Turned Out by Big Scott Ch. 06

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by Keith Hernandez

On the ride home I was in a cock-fog. My jaw ached and the sharp taste of Scott’s jizz was fresh in my mouth. I had just been humiliated in the mall and forced to give head, but I found myself confused by my feelings. I looked at Scott’s big hands on the steering wheel and something like lust suddenly welled up inside me. I found myself wanting to touch his hands, to kiss them, to lick them, to suck on his thick manly fingers.

I tried to shake myself out of it, but the feeling of hating Scott and having a crush on him at the same time, were tumbling around in my gut. Scott started to talk, and my eyes wandered from his hands to his muscular thighs.

“The thing I like about you is that you don’t want it,” Scott said. “I can fuck chicks anytime I want. Not a challenge. And queers? Please. They are even easier to get.”

I was distracted and just nodded. I felt the bizarre desire to lay my head in his lap, to just rest my head on his thigh, letting my head touch his crotch.

His crotch…I blushed with shame thinking about what was packed into his jeans. I felt my dick stir. I hadn’t cum in a long time.

“But you…you are so…so reluctant. Every time. And I still get it off of you,” he said, looking at me with a smug grin. “I know you’re at least half straight. You got that pretty fiancee Gina…and you still suck my cock. You still respect the big cock. You still have to give it up to a real man. I gotta tell ya it’s a real ego boost.”

He was right. Hearing Gina’s name hurt but it snapped me out of it a little bit as we turned down my street.

The Bath

Scott pulled into my drive and waltzed into my house with me trailing behind. He kicked off his shoes and made himself at home like he owned the place. I suppose it was only natural since he was always the dominant one in the relationship. He was always in charge. As if to drive that last point home, he told me to go take a bath and do some “maintenance.”

I knew what that meant—he wanted me to shave myself baby-ass smooth and prep my rectum for the ass-fucking that was sure to come sooner or later. As much as I hated enemas and being pube-less, a bath did sound pretty good, and I would enjoy a chance to relax. I started to shave, starting with my armpits, chest, and arms. I always went from top to bottom. I was finishing up my privates when Scott walked in. I sank back into the water quickly but he stopped me.

“No keep going—I mean it.” He had a dead-serious look but I was embarrassed to have to keep shaving right in front of him.

He pulled out his cock, bulbous and thick even when soft, and started to pee. The sound of him pissing was completely different than me. He sounded like a race-horse, his stream pounding the water loud and long compared to my little tinkle-stream. To add to my shame, I had to stand up and put one of my legs up and spread in order to get my taint. Scott turned and watched as I bent over awkwardly in front of him and shaved my crack and around my butthole.

“Don’t miss anything. I don’t want a single hair on that pussy, you hear?”

“Yes.” I said meekly, going around my anus a second time and then carefully feeling myself to make sure I was 100% clean.

“Spread it wide,” Scott said. “I wanna see how you did back there.” Deeply ashamed, I still did as he said, putting my head down and bending over for him, turning my ass towards Scott as he towered over me. Reluctantly, I reached back and spread my meaty cheeks.

“Nice…your ass is amazing. Don’t ever stop with the squats bro…looks squeaky clean. Good enough to eat.”

“Ha ha,” I said, dreading the mere thought of Scott eating me out. “Get out of here and let me finish in peace please.” I sank beneath the water and looked up at him without a hint of assertiveness.

“All right all right, don’t forget those legs now, you hear?”

I shaved my legs, used the loofa on my body, rubbed oil on my skin, and was reclining in the warm water when Scott burst in, holding a handful of my clothes.

“What the fuck is this?” Scott barked, his brow furrowed in anger. My mouth fell open but no words came out. “I said jockstraps only. Straps only!” He shook his fist until my shirt and sweatpants fell to the floor, leaving only my boxer-briefs.

“I guess it’s lesson-teaching time then,” he said, reaching into the tub and pulling me up and out, sloshing water onto the floor. I had not followed his instructions about only wearing a jock. I was about to regret it, as he planted himself on the toilet and spread his legs, pulling me roughly over his lap and twisting my arm behind my back.

I was dripping all over the floor and my wet ass was upturned and completely vulnerable.

“I forgot! Wait! I just forgot!” I lied, trying to save myself as my toes slipped helplessly on the tile. Scott was so much bigger and stronger than me that I was completely in his control. With one powerful arm he held me in place. I was still trying to talk my way out of it when the first blow istanbul travesti fell on my wet cheek.


