Underwear Thief Ch. 03

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Walking up the door to Dave’s house, I felt a slight undercurrent of excitement. I think it’s the knowing what happened with his girlfriend a few days earlier.

I did feel a slight sense of guilt, but the horniness more that over compensated for it!

I buzzed the doorbell and waited, after a few seconds he opened up,

“Hey, what’s up?” He said.

“Yeah not too much, I brought back your USB stick with the stuff on it; I’ve put the new Avengers on it like you asked, keen to watch that now?” I said.

“Yeah cool, come on in”. He led me in and we both grabbed some drinks and headed to the lounge.

After setting up the USB, we started the movie and relaxed, although my eyes kept diverting down to where that clothes horse full of underwear had been just a few short days ago, I could already feel a stirring in my boxer shorts

The movie was pretty average, about an hour or so into it I heard a key in the front door, and my heart skipped a beat… I was SO excited to see Dave’s girlfriend, but also a little nervous.

I could hear the door open and her come in, she was doing something out in the hallway and it seemed to take ages for her to come into the lounge, when she finally did… Oh My GOD, she had obviously come straight from the gym.

She was wearing a hoodie; her hair tied back and skin tight gym trousers.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” She asked.

“Hi, pretty good, just watching the avengers,” I said back.

Since Dave was busy concentrating on the film, he was totally oblivious to the fact that I was just staring at his girlfriend, my eyes burnt into her gym gear covered legs and pussy, I could Kadıköy Fetiş Escort feel my cock going rock hard.

She was looking at me, smiling at how much I was ogling her.

“Well I won’t interrupt you two, I’m gonna head up for a shower,” She said. She went to walk out and then stopped and said “Oh, I just need my phone charger, hang on.”

She walked towards me, smiling at me the whole time, when she got just in front of me; she held out her keys and dropped them on the floor.

“Whoops” she said, then she slowly bent down to pick them up, making sure her ass was directly next to my face.

I was trying to keep my composure and eyes on the movie, but I let them slide to the right, oh my fucking god, her gorgeous peach of an ass was right next to my face. I could make out the outline of her tiny thong she was wearing. I was sitting on my hands to stop myself from grabbing at her amazing ass wrapped up in her tight trousers.

She retrieved her keys, smiled at me and then walked out.

My cock was pressing against my trousers so hard it felt like it was gonna burst. I just tried to go blank and concentrate on the movie.

A few minutes passed and little had eased in the cock department.

All of a sudden I saw a message notification on my phone; I swiped it and opened it.

“Did you like that little show” it read.

“How did you get this number??” I text back.

“I took it from Dave’s phone… So did you enjoy” she replied.

“YES!… You’ve made my cock rock solid and now I can’t concentrate!” I quickly texted back.

I had to lower my phone and do the texting very Kadıköy Gecelik Escort slyly to try and ensure Dave would not notice, but he seemed engrossed in the movie. I had a quick check to make sure he was not looking.

“Your ass looks heavenly, It took every ounce of strength not to rip those gym trousers down” I texted her back.

“Mmmm very nice” she replied… “Why don’t you go and relieve yourself in the downstairs bathroom? I may have left you a little present in the bathroom cabinet” she texted back with smiley faces.

I felt my heart jump a beat. I knew this was not going to be an easy thing to do. After a minute or so of composing myself, I said to Dave “Hey Dave, I just need to use the toilet real quick.”

“Ok mate, did you want me to pause it?” He said, not really paying attention.

“Nah, it’s a pretty easy to follow film, I’m sure I can keep up” I joked.

I stood up and walked across the room, trying desperately to not start running! I got into the toilet and locked the door.

I immediately went for the bathroom cabinet; as soon as I opened it I saw her thong! It was hanging off the inside of the door.

I grabbed it off, yanked my trousers and boxers down and sat down on the toilet, pulling my phone out I text – “I’m in here, found the present, haven’t got lots of time, text me something filthy”

I wrapped the thong around my cