Twinsies Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Hello, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed how everything began. Here is a small story on my first real encounter and a discovery I never expected.


It happened a few months after I had my special night with my twin sister June, and her two friends; Sarah and Amber. The night my sister talked me into letting the three of them put makeup on me and dressing me up like a girl. It wasn’t a huge challenge for them since I looked a lot like my sister already. The three of us were able to sneak into a bar and started to enjoy a fun night. The night turned a little sour when a random creep tried to trap me in the men’s bathroom with him. I was able to shove by him then we left the bar and went home. Once we got there, they undressed me and Sarah began to suck me off. Amber turned out to be a shemale and I sucked her off while my sister, June, brought out a decent sized strapon and screwed me from behind. The night turned out to be pretty fun and felt amazing. I knew at once that I wanted to do it more. Being girly, getting screwed, all of it.

I started using my weekly allowance to slowly get my own girly collection started. I was, at first, a little shy to go in places like Victoria’s Secret alone though, so I asked June to go with me the first few times. For the more expensive stuff I had to save up for a couple weeks or so but my dresser was getting to be quite full with both my boy clothes and girly stuff. The bulk of my collections were pink or light blues. June loved going shopping with me and she was always a big help when picking stuff out. I get really timid at the mall still. There are a lot of prying eyes and I have been stared at a lot. Most of the guys that stare are looking at my ass while the older folks sometimes look at me like a harlot when I wear my short shorts.

As of now it is about three months after that night. I have had a few more nights like before with June and the others. I still loved sucking on Amber and having something stuck into my ass. It got even sexier when Sarah and Amber stayed the night one weekend. I had gone to bed before they had since I was quite tired. I hadn’t fallen too deeply into my slumber when I heard my bedroom door open and shut shortly after. I was too groggy to do much except roll over but my vision was nothing but dark. As I lay there, barely conscious, I felt something soft touch my lips. Almost instinctively I parted my lips and felt the familiar sensation of an erect cock slip between them.

At the realization of the phallus being slid between my lips I tightened them and slurped hard, sucking it in as far as it would go. Over the last few months I had lost what little gag reflex I had so the cock in my mouth was able to slide nice and deep as it opened my throat. I opened my eyes to try and see who it was even though I already knew. I could see the outline of her crotch slowly coming towards my face. Her flat, clean-shaven pubic area pressed against my face as she bottomed out into my throat. No sooner had she filled my throat then she began to pull it back out, “Damn, do I still love that soft, warm mouth of yours.” As the rim of her head was coming back to my lips she stopped and pushed back in. Both of us savoring our separate sensations.

The next time she pulled her cock back she actually began trying to remove it from my lips. I squeezed them tighter but her dick came out of my mouth with a wet pop sound. I reached out to grab her shaft and pull it back but she swatted my hand away as she rolled me over and straddled me on my own bed. She tapped my lips with the now slick head of her cock, which left a drop of her precum on my lower lip. I opened my mouth again and she slid her dick back into my mouth. She drove it deep again until she hit the back of throat again then began to thrust it in and out at a medium pace. As our simultaneous pleasure rose she increased her speed until she was hammering her cock into my throat. I was in heaven and I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself as well. Within seconds she had made my chin wet with my saliva and her precum,

After what felt like a few minutes of her fucking my throat I could feel her phallus start to swell and her legs begin to shake and tighten around my arms, which she had pinned under her. I closed my lips tight in anticipation of what was about to come. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her, holding me with my lips against her pubic bone and scrotum. I stuck my tongue out and gently licked at her balls until I felt the first shot splash into me. She slightly bucked her hips with each stream she pumped into me. As her climax was slowing, she began to retract her cock from my throat until it slipped out with an audible pop and the last few spurts of her cum, two of which landed on my freshly fucked face. She slid down slightly then leaned down and kissed me. “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself knowing you were in the other room.” She said breathlessly.

“Don’t fulya escort be. I enjoyed that just as much as you did.” I replied.

