Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 02

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – In the second installment of this story series Breanna, a bitchy, bisexual, trashy, rude, kleptomaniac nymphomaniac has been sent to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins on the other side of town.

You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but not the trailer park out of the girl proves correct in this sexual comedy, set in the early 1990s. Of her cousins, John pleases his girlfriend Samantha, Kate gets kinky and Dylan – well Dylan is Dylan.

This story contains very strong language and coarse humor, both sexual and non-sexual. All characters engaging in sexual activity are aged 18 and older, and all events and people depicted are fictional, with similarity to real people living or dead coincidental and unintentional.

Please enjoy Chapter 2, and look out for more chapters as they appear.


Breanna blinked awake on the Sunday morning feeling much the worse for wear. She massaged her head and looked at the door as footsteps approached, and Kate came back into her room from the bathroom, carrying a bathroom bag which she placed in her drawer. Kate was dressed smartly in a white blouse, a long blue floral skirt and open white shoes, her hair neatly brushed back from her pretty face. Breanna frowned. Kate looked like she was dressed for work; had Breanna slept through all of Sunday and it was now Monday morning? Seeing John pass by wearing a shirt and trousers, it seemed possible.

Breanna sat up on the mattress, her legs wide open showing her white panties, craving a cigarette. “Hey Kate, what day is it?”

Kate looked puzzled. “It’s Sunday, of course.”

“Why are you dressed like that?” Breanna asked.

“We’re going to church,” said Kate. “We always go to Mass on Sunday mornings.”

Breanna sighed. “Have fun then.”

“We’re having breakfast first, come down and get something,” said Kate.

Smoking marijuana, and that fact that she had lost the contents of her stomach all over a police officer the previous night made Breanna hungry, so she decided to follow Kate downstairs to the kitchen. She did not bother to dress, simply walking downstairs barefoot in her tee-shirt that barely covered her panties, her cigarettes and lighter in her hand.

In the kitchen, everyone was dressed smartly for church. Bob, dressed in a suit, and Anna wearing a blue flowered dress, looked at their niece as she entered, looking in need of a shower, but they said nothing at this stage, and neither saw the cigarettes. John tried not to look at Breanna, trying to pretend she wasn’t there. Dylan’s eyes went wide at the sight of his cousin in her nightwear, the outline of her nipples visible through the fabric and her panties coming into view when Breanna stretched up on her bare toes for a second, yawning.

“How did you sleep, Breanna?” asked Anna, trying to be polite to their most unwelcome house guest.

“That mattress is shit,” said Breanna rudely. “Don’t you have anything better for me to sleep on?”

“Okay, I thought it might have taken a while longer before you were rude,” said Anna sternly. “Let me be very clear that swearing is not tolerated in this house, young lady.”

With a roll of her eyes, Breanna took her cigarettes and lighter and swung her bare feet onto the table, leaning back in her chair. Dylan could barely contain his delight at his beautiful cousin’s bare feet on the table, and he salivated at the sight of Breanna’s pretty soles and toes.

John and Kate glanced at each other, each wishing they weren’t there. Breanna’s actions weren’t intended to impress her aunt and uncle, and a reaction was quick in coming.

“Breanna, get your feet off the table and there is no smoking in this house,” said Bob.

Breanna shrugged her shoulders arrogantly, and lifted her ankles so her feet were hovering an inch above the table cloth. She took her lighter, and went to light her first cigarette of the day.

Bob and Anna jumped up. Anna pushed Breanna’s bare feet off the table, while Bob grabbed Breanna’s cigarettes and lighter and threw them onto the kitchen bench.

“When you live in this house, you live by our rules,” said Anna sternly. “There is no smoking at all in the house. Is that clear?”

“Where do I go for a smoke then?” demanded Breanna. “I’m really busting.”

“If you must smoke, then you will smoke outside,” said Bob. “But not now. You will sit here and have breakfast with us, and then you will get ready for church.”

“I’m not going to fucking church,” said Breanna.

“Breanna!” snapped her aunt.

“Perhaps you didn’t understand your aunt when she said that you live by our rules in this house,” said Bob. “Everyone who lives in this house goes to Mass on Sunday morning. And that is the end of this discussion, young lady.”

Breanna opened her mouth to answer back, but a better idea entered her mind. She could have fun at church, embarrassing her aunt and uncle as much as possible. Instead she said, “Okay then, I guess I have to go to church.”

“You guess right,” said Anna.

