Trap Site that Trapped Me Ch. 02

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Big Dicks


I ignored Johns questions as I walked out of the closet and across the bedroom. I slowed down to pull on my panties a very beautiful pair, deep pink satin with teal polka dots and teal lace trim.

I bet I could turn some heads if I flashed them around a bit. “John, finish up in that closet and I’ll let Chuck know you were here. I’m stepping out side a moment.”

Late summer in Northeast Ohio is sometimes a miserable time. It can be hot and sticky. Often humidity is very high. This morning was not one of those days. A cool breeze blew and large fluffy clouds held the sun at bay. My dress was not very long and made of soft light cotton. As the wind blew through my yard I felt my dress blow up a little. The cool breeze on my satin panties made my nipples hard as rocks.

I had used the transformation kit from a mysterious web site the day before. The kit known as “The One Night Stand Kit”only gave me this flawless woman’s gorgeous looks for 24 hours. During transformation I feel asleep. After waking up I spent some time playing dress up. This is when I was visited by my landlord John. Things got out of hand and the light flirting turned into passionate sexual pleasure in my walk-in closet. I had only ordered the kit to act upon a secret desire to look like a beautiful woman. It was never supposed to be a sexual experience. It was never to be shared with anyone else.

Now standing out side on my porch with the cool morning’s breeze blowing and my belly full of old man cum I’m trying to understand how it went wrong. Was it me or the kits effect on me? By my calculations I had about five hours to mess with the neighborhood.

This morning my neighbor Ted was outside chopping wood for his fire pit. He didn’t have a shirt on and I was surprised at his build. Across the street Lee was tossing the football with his son Harry who was home from college. The mailman Frank was walking up the front walk. All of these men stopped and stared a moment when I walked out of the house. All of them saw the wind lift my dress and expose my panties and garter belt. This is what I used the kit for. I wanted to feel sexy. I wanted to know what women felt when a man gooned on them.

I walked out to great the mailman.

“Ah…howdy Miss…?” the mailman paused for a name.

“Jasmine honey. The names Jasmine.” I smiled a cute smile and pulled my jet black hair back behind my ear as it was blowing in the wind.

“Got a letter here for Chuck. It needs signed.” He held out a pen and an envelope.

“Sure thing handsome” I said as I grabbed up both the pen and envelope. I signed and handed the pen back. I could feel the other men on the block staring still. The wind was blowing and as my hands were both occupied with the letter I couldn’t hold my dress. I was flashing my panties around.

A terrible idea sprang to my mind. I should give them a show!

Just don’t over do it Jasmine. You don’t want to be fucked by every man in this sleepy little town.

As the mailman handed me the rest of Chucks mail I pretended to stumble into him. This caused him to drop the stack of mail he had prepared for Chuck and his neighbors. The letters and mail scattered on the lawn with the wind.

“Oh dear I’m so sorry” I said slyly.

I then began to pick them up. Bending at the waist not the knee so my dress would flip up every time. Turning in every direction and chasing down letters all the while giggling like a giddy school girl. Prancing here and there made my new tits bounce. I knew everyone was watching. Ted stopped chopping wood to assist in the catching of a few pieces of mail. Lee and Harry made the trip across the street to pitch in too. I was doing my best to show off my body, my long firm legs, and my large firm perky tits. I giggled and bopped about like a bimbo until all the mail was collected.

“Thanks boys for the help. I’m so sorry for causing a scene!” As I said that John exited the house and made a b line for his truck.

“Oh bye John. Thanks for getting me out of the closet!” I waved at him as he left.

Now the men were all introducing them selves to me and laughing about me being trapped in the closet. They made several comments about how Chuck should have been able to “get you out of the closet.” And you being “in” the closet would be a waste of a gorgeous woman. They all eventually went back to their yards to continue the morning. I was feeling so sexy as I was sure everyone of those men had no clue I was Chuck.

The experience of this transformation has been super satisfying. I Started to head back to the house with the mail. As I sorted through bills and junk I found a piece of mail for Ted.

“Hey Ted wait up!” I yelled as trotted off to his yard as best I could in my heels. Ted stopped abruptly and spun around to see what I needed. Like a true bimbo, waving the letter out to him and tits bouncing heavy I plowed right into Ted. Chuck’s mail again landed on the ground and I landed on top of Ted straddling his waist. I could feel vbet him crotch rub on mine. He was packing a large bulge too.

“Oh well hello to you too darlin. Couldn’t get enough of this eye candy? Had to get your hands on some.” Ted laughed as he squirmed out from under my body. on the sly he coped a feel of my breasts and ass.

I was on my hands and knees snatching at Chuck’s mail scattered on the lawn. I was paying no attention to my dress of surroundings when a shadow fell over me. I stopped and looked up at Ted’s beautiful wife Joan.

“Well what do we have here? Looks like Chucks new girl friend is a tramp. Pull your damn dress down and stand up.” she barked at me sharply. “Ted gather this mail up then put your fucking shirt on and go get the stuff on this list from the store.” She handed Ted a list as he handed her Chucks mail.

Glancing at the list Ted said “Yes dear.” His tone was understanding and calm.

With Chuck’s mail in her hand Joan turned around ignoring me and walked to the front door of her house. I was dumbfounded. Just where was she going with Chuck’s mail? What just happened? Did I miss something. Joan stopped at the door and tilted her head up and back in my direction.

“Come in bitch you need a rules lesson!” Her tone was harsh and demanding. I was compelled to follow. I could not help myself. Joan stepped aside and ushered me into the sitting room in Ted’s house.

“Sit down you tramp. I’ll get you a drink.” She gestured to a large parlor chair and walked to the liquor cabinet by the bar. She returned with a couple of drinks. “Her you go. I suggest you drink this.”

“Yes ma’am.” Obediently I drank. ” I wasn’t trying to do anything…” I started to explain.

“Shut your trashy mouth.” she spoke soft and direct. Adding “Please?” as an after thought. “Look at you. Sitting there dressed to the nines. Makeup perfect. Hard bodied. Gorgeous. Young. What maybe 25? Don’t speak!” she snapped as I opened my mouth. “Your age is not the point. My point is what the fuck are you doing on top of my Ted in the yard and prancing around like a bimbo for the whole neighborhood to see? Has no one ever taught you how to handle yourself?” She stopped and looked. Joan peered at me as she sat and crossed her long slender legs. “Well…? Speak now.”

“O…ok. No no one has I guess. I’ve never been around a woman as beautiful and commanding as you.” That wasn’t even a lie.

I had always admired Joan. A woman of about 40, she was in amazing shape. Her legs went on for days. She had a well built woman’s body. Hourglass frame and silky long blonde hair. She was well spoken and alway dressed like a fashion model. I don’t think she has a wrinkle on her entire face.

“Flattery. That’s cute. Now tell me why I shouldn’t snatch you up by your hair bend you over my knee and correct your behavior.” Then she downed her drink. “You are sitting there now with you legs spread and your fucking twat showing. How do you plan to use your looks to control Chuck while you act like a dumb, no manners, thieving Bimbo!” She threw out that last word like it was a dagger.

I closed my legs. I had been staring at Joan so hard I didn’t even know they had drifted apart. ” I don’t know what to say. I know what it looked like out there. I meant nothing by it. I was just messing around.” I tried to make it seem as innocent as possible.

Wait, Jasmine she said thieving ask her what she meant. You didn’t steal anything. Stop being such a weakling. Why are you acting like a whipped pup?

Shut up your not even here. You’re literally on hold right now Chuck. She demands respect.

“Ma’am?” I obediently waited for her to respond.

“Yes girl?” She asked back.

Oh my god Jasmine. I don’t believe it. You like her. Your little tiny clit is getting hard. Haha you wont be able to do a damn thing even if she lets you. You shrank your cock so small loser!

Shut the fuck up. You’re making it hard to concentrate. Go back to your hole Chuck!

“You…you called me a thief?” I asked her confused.

“Well you are and I will prove it. Follow me.” She stood and walked out of the room. I quickly followed. She lead me up to a bedroom. She pointed to a chair near the vanity. “Sit girl.”

I sat knees together tucking my dress under my thighs.

What the fuck? You whelp. She owns you now?

Fuck off Chuck you’re not here.

As I sat she said “Let me tell you what I know. The panties you’re wearing are hand made and from France. They are from a matched set. Wipe that look of confusion away bimbo. Here. I’ll show you.” Joan then (in what looked like a very practice manner) flung off her top. Her breasts lifted up and bounced back into a firm beautiful rack. A rack held in place by a very cute deep pink satin with teal polka dot and teal lace trimmed bra.

Oh my god Jasmine. I did steal those panties from here.

I’m going to kill you Chuck. That is, if she doesn’t kill us first.

“Well? What do you have to say now? You vbet giriş thieving tart. Do you fucking understand why I know you’re a thief yet?” She was standing in front of me hands on hips with her perfect tits heaving.

