Trophy – The Preys Story

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The Beginning.

I don’t remember much of how I originally got myself into my current situation; it all seems so long ago and far away. All I’m really sure of is I was an IT geek working at a client site for a few months, I was staying at the local Marriot full time and only traveled home once every two weeks.

It was a pretty miserable existence, people weren’t particularly friendly on this job, and I was lonely.

When Friday nights came along, I walked down the road and stopped at the local TGIFs for a bite to eat and a few beers, expenses wouldn’t cover any bill with alcohol on it, so this was my one guilty out of pocket pleasure each week.

I’d sit listening to other people having fun, pretending to read a book on my Ipad, it didn’t really help very much and after a couple of disappointing hours, I’d walk back to the hotel. It wasn’t much fun, but it broke the routine monotony until one night a van pulled up beside me and my world went black.

When I woke, I immediately noticed four things, I was naked, I was cuffed hand and foot facing a bare wall, I was cold, and I had a dreadful headache.

“So you’re awake,” a harsh voice behind me said.

“What the fuck!” I shouted.

“You’ll learn,” the voice said and my world went black again.

I woke, in the exactly the same position and feeling exactly the same as I had before, except my headache was worse.

I craned my neck to the right, a long cream, windowless wall, at the end a gray steel door, nothing else, no furniture, no paintings, just a bare wall.

I turned my neck to the left, the scene was almost repeated, except there he was, sitting on a chair watching me, stun gun in hand. He stood up, he was about six foot two tall and weighed around two hundred pounds, he was expensively dressed, manicured, short dark hair, and fair skin. He looked like a Wall Street executive or at least a generic model for one except for his smile, that was fearfully unsettling.

“Get me the fuck down you fuck,” I screamed at him.

I felt the stun gun touch my naked ass and my world went dark again.

I gradually found myself coming back to consciousness, he must have seen me tremble because my head was so heavy I couldn’t move it to look for him.

“Not yet sweetheart,” he said from behind me, again I felt the cold metal prongs push into my ass, and my world went dark.

Water from a hose brought me back to life, I could feel the goosebumps form on my skin from the cold, and my entire body trembled uncontrollably.

“If you are quiet while I explain the situation, I’ll let you stay awake, otherwise it’s the stun gun again, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I managed to stammer between chattering teeth.

“Yes, Master,” he responded.

I hesitated and he moved the stun gun moved towards me again, “Yes, Master,” I hurriedly repeated.

He responded with a low chuckle that was even scarier than his smile, “The cold is a lesson for you, I control you now, when you are awake, when you are asleep, when you are cold, when you are warm, I, and only I make the decisions, do you understand?”

“No, what’s going on?”

“No, Master,” he waited for my repetition before he continued.

“It’s pretty simple sweetheart, you’re mine now, I captured you during a hunt, you’re my prize, my trophy.

“You will submit to me, fully, you will be trained to bring pleasure to others, and then you will sold as a premium sex slave to the highest bidder, the process takes about a year.

“Your old life is done, it would be better for you to forget about it now, and to concentrate on pleasing me. If you impress me enough, I may add you to my Harem, but that is unlikely.”

This dude was crazy, way out there, “You’re nuts,” I told him, “shit like this doesn’t happen in twenty seventeen.”

“And yet here you are, naked, and chained to my dungeon wall.”

“I can think of a few problems,” I spat an angry answer at him, “First the Cops, my company will notice I’m missing, my friends will too, they’ll file a missing persons report, I’ll be looked for.”

His laugh interrupted me.

“I told you I’ve been hunting you for a few months now, I have quite a detailed profile on you, orphan, no real friends except in the online gaming community, working for a mercenary company who only care about billable hours.

“You’re checked out of your hotel, you’re apartment has been cleaned out too, your passport was used this evening on a flight which ends in Buenos Aries, Argentina, you’ve gone walkabout.”

He smiled at me again, he was really scaring me with this crazy shit, but fuck it, he sounded like he was being honest, this really was happening to me.

“You assume you are still in the same town, the same country, but you have no idea how long you’ve been unconscious.”

“Even if we were still in Binghamton, New York, do you think we wouldn’t have paid the cops off? Sex Slavery is a very profitable vbet business, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the price you raise when you stand on the auction block.”

He sat back in his chair, lifted a crystal whiskey glass from the table beside it and took a long drink. I noticed that my mouth was extremely dry as he continued his speech.

“Your office will file a missing persons report, the local cops will check your hotel, the Albany cops will check your apartment, they’ll find nothing unusual. Eventually, your file will end up with an FBI supervisor, sadly for you, he is part of our little club, it will sit and gather dust for a year or so until finally it’s put in an A-Four Box, and then put into cold case cold storage.

“Forget any idea of the cops rescuing you, you’re not important enough for them to take any real notice of your disappearance or expend any real effort. You’ve gone traveling is an easy enough answer for them to accept, and move on with their lives.

“You’re not the first to come into this room, you won’t be the last, there is no escape, you may as well accept your new role in life,” he stood and moved behind me while he spoke.

I turned my neck, “You’re a certified lunatic, there’s no such thing as a market for sex slaves, and as for the Harem thing, in case you haven’t noticed I’m a man.”

“Are you?” He asked me. His hand lightly touched my ass and I trembled, “Nice reaction, very girly.”

I felt the prongs of the stun gun push deep into the flesh of my ass, “Why don’t you have a nap and see if you can work it out internally before we progress,” then I passed out again.

I woke on the floor in the center of the room with my ankles bound to leg bars keeping my feet about shoulder width apart, my hands were in front of me in standard-issue Police Handcuffs.

He offered me four Excedrin and a glass of coke for my headache, I knew accepting anything from him was a bad idea, it would be willingly opening the door to his dominance games, but my headache was so severe that my eyes were seeing a world tinged with shades of blue.

As I wolfed down the coke, slightly reliving my thirst and waited for the pills to do the same for my headache, he held a metal bar in front of me, “This is a stun stick, it can cause you a great deal of pain, but you won’t pass out as you do with the gun.” He lightly brushed it against the top of my thigh, and my body exploded in a sea of pain.

“That was a demonstration, on low power,” he said, “Stand.”

I struggled to raise myself from the floor, but eventually, I stood in from of him, my handcuffed hands trying desperately to cover my cock.

“Keep your hands clasped above waist level,” he told me. I hesitated, then as I saw the stun stick twitch in his hand and quickly raised them.

“Good, sluts have no room for modesty,” he said as he pointed to a shower stall in the corner, “move.”

The ankle restraint was hinged, and so I could move my feet a little, maybe twelve inches, not very much, and I struggled as I slowly made my way over.

“Stand still,” he commanded. I felt him behind me as he unlocked first my right, then my left leg. I consider trying to kick him, but the fear of another stunning stopped me. He moved in front of me and undid the handcuffs.

“I don’t think we’ll need these again, unless we’re playing games of course.” He put the restraints on a table, and then turned the shower on, “In.”

I stood under the warm water and he handed me a bottle of Keratin shampoo and conditioner, “This is very expensive, imported from Japan, only the most refined girls of good taste would know about it.”

He was leering at me as I cleaned. “Have you worked everything out yet?”

Even under the warmth of the water, I could feel my body tremble. I washed my hair twice, then he handed me a razor.

“Everything,” he commanded, “arms, chest, legs, cock, balls, ass, below the neck you will only ever grow hair with my permission, you will shave your body every day, I demand complete smoothness from my girls.”

‘Girls’ this guy was a sicko.

I began to shave, he inspected me and had me bend over, I could see the pleasure he took in removing the few stray hairs I had missed on my ass.

He turned the water off and I exited the shower, “Bed,” he said.

“I’m not dry,” I responded, the shock stick hit me on the thigh and quickly I scrambled over and onto the bed.

“Your opinions do not matter, when I give an order you obey, immediately, do you understand?”

I could feel tears begin to well in my eyes, what the fuck was going on, why was this happening to me. “Yes.”

“Yes, Master,” he corrected me again.

I kept my eyes on the shock stick, “Yes, Master.”


He turned his back to me, put the shock stick on the table, and then moved to the other side of the room to undress. If I could reach the shock stick, I might be able to fight my way vbet giriş out of this predicament, but I could feel my legs tremble, I didn’t know if I had the strength and I was already fearful of him, If this was a test and I failed it, he’d shock me into next week.

“Let me explain the situation to you a little more,” he was just as naked as I was now, and he had a far better body, more muscular like he worked out all the time, it was lightly tanned below the neckline.

I noticed his cock was showing signs of life, it wasn’t standing fully erect yet, but it wasn’t flaccid either. He noticed me noticing and his grin grew wider, he was enjoying this, “I am an expert in behavioral modification, I use a variety of methods, drugs, hypnosis, subliminal messaging, pain, pleasure, punishment, reward, to achieve my goals.

“Your definition of what a punishment is, and what reward is, will change as you adapt to and accept your new circumstances.

“Rebellion in the first weeks is expected, but won’t be tolerated. You will grow intimately familiar with the pain I can bring using that shock stick. I’m something of an expert in human physiology too, and you are going to hurt in places where you did not know could hurt.”

He really was enjoying himself, as he spoke his cock had become fully erect, his hardon wasn’t much longer than mine, around seven inches I’d guess, but it looked fatter, wider, somehow much bigger.

“It’s inevitable, I’ve done this many times before, we have a very accurate profile of you, we know what you truly are, although you refuse to admit it just now, because of that your punishment will be frequent at first, you should consider lack of punishment a reward given the circumstances.”

This guy was mental, I had no idea what he was talking about, what I was hearing was the psychobabble of a deranged mind, it made no sense. I couldn’t see an escape route yet so I decided to bide my time, I’d play along with this madman, for now, trying to remain as unshocked as possible so I could capitalize on my first escape opening.

A few minutes later he joined me on the bed equally naked except for an IWatch. He choose the stopwatch function, then grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, “You know what to do.”

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I had no choice, I let my hand gradually move up and down his cock, on the first stoke, he set the stopwatch timer moving and the seconds started to roll off.

“Always maintain eye contact with your Master.”

I looked into his eyes, they were pale blue, not cold but merciless, the color reminded me of the hot springs I’d seen in Iceland, little areas of warm liquid in a frozen wasteland.

“Smile, this should give you as much pleasure as you are giving.”

The shock stick lightly brushed me, “Smile I said, not grimace.”

I forced a pleasant smile to my face and looked into his eyes, as my hands continued to move rapidly up and down the length of his erect cock, he smiled back at me.

A buzzer went off. “You have been manually pleasuring me for almost fifteen minutes now, it doesn’t seem that long does it?”

Was this prick kidding, it felt like a lifetime, the only thing I was thankful for, was my own cock had stayed mostly flaccid during the process, even when his fingers had lightly touched it once or twice, god knows what this madman would have done if I had matched erections with his and seemed to be genuinely enjoying my humiliation.

“I will come now, keep my cock pointed to the center of my body, my spunk will land on my chest, you will then lick it off, do you understand.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, my hand was moving fast along the length of his shaft and I felt his cock tremble as a long thick stream of white spunk shot out from it to land on his hairless chest.

He grabbed my hair pushing my head down, I had no choice, I let my tongue reach out and gradually wiped every ounce of spunk from his muscular body. It didn’t taste that bad, a little salty perhaps, caviar tasted worse.

“I noticed you did not harden for me, that is not an acceptable reaction to your Master.”

“I’m not gay,” I protested.

He looked at me, eyes full of disdain, after a few seconds he continued, “Very well, I think I have just the lesson to teach you to properly appreciate my attention.”

He led me over to the wall and quickly restrained me again, then he went across the room and rummaged through a drawer in his desk, he approached me with a strange device in his hands and stood in front of me grinning evilly.

Before that day I didn’t know that you could put a man in chastity, within seconds my cock was locked into a hard clear plastic shell. He explained that I could still urinate, but that I wouldn’t be able to get an erection never mind have an orgasm while locked into the chastity belt.

It would be removed only when he was convinced that my attitude had improved enough that I deserved such pleasures. vbettr The amount of time that took was entirely up to me, but he didn’t care if I never had another hardon again.