It felt like he struck my ass with all his strength—I cried out as my head jerked up, the first of many shrieks which would escape my lips.


He began to spank me like a little bitch, swatting me with his big heavy hand. The wetness of my ass seemed to make it more painful, and my nakedness made it all the more emasculating. The sound of his wet ass-slapping and my howls of pain and protest filled the bathroom.


“Oh! Ah! Pleeease stop! Stop! Ah! I won’t do it aga—ow! No more! Oh! Ahhh!” I begged him to stop but he ignored it and continued to punish me.


“I bet you listen now,” Scott said under his breath as he disciplined me. “Gotta teach you…this is my ass and don’t forget it.”

After nine or ten blows he paused and rubbed my butt tenderly. “When I tell you to do something, you do it,” he said calmly, running his hand up and down my cheeks and the back of my thighs.

I was fighting back tears and my voice cracked but I agreed with him as hard as I could.

“Yes! Yes! Please…I won’t anymore. Just jockstraps please I’m sorry…please don’t spank me anymore.” I was looking at him and pleading even though my head was down by the floor and he was using his big thigh to lift my ass up into perfect spanking position.

I could feel that he was starting to chub up and that made me nervous. If he was enjoying this…that wasn’t going to be good for my sore red bottom.

“You know how they say ‘This hurts me more than it hurts you’ and all that?” he said.

“Yes,” I said, taking a deep breath, becoming painfully aware of my soft cock and balls squished against his leg.

“Not true…I kinda like showing you who’s boss,” he said, leaning down closer to my face and squeezing my butt hard.

He then continued to spank me…not quite as hard, and he was pausing after each blow to enjoy my full cheeks, squeezing and rubbing each of them as his cock continued to swell. He let go of my arm and ordered me to stretch out, which I did, holding onto the handles of the bathroom vanity drawers. At this point I was going to do whatever he said.

As he caressed my flesh I spread my legs wider and softly apologized, promising to not disobey again.

“Sir I will only wear jockstraps, you have my word…you can count on that!”

I was gritting my teeth and trying to stroke his ego, taking the wet-ass spanking like a man now, only little groans creeping out as he paddled me. Finally he stood and bent me over the vanity and finished with several really hard swats. I couldn’t keep it in when he really let me have it, and bent over like I was, I couldn’t help but squeal in pain. I think he saved his hardest smacks for the end, taking out his frustration on me and making me cry out with every blow.

“OW! Oh God sir I’m sorry ple—OW! Ahhh shit please—OH! OH!”

Finally Scott tired of spanking me, or just decided I had enough discipline for one night. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and put his massive arms around my torso. I trembled as he hugged me and I could feel his penis against the small of my back, even half-hard it’s size was considerable. My butt cheeks were burning to the point of almost going numb.

“Finish up and come to bed…don’t put on anything. Daddy wants you naked.”

“Yes sir,” I said, meaning it with absolute sincerity. Pissing off Scott was not worth it. I had learned my lesson.

Pussy Eating

When I went into the bedroom Scott was pulling off his wet shirt, his sexy chest and abs forcing me to avert my eyes as I crawled onto the bed, careful not to let my tender ass cheeks touch anything. I lost my will power and stared over at him, soaking in his manly form as he pulled off his wet pants. Unlike me, Scott had hair in all the right places, and a ripped “V” pointing at his thick dangling meat, which hung well down his thigh.

He turned and picked up my cellphone, looking at it for a few moments while I drank in his tan line and his powerful buttocks, round like two flesh-covered bowling balls, gleaming white next to the rest of his tanned body. His physique never failed to awe me.

He stood next to the bed and ran his hands over my legs, my face eye-level with his genitals. I looked up at him and felt my mouth watering, but Scott didn’t push his dick into my mouth as I expected. Instead he disappeared for a second and returned with a bottle of Aloe.

“Butt up,” he said, lifting my waist. I got on all fours and Scott began to gently rub the cool gel on my backside.

It stung for a second and then felt amazing. Soon he was spreading the cream all over my rear end as he sat on the side of the bed. I sighed and let myself enjoy the attention, arching my back for him. As he rubbed my freshly spanked ass, Scott’s fingers brushed my smooth balls, and the next thing I knew, he took my nuts into his big hand and pulled istanbul travestileri lightly on them, causing goose-bumps to break out from head to toe. Scott had never touched me like that before.

