Three Naughty Pee Hotties

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Rachel invited her friends Natalie, Dianne and Christina over for their weekly book club meeting. As the ladies gathered in the family room, Rachel’s nineteen year-old son Jason, a college student, was heading out to mow their lawn as well as old Mrs. Jenkins’ lawn next door. Settling in, the ladies began a discussion about their current favorite book over coffee and cigarettes. Upon finishing the yard work an hour later, Jason came in and headed upstairs to take a shower. The women decided to take a break while Rachel went to the store for more cigarettes, leaving her friends to continue conversing until she would return.

Natalie was thirty-seven, with a slim body and platinum-blonde hair, a bit shy but still having a hidden wild side. Forty year-old Christina had a short, burgundy updo, and a curvy hourglass figure, always the life of the party with her contagious energy. Dianne, thirty-nine, had long golden-blonde curls and a more blunt, unfiltered personality. Although a few pounds overweight, her tall stature, incredible thick thighs and calves, as well as her generous bust size made her a real head-turner. She still harbors some lingering resentment toward Jason for accidentally hitting her car years ago, which she has managed to keep to herself for the sake of friendship. Christina on the other hand, holds a special place in Jason’s memories. During a recent backyard picnic, he caught a clear view of her pussy after reaching under the table to retrieve his cup after dropping it. With only a short skirt and no underwear on, her hairy mound and tantalizing labia were completely exposed, accentuated by her long, uncrossed legs. His eyes widened with an instant gut-wrenching arousal, which he now felt again in this moment from merely being in the same room with her.

Relaxing in the air-conditioned room, they all welcomed him back, as he walked by breathing heavily from exhaustion. At this point, They were feeling the need to pee, as the coffee had run its course, with Christina having the strongest urge. Engrossed in conversation, she had ignored the pressure building inside of her bladder thus far. Crossing her legs to hold herself while Jason was in the shower, she continued waiting. After 20 minutes, unable to stand the pressure any longer, she stood up and headed to the bathroom, expecting that Jason would now be done. Natalie and Dianne carried on with the discussion, still awaiting Rachel’s return from the store. After exiting the family room, Christina grabbed her crotch tightly and hurried up the stairs. Approaching the closed bathroom door, the sound of water running inside was infuriating, after giving Jason what she felt was ample time. No longer able to hold her aching bladder, she made the difficult decision to open the door and rush in.

“Jason it’s just me, Sorry but I gotta piss really bad! I’ll be gone in a minute. Don’t worry, I won’t flush.”

Shocked at her barging in like that, he became excited when he heard the toilet lid smack against the tank as she opened it. An instant later was the loud rumbling sound of her powerful stream striking the toilet water, audible even over the sound of the shower spraying. Barely able to believe his ears, he nervously peeked out from the curtain and was met with the sight of Christina’s bare ass just a few away, with her tiny denim shorts at the bend of her knees. She was hovering on the side of the toilet instead of directly in front of it, unable to see that she was being watched as her Bostancı Anal Escort back was turned to Jason. The ceiling lights above perfectly highlighted the beautiful feminine contours of her body, with just enough illumination to also see her releasing a tidal wave into the toilet. As her swollen bladder continued pulsating and aching, she pushed harder, making her anus protrude outward into view as it emerged from the depths of both cheeks. The suddenly stronger torrent momentarily arched further back, splashing hard on the toilet seat, making a huge mess. The thick yellow stream was now rushing out with astounding pressure, hitting the water hard enough that it could’ve been heard down the hallway. Jason was in awe that a woman was capable of such capacity and extremely aroused by it, to his surprise, never having particularly been into watching women pee.

