Two Thighs Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 The Swingers Club

Nora was extremely nervous. Her hands were sweating. There were butterflies in her stomach. She was trying to work up the courage to have a frank girl-to-girl talk with Aiko about swinging. Finally, she took a deep breath and dialled Aiko’s phone number.

“Can I come over and talk, just you and me?” she asked.

“Of course,” Aiko replied. “Gerald just took the car to the garage to get it fixed. He’ll be busy for a while. So how about now?”

“Good,” she agreed, “I’ll be right there.”

She walked over to Aiko’s house. Aiko was already waiting for her at the door. She let her friend in.

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked.


“Anything in particular?”

“No, whatever is easiest for you.”

How about some tea? I’ve got some steeping already.”


Aiko went to the kitchen to fetch the teapot, and then returned.

“Let’s sit in the living room,” she said as she put the teapot on the coffee table. “Just give me a second.”

She pulled out two teacups and saucers from the display case and set them on the table as well. Aiko and Nora sat at the two ends of the sofa. They turned at an angle to face each other.

“Okay, I’m all-ears,” Aiko told Nora. “What’s up?”

“Ryan and I talked about you and your lifestyle,” she began. She blushed. She was obviously very nervous. “We,” her mouth went suddenly dry, “think we might want to look into it more, maybe even try it.”

“Try what?” Aiko asked. She wanted Nora to be explicit. She saw it as a necessary step to put everything out into the open.

“To try swinging,” she stuttered nervously, “maybe with you guys?”

Aiko moved closer to sit beside her. She took her hand. “Don’t be so nervous,” she urged. “The one thing I can promise you is that nothing will be done against your will. It is an absolute rule to us that no means no. We don’t make people do what they don’t want to do.”

Nora looked relieved and became more relaxed, knowing the road that they were about to take had an exit ramp should they change their minds.

“We’ve already explained most of the things you need to know when we told you about our lifestyle. We belong to a local group with three other couples. We are also in contact with a swingers’ group in Buffalo but distance and our otherwise busy lives mean that we see them very rarely,” Aiko summarized. “So, what are your questions?” she asked.

“I’m conflicted,” she replied. “On the one hand, it’s scary. It goes against the grain of what is supposed to happen in a marriage.” She hesitated. “On the other hand, the thought of having sex with some other guy is a turn-on because it’s taboo, and different, and exciting.”

“What does Ryan think?” probed Aiko.

“I think he has the same feelings.”

It seems to me,” Aiko suggested, “that you two want to dip your toes in the water before you jump in. Is that a fair way of putting it?”

“Yes, actually, it’s a very good way of putting it,” she agreed.

“Hmm,” Aiko said. She was silent for a few moments thinking about how to overcome Nora’s conundrum. Then she lit up. “I have an idea.”

“What?” Nora queried.

“When we talked to you and Ryan, we told you that our first real swinging experience was on board a cruise ship. But we forgot to mention that we actually went to a swingers’ club first before we went on that cruise. There was so much to tell you about swinging that we forgot to mention that particular episode.”

“A swingers’ club,” Nora said. “That sounds like jumping into the water feet first,” cried her friend.

“No, it wasn’t like that Nora,” Aiko countered. “When we went, we agreed ahead of time to stick together and not commit ourselves to anything.”

“What happened? Did you have sex with someone?” Nora asked not giving Aiko a chance to continue.

“No and yes.”

“You’re not making sense Aiko.”

Aiko laughed. “Just let me explain. All will become clear,” she assured.

“Sorry,” Nora apologized.

“Before we went, we agreed to watch and observe and even allow physical contact but there would be no sex. We decided to wear yellow wristbands, which, according to club rules, was supposed to convey to all those present that groping and touching was allowed, we were in a sex club after all, but we not ready to participate in more intimate sexual activities.”

Aiko laughed and then continued. “We were actually relatively bod for first-timers. We could have worn red wristbands, which was a signal to everyone else that we were just looking and nothing more, no groping, no touching. After a while, this guy approached me and asked me to dance with him.”

“Oh, wow, Aiko, you really did that? I’d be too nervous to go even that far.”

Although the two women were alone in the house, Aiko lowered her voice and whispered to make sure that only Nora could hear what she was about to say.

“I let him take my hand. He led me to the dance floor. The DJ was playing slow, sexy Bostancı Escort music. Other couples were on the floor, taking liberties with each other’s bodies that be frowned upon in most dance venues. Within seconds after we began dancing, his hands were roaming all over me. His prick got really hard. He wasn’t shy about pressing it against me. I was okay with all of that. To be honest he made me hot. It was exciting to have a stranger’s hands probing parts of my body that only Gerald has touched since our marriage. But he wanted to take me to one of rooms to have sex with him even though I wore a yellow band.

“If you wanted sex what colour should it have been?” Nora asked curious to know.”

“Green indicated that you came for sex although it had to be by mutual agreement. So even if a man with a green wrist band is dancing with woman with a green wrist band, it does not, “Aiko emphasized the word ‘not’ automatically mean that they will have sex with each other. Mutual consent is essential.”

“Then what happened?” she asked wanting Aiko to continue her story.

“I was really nervous, and then he got aggressive on me. He ignored my yellow band and wanted to take me to a room and have sex with me. He scared me and put me off. I told him no. He seemed not to hear my refusal. At the time, I thought he had already broken two rules, asking for sex from a person wearing a yellow wristband and not taking no as an answer. Fortunately, Gerald was keeping an eye on me the whole time. He could tell I was having a problem with this guy and intervened.”

“Did you report him?” Nora asked.

“We thought about it at the time. But I also thought that I may have over-reacted too or misunderstood. To tell you the truth I was both very nervous and turned on. In other words, I may have sent him some mixed signals which he misinterpreted. He wasn’t really in danger. In a swingers’ club it’s almost impossible to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. To his credit, this guy seemed to have realized that he had made a miscalculation. He apologized profusely.”

“Surely, he must have seen your yellow wristband,” Nora objected.

“Yeah, I thought about it,” Aiko conceded. “It was not impossible that he was so focussed on me that he forgot to check the colour of my wristband. At after his very profuse apology, I decided to let it go.”

“So that answers the ‘no’ part of your ‘no and yes’ answer,” Nora said. “What’s the ‘yes’ part?”

Aiko laughed. “The intensity of his attraction to me turned me on. Gerald and I went home and had great sex together.” Lowering her voice, she added, “I pretended Gerald was Stan, that was the guy’s name, and he pretended I was Linda who was Stan’s wife.

Nora blushed.

“Why are you blushing?” Aiko asked surprised by her reaction.

Nora broke eye contact and toward the ground. “After you told us about your swinging lifestyle the other day, Ryan pretended I was you and I pretended he was Gerald.”

Aiko laughed. “Role-playing can be fun once in a while. We’re flattered that we were able to participate in your fantasy.”

Nora giggled. “Yes, it can be. Now, what’s your idea?” Nora then asked.

“We never went back to that club because we subsequently found our swinging friends on a cruise. We’ve never had a reason to return to the swingers’ club.

Aiko paused for a few moments, “You know,” she continued, “I think it might be a good idea for the four of us to pay a visit to that swingers’ club. It’ll be fun. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to do. It’s okay to just watch.”

Aiko laughed. “Gerald and I will be your body guards.”

“That’s not a bad idea, Aiko,” Nora replied. “I’ll ask Ryan.”

“One more thing,” Aiko added, “If you decide to go, dress sexy. Don’t wear a bra. No doubt you’ll get some male attention. Those tits of yours will make men drool. Even if you do nothing else, you’d find out soon enough that men will consider you to be a desirable woman. And that’s a turn-on too.” She winked.

* * *

Two weeks later, the two couples entered the hall, which ‘The Bat in the Box’ swingers’ club had rented for the event. Because it was in an industrial district, and on a Saturday night, the businesses in the district were closed. The owners of the hall were therefore more than happy to rent out their premises. Its location also allayed Nora and Ryan’s fears that people they knew might see them go into a swingers’ club. To outsiders, it was advertised as a private function.

As they entered, Nora chose a red wristband, giving Ryan no choice but to follow suit. He wanted to start with a yellow wristband, just like Aiko and done on their first time to this club, but he knew that he had to let his wife set the pace for their introduction to swinging.

Aiko and Gerald, however, chose green. Both Nora and Ryan realized that they might be in for a very interesting evening. As their friends had told them, green meant that they were ready to ‘go all the way’ in the Anadolu Yakası Escort event that they found a person or persons to their sexual liking.

