Timmy Stiles Ch. 06 Pt. 1-3

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Part 1

Ronnie listened, slightly less than attentively, to the sensual rhythms of Carlos Santana as she drove through the mixture of rain and snow. The town was very quiet, not unusual for this time of the year…most of the students were home for the holidays. Timmy had been gone for nearly three weeks now…fortunately he would be back soon. She missed that boy’s cock sorely. Sundays had become “their” day. And though both her mother and daughter knew they were fucking on a regular basis, it was overlooked as a topic of conversation at the dinner table.

Timmy had certainly proven himself to be a quick learner, not only in school, but in her bed. And, it was also obvious that there was little he wouldn’t try…and enjoy. Her body shivered slightly as she recalled the first time he stuffed that huge cock of his deep into her “hot black ass.” She laughed, thinking how much he loved that phrase, which was now his exclusive reference to her lovely bottom…in private of course. Timmy was more man than she could handle at times…but as wondrous as the sex was, she could never really suppress the perverse imp that dwelled inside her body. Poe was right…she had looked over the edge too long…she was going to jump.

Her car nimbly took the abrupt curve onto the dark, narrow road that led to the club. She realized that she should turn around and go home…but the need was greater than her resolve. Why she was pulled so fiercely into the darkness was a mystery. But it called to her again and again, gnawing at her, little by little, until it couldn’t be pushed from her mind for one second. She was trembling when she had made the call…begged for forgiveness…proffered everything necessary to win back her pinnacle position. That night she had cried herself to sleep. “Why?” she screamed into her pillow. Why were apples red?

Finally she spotted the lights, little squares of light, glistening with an eerie glow through the unsavory night, only hinting at their real shape. She felt her tires spin as she pushed down the accelerator and quickly backed off. “Too eager,” she thought. A few slightly more cautious moments later, she stood on the wide porch and pushed the doorbell. A tiny hole in the center of the door, more or less eye level, brightened for a few seconds then turned dark once again. She could hear the soft buzz and the louder click as the lock was released. She pushed the door open and walked into the vestibule, the door swinging itself closed behind her. The toasty room was a welcome respite from the bitter cold of the night. Thankfully, someone realized how terribly cold it was that night, and had set the thermostat to defrost.

“Miss Veronica, it has been too long. How are you?” She turned to the familiar voice and moved toward the gigantic man that loomed in the corner nearest the door. She smiled at Little John as she hugged him warmly. Her arms couldn’t breach the girth of his huge frame. He was over seven feet tall and easily 300 pounds. He did make for an impressive “bailiff,” as he was referred to by the management. She stepped back after her futile attempt to encircle his waist with her arms and grinned.

“I have been fine, John, and I hope you have been well yourself…I see you haven’t lost any weight.” She laughed softly as she teased the giant man. He was proud of his size…and enjoyed the teasing of the guests. This was 300 pounds of body builder…not the Pillsbury Doughboy…that beamed down at her.

“Not a pound Miss Veronica…Shall I take your coat ma’am?”

“I think I will keep it on for a few minutes until I warm up. The weather is nasty outside.” He smiled and nodded his head, both in agreement as to the weather and to his understanding of her decision. He released the lock to the door leading into the chambers below and opened it, stepping aside almost gracefully to let her pass through and onto the small landing at the top of the stairs.

“They are waiting for you downstairs, Miss Veronica…Enjoy” She carefully held the railing as she walked down the stairs and instinctively turned right and headed down the narrow corridor that circled the private booths. She glanced at the names carefully posted on the doors…she stopped, her breath quickened. She glanced in both directions. No one would see her if she bolted…changed her mind and fled this insidious place. But her trembling hand reached up slowly and she tapped the door softly…as if hoping no one would hear.

The door opened slowly. “Welcome home, Pet.” That word melted away any shred of resistance she might have had…her body shivered as its implications…the tiny hammers within her ears instantly tapped out its full meaning, refreshing her mind with the protocols so important in that world she so desperately needed to be part of. She glanced up at the tall, wickedly handsome man. Her mouth trembled slightly as they formed her reply.

“Thank you…Master.” With that single phrase she finally accepted what she was. Her bravado was gone…the cocky, spirited, black woman who had succeeded in taming the world around her…was suddenly reduced to a holding. She was a toy Bostancı Fetiş Escort to be used or abused at his bidding. And while that thought nearly turned her stomach, she felt the wetness spreading between her thighs. She moved through the doorway, entering the lavishly appointed room as his Nubian Slave…not knowing when or if she could pull Ronnie back into her life. But at that moment she didn’t care.