After a lengthy gush, the stream slowed to a trickle for several more seconds, too weak to come out straight and now running down her thigh instead. Christina’s anus continued poking in and out throughout her final forceful pushes, which sent two spurts of piss overshooting the toilet completely and hitting the floor on the other side of it. Now finished and still in a rush to leave, she squatted lower and quickly shook her ass up and down a few times instead of wiping, making it ripple beautifully and unintentionally slap against the pee-covered seat. Jason continued observing from the shower as she pulled her tiny white thong up, running her thumb along the back of it to wedge it deeper. She then lifted her tight shorts up, struggling to fit her large backside into them, having to jump slightly to get them all the way up. Walking briskly toward the door, she boldly shoved one hand into her crotch to adjust her lips, uncomfortably crammed inside the shorts. Christina never looked behind her to see what an awful mess she had made.

(In a semi-joking voice) “Okay I’m leaving. Don’t tell your mom about this. It never happened.”

Alone again, Jason now had the hardest erection of his life. That same gut-wrenching arousal from the picnic had gripped him again. After finishing his shower, he stepped out and took a look at what she left behind. The large volume of her strong smelling urine had noticeably filled the bowl, along with a thin layer of bubbles at the surface. Her lousy aim left plentiful yellow drips resting on one side of the seat, along with the piss that she sprayed onto the white tiled floor. The decision to take care of himself was an easy one for Jason, standing directly over her creation for visual aid. He now had two major sightings of Christina’s pussy in his lifetime, the most enjoyable part for him being that she was unaware of them both and had now shown him her very inviting asshole.

Back down in the family room, Dianne announced that the coffee had also run through her and she now needed to pee as well. Christina was torn as to whether she should still stay quiet or speak up about the bathroom not exactly being available. She decided to stick to her original plan and remain quiet, ready to make up a story if need be. Dianne heads up to the bathroom and like Christina, was met with a closed door, this time locked by Jason, who yelled from inside that he was on the toilet to get her to leave. Turning to go back downstairs and wait, she noticed the door to his room further down the hall and suddenly had a devious idea, being no stranger to such thoughts Bostancı Yaşlı Escort in her tendency to hold grudges. Due to Jason accidentally running his car into her BMW a few years ago and causing her to be seen with a dent for a few days, she suddenly was intrigued at the opportunity to ruin something of his.

Entering his room and closing the door behind her, Dianne scanned his room for a spot to relieve herself. She quickly walked around to the far side of the bed and slid his college books away from where she wanted to leave the wet surprise. Lifting her short black skirt and squatting down, she moved her panties to the side, exposing a moistened pussy, which she struggled to see over her massive cleavage barely contained in a red blouse. After positioning her matching black, three inch heels in a wide stance, she braced with a few deep breaths to tame her naughty excitement. With no effort, a powerful gush of clear-colored piss came out straight onto the dark-gray carpet, making an audible squirting sound with it. The tremendous volume quickly created a sizable puddle that soaked the carpet, making the wet area sink and flatten. With a full fifteen seconds elapsed, Dianne was still releasing so much piss that she was starting to become concerned about the size of the damage, still growing as her urethra continued it’s relentless assault. Thrilled by the risk, she grabbed hold of her aroused labia and boldly directed the flow around from side to side to make a bigger mess, as her heart raced from excitement.

As the stream continued, she lifted the blanket hanging down from the bed to see how far the puddle had spread. Laying on the floor were Jason’s six-hundred dollar professional quality headphones that he recently purchased for his music production hobby. Dianne didn’t know anything about audio equipment but assumed they were worth a lot of money based on their high-quality metal craftsmanship and size. This was what she truly hoped for, something of value to leave her waste on. With no hesitation, she adjusted her body to aim right at the headphones and violated them with the full force of her torrent, soaking the ear pads, which were made of a fine leather and velour material. A cheerful smile came over her face, fully enjoying the damage being caused, and imagining her piss getting on his ears the next time he would put them on. With a weakening flow, her arousal peaked from the vile act and even knowing that she needed to hurry out of this vulnerable position, part of her wanted nothing more than to rub herself to an orgasm in that moment.