He left me chained loosely to the wall with a brusque, “Your real instruction begins tomorrow.”

I slumped to my knees as the grey door closed behind him and fatigue lulled me off to sleep.

I went through the same routine for days. Stunned or sometimes drugged into unconscious submission, then woken, showered, instructed, finally ending each session with me playing with his hard cock and licking the cum from his body, before being chained back to the wall.

After the drugged up nights, I’d wake with a strange sensation that someone had been watching me, creeping through my mind, altering my dreams. I began to question if I was I losing my mind and it freaked me out.

After each session, he gave me an appraisal, what I had done well, what I had done poorly, what I needed to improve on, he would write notes on his Ipad as he spoke to me, then print it, and have me insert each note into a ring binder with the single word, ‘Education’ printed on the front of it.

That ring binder was my only worldly possession now, always naked, I didn’t even own a pair of boxer shorts.

The drugs and that terrible shock stick taught me to take his recommendations seriously, and I found myself against my will concentrating on learning the best ways to bring another man to orgasm, clean his body with my tongue, speak to him in a way that added to his pleasure, smile at him with my eyes.

It was towards the end of the first week that he approached me with a large book in his hands, until that time he had only ever addressed me as ‘Slut’. ‘The Big Book of Girls Names’ suggested that was about to change.

“You have one hour, pick three names, I will decide which will be yours going forward.”

Well, anything had to be better than being continually addressed as ‘Slut’, if I had a name, he might see me as a person rather than just a sex object, reluctantly I picked Jennifer, Erin, and Fiona, he chose Erin.

The Beginning of the Middle.

My notebook now had the name ‘Erin’ added to it in gold glitter, he also started to give me magazines, ‘Girls Life’, ‘Teen Vogue’, ‘Seventeen’, he promised me the adult versions of the magazines as a reward as I matured. I didn’t miss the message behind that particular game.

He also gave me darker reading material, ‘My Masters Slut’, was a set of short stories on the joy of submission, sexual positions, and techniques, the experience of being sold, becoming used to a new Master. Interestingly it had no pictures just line drawings, when I asked him about that he told me to be patient.

My appraisals were how I kept track of the passage of time, my first night was labeled simply ‘Induction’ after that ‘Day 1 – Morning Session’, ‘Day 1 – Afternoon Session’, and ‘Day 1 Evening Session’.

Stuck in his featureless dungeon, drugged more half the time, I didn’t really know if any of it was true, he could be giving me one session or nine sessions a day, but I decided for the sake of my sanity that I needed three pieces of paper to measure the passage of a single day.

By the end of my first subjective week, my grades had increased from a C-minus to a B-plus, and he promised me a reward if I managed to get three A-plus grades in a row.

I was hoping it was the removal of my chastity belt, for the past days I had felt my cock painfully strain as it failed to get hard while I lay on the bed and worked his cock. The idea that he was making me hard should have been worrying, but my cock hurt each time he used me, and my balls were full of agony. He laughed at me when I pleaded to be allowed to play with myself, and told me he didn’t think I was a good beggar yet.

I hated myself, but my choices were to spend my days at his feet squirming in pain as he touched every inch of my body with the shock stick, as had happened often in the first days, or learn what he taught me and use it to please him.

I didn’t have much time for thinking, the first days I’d spent all that I had looking for weakness in his security, for an escape route, it wasn’t long until I found myself thinking of the feel of his cock in my hand more than anything else during my free time, his conditioning was working, I was becoming resigned to my situation, the only thing which had escaped were my thoughts of escape. I hated myself.

It was the evening of my ninth day in captivity, I had just finished luxuriously licking the come from his body, and was lying panting beside him as he typed my review into the Ipad. He had moaned with real pleasure during the morning and afternoon sessions, and his body physically shook as he exploded in orgasm. Tonight, I was sure I had earned at least another A, as I had in the two prior sessions.

He touched his phone, and a panel slid from the wall, it exposed a computer keyboard and monitor, he sat beside it, unlocked the system and pulled up a website, he logged on, did some things then stood and pointed to the chair, “Come.”

I looked at the URL he had typed into the window as I sat down

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