The Washroom

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The washroom, You are wearing a white thong and white bra, clothes hanging from the shelves and in baskets around us, you are just changing the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I walk in, the lights are on and bright.

You do not notice me as you?ve just turned on the dryer and have loaded the washer with another load as it is filling up. I turn off the lights, we are plunged in a deep darkness as the basement has no outside windows, I come in behind you and put my hands around your waist, on your tummy, I roam them upwards cupping your breasts feeling the soft fabric of your satin bra, I squeeze them gently finding your nipples and tweaking them softly.

You lean back and I kiss your neck, you can only feel my touch as we are in the dark, I lick a trail from your neck to your ear, and I suck on your ear lobe gently, still kneading your breasts, you turn your head and we start kissing, my tongue explores your mouth and plays with your tongue, you moan, with your eyes closed.

The darkness amplifying our senses, you get on the washer, you sit there and spread your legs I bend down, you lay across the washer and dryer, your head propped up by a clean towel, I lean down and rub your pussy on top of your panties, you moan, I push your panties to the side and I can smell your pussy, I start Sivas Escort rubbing your clit, I lean in and start kissing around your labia, while keeping my finger circling around your clit, I start sucking on it, you moan and scream, I put a finger in you and you moan louder, my finger coated with your slick wetness, I start pumping it in and out of you, while enjoying your sweet juices. My fingers part your lips as I keep pumping and sucking on your clit, my other hand is rubbing your thigh and calve.

You beg me to go inside of you, I get up, my cock is hard, I position it at your sweet entrance, and I start leaning forward and inserting it into you, the head starts parting your lips, you are moaning hard now, your hands holding your tits on top of your bra, kneading them hard, pinching your nipples through the material. My balls slapping are against your ass. I put my hands on your hips and ram my cock hard into you, you moan with each thrust I take in you, my dick growing harder and thicker with each stroke.

I withdraw from you, you turn around and lean on the washer, one foot on the ground and the other on the washer, I come from behind you and start sliding my cock in you, I put my hands on your shoulders and pull you up against me, you moan. I start pumping my cock in and out of you, Rubbing your Sivas Escort Bayan back with my hands I make you feel comfortable, you are tolerating my cock stretching your pussy muscles as you close your eyes.

I stop.

I get on one knee and tell you to part your ass cheeks, you do so, spreading them wide, I lean my face into you and start licking your closed pussy lips, I keep trying to spread them with my tongue, your pussy closes them, your juices leaking all over my mouth, onto my tongue, I keep sucking your pussy from behind you, I start rubbing your ass with my hand, the other hand wanking my cock, I put my tongue inside of you and fuck you like it was my dick, one of my fingers from the hand that was rubbing your ass finds your asshole, you moan in approval, your rear lubricated by your pussy juices, is glistening, the access into your ass is made easy by your juices, I start probing it in you moan and scream in delight, I probe it in a little deeper, you moan harder, I start pumping it in and out. I get up and keep my finger there.

I position myself at your pussy and push my dick into you, while my finger remains there, I start pumping both of them out at the same time, you scream my name. I insert another in your ass, you moan hard. I keep pumping both at the same time. You sense Escort Sivas an orgasm approaching, you muffle your scream in the towel. I keep pounding you. I put my hands on your hips and spread your ass as wide as I can and I keep penetrating both your holes, I withdraw my cock from your pussy and I start pushing it into your ass, you scream in pain and delight as I push forward and I start pumping.

You reach underneath yourself and start rubbing your clit as I keep pounding your ass, in and out my dick slides. I reach for your shoulders and keep my motion, you are moaning more and more, I pull you onto me, I run my nails down your back. You beg me to cum, and I ask you where would you like it and you respond?right where you are?, I continue going in and out, my balls slapping against your pussy turning you on with each of my hard and log strokes, beads of sweat are rolling down my chest, I moan deeper and deeper, as I feel your orgasm approaching, your ass grabbing my cock, I slam you on my dick harder and harder.

You start cumming, uncontrollably you clench to your two fingers in your pussy and your ass starts milking my cock, you shiver, and I moan one last time, as I start squirting my hot cum in your tight ass, I keep pumping in and out, making sure every last drop has came out, I withdraw from you and wipe myself from my sweat, you turn around and we start hugging, I bend down and kiss your neck, licking up and down. You continue shaking. We start kissing passionately, I hold you tight against me. We walk out of the room, into the light and go lay down.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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