“When my worthless fucking husband took me to Maine last month Chuck watched the house and fed the cat. You must have come with him and while he was busy you stole those fucking panties you’re wearing. Well now I have to pair this cute fucking bra with these terrible knock off panties!” I din’t even see her hands move just a snap of her hips and her skirt fell to the floor.

I looked down at her heels out of respect. Joan it seemed was growing a bit maddened by Chucks theft. Chuck stole them and I am left here to take the brunt of her anger.

“No do not look away girl.” She grabbed my chin and forced me to look at her. “Look!!” she shoved her ass out and forced my chin around so I had to look. She had on an identical pair of panties except they were older and faded and made of microfiber.

Her hand dug at my chin. It hurt. Then tears welled up in my eyes a single tear fell on her hand.

Jasmine! Why are you crying you fucking loser? Man up.

Shut the fuck up Chuck you have no idea. You made me not manly.

“I’m sorry please don’t be angry. I will do anything please.” Then I wept.

She smacked my face. Crack! She pulled her panties off with one hand stepping out of them while standing in front of me. “Take off my panties you thieving cunt!” She was standing there with the old pair in her hand.

“Please, just let me do it in the bathroom there.” Tears streamed down my face.

“Fucking take of those mother fucking panties. Right fucking now!” she raised her hand to strike me. I quickly pulled them off. Trying to keep my dress down over my tiny dick and balls, but failing. Joan broke out in humiliating laughter.

“Oh my god your a sissy?” I handed her the panties I had been wearing. She took them “These are dripping girl. Is someone excited? Let me see.” She grabbed the hem of my dress and yanked it off over my head. My tits popped out of my bra. Joan yanked that off next, leaving me tits out in garter belt, stockings, and heels.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” I was exposed my tiny clitty was hard as stone. My shrunken balls had swollen some with admiration of this woman. I folded my hands over my tiny clitty and swollen balls.

She now stood straddling my lap. The smell of her pussy was amazing. “My husband has not touched me in years girl. I had been faithful to that mother fucker for those years. He wanted kids but we couldn’t make it work. I had been satisfying myself for a longtime.” she stoked my body as she spoke.

“Then I discovered I liked being in charge. I began with my loser husband and now I dominate half this fucking loser town..” She reached over my shoulders and fumbled in the drawer of the vanity. Shoving her tits in my face. She produces a pink jeweled metal butt plug. She put it in her mouth then knelt down and shoved it up my ass in one push making me yelp.

Joan then turned around and pushed her ass on my face. “Lick girl!” I began to lick her glistening pussy while she bent forward and stroked my tiny clitty. I reach out and undid her bra letting her perfect tits flop and started squeezing and pinching her nipples. “Good girl. Oh god yes you slut eat my fucking pussy.”

I licked her clit and began fingering her pussy. She turned around and shoved her clit on my mouth. I had worked two fingers in her dripping pussy. “More bitch use more!” She had a hold of my head by my hair and was rubbing her clit on my face as I worked a third and fourth slender finger in her pussy. She began to fumble in the vanity drawer again. “Lick my ass bitch!” She found the item she was looking for but I couldn’t see it while iI was eating her ass. “Give me the plug.”

I pulled the plug out of my ass and pressed it into her hand. Joan took the plug and shoved it up her own ass. She moaned out then knelt in front of me holding a large dildo with a suction cup bottom.

“Stand!” she demanded.

Thant can’t go in my ass Jasmine! It will destroy it.

I stood.

No that thing is too big! This is not fun any more fucking stop Jasmine!

“No Chuck you fucking stop!” I said this out loud. it must have seemed like confusion to Joan.

“No I’m not your lover Chuck baby girl. It’s Madam Joan” She slapped my face. “Now are you stopping, little girl?” She had spite on the large dildo and was making it slick. “Do you desire to be used?”

“No Madam Joan, I do want you to use me.”

She stuck the suction cup to the chair surface and guided me down on it. She worked it in slowly to open my asshole up. After a few tries the head was in. She pulled it out spit on her hand and rubbed my asshole. Then she slid the head back into my dripping hole. She stood up and gently guided the full eight inches of wide dildo up my aching asshole. My ass was full vbettr and the feeling was amazing.

“Do not move!” she demanded.

From the vanity she produced a blindfold and placed it over my eyes. Then she bound my ankles to the chair with something. I think maybe stockings The knot did not hurt when pulled tight. Then I herd the distinct sound of metal handcuffs. I winched.

