did it first.”

“So… you and me. Your boyfriend is away and by your ‘code’ it’s now his fault if you do it with other guys. So, are we going to be able to go away together?” I asked, lump in my throat. The thought of temporarily having Mei as my own girlfriend on holiday was exhilarating. Just the idea of spending each night together in bed with her was enough to make me shiver. I was terrified she would back out.

“How much money have you got?” she asked. I raised my eyebrows.

“What are you thinking?”

“If we are going to go away, then where we go and how long we go for will depend on how much money you have, don’t you think?”

I was ridiculously excited. In essence she was saying yes, we could go away together… but possibly not joking about me paying for it all.

“How much money I have, or how much we have?” I put back to her.

“Hey, you don’t expect me to pay anything, surely?”

“Why not?!” I asked, as incredulously as I could muster.

“I’m the girl.”


“So, you take care of the bill, I take care of you. That’s how it works all over the world,” she said laughing, pulling on my shaft.

“Gee. You want me to pay the lot?” I was waking up to the reality of adult life. Mei didn’t reply, she brought her mouth to my penis instead. It was hard to say no to a girl that gave a blowjob straight after fucking you. The feeling of some woman licking their own stuff off my cock was, and always will be, amazing.

“So, how much are you going to spend?” she asked as she blew me. Oh, that was cruel and I told her so. What kind of guy could be frugal when he’s having his cock sucked?

“So? How much?” she continued.

I lay back and thought. Mei felt good. How much did I want to spend on her? How much did I have access to? I guessed I could probably take the money from my Christmas account, the one I put all the money I got on my birthdays and Christmas over the years. There was about eleven thousand in there; I’d never touched it, not once. I didn’t want to blow the whole lot though, then I’d feel really stupid.

“I dunno, two grand maybe?” I ventured, not knowing if that would come across as too cheap or not.

Mei stopped sucking and looked up at me. I had no idea what she was going to say. Slowly she nodded.

“Two grand for flights and hotel is ok, but can we have more for spending?” she tilted her head at me. I thought about it. I guess I could squeeze it a bit more.

“How much spending?” I asked, frowning.

“Another grand?”

“Gee. Three thousand. Fuck. I suppose, but I tell you, I’m going to need a lot of looking after at that price,” I answered pathetically. Three grand. Fuck.

“That’s cool,” she said. “That’s enough. I can stretch that out for a couple of weeks, at St Maarten maybe even.”

“St Martin. I’ve heard of that…,” I said, not really knowing where or what that was. Mei could tell I had no clue.

“St. Maarten. Or Martin. Depending which side you go. It’s an island near Puerto Rico.”

“Have you been there?” I asked.

“Of course not! But I’ve wanted to go for a long time,” she told me. She pulled her body up and snuggled close. She started kissing my neck while pulling on my cock. I squeezed her ass. “They have nude beaches there.”

Whoa. My heart skipped. “Nude?”

Mei crawled up on top of me again, kissing my face, my lips. Her nipples scraped my chest and her hips twisted to find the tip of my cock in her flaps.

“We could,” she said between kisses, “Spend the whole trip without any underwear.”

“Naked? All the time?” I kissed her back.

“No. Not all the time, just on the beach. But everywhere else, can you imagine the things I could wear with nothing under, what you could see, could touch, wherever we went, whenever you want…?” Mei was turning herself on. Her hole was squelching at the head of my cock. She wasn’t teasing me; she was teasing herself.

“Ah, but if I can see you, then everybody else could see too…,” I pointed out. That sent her a notch higher. She pushed down and speared herself, gasping.

“Oh Brett. Can you imagine? Showing myself to strangers. All the days. Do you mind? Will you mind?” she was pumping at me now, saturated. She had completely turned herself wet.

“Mind?” I groaned.

“If strangers see my cunt, baby? Do you mind, are you going to be upset?”

How could I be upset with a girl who was humping her pussy up and down my erection like she was?

“Ah. It’s okay. I guess. If you want.”

Mei smiled at me. “If guys on the street can see my pussy, I’m going to be so wet. You are going to have to fuck the shit out of me every day, you know that yeah?”

“Mei, it’s okay. You won’t travesti istanbul have to worry about that.” She was hard at it, I almost wanted to laugh at how worked up she had made herself. “Baby, you really like the thought of men looking at you, huh?

