The Wake Up

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Author’s note: This story posted by RedTang is actually co-authored by two Literotica authors, BlueTang and Ethyllene. The copyright is co-owned by both authors. Please visit our separate pages for other stories.


Ava became aware of her surroundings slowly. She was warm and naked, lying under the crisp, white sheets of the bed. Hank’s arm was around her. A ray of light on her face from between the curtains had woken her up. She smiled, remembering where she was. She could see the empty wine bottle sitting on top of the mini-bar. And then her eyes fell on the vibrator sitting on the end table, and she remembered what they had done the night before. She could hardly believe it – after months of planning, she and Hank had finally spent the night together. A long romance, finally consummated, in all the ways they could think of.

Hank stirred against her, pressed up against her back. She could feel his semi-hard cock against her cheeks. Ah, men. She pressed back against him, recalling how he had entered her the night before. It had been so good, after waiting so long.

Hank’s breathing changed and Ava knew he was waking up too.

“Hi, baby,” Hank whispered in her ear, nuzzling the back of her neck. He loved the feel of her long, red hair on his face. Ava had told him she thought her hair was her best feature, and although he could think of several things he’d put before that on the list, he did love waking up and nuzzling her gorgeous hair.

Ava took his hand and brought it to her lips, tightening his arm against her. She kissed his fingers, then turned her head and kissed him. He hugged her in response, pulling her upper body back against him while he pressed his legs against her, their entire bodies pressed together. Trapped against her soft cheeks, Hank’s cock began to harden further. Ava explored his mouth with her tongue. She loved his passionate kisses. Kissing him was as electrifying as she had hoped it would be.

Ava took Hank’s hand and brought it to her breast. The back of his fingers rubbed against her nipple, and she shivered as just this small touch caused it to harden. Escaping from her grip, Hank began to play with Ava’s now-hard nipple. “Mmmm,” Ava sighed. He ran his finger in circles around her nipple and then began to squeeze it. Ava sucked in her breath in quick response to the sensation.

Hank moved his hand lower. He traced circles under her breast, then down her belly until his fingers reached the top of her mound. He paused there, rubbing one finger over the very top of her lips. Ava moved her leg a little, giving Hank more access, allowing him to run his fingers along the side of her pussy. He savored the feeling of her bare skin under his soft touch. “I love the feeling of your skin,” Hank breathed into Ava’s ear. “You are so smooth.”

“Just for you, honey,” Ava answered.

Hank was anxious to see if she was still damp from the night before. He gradually reached his long fingertips and began to stroke her lips, and the line they made where they came together. Slowly, stroke by stroke, his forefinger gradually dipped between her lips, until they separated. He could feel that she was damp – and warm. Adding his middle finger, Hank gradually opened her lips with his fingers, until his finger was able to dip into her vagina. Slipping inside her, Hank could tell Ava was becoming not just damp, but wet. Ava moaned as he penetrated her. He used his fingers to spread her juices up the length of her slit to her clit. Her hips bucked as Hank rubbed his wet finger over her clit, forcing her ass back against his cock.

Hank paused from stroking Ava’s pussy and took his cock in his hand. He began to rub it against her, tracing the crack of her ass with his tip. From the precum she could feel leaking from Hank’s cock, Ava could tell just how much Hank wanted her this morning. She became even more wet as he stroked his cock up and down her ass. As his cock rubbed against her ass, Ava thought about how good he had felt inside her the night before. Her asshole was still throbbing from being stretched by his cock. Hank had taken his time in giving her one of her favorite treats, an anal orgasm to be remembered with the best of them.

“Baby?” she breathed.

“Mmmm hmmmm,” he said.

She leaned back into him asked, Sex Hikayeleri “Would you rub my ass? Gently?”

Hank took his hand from his cock and placed it on her hip. Pulling back a little, he began to rub circles on her ass cheeks, working his way down. Reaching the crack of her ass, he ran his finger from the top all the way down to her asshole, circling the tender opening. He leaned into her, his cock just touching her asshole. Hank could feel precum ooze from his cock onto her ass.

Hank’s fingers finally found Ava’s asshole, and he gently rubbed his precum into her. She arched her back into him and moaned. He knew she was ready for something more. But he was a little surprised at what she wanted

She turned her head around and whispered, “Baby, my ass needs you.”

“Really?” he asked. “After last night?”

“Mmm, yes baby, I need you to stretch it… again.”

“Hmm. Well, maybe.”

“Oh please, baby,” Ava begged. To make her point, she pushed back against him more insistently, pushing her ass against his cock.

“Patience,” he said. It was one of her favorite of his sayings, something he had said to her often over the past few months of their long-distance relationship. “Don’t get too excited.”

“I AM excited,” Ava said.

Hank reached his hand up and smacked her left cheek. Whack! “Be patient baby,” he said. Ava gasped and giggled at the same time. It had been shocking at first, how much she liked be spanked, but Hank obviously liked the feeling of control, as shown by how vigorously he embraced his role. One of the reasons that they had found themselves drawn to each other was that they had been completely willing to explore each other’s fantasies and experiences. They agreed on boundaries at the extremes, but everything else – every forbidden fantasy, every fetish they’d read about – was fair game, at least once. “You’re such a BAD girl,” Hank said as he smacked Ava’s ass again.