Seated on a large sectional sofa, facing away from the door, were four other guests. An older, yet extremely attractive couple sat in the center section. Seated at one end was a young and exotic, dark haired woman. A handsome, middle-aged man with sandy blonde hair occupied the other end. His expression was meditative…occasionally opening his eyes; he would breathe deeply, smile and close them again. It wasn’t until Jared took her arm and brought her around to meet them that she discovered there were five. Seated next to the contemplative man, was a youngish woman, her body bent over his lap, her mouth stretched around his pulsing cock.

Veronica’s could not pull her eyes away from the lurid scene. The man sat there calmly as her head bobbed up and down…feeding on his wonderfully long and massive cock. Her cheeks hollowed inward as she sucked and licked the massive piece of fuck meat with a desperate hunger. His hands lay relaxed at his sides, but suddenly he gripped the cushions, his fingers digging deeply into the soft leather. She envied the woman as he spewed his hot sticky load into her hungry mouth. Finally, the pulsations ended and the woman slowly pulled her head off his wilting cock.

When Veronica’s presence was finally noticed, the woman lifted her head and smiled weakly at her. She opened her mouth wide and turned to each and every one of those in attendance. Her mouth was filled with his cum which she displayed like some lurid trophy she could now claim. Satisfied her fame had been won; she leaned over the table and carefully deposited the hot sticky load into a champagne glass that was sitting on the coffee table encircled by the sofa. It was obviously not the first of such deposits into the glass, as hers filled the glass to nearly overflowing. “Well done,” they shouted, giving her a round of applause…”An amazing mouth,” her partner added…. quickly…their attention turned to Veronica.

“Well, now, what do we have here, Jared?” the elderly man queried. Veronica flushed them a slightly nervous smile.

“This, my friends, is Veronica, my lovely ebony slut. And tonight is very special…she has finally agreed to become my slave.” The words hung for a moment…then were responded to with a round of kudos and applause. “From this moment forward, she will have but one purpose…and what is that my lovely whore?” He turned to Veronica and waited. Her body trembled as the realization of what was to be, but each flashing image of what that entailed only added fuel to the growing fire in her loins. Her lips slowly formed the words and as she spoke they peeled within her mind like the crack of thunder.

“My purpose is to serve you, My Master, in any way, at any time, or with anyone you so desire. I am YOUR whore, Master…perhaps a bit feisty and unruly at times, but ever obedient to your command.” She was unable to resist letting her lips form into a slight smile, but she carefully kept her eyes turned respectfully down. They all laughed at her wit and congratulated Jared for making such a prize acquisition. She knew he was pleased.

“The perfect answer, Pet. But before any further celebration, let us rid you of your coat. As I have learned, you are far more beautiful unadorned than when wearing such armor.” She unbuttoned her coat and turned away from them all arching her shoulders back and letting her arms hang motionless at her sides. Jared quickly slid her coat from her shoulders and off her arms, tossing it casually over a nearby chair. She took a small step forward, paused and slowly turned around to face her Master, likewise presenting herself to his guests.

She was curious as to how her outfit would be received when she had purchased it. She had overestimated its ability to cover her body with any semblance of decorum, but she had not underestimated its visual effect. The fishnet body suit made no attempt to hide the wondrous form of her body as it flowed downward from its tight collar around her neck to the tip of her toes encased beautifully by her five-inch heels. For all intensive purposes, Veronica was naked save the tiny wrap-around skirt that barely covered the strategically placed cutouts framing her lush ass and freshly shaved pussy.

Though all jaded by years of wanton behavior and self indulgence, she could hear their combined breath being sucked into their lungs as they saw her incredible body for the first time. Jared was beaming with the pride of ownership, in much the same as when he ceremoniously presented his wife with her first Rolls Royce. She was no doubt, the most beautiful woman any of them had ever seen, and the reaction to her lustful body by the males was immediate…she could Bostancı Gecelik Escort hear the blood pulsing through their veins as it rushed to their rapidly hardening cocks.

Jared nodded to the woman seated at the end of the couch and she quickly got up and moved toward the bar in the corner of the room. She quickly returned with a bottle of Dom and handed it to Jared. He popped the cork and leaned to fill the remaining six glasses on the table. Veronica’s eyes widened at the thought…he couldn’t…but…as they each lifted their glasses, Jared picked up the remaining cum filled glass. He smiled with that perverse smile of his that always left her weak and trembling. She took the glass from his hand without question. “To my sweet whore,” he toasted.