Breanna took a piece of toast, began eating it from the center to avoid the crusts, istanbul escort and watched as her aunt poured milk from a carton into her coffee. “Do you buy milk from the store, Aunt Anna?”

Anna regarded her niece with a puzzled expression. “Yes, of course. Why do you ask?”

Breanna pointed at Kate’s E-cup breasts. “I thought you would just hook Kate up to a milking machine, and get all the milk you need for a week.”

Dylan, who was taking a mouthful of cereal, burst out laughing, choking as he had a mouthful of food, cereal and milk spraying everywhere, mostly over John’s plate to his older brother’s disgust and anger.

Kate flushed bright red and trembled with humiliation. She was used to tit jokes, such as comments that she could never drown, that the Twin Towers were in New York City, or that she was a young woman with big things in front of her, but didn’t find them funny.

“Breanna that is enough!” snapped Bob. “Apologize to Kate.”

“Kate, I’m sorry you don’t have a sense of humor and were offended so easily,” said Breanna. “What’s the matter, is it your time of the month or something?”

Kate fumed and shifted awkwardly, Breanna picking up on that right away. “It is, isn’t it? You do have your period, don’t you?” She looked at John and Dylan. “Be careful, don’t go pissing off your sister while she’s surfing the crimson tide.”

“Breanna, enough!” yelled Anna. “Apologize properly.”

“Sorry,” sneered Breanna, to which Kate sighed and looked away, like John having completely lost her appetite.

Breanna grabbed another piece of toast and leaned back in her chair, her legs wide open to show her white panties. Dylan again nearly choked as he could see the indentation of his cousin’s vagina in her panty crotch, and hoped he would not have to stand up.

“Breanna, do not sit like that!” snapped Anna, as Bob pushed his hand against his forehead, pondering how much he could take of this girl.

Breanna obeyed her aunt’s direction with a deep sigh, then looked over at where the family pets – two dogs, one black and one brown, and two cats, one with ginger fur and the other black and white – watched the humans, curious about this newcomer. Not wanting to eat the crusts, Breanna held them out to the pets. The cats were not interested, but the less fussy dogs bounded right over, taking them from her hand and devouring them.

“We do not feed the dogs or the cats from the table, Breanna,” said Bob sternly.

Breanna shrugged her shoulders. “So don’t feed the dogs or cats from the table, I don’t give a fuck.”

Bob fumed. “I think that’s breakfast done with.” He addressed Breanna directly. “You, do not ever use that word in this house. Now get upstairs and take a shower before church.”

Breanna got to her feet. “Do you want to come in there with me and supervise me, Uncle Bob? You know, to make sure I’ve washed my vagina properly and rinsed all the soap off my tits and my ass?”

“Breanna, will you shut up and stop it right now?” yelled Anna. “Get upstairs this instant!”

With another huge sigh and a roll of her eyes, Breanna walked upstairs, Dylan discretely positioning himself so he could observe Breanna’s bare feet, shapely legs and white panties up her tee-shirt, all the while thinking about Breanna talking about her vagina at the breakfast table.

John and Kate cleared the breakfast dishes. “I don’t know what we did to deserve this,” said John. “First Madison goes camping with us, then Breanna is sent to live with us for a few weeks.”

Kate shook her head as she put dishwashing detergent into the sink. “We must have done something, maybe in a past life.” She smiled at her brother. “Still, you have something to look forward to. Samantha’s back today.”

“Yeah, that’s the only thing keeping me sane,” said John.

In the upstairs bathroom, Breanna removed her tee-shirt and pulled down her panties, throwing both items of clothing onto the floor. She stepped her nubile figure into the shower and ran the water, washing first her vagina, then between the cheeks of her bare bottom including around her anus and finally gave the rest of her body a quick wash, before stepping out onto the bathmat and drying with a towel which she tossed onto the floor with her panties and shirt. After a quick brush of her teeth, the teenager spilling toothpaste onto the sink and not bothering to clean it up, Breanna exited the bathroom and walked completely naked into Kate’s bedroom.

Kate had just returned from downstairs to get her purse for church, and her mouth dropped open as her cousin stepped into the bedroom in a state of complete nudity. “You didn’t walk down the hallway like that, did you?” Kate asked.

“No, I flew,” said Breanna, as she retrieved another pair of white bikini panties from her bag and pulled them up, adjusting them around her bottom and pussy.

“Mom wouldn’t be happy about that,” said Kate.

“Yeah, well your mom isn’t going to find out, is she?” asked Breanna, as the girl put on and fastened her bra.