As luck would have it, her enjoyment was instantly cut short when she heard a knock on the door and it began opening. With no time to react, she remained in the squatting position, frozen in the fear of being caught while in the middle of her lewd behavior. While motionless and holding her breath, with piss still trickling, Natalie entered and the two women momentarily stared at each other in shock. She quickly closed the door behind her.

(both speaking quietly)”Are you peeing on the floor?”

“Uhh…well…I…just, no…”

“Hurry up, I gotta go too. He’s still in there. I’m about to fuckin piss myself.”

In disbelief and relieved that Natalie had the same devious intentions, Dianne relaxed and let her pee continue spraying for a few more moments. Having flooded the headphones, she pushes the final drips out. Upon finishing, she put her panties back in Bostancı Zenci Escort place, getting some pee on her fingers in the process and wiping them on the blanket. She then moved Jason’s books back to where they were, directly on top of the huge soaking area. Satisfied with relief, she hurried out of the way. Natalie noticed her friend’s arousal while rushing to the designated pee spot.

“Damn, your nipples are really hard, you sure you weren’t doing something else over here?”

“Ha, maybe I was!”

Natalie hastily kicked the books to the side and threw her leggings down, revealing no underwear and a thong-shaped tan line on her backside. She squatted right over Dianne’s target area, making sure to not step in the wetness with her thin flip flops and immediately released a strong cascade onto it. The pressure caused pee to splash onto her exposed feet. So much was being added to the puddle that the carpet could no longer absorb the liquid, causing it to rise and run across the surface onto the wooden floor. Both ladies laughed quietly as Natalie continued gushing, her out-pour anything but quiet. Standing by the door, Dianne was able to see the yellow puddle emerging on the other side of the bed, as it ran along the floor behind it. Jason’s hot, humid room now had a noticeable stench of musky urine. Dianne dared her to piss on the headphones as she had just done herself. Nat accepted the challenge and aimed her body downward right at them for their second round of abuse.

Finishing, she reached up to grab a handful of the blanket on the bed and wiped it tightly against her wet pussy and anus. Standing back up, she used her foot to carelessly shove Jason’s books back into place over the now very large pool and pulled her leggings up. Natalie and Dianne, still laughing, sneaked out back down to the family room to join Christina and the returning Rachel, with Jason still in the bathroom the whole time. Relieved, the ladies continued on with their discussion for another hour before leaving.

Later that night, Jason entered his room and noticed the musky smell but just assumed it was his dirty work uniform on the floor, baking in the summer heat. Laying in the bed, he reached down to grab his headphones, which were now dry. Upon plugging them into his laptop, he was horrified to hear only broken cracked sound coming out of one side, the other side completely dead. Fidgeting with the cable for a while, failing to make them work, he threw his beloved possession on the floor in anger, clueless that the cause of their demise was the gushing urethras of his mothers heartless friends. Jason never noticed the damp puddle on the carpet, or the trail of piss along the floor behind the bed, which had now dried into a sticky film. The next day, all three women met for lunch. After telling the others to keep it secret from Rachel, Christina informs them that she peed with Jason in the bathroom, sparking laughter and causing Dianne and Natalie to share what they had done.

(Dianne laughing) “Oh that’s nothing, me and Nat pissed in his room!”

“What?! You’re kidding! Really?!”

(Natalie) “Hey, the bathroom was locked so yeah, we took a huge piss in his room right on the carpet. I wiped my pussy on his blanket too.”

(Dianne) “And we peed on some big ass pair of headphones under the bed, fucking soaked them! I still can’t believe how horny it made me!”

“Honestly, I don’t really mind if Jason was watching me. Having my ass out with him in the room was kinda gettin’ me hot too so I guess we’re all a little naughty!”

“I’m not gonna lie, it really was hot, especially with Dianne there, hearing how hard I was peeing. Maybe we should do this more often!”

Christina and Dianne smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.

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