“You can always change to yellow or even green at any time,” Aiko reminded Nora. “Remember, even with a green wristband, you always have the right to say no. But as long as you wear red wristbands, nobody will bother you.”

The two couples took a table together. Aiko and Gerald had decided to stay with their friends, at least for a little while. They wanted to ensure that their friends were reasonably comfortable before they left them alone. They ordered drinks while they waited to see what would subsequently happen. They noticed that about 30 couples were present. Dancing and groping were already in progress.

Nora and Ryan were awed by the spectacle of people touching each other intimately without embarrassment or recrimination. They saw couples switch partners and kiss their new partners lasciviously. Men groped women’s tits and asses. In many cases, the women helped them by removing their blouses and bras. Most women wore short skirts allowing their partners to slide their hands up their thighs to their vulvas. The men’s hand movements clearly showed that the men were attempting to excite their partners from below. In some cases, when a man lifted a skirt, Nora and Ryan noticed that some women wore no panties.

Nora’s pussy watered at the thought of wearing no panties, and allowing Gerald, or some other unknown man, put his hand on her naked most intimate parts. She looked at her husband. His eyes were focused on the petting going on the dance floor. He already had an erection. Clearly, he was turned on too.

By this time, Nora had noticed that the women were not shy either. Some placed their hands on the bulges in the men’s pants. Other were even bolder, undoing zippers and pulling out cocks, which they then stroked. Gradually the dancers shed their clothes. Although the music continued, the dancing gradually gave way to open sexual activity. In some cases, groping and touching had given way to stroking and even licking. Some men were licking between the women’s slowly spreading legs. Some women were licking cocks like lollipops.

Aiko and Gerald smiled at each other as they watched their neighbours take in what was taking place in front of their eyes. Nothing needed to be said. The club’s sexually charged atmosphere was having the desired effect on their friends’ libidos. Aiko and Gerald alternated between watching the couples playing with each other on the dance floor and those who were just arriving, looking for the right kind of couple to play with.

For a while, all the arriving couples were strangers. Then a familiar-looking couple arrived. Then it dawned on Gerald who they were.

Gerald poked Aiko lightly with his elbow to get her attention. “You see that couple over there,” Gerald said flicking his head toward the front door. “Isn’t that… Yes, it’s that guy who came on to you when we came here the first time. The woman beside him is his wife.”

“His name is Stan,” she said, remembering.

“And his wife’s name is Linda,” he added. “It’s them all right.”

Aiko turned to Nora. “You see that guy over there?” she addressed Nora pointing at the couple Gerald had just been referring to, “the one with the paunch, black hair with silver streaks through it accompanied by the big curvy woman beside him?”

Nora looked at that the couple. They appeared to be in their fifties. “Yes.”

“He’s the guy I told you about.”

“That’s Stan?” Nora asked.


“Are you still pissed at him Aiko?” Gerald wondered.

“No, not really,” she replied. “This time, I’ll know how to handle the situation if it happens again. I’m not nervous this time. I won’t be so touchy.”

“But you can be touchy-feely, right?” Gerald said.

Aiko groaned but smiled. “Please, for once, spare me your corny jokes.”

“Well, why not get the ball rolling?” Gerald suggested. “Ask him to dance with you. Get his balls rolling while you’re at it.”

Ryan burst out with a laugh. Nora giggled.

Aiko turned to Nora and rolled her eyes. “He’s impossible My husband is such a moron.”

“I dare you,” Gerald challenged his wife. “I’m sure he’ll remember you. You’re too beautiful and exotic to be forgotten.”

“You’re sweet and I’ll take you up on your dare,” Aiko answered. “You two sit tight. Watch and learn,” she said addressing Nora and Ryan.

Aiko crossed the floor. Gerald saw her ask him something. The expression on his face showed that he had just realized who he was talking to. He cast a nervous glance toward Gerald. He seemed hesitant.

Gerald decided he needed to intervene. “I’m going to leave you guys alone for a few moments. Stay here. You’ll be safe. Okay?”

The couple nodded their agreement.

Gerald stood up and crossed the floor to join his wife.

“It’s nice to meet you again,” Gerald said shaking Stan’s hand. “Nice to see you too again,” Ataşehir Escort he added addressing Linda.

“I don’t think he wants to dance with me, Gerald,” Aiko pouted, “although the way he looks at me tells me something different.”

“It’s okay, Stan. Dance with her. In fact, I told her to ask you.”