Anna had just come upstairs and glanced into the bathroom, sighing when escort bayan she saw her niece’s shirt, panties and towel abandoned on the floor. Anna hung up the towel, and collected Breanna’s sleepwear, noticing the toothpaste at the same time.

The unimpressed Anna walked into Kate’s bedroom, where Breanna had just put on a lemon-colored blouse and a matching short skirt that she and Isabella had stolen from a charity donation bin. The clothes had definitely seen better days, and the skirt was way too short for Breanna.

“Breanna, do not leave your clothes on the floor in the bathroom, and hang up towels after you use them,” said Anna. She looked at the clothes her niece was wearing. “Your clothes really aren’t suitable for church.”

“I’m from a trailer park, we don’t have the money to spend on fancy clothes,” spat Breanna defensively, as she slipped her feet into a pair of sandals that were little more than fancy flip-flops. That Breanna had paid nothing for the said clothes, obtaining them by breaking into the donation bin and ransacking it while Isabella stood watch and costing the charity money in the process did not occur to her.

Anna regarded her niece with an even expression, but let the issue with Breanna’s clothes ride. “You don’t speak to me in that tone. Make sure you are downstairs within five minutes.” Anna turned and left the room.

“Jesus, what is your mother’s fucking problem?” Breanna demanded of Kate. The big-boned brunette said nothing in response, just looked at the ceiling through her glasses. “Not saying anything? Has the cat got your tongue?” Breanna turned to leave and then said to Kate, “You know Kate if you don’t want everyone to know that you’re on your period you shouldn’t leave those lying around.”

Breanna pointed at Kate’s bedside table, where a packet of maxi pads and period pain tablets sat, with Kate having forgotten to put them away earlier, the blonde laughing on her way out as Kate frantically returned them to the drawer.

Outside, Dylan’s limited attention span was fully engaged with the Polish family next door, or to be more precise, 18-year-old daughter Andrea as they got ready for church. Breanna, who desperate for a cigarette lit one up and deeply inhaled smoke into her lungs, pondered to herself what Dylan was doing, hiding behind the back of the van, looking at the neighboring house until Andrea appeared in her line of sight and she knew.

“What a pervert,” Breanna thought of her cousin, but observing the beautiful young blonde for herself, her mouth watered and in her panties her vagina tingled and dampened. She and Isabella could do some amazing things with this young Eastern European beauty, pulling down her panties and Breanna eating out the girl’s pussy while Isabella went down on her ass, then changing positions, Breanna licking Andrea’s anus until she came in their faces.

Taking another deep drag on her cigarette, Breanna pondered what Isabella’s punishment would be. Isabella’s mother Maria was pretty hopeless really and the mother’s boyfriend Carlos was a fucking dickhead, so they would do little if anything. But if Connie, Isabella’s maternal grandmother found out about what happened the previous night, there would be hell to pay. When Isabella’s brother Richie was sent to jail for stealing cars, he and his stupid friends ensuring a guilty verdict by posing for photographs with all the cars they had stolen, Connie had gone through the family like a tornado.

Andrea climbed into the back of her parents’ car, her amazingly tall younger brother beside her, and their parents climbed into the front, her father driving away.

Bob and Anna emerged from the house with John, and everyone got into the van, Breanna feeling one of Kate’s big breasts pressed up against her arm. Dylan sat opposite Breanna facing the back, hoping she would allow her knees to drift open so he could see her panties. Bob reversed out of the driveway, and drove towards town. Breanna noticed many other cars filled with occupants in their Sunday best heading for church, and again cursed her luck at ending up with these boring losers and their stupid church rule. But this could be fun, if Breanna played her cards right.

Driving to a stop sign, Bob pulled the van to a halt behind a waiting car, occupied by three old ladies. The car did not move despite the only approaching vehicle being a long distance away.

“Are they going or what?” Breanna demanded, looking at the car that remained stationary.

“Breanna, that’s Mrs. O’Connor driving. She’s 88-years-old and her reaction times aren’t good,” said Bob. “We just have to be patient.”

“Fuck that, I’ll get them moving,” said Breanna, leaping out of her seat before anybody could stop her, reaching over Bob’s shoulder and pressing down on the horn, while yelling, “Fucking go!” out of the window.

Mrs. O’Connor jumped in shock and in a panic the old lady pressed her foot down hard on the gas. Unfortunately, the approaching car was now very close and had to make an emergency stop, with squealing tires and a blast of the horn, skidding to a halt and missing a collision Kadıköy escort by inches. The fat man driving yelled abuse at both Mrs. O’Connor and at Bob, before accelerating away waving his fist.