She laid next to me and nudged my shoulder. I rolled over with my back to her and she slid close to spoon me from behind, sliding her left arm under my neck to lay my head on. Then she wrapped her right arm around my waist and pulled me close before letting her hand rest on my erect dick, “Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

I gasped gently at her touch, “Nah, that’s ok.” I reached down and grabbed her hand to move it to my hip. She thrust her hips into my backside letting her now mostly flaccid dick lie between my buttcheeks. The two of us fell asleep like that for the night and I happily slipped into a dream. I was awakened to an odd sensation after only a few hours. I felt something small slowly penetrating my tight sphincter.

I stirred slightly then felt a kiss on the back of my neck, “Hey, Sexy Ass.” I heard Amber shuffle behind me as she slipped a second digit inside me and pumped slowly.

“Morning. I’m guessing you want something don’t you?” I asked sensually.

“Maybe a little.” She replied in a sexy voice, “Now, open wide.” I reached down to my butt and pulled my asscheek up to give her free access to my already wet asshole. She took the hint and put the swollen head of her dick against my opening. She cruelly pressed the tip into me then pulled it out.

I moaned quietly, “That’s cruel, you know.”

She did it again and squeezed my ass at the same time, “Oh, I know. That’s the point. I want to tease you a bit and make you want it even more. If you want it that bad then you are gonna have to ask me for it.”

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to screw me in the ass?”

“Yeah. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it hearing you want it.” She said evilly with as she bit my ear lobe.

“Please stick it in me, Amber. Don’t make me wait. Please just fill me with your cock.”

With that she pressed her dick past my opening and deep into my ass. I gasped and moaned with every inch until her cockhead pressed into my prostate. She held herself there, letting my ass get used to her member. As a sign that I was ready for more I pressed my ass back against her. She wrapped her arm back around my waist and started thrusting in and out of my ass. She started slowly at first but quickened her pace as my hips began to thrust back against her. After a short time she pulled her hand back to my hip and started pulling me back into her until her thrusts began to get a little erratic. She squeezed my hip and thrust her cock deep as she bit my neck. Her final thrust made me cum just as I felt her beginning to do the same inside my ass.

Once she was done spasming and spurting into me I could feel her dick start to go flaccid and begin to slip out. I pressed my butt against her in hopes of keeping it inside but to no avail. She softened completely and popped out of me, letting my ass leak a little of her cum.

I felt her shift again as something small slipped back into my ass. I recognized the shape as my pink gem butt plug from my end table, “Don’t want to waste any of that on the sheets now do we?” She said in a sexy whisper to my ear.

I moaned in agreement, followed by a nod and another nudge of my hips against hers. We fell asleep again until my alarm went off to get up for school. I tried to reach out to turn it off and get up but Amber’s arm was still wrapped around me, holding my wrist lovingly. I stirred, trying to wake her as well since she had somehow slept through my alarm. I was a rather light sleeper so I didn’t need a loud alarm.

She whined and didn’t wake up so I reached behind me and wrapped my hand around her scrotum. I gave it a minor squeeze and she groaned but woke up,

“Wha- what time is it?”

“Morning. Time to get up for school.”

She released me and we both stood up from my bed. She put on one of my pink robes that I had gotten and kissed my cheek as she moved to my door. She opened it slowly to check the hall and skipped over to June’s room when she was satisfied the coast was clear.

I smiled as I felt the plug in my ass shift slightly as my cheeks closed around the gem base. I walked about my room getting dressed for school as usual but today I decided to be a little different. I had never gotten the courage to wear any of my girly stuff to school, but today I decided to go ahead and try something small. I put on one of my pairs of pink boyshort panties and a pink tank to go under my shirt.

As I pulled the panties up though, I pulled the plug out and took it to my bathroom to wash before putting it into a case that came with it. I came back out and pulled on a pair of basketball shorts over the panties followed by my boy jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt. I grabbed my book bag from the hook next to the door and slid the case into a side pouch then went to school.