The relief was obvious on his face. He relaxed. “Are you sure?” Stan asked Aiko.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Aiko told him. “Come on. Dance with me.” She grabbed Stan’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

“Take a seat,” Linda offered. “It’s been a while since you two were last here.”

Gerald laughed. “We’ve been busy. We got involved in a local swinging group. Since, then, we’ve been too busy to go to ant swingers’ club, let alone this one… Until now, that is.”

“How disappointing,” Linda replied sincerely. Addressing to Aiko, she said, “I’m sorry my husband turned you off so much. My husband can be an oaf sometimes but he’s never forced a woman to do anything she doesn’t want to do. He’s actually a very decent considerate man.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” she replied. “I meant what I said. We’ve been too busy to come back.”

“So, what brings you here at last?” Linda asked.

“You see that couple over there?” Gerald nodded toward Nora and Ryan.

“The cute blonde with the handsome husband?”

“Yes, they’re with us. They’ve asked us about swinging and they’re interested in exploring the lifestyle. This is their first time here. We brought them here so that they could see what it’s really about without actually participating. Then they can decide whether or not the lifestyle is for them. So, they are very nervous.”

While Gerald was talking to Linda, Nora and Ryan’s attention were focussed on Aiko who was now on the dance floor with Stan. Stan’s lust for her was obvious but this time she was clearly more receptive to his advances.

Aiko was determined to be her sexiest best with him while putting on a show for their spouses and their friends. She pasted herself against Stan. Clearly Stan’s cock had already begun to harden even before their bodies made actual physical contact. She put her head down on his chest and wrapped her arms around his shoulder, leaving no doubt in Stan’s mind that she was encouraging him to keep going. His rod throbbed with anticipation.

Back at Linda’s table, Gerald and Linda continued their conversation while watching their spouses making out like teenagers on the dance floor.

“I remember you and your wife. I remember you skipped the red wristbands in favour of the yellow ones, which meant touching was allowed but no sex. Stan was really disappointed about that. I think he has a fetish for Asian women. Your wife is not just Asian, she’s also very beautiful and very sexy too. That’s why Stan got a little carried away.”

“I surmised as much,” Gerald replied. “If I may ask, has Stan ever had sex with an Asian woman?”

“That’s the funny part. We’ve been swingers for years, but Stan has never had the opportunity to realize that particular fantasy. Aiko was the first and only chance he ever had and he blew it because of his momentary aggressiveness.”

“His chances are much more realistic this time,” Gerald stated.


“Yes, we are experienced swingers now. Although Aiko is not normally an exhibitionist, I suspect that she wants to put on a show for our friends’ benefit. Do you mind?”

Linda laughed. “I think my husband will be the main beneficiary, and no, I don’t mind, and he certainly doesn’t mind, anything for a chance to bed your sweet Asian wife.

She suddenly changed the subject. “You do know this is an on-premises event, don’t you?” she added. “He’ll go all the way if your wife allows it.”

“I do,” Gerald replied. “That’s why we chose this particular night rather than a night where the sex has to be taken place off-premises. We want to stimulate our friends’ libidos as much as we can.”

“Have you two had sex with them yet?” Linda asked.

“No,” Gerald replied, “but that’s our goal. It has taken us a long while to get them to this point.”

While Linda and Gerald were chatting, Aiko and Stan continued dancing in a tight embrace. To encourage Stan, Aiko kissed him and let her tongue slip into his mouth. He kissed her back ardently. She felt feel his cock harden to its full extent.

Aiko suddenly stepped back and started unbuttoning the front of her blouse. She looked toward Nora and Gerald to make sure they were still watching her. They were. She removed her blouse revealing that that she wore no bra. When she finished undoing her buttons, the blouse hung open, partially exposing her breasts to her dancing partner and prospective lover.

Gerald thought that this was a good time to check on Nora and Ryan. “I’ll be right back Linda,” Gerald told Linda. “Just give me a minute to check on our friends.”

“Sure,” she agreed.

Gerald walked back to their table. “We’re going to be busy,” he advised. “If you really want to know if swapping spouses is what you’d really like to do, then watch Aiko and Stan or anyone else you might care to watch. I’m going to keep company with that lady I was just talking to,” he said winking at them.

He returned to Linda’s table. Four pairs of eyes focussed on Aiko and Stan.

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