He then shifted on the bed and sat between my legs, pushing my head down and forcing my bottom to spread open in an obscene display of my sex. And then with barely a sound, Scott pressed his tongue against my ass and licked it, the rough sandpaper texture sending an electric jolt through my body.

“Oh Ohhhhhhhhh!”

A surge of pleasure, surprise, and horror crackled up my spine and exploded in my brain, causing me to bury my head in the pillow and grip the sheets as Scott began to eat my ass with gusto. He would start with the back of his tongue and lick as hard as he could, searing my anus with each exquisite stroke, while his stubble tickled my ass crack. My cock became rock-hard in an instant and my balls tightened underneath. My head rolled from side to side and my words turned to jibberish.

“SHHHIT…gah…ooof…fuck…duh unnnggh,” I couldn’t take anymore and flattened out on the bed to get away. Scott would have none of that. Getting on his knees by the bed, he pulled me into ass-eating position and continued the torture. He pushed my knees under me and grabbed the tops of my thighs, pulling and trapping me, my exposed ass hanging over the bed.

“Mmmmm…good pussy,” Scott cooed as he continued eating me. The sound of his ass-licking and my moans bounced off the bedroom walls.

“Oh god Scott no more, please gaahh,” I begged. The thought of being bent over and held down, while my man-cunt was forcefully tongued was too much.

“Scott ahhhhhhhh! You’re eating me out like girl ahhhhhhhh!” My toes curled until they hurt. Having my ass licked out by another man tore at my fragile manhood. But it felt so good, it felt electric. It turned me fully on and it made me want more—it made me want cock. I wanted him to stop because with each stroke of his tongue I knew my resistance was melting away.

The intimacy level of being tongue-fucked was blowing my male ego to shreds. Scott was running his tongue up and down my crack and moaning in obvious enjoyment as I begged him to stop while writhing from the spine-twisting pleasure. He hardened his tongue and pushed it right into my ass, making me cry out.

“Pleeease! Noooo I can’t take it…oh oh Unnngg pleeease I’m a man! I’m a man you can’t eat me like I have a pussy. Ah Ahhhh!”

Nothing I said stopped Scott. The eating of my ass was setting my body on fire. My skin flushed and tingled in every pore. Scott flipped me over and climbed on the bed. He pushed my knees up to my ears and continued the assault. My wet hole was being stimulated as never before.

Over and over Scott licked and teased my sphincter, relentlessly pushing me higher and higher until I was crazy with lust. In that moment all I was aware of was my overheated asshole. My defenses were gone—I began to ask for a fucking. No, I began to beg for a fucking. I was reduced to begging a stronger man to use me for his pleasure.

My cock throbbed and my balls ached as Scott’s assault continued. The backside, the tip, oh god the rough part! I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please Daddy fuck me, please Daddy,” I whispered when I could get the words out. I wanted him to penetrate me and stretch me open and slide deep inside. The pussy-eating had flipped my switch and when he sat up I turned over and arched my back like a common whore, presenting my twitching pucker for him to abuse.

“It’s your pussy Daddy…fuck it with your big hard cock!”


Scott took his time. He lubed up his big dick while I watched impatiently over my shoulder. I was overcome with lust. It silenced the normal fears that go along with having a large penis shoved deep into you. I just needed a butt-fucking. I wanted it. He was destroying my mental walls.

“You want this big cock?” he said, resting the huge purple cock-head on my sensitive anus.

“Yes, you have such a big hot cock, yes yes…” I didn’t even know what I was saying. I just know I had an aching cock and an aching void in my rear end. Scott pressed his shaft against my hole and slid it up and down again and again. He was driving me crazy. The long, thick shaft rubbed my crack and anus until I was amped up beyond words.

Finally he pressed his mushroom head against me but couldn’t get in. I pushed out and tried to open for him but he was just so damn thick. Scott kept up constant pressure and I felt my ring relax at last—and then he began to slide his penis inside.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuhhck Daddy!” Inch by inch the big hammer was driven home. Scott moaned and I won’t lie…it felt good to hear him taking pleasure from me. After about six inches were in, he pulled slowly out. More lube. Then another penetration, and another deep groan from both of us.

“Daaaaaaamn you’ve got a tight ass” Scott said.

This time he didn’t stop until I was wincing from the pressure way travesti istanbul up inside me as his full length was buried to the hilt.