The day was rather simple, boring as always, until P.E. that bebek escort is. As we got into the locker rooms I went to my locker and popped it open. After pulling my P.E. shirt out I put my bag inside and slid my jeans off. The jeans caught on the band of my shorts and pulled them down a bit; at least enough for my pink waistband to show slightly. I looked around but no one seemed to have noticed from what I could see. I went back to changing, putting on my P.E. shirt and sliding my normal shirt off from under it.

I went out to the gymnasium and waited for my teacher to come out for attendance. Going through gym was basic except I did notice two of the other boys looking at me more than usual. I shrugged it off and focused on the game of dodgeball that was going. Then the class ended and we had to go get dressed. P.E. was my last period of the day so I took my time in the locker room. Once I thought all of the other students had left I slipped my P.E. short off and tossed it into my locker. I was sitting there on the bench in my shorts and pink tank top. As I was grabbing my shirt out of my locker, I noticed someone moving in the back of the locker room. I panicked and quickly forced my shirt on over my tank top.

“Little late for that, Faggot.” I heard behind me. I jumped up and looked behind me, my back to the lockers. I was met by two guys, both much larger, staring right at me. “Mhm. I saw the waistband of those pink panties you are wearing as well as that top under your shirt during dodgeball. Totally a fag if you are wearing girl’s underwear. Did you steal them from your twin sister?” One of them was taller with darker skin. He wore a simple pair of denim shorts and a basic shirt. I knew he was the top pitcher on our school’s baseball team. The other was a tanned white boy wearing a pair of sweats and a hoodie with the soccer team’s logo.

I thought about grabbing my bag and bolting but they had me trapped. “So, little fag, how long you been acting like a little girly-boy, huh? Or have you always been a little bitch?” I didn’t answer him. My mouth was glued shut from embarrassment. His grin turned into a sneer as he stepped forward,grabbed my collar and pulled me to him which lifted my shirts and revealed my pink tank top, “You gonna answer me?”

“It’s sort of recent. I just sort of like it…” I said in a quiet voice.

“Well, I think we got something else you are gonna like, too.” His hand went down and grabbed mine, pulling it and putting it on his crotch. He then let go of my collar and put his hand on my shoulder. A firm press downwards had me slowly bending at my knees until I was kneeling in front of him and the other. The darker guy stepped a little closer, leaving me even more trapped in. “You know what we want. Now pull them out.”

I could see both of their members pressing against their pants and I did know exactly what they wanted. I had never done it with anyone else before though beside the girls and I was scared but there was also something else I could feel in the back of my mind. The first two things that came to mind were arousal, and curiosity. I started to reach my hands up towards the soccer player’s waistband and slid the tips of my fingers into the top of his pants.

“HEY! What the hell are you two still doing here? Class is over, go home!” We heard yelled from the door of the locker room. They both backed away and walked toward the door urgently. I was still slightly in shock from what I was almost forced to do when one of the P.E. teachers walked up to me and squatted down next to me. “Are you ok? Did they hurt you?”

I didn’t say a word. I just shook my head. After a moment he placed his arm gently on my back, “Would you like me to walk you out to where you need to go?”

I nodded and he gently placed his hand on my back to try and calm my nerves. We both stood and he lifted my bag for me. I took it and slung it over my shoulder. We walked out of the locker room and into the Gym then outside to the parking lot where I told him I would be ok to walk home. He asked me if I was sure, and only after I gave him a verbal yes did he say ok and walk away. I turned and started my walk home.

I lived about three miles away from the school and I knew I had a long trip to think about what had happened and how I’d felt at that time. Did I deep down want to suck on them or let them do things to me? I didn’t think so but the idea of being forced had scared me at first. During the time I was thinking about the situation I started to notice that a gray car had started to follow me. I turned down a smaller road as a detour to see if they were actually tailing me and I didn’t see them turn at all. I breathed a sigh of relief but then suddenly the same car pulled in front of me from an alley I was about to pass. The passenger was the same pitcher guy and driving it, the soccer player.

The window rolled down and the pitcher said, “Get in or we tell the school about you.”

I was trapped again. I conceded florya escort and opened the back seat only for him to get out and get in the back with me. The driver put the car in reverse and pulled the car back into the alley as the pitcher turned so he was leaning back, “Now, do what we told you earlier, or else.”