“Oh, Brett. Can you imagine? All those strangers staring at my cunt, wishing they could fuck it, wishing they could turn me around and bend me over…. oh, oh, OH!” Mei lost it. She went crazy. She screamed her orgasm over the back yard. “Oh, shit, don’t stop!”

It took forever until the spasms slowed. What a woman she was, still a teen yet completely at ease with her sexuality.

“Oh Brett,” she said, dropped to my chest, puffing. “We are going to have such a good time.”

No doubt. I wrapped us together as we caught our breath, Mei kissing through the sweat on my neck.

“No underwear, huh?”

“Not a scrap. Neither of us. Not even on the plane, not in any of our bags.”

“And if I get a hard on in my pants?” I asked, thinking of the worst that could happen.

“Then you get a hard on. Who cares?”

“And we put you in short skirts?”

“Shorter the better,” Mei grinned up at me.

“So, strangers can see your cunt?” I confirmed.

Mei nodded and kissed my chest.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked.

“Not with strangers.”

“But you have with not-strangers?” I tried to clarify.

“Well, obviously. Lots of guys have seen my pussy. I’ve been around guys and their friends and stuff with no pants, just like with you. But I’ve never gone outside and shown it to strangers,” she explained.

“But you’d like to?”

“Too scared to do it by myself, but most guys just don’t like showing their girl’s private places outside. If I could go somewhere like St Maarten it would be so great, it’s like the whole atmosphere is like that, girls are meant to walk around without clothes in a place like that.”

“You’ve never been there, what if it’s not what you think?”

“Couldn’t be worse than here! And it definitely it has a nude beach, it’s world-famous, so worst case you could just come with me there all day. Ooh baby, just the thought of it, being naked outside surrounded by guys who just hang around me. I’m so happy you’re going to take me.”

“Me, too,” I said.

“Better wait til after my period, though,” she added. “I doubt you’d be happy if that came when we are away, huh?”

“When’s that?”

“Should be next week so we can probably set it up for the week after. We’ll need time to book anyway.”

And to find an excuse to give my parents, I thought.

“Damn,” I said, lifting Mei’s body to kiss her lips. “We’re going to do this. I’m going to have you to myself every night for two whole weeks. Unbelievable.”

“You’ll know every inch of my insides well, for sure,” she said playfully. That made me think of Jack, a sudden painful stab in my conscience.

“What about Jack?” I asked after a moment of hesitation. Did I really want to bring this up?

“Why? You feel guilty?”

“Uhhh… I don’t know. Yeah. Ordinarily I would, for sure. The worst. But he was happy to hold Suzy, then fucked Maryanne. So, I don’t know.”

“Aw, don’t worry so much,” Mei consoled me. “We all of us are young and stupid still. You think any of us are going to be with any of us once college gets going properly?”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t much want to think to the end of these holidays when I would have to let Mei go again. Instead, I kissed her breasts fiercely. Mei grinned and squealed, leaping up and out of bed. “Now let’s go practice showing my pussy to people. Where’s your brother?”

“You wanna show Gordon your cunt?” I asked, following.

“Sure, why not? Gotta get in practice for our trip, don’t we?”

Fuck Mei was hot. She was gorgeous. She stood hands on hips, just as she had when she first got undressed at the strip party. Her body was flawless, just the smallest tuft of hair on her slit. Those sparkling eyes, the silky smile, lips that looked wonderful wrapped around cock. Yet she looked young. If we got to St Maartin, people would probably wonder if I was with a sixteen-year-old. I made a mental note to keep her ID in our bag all the time in case we were stopped by the police.

I put some shorts on but Mei left all her clothes upstairs as we made to go down to the house. It was still raining. Mei looked spectacular walking naked in the wet. When we got inside, the water dripping from her breasts was angelic. She wiped herself with a small kitchen towel, unflustered. I heard the TV in the front lounge so Gordon must be around. I didn’t mind that Mei let him see her naked, but if Gordon asked for help in the shower this time, it would not be happening.

I took Mei by the hand and led her up to the front room to see what my brother was doing. I felt nervous about how many people may be over – though I knew Mei wouldn’t care. As we got closer, we could tell by the groaning and gasping that the TV had something like a porn movie on, we could hear moaning like a girl was having her neck kissed. We grinned at each other and tip-toed along the hall. Surely my brother couldn’t be masturbating in there? We stopped before we reached the open door, sneaking looks into the room. I frowned at the TV. It was a couple, but not professional. It looked like…it was. The guy in the movie was Gordon himself. Holy shit.

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