“Chuck ever use his cuffs on you? Does that scare you? You little slut you need punished!” She had bound my wrists in the cuffs under the seat of the chair. So, she must have used more than one pair. I was held tight to the chair. I had an over sized dildo shoved up my ass and was blindfolded.

She stood over me straddling my lap rubbing her pussy over my mouth but it seemed half absent minded. Then I understood why, as I heard her cellphone ringing in to someone, the way you can when the call volume is high. I think another woman answered.

“Come here now I have something for you.” Then she grabbed my head with both hands and shoved it in here crotch.

She lowered her self down to sit in my lap leaning forward she kissed me. It was long and deep with tongue. When she did this it rubbed her wet pussy on my tiny cock. Her weight was nothing. It was just enough to force my hips to rock some. This worked the huge dildo in my ass.

“I will ride you until your balls burst. You sissy bitch.” With that she began to grind hard on my clit. The rocking motion forced my hips to rock and worked hard on my ass with the oversized dildo the was shoved up it.

I groaned out in pleasure.

Crack! She smacked my face. “Silence!”

That did hurt but her power made me tremble. I couldn’t take it anymore. My tiny swollen balls and hard clitty burst a load of cum over her pussy. At the same time Madam Joan shuttered to orgasm.

A few moments passed as she sat in my lap with my cum oozing onto her pussy. She pulled off the blindfold and kissed me with carnal passion. Then the knob of the door turned and opened.

“Madam Joan!” called a familiar voice that died out as a woman entered the room.

“I’m here sweet. Come and help clean this mess up.” Joan had adopted a sing song voice. The girl strode directly in front of me and knelt. Joan presented her cum covered pussy to Chuck’s ex-wife. She lapped the cum out of Joan’s dripping pussy. Then the two of them chatted casually while Joan dressed. “This is your Chuck’s new toy.”

“Are you serious? What a faggot Chuck is, that explains why he couldn’t get it up for me!” Nicole laughed. “He always lingered in the panty aisle and once in a while mine came up missing too. He probably was giving them to this sissy whore all along.”

Do not fucking speak Jasmine! Nicole can not know any more than she does.

Chuck, I agree.

After a few minutes Madam Joan undid the ankle bonds. Then the cuffs. She took me by the elbow and stood me up. With a kind of sloshy sound the large dildo flopped out of my wet asshole. My asshole ached and contracted as best it could. Gapping and dripping I stood naked in front of Chuck’s ex.

“Well you destroyed her ass hole for Chuck.” Snickered Nicole. “His dick is nowhere near that dildo’s size.” The two shared a laugh.

Now Madam Joan was removing my heels and stockings. She refastened the hand cuffs behind my back. Now I was standing in just my garter belt.

“Look at her though she really is gorgeous.” said Nicole. “I don’t blame Chuck. Hell I’d die to look like her. What do you think the secret is Madam?” she questioned.

“Take the whore thief back to Chuck’s place. I don’t give a damn about her secrets. Take her out the front door too. I don’t care who sees her. She needs to learn not to piss up my tree.” Joan commanded Nicole.

“Yes Madam Joan.”

Nicole took me by the arm and lead me down the stairs and out the front door. Handcuffed behind my back naked and damp from the drying cum on my tiny dick and balls. She lead me to the kitchen in Chuck’s house and then released the cuffs.

“Listen slut. Please tell Chuck I know his little faggot secret now.” she spoke calmly. “You tell him I would have done anything with him even this, if he had been honest.” she was not mad. “How is it he found a boy as hot and beautiful as you anyway?” she continued without waiting for an answer. “You look tailor made to be honest.” she spoke with admiration. “I have to know did he find you before or after I left?”

“A… After.” I answered softly.

“Well good.” she smiled as she spoke. “Lets keep my involvement at Madam Joan’s place a secret. Ok?” she leaned forward and kissed me. I could taste my own cum on her breath. “Girl to girl, ok?”

“Sure girl to girl.” I answered.

When Nicole left I all but ran to the shower. I had to clean off this transformation kit. What started as a harmless desire to see myself as a woman has lead to dark places. I seduced the landlord into fucking me. I was caught and forced to satisfy my neighbor. It turns out that neighbor is a Madam or sorts. She claimed to have power over most of the town. A claim she proved by summoning my ex-wife in an instant to escort me naked and ashamed home. My ex-wife is cool with the whole situation and wants to keep secrets with me about all of this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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