I looked at him for a moment, thinking about my feelings back in the locker room. The same thing started coming back, curiosity and arousal started to get the better of me as I tossed my bag into the front passenger seat. I had little to do but embrace this and go for it. I sat up onto my knees as we drove for a while longer. I slowly moved my hands to his waist and undid the button of his shorts. Then I pulled the zipper and started to slowly slide his pants down. His member began to press up against his shorts and underwear. After the shorts were lowered I slid my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and lifted them slightly. With a small tug I lowered them far enough that only his head was still concealed but his shaft was huge. He wasn’t even hard yet but he was already quite wide. His length wasn’t any record breaker but he was probably at least a decent eight inches.

I pulled the elastic the rest of the way and his cock popped out into the open air. His dick hung their at partial mast, bobbing slightly with his heart beat. I slowly wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke him, “Get to it then.”

I panicked and put my lips around his head. The taste was actually quite surprising. He was an athlete and I could tell by the acrid taste and scent from him. It was kind of arousing to have a guy’s cock in my mouth. Amber’s and June’s strapon were the only things I had had in my mouth but this was pretty good too. I tightened my lips around his crown and sucked on him. He moaned and actually placed his hand on the back of my head, though instead of roughly trying to force me down he simply stroked my hair. It felt nice as I gathered a little bit of courage before sliding my lips a little farther down him. I loosened the grip of my lips and lowered my head a little more, taking in a couple more inches of him as his cock was starting to stiffen the rest of the way in my mouth.

I bobbed my head up and down slowly, taking just a little more of his length into my mouth with every couple motions. Once his tip hit the back of my throat I slowed down but I continued to suck on the part I could fit in my mouth. As I bobbed my head I tried to slurp even harder. I was actually starting to enjoying the feeling of his dick in my mouth and I could tell he was enjoying me fellating him. I looked up to see his head tilted back as he moaned.

“Damn, I knew a girly boy like you would be good at this. You already got this dick ready to blow.” He said in a breathy voice. I smiled as I could feel myself getting excited by how good I was at it. He started to moan louder as I started to stroke his shaft even faster before finally his cock started to twitch and his hand slightly tightened on the back of my head. I locked my lips around his crown as his head let loose its first stream of cum into my mouth.

The car stopped and parked as he continued to pump more and more of his cum into my wet mouth. The driver’s door opened as his jets of cum finally slowed. I swallowed the load down before I let my lips loosen from his head and let go of his dick. I felt one small drip starting to run down my chip from the small bit that had escaped my lips until I licked it with my tongue. I heard the back seat door open behind me and I turned around to see the soccer player undoing the drawstring of his sweatpants.

The pitcher opened the door he was next to and stepped out as the other guy stepped in and closed the door behind him. He sat and leaned back against the door the same way the other guy had. I turned around completely, facing towards the soccer player. “Suck my cock, little bitch.” I moved slightly closer to him when I suddenly felt the other guy’s hands around my hips and pulling my jeans, shorts and panties down then off. “Lube’s in the center console.”

I got a slightly worried chill as I saw the guys large hand reach next to me into the center console. I felt his body shift a little bit after his hand pulled back from the compartment. Then I felt him spread my cheeks just before his tongue penetrated my ass. It was so warm and wet in my hole that I couldn’t help but moan which came out quite feminine sounding. I looked back to the guy now in front of me. He was starting to look impatient so I reached out and pulled the waistband of his sweats down to reveal his cock. He wasn’t very thick but he was really long.

He was already at full mast and I could have sworn he was probably about twelve and a half inches and his head was just the right size that I liked when I watched porn. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him. After just a couple strokes I saw a drop of precum leak out of the tip of his head. I quickly wrapped my lips around his crown and licked his hole to get the taste of his cum. It was actually surprisingly tasty. I began to suck hard and lick the bottom of his head as I continued to stroke him up and down. I could feel the pitcher working his tongue in and out of my hole and it was beginning to build something inside me.

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