“Don’t ever do that again, Breanna!” bellowed Bob, his face red with rage. “Get back in your seat right now!”

“You should have sounded the horn at them, the stupid old bag shouldn’t be on the road,” said Breanna, taking her seat again, debating the issue with her uncle all the way to church. On the road in front of them, the nervous elderly Mrs. O’Connor drove at ten miles per hour, casting black glances at Bob out of her rear view mirror.

Arriving at church, Bob parked the van and everyone was relieved to step out, Bob taking deep breaths. Most parishioners were standing around outside talking, and Bob and Anna went to talk to her parents, who were with some of their friends a short distance away, while Breanna lit up another cigarette.

John walked away from the van, counting down the hours until he saw Samantha again, and hoping that Breanna would run away back to the trailer park where she belonged. The young man was so deep in thought that he jumped when he felt a hand touch him on the back. John spun around and his face filled with delight at the person who stood there; the slim figure of Samantha, pretty as a picture in a green summer dress and white sandals that displayed her feet, the morning sunlight reflecting from her long strawberry blonde hair, her smile and sparkling blue eyes making her even more beautiful.

The young couple threw their arms around each other in a tight embrace and kissed on the lips; a kiss that was sensual enough to excite both of them, but polite and discrete enough for public. “When did you get back?” John asked Samantha. “I thought you weren’t returning until this afternoon.”

“My plane got in early, and I was in time to catch the last bus from Philadelphia,” said Samantha. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“That is a good surprise,” said John. He saw Samantha’s parents, Ted and Patricia Williams standing a short way. Both were aged in their late 40s, Mr. Williams balding with a moustache and Mrs. Williams having graying bobbed hair. John greeted them politely. They were with Samantha’s 18-year-old brother Chris whose dark hair contrasted with the hair color of his older sister. The young man was looking at a notebook he carried with him, along with a packet of crayons. Chris’s autism meant he never spoke, and spent his day drawing rainbows. John and Samantha both embraced again. “So how was Florida and how are your grandparents?”

“Both really good,” said Samantha, as she and John held hands and again kissed. A mischievous smile came over Samantha’s pretty face. “So, did Madison drive everyone crazy on your camping trip? You have to tell me all the details.”

Before John could reply, the loud voice of Breanna carried across the car park. “Hey John, why don’t you and your girlfriend get a room? You’re making everyone uncomfortable making out like that.”

Samantha went rigid and she looked in dismay at Breanna, who sat on the rear bumper of the van, smoking yet another cigarette, legs wide open showing off her undies to anyone who happened to be passing by.

“Breanna, shut up,” came the warning voice of Anna.

“What is Breanna doing here?” Samantha asked in a low voice.

“It’s kind of a long story,” said John. “She got sent to live with us for a few weeks after she got arrested at a rave last night.”

Samantha’s eyes went wide and she shook her head. “Arrested?”

“Yes, for being drunk and throwing up over a cop,” said John. “My Uncle Wyatt and Aunt Rosanne lost patience with her.” Samantha rolled her eyes and shook her head, not really surprised from what she knew of Breanna.

Kate was talking with some friends a short distance away. These were Andrea from next door, her other friends Sonia and Penny, who were African-American and Asian respectively, and her cousin Holly. All of the girls were attending church with their parents and siblings.

Dylan’s interest was squarely on Holly and she and Kate’s friends now. He admired pretty brunette Holly’s slim figure with the big breasts that ran in the family, and lamented that now high school was finished, he would no longer see her and Andrea in their cheerleader uniforms. His eyes also took in the beautiful dark skin of tall African-America Sonia, from her long silky black hair down to her feet, her toes visible in the shoes she wore; and pretty petite Asian Penny, cute as ever with her glasses and her long black hair in a pony-tail.

Missing were two of Kate’s other very pretty friends; red-haired Bridget and Italian-American Katrina, who were working the summer as camp counsellors. However Dylan, close enough to hear what they were talking about, still found plenty to turn him on, when it was discussed that part of the camp was a three day trek with no toilet facilities, so Bridget and Katrina would have to take rolls of toilet paper into the woods and squat when nature called. The mental images of the two girls squatting in the woods holding rolls of toilet paper, displaying their pussies and bare bottoms as they peed and emptied their bowels, their jeans or shorts and their panties around their ankles, were pleasurable indeed to Dylan, and he resolved to use this fantasy next time he was alone to enjoy himself.

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