Though they pretended to focus on their glasses of bubbly, she felt their eyes fixed on her…waiting. Slowly she raised the glass to her lips. Her nostrils flared as she breathed in the heady scent. “What had she become?” she screamed inwardly. But as she tilted the glass back, letting the warm, viscous liquid flow onto her tongue, her body convulsed in pleasure, not revulsion. She savored every drop of the sticky liquid, no doubt the blended seed of each man standing there. She began to gulp down the copious quantity of semen like a woman dying of spiritual thirst…finding salvation in Satan’s own blasphemous holy water. The sensual feel of it overwhelmed her, flowing down her throat into her belly. She wanted more, she needed more. Her tongue slipped into the empty glass and scoured the surface for every remaining trace of their sensual emission.

The silence was deafening, as they stood transfixed by the wanton whore. An acutely tuned ear would only hear the throbbing of rapidly beating hearts, the flow of vaginal secretions seeping between distended labia and the sound of skin stretching tautly over blood engorged male genitalia. Her faced turned to her Master…her hand moved to the clasp of her skirt…”Master…may I?” He nodded silently and joined the others in watching his Nubian slave remove her skirt. Her cunt dripped its juices down her thighs, her dark puffy lips protruding outward in open invitation. The whore was on fire and each waited for Jared’s next move.

He nodded towards the lusty, cock-sucking blonde who now blatantly stared at Veronica’s dark, silky smooth mound. The woman rose silently, quickly removed her own clothing and stood before the whore. “This is Alicia…” Alicia’s slender arms circled the whore’s waspish waist, drawing their bodies together. Their breasts flattened against each others…hands moved to clasp trembling buttocks as their lips met. Tongues lashed out against each other in Sapphic passion as their bodies drifted slowly to the floor. Bodies twisted and melted into the other as tongues and fingers sought the inner secrets of shamelessly offered flesh. The intense power of their ravenous attacks could never be maintained for more than a few soul-altering moments.

No one, not even Alicia’s own Master had ever reached so deeply into her soul. Veronica’s unfettered passion…her all consuming need to satisfy the depraved needs of those she served…stripped away the carefully constructed layers of deception that kept the façade of Alicia’s own submission in tact. For one moment, this very moment, the wall flexed, weakened and finally cracked, leaving her carefully nurtured discipline turned to ash as her inner fire rushed through the tiny hole. Alicia bolted up…grinding her vulva into Veronica’s mouth. Her eyes closed as her mind churned and tried to twist away from the truth. But finally, Alicia’s body betrayed the inner secrets she withheld even from herself.

Her eyes opened, she growled and ripped away the net covering Veronica’s breasts. Her nails dug into the quivering mounds of flesh…fingers painfully pinching the whores succulent nipples…pulled and twisted them as the whore moaned into her flesh. “Drink me you filthy whore,” she screamed. “Drink meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Her body shook violently as her orgasm washed over her body and with it came a torrent of golden liquid, streaming hotly into Veronica’s open mouth, running down her neck, splashing onto her red streaked breasts. She whimpered through her tightly clenched teeth as begged the god’s to let the moment last for ever. But…as it came…it went away, and the trembling woman collapsed against Veronica’s wet body. Once again silence reigned as king. Finally, the spent woman pulled herself free and meekly crawled back to her Master.

Veronica laid quietly, her eyes fixed on Jared’s cold; emotionless eyes…her urine covered body heaving…smoldering in abeyance…needing its own release. Her fingers moved to her dripping cunt and slowly caressed her swollen clit. She stared harder…begging him with her eyes. “Please, Master…. Please.” But Jared silently shook his head no…his lips more a snarl than a smile. Suddenly she felt a strong pair of hands pushing her legs apart. She looked up to discover Alicia’s master positioning his body between her thighs, guiding his cock into her wet Bostancı Genç Escort folds. She closed her eyes as she felt his enormous cock slide into her body, stretching her labia to their limits. Veronica nearly came as she felt the marvelous fuck-stick fill her cunt. But she knew the punishment far outweighed the brief moment of pleasure her climax would provide. As the he began to rock his hips against her she heard Jared’s slightly amused voice. “Veronica…Please let me introduce you to Wesley………..”