“God you’re so big! So biiiiiiig!” I whined as he bottomed out, my voice trembling and getting higher until you would have thought I was a teenage girl losing her virginity. He gripped my hips in his big strong hands and took total control of my ass.

“You’re a good piece,” he said as he began to fuck me up the ass. “Mmmm! I love your deep-ass cheeks…Jesus that fat ass just swallows my big dick…mmmm! Fuck!”

I was so worked up from the pussy-eating and maybe even the spanking that getting railed by Big Scott was easier than I expected. He was now fully stroking into me, his XL pecker pushing deep and pulling out, bringing my anal ring out with him as I tried to grip him with my asshole. I was in a haze of cock-worship.

He was excited too…his manhood felt like steel. “Oh God yes Daddy it’s so big and so hard. So harrrd…unnngh!”

After only a minute or two I felt like I might come, but Scott stopped and reached into the underneath bed drawer. My cuffs were there, along with some rope, none of which I ever used with Gina.

Scott took the rope and looped it through the corner of the headboard and then tightly tied each end to my two wrists. I barely protested. I was there to serve his cock. If he wanted me lashed to the headboard, so be it. I held on while he added still more lube and mounted me once again.

I was being owned. His hard dick slid all the way into my stomach as he bottomed out over and over, sinking in balls deep, pushing in as far as he could go, forcing me to cry out each time. The void was being filled.

Scott kept saying, “Accept it…accept it bitch…accept your place.” He would pull his cock all the way out, with my butthole starting to close, then penetrate me fully again.

I don’t know what got into him. Or me. I was taking him like a champ. I didn’t want it to stop. I couldn’t stop it. It felt so good, that big thick cock thrusting in and out of my rectum. It thrilled me to hear Scott groaning as he used me, taking pleasure from turning me into his complete bottom once again.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and wrenched my head back. I could feel my balls start to throb and I desperately wanted to stroke my cock to get this huge orgasm out of me, but with my hands tied I was helpless. Scott would pound me mercilessly for a minute or two, the slap-slap-slap like music to my ears as he dominated me and used his big cock to fully fuck me…and then he would suddenly stop as if he wanted to tease me, to edge me.

He pulled me down further on the bed and flipped me over on my back. My arms were now stretched out and I was hanging onto nothing but the ropes. He lifted my legs and put them over one of his shoulders as he stood with one leg on the floor and one up on the bed. He began to talk to me while he slowly pumped in and out of me and used his free hand to squeeze my bottom.

“You have such a tight ass. Sometimes you just gotta give it up to a real man right? Right? Your ass is my new pussy…say it!”

“My ass is a pussy…God you’re big! It’s you daddy, oh God it’s yours,” I moaned, feeling my ass start to throb. “Ohhhh! Fuck I’m your bottom bitch daddy…unng unng…fuck me until I cum…fuhhhhhhck!”

My head fell back and I could do nothing but take the butt-fucking as my moans became more uncontrollable and my submission more complete.

His big thick cock was punching my prostate and I could feel a monster release coming. Scott now stood on the floor with both feet to get solid footing, and held me up by my ankles in one strong hand as he pumped firmly and steadily—like he would any common slut that he was trying to get off.

I could feel my taint start to swell and push up into my nuts. A feeling like no other—an assgasm—was on it’s way. It’s slower than a regular orgasm. It builds more gradually, but it is unstoppable. It’s more powerful…my legs and ass-cheeks began to quiver and a long, intense moan began deep in my chest, getting louder and louder like the wail of someone in pain.

At that moment I heard something, but the big cock in my butt kept sliding and pumping and fucking me, blocking out all other sensations. The entire universe was that fat cock thrusting into my body.

I heard something again and this time I glanced to the doorway. Gina! She was standing right there!

It was too late…I was too far gone. My head twisted side to side involuntarily and all I saw were colors and lights as my eyes rolled back into my head. All I heard was the strangled cry of my own orgasm, a screaming, “Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd!” that burned my vocal chords. I felt the stinging surge in my cock-head that sent cum spraying out of my dick. It lasted a good 10 seconds and semen flew from my small penis all over my own face, even into my open mouth.

My sexual frustration, being forced to submit to Scott’s every sexual whim, being spanked like a little pussy, and then being eaten out like a girl, had set me up for one of the hardest orgasms of my life. My anus clamped down on Scott and I could feel every contour, every inch of his alpha cock as he stood on his tip-toes and rutted into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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