It was what he had said to her last night, too. After changing into the lingerie she had picked out especially for this trip — the trip where she would finally meet the man she had been corresponding with for months — she had come out of the bathroom to find Hank lying naked on the hotel bed. Standing at full attention. She caught her breath and her eyes grew wide. She had seen him over video chat, but he was much more beautiful in person. Her eyes were drawn to his lovely, hard cock. He watched her watch him and began to stroke himself. “Do you like that?” he had asked her.

“Oh, yes. Watching you makes me very excited,” she had replied. She swallowed hard, drawn to him, yet nervous, and mesmerized by the motion of his hand.

“Because you are such a bad girl,” he answered, with a gleam in his eye. “Come over here.”

She had walked over to the bed and began kissing him. She liked how he kissed with quiet reserve; like he knew they had all the time in the world so he was not going to rush a second faster than he needed to.

Breaking their kiss, Hank murmured “I want to see just how bad you are.” With that, he moved his fingers down to her bare pussy — exposed under the sheer baby doll nightie. She moved her legs open a bit to accommodate his fingers. He stroked her lips gently. She put her head back and moaned. He slowly inserted the tip of his index finger into her hole, probing gently, then pushing deeper when he found her slick and smooth.

“You are wet,” he said, as he slipped his finger out. “That’s very bad. See?” He brought his finger up to her mouth and rubbed it across her lips.

Ava had closed her eyes and licked her lips, tasting herself, and then had sucked his finger into her mouth. “I am excited. But you made me that way,” she had said, in her own defense.

“Hmmmm. Still,” he said, “You weren’t given permission to become aroused, so you must be punished.”

Then Hank had sat up on the bed and pulled her across his lap. He had lifted the sheer nightie up to expose her buttocks to him. They were round, and smooth, and firm. He had stroked them gently. They were so inviting to him, and he knew what they concealed. Hank knew from their long email exchanges and telephone conversations over months that Ava was very anally stimulated. He continued to rub her beautiful ass, dipping his fingers between her cheeks Erotik Hikayeler to stroke the crack of her ass. But he also knew that she was anticipating something else from him. He did not want to disappoint, and had raised his hand and smacked her ass with a resounding whack! He could hear her catch her breath, but she did not call out. He raised his hand again and smacked her, a bit harder this time. She made a sharp intake of breath, but no actual sound. The third time he spanked her she had moaned. In pleasure. Hank had proceeded to spank her until she was dripping, at which point he had put her back on the bed to make love to her for the first time.

Oh, God, Ava thought, reliving the moment. I love this. But then another sharp smack brought her back to the present.

Thinking about their adventure from the night before, Hank was sliding his cock past Ava’s asshole, towards her wet pussy. He began to rub it against her, this time between her pussy lips. Hank could feel her heat as he separated her pussy lips with the head of his cock. Feeling her opening, he began to push into her.

“Oh!” Ava exclaimed, not expecting him to be entering her pussy. After a long night’s sleep, Ava was a tight fit for Hank, and it took several strokes, each one just a little deeper, to penetrate to any depth. Finally, he was able to push in as deep as he could go, buried to the hilt in her hot pussy. “Oh, yes.”

Hank began to stroke in and out of Ava’s pussy slowly, with small strokes. He reached around her to place his fingers on her pussy. He first held her slit together with her clit trapped inside, rotating her whole mound around. Then he spread her upper lips to expose her clit directly to his fingers. Ava shivered as he rubbed his finger over her.

Ava reached down between their legs, past her pussy, to try to reach Hank’s balls. He angled himself back a little, separating his upper body from hers. He pushed in deeper, moving his balls closer to her reaching hand. She began rubbing him, bumping against his hand working at her pussy. “Oh, that feels good Ava,” Hank murmured.

Hank continued to move in and out of her pussy, keeping his hand working at her pussy while she caressed his balls. Ava’s breathing began to get more ragged.

Pausing his strokes, Hank asked “Baby, do you still want me in your ass? Do you want to be fucked that way too?” Ava loved dirty talk.

“Yes, baby, yes, I want you in my ass. Please?”

“You’re such a bad girl to want me in your ass, Ava.”

“Oh, I am, I’m a bad girl. Please, you made me wait so long, please put your hard cock in my ass.”

Hank pulled his cock from Ava’s pussy and slid back just a little. His cock was slick with her juices, and he began to rub the slippery head against her tender asshole. Positioning himself at the center of her asshole, he pushed very gently. He waited until she pushed back against him. He could feel her ass start to relax and let him slip in. Then he started pushing, slowly, but relentlessly keeping the pressure against her ass. Ava moaned as she tried to relax to accommodate him. “Oh… no… yes… oh… shit… ah.”

Then, Hank’s head popped into her. “Ohhhhh!” Ava buried her face in the pillow as she felt herself clench around him. Hank paused, waiting for her to relax. Finally, Ava started moving her body against him again. Hank pushed in a little farther, pausing when she moaned, then pushing in when she pushed back against him. He could feel her tight opening, but she felt smooth and soft where he was deeper inside her.

“You feel so good, baby.” He muttered, between breaths.

Ava had finally relaxed to the point where Hank could start stroking in and out of her ass, slowly at first, but soon achieving a nice rhythm. Ava gave a little gasp each time he pushed a little deeper, but before long he was buried in her ass just the way he had been in her pussy.

With a slow rhythm going, Hank reached back around to Ava’s pussy, opening her slit with his fingers, dipping them into her pussy to wet them, and then rubbing her clit with his fingers. The angle was a little different than fucking her pussy, and Hank needed to keep his hand on her hip at least some of the time for leverage. “Baby, I can’t reach you, would you help me?”

“Mm, oh yes.” Ava brought her Tecavüz Hikayeleri hand to her pussy. Together, they rubbed her clit and dipped into her pussy, their fingers intertwining as they played with her together. Ava moaned.

“This is so hot… YOU are so hot baby… Both our hands on your pussy. Helping you get off. With my cock in your ass. You dirty girl.” Hank muttered.

“Ohh, yes, baby, I’m so dirty, touching my pussy while you fuck my asshole again.” They continued, Hank pushing into Ava’s ass, both of them pushing into Ava’s pussy. Then Ava said “Baby? Could… could we try the little vibe?”

“That can be arranged.” Hank reached behind him to the side table and snatched up the small purple vibrator he had sent to her in the mail. Reaching back around Ava, he turned it on low and placed it against the length of her slit. He began to move it, placing it up against her clit, then running it down to her pussy and back. The attention made Ava moan again, and Hank felt her ass clench around his cock. Her tightening asshole sent shock waves of pleasure through him.

Each time Hank brought the vibe down to Ava’s pussy, she pushed against it, seeming to try to suck it in to her pussy. Does she want me to fuck her with this too? he wondered. One way to find out. Repositioning the vibrator in his hand, and lying very still, Hank slowly begin to insert it into her pussy. “Oh, God. Oh, oh…” Ava grunted as Hank slid the vibrator in. It was a tight fit with the pressure of Hank’s cock in her ass.

Finally, Hank had the vibrator in as deep as it would go. “How does it feel?”

“I’m… so… full.” Ava panted. “It feels… so good.” She reached down and grabbed the vibrator, twisting the power to a higher setting. Hank was surprised that all of a sudden he could feel the vibration through the thin membrane between her ass and pussy. The sensation was intense, adding stimulation to his cock, which he was holding still. Ava grabbed his hand, helping him pull the vibrator halfway out, then sliding it back in deep. Each push was rewarded by another moan from Ava.

Ava moved her hand back to her clit, moving more quickly. She moaned. “I am close, baby, so close.” Ava’s breathing got faster and faster.

Feeling the sensation of the vibrator through he walls of her pussy and ass, Hank knew he was close too, and held himself back. The tightness of Ava’s ass, and the vibration, made his cock throb. He began slowly thrusting back and forth inside her.

“I want you to cum,” he murmured. “With both your holes filled. You dirty girl.”

“Yes, baby, I’m such a dirty girl, for you,” she panted.

Hank began to move faster, pulling out halfway, then thrusting back in hard. After 3 or 4 thrusts, he paused, switching his attention to the vibrator, sliding it out and back in. Ava’s moans were almost continuous now, getting louder each time he thrust into her ass. “Take this,” Hank gasped, putting Ava’s hand on the vibrator so he could grab her hip. Ava’s hand worked feverishly to hold the vibrator in place and put pressure on her clit as Hank’s thrusts became faster, and harder.

Suddenly, Ava’s body stiffened, then began to shudder and shake, as she moaned in unmistakable ecstasy. Hank felt her ass tighten down on his cock. He couldn’t take it anymore. He felt her asshole clenching around him, making it so tight that he almost couldn’t cum, and he found himself pushing even deeper into her as he felt his cum build up. Then he exploded in her ass, joining her in her own orgasm. “Oh Christ!” Ava cried out as he thrust into her, as she felt the wash of his hot semen inside her. Both of them shuddered as Hank pumped, and pumped again, Ava’s legs tightening around her hand and the vibrator. Finally, Hank collapsed, his cock still twitching inside her, but his energy gone. Ava turned the vibrator off, leaving it inside her, savoring the continuing feeling of fullness.

After a minute to catch his breath, Hank reached around to pull Ava back towards him, his cock slowly starting to soften. “Oh, I love your ass, Ava.”

“Mmm, I’m so glad you do. That was a nice wakeup.”

“Yes it was. You’ve been awake just for half an hour, and you’re already cream filled, my dirty girl. It’s going to be a good day.”

“Yes, I think it will be,” She said with a smile and stretched like a cat. She got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Her long, red hair was flowing down her back. “I’m going to shower,” she said, looking over her shoulder. “Are you going to join me?” she asked, with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Hank said.

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