Part 2

Wesley’s immense cock stirred Veronica’s dripping cunt with slow and delicious strokes. He was too skillful, too erotic and too attentive…she was boiling. His hips rolled and churned, grinding his pelvic bone against her vulva…the huge head finding her cervix…touching it, moving it, caressing it with his silky, yet rigid flesh. She opened her eyes and glanced around the room, desperately seeking a distraction. Her eyes lighted on Terra and Adam, the couple sitting on the couch. They had managed to remove their clothing and she was seated in his lap, her back against his chest. Adam’s cock was deep inside Terra’s ass. Her hips ground back against his loins…twisting, rolling, moving with a sensual rhythm as he pumped his cock in a smooth, synchronous echo of her own motions.

Veronica stared at the woman’s cunt, pushed open by the thick man-meat stuffed deeply inside her bowels. The pink inner lips lay back against the swollen outer lips forming an eerie and glisten Rorschach image of throbbing flesh. She raised her eyes and found them locked in the stare of the beautiful woman. Terra smiled and licked her lips with a slow sensual roll of her tongue…then winced as her lover lifted his hips and drove his cock even deeper into her ass. Her face contorted with pleasure…a soft grunt excepting her lips…her eyes, quick to roll back into her head at his powerful thrust, refocused themselves on the ebony whore that lay before her.

Suddenly, without a word, she pushed herself off and hovered over the black whore.squatting as she spread her cheeks…bringing her red and puffy anus within inches of Veronica’s mouth. A trickle of cum oozed from the woman’s asshole, dangling from the gaping hole until its own weight pulled itself free from her ass and dripped into Veronica’s hungry mouth. She lifted her hands and placed them on the woman’s ass, spreading it even further. Lifting her head, she pushed her face between the woman’s cheeks, licking the gaping hole…probing it with her tongue…savoring the tainted fuck juice that flowed from the woman’s bowels. Terra moaned and rolled forward onto her knees, pulling away from Veronica, but quickly slid back and ground her ass into the slut’s eager mouth.

Veronica was reaching sensory overload…her cunt filled with man meat…her mouth draining the woman’s cum-filled ass…if only. As if reading her mind, Terra leaned forward and began licking the edge of her cunt where Wesley’s cock pushed into her belly. She stifled a scream as the tongue circled her clit, enflaming the taut little nub. Suddenly she felt Wesley pull his cock out completely. She almost begged him to put it back in until she felt the thick knob pushing against her own asshole

She groaned into Terra’s oozing flesh as she felt Wesley’s cock push into her ass. She took every inch of his lust filled fuck stick until his balls were pressed against her upturned buttocks. As he pumped his cock in and out or her whore’s ass, she filled Terra’s own gaping hole with her tongue, fucking the hot bitch with her oral probe. She had all but forgotten Adam. But suddenly, his body loomed over them. He kneeled and slid his hands under Terra’s hips, lifting her away from Veronica, then pushed his slimy cock into her whore’s mouth, thrusting the cum-coated, shit streaked shaft deep into her throat. Veronica could only moan as he fucked her mouth, and the feeling of being stuffed with two cocks was overwhelming even her. She knew she needed to fight her impending orgasm, but she was losing the battle…she felt the tingling in her cunt begin to grow.

Just then Adam pulled his cock free from her mouth and rammed it into Terra’s asshole. Terra screamed as he thrust the shaft into her bowels with one powerful stroke, ripping into her anal flesh like a glowing poker. Veronica watched the shaft disappear then reappear…again and again he pummeled Terra’s ass. But just as suddenly as he had thrust his cock into Terra, he pulled it out and thrust it once again into Veronica’s open mouth. She swirled her tongue around the pulsing shaft, cleaning away the greasy streaks of Terra’s shit. God, she loved it…she loved being used…she loved being nothing more than a toilet for their depraved use …she loved being a cum sucking, piss drinking, shit eating slut.

As Adam stuffed his cock into Terra’s ass once more, Wesley stilled for a moment. Veronica couldn’t see what was happening, but suddenly she felt warmth begin to fill her ass…my God, Wesley was pissing into her bowels. Terra screamed, as Adam began to piss into her ass. “Oh …yesssssssssssssss…fill my dirty ass with hot piss, Master.” Veronica felt the hot liquid begin to drip onto her face and hungrily opened her mouth wide. She frantically tried to catch every drop in her mouth. She felt her belly begin to swell…growing painfully tight as Wesley filled her ass with what felt like gallons of hot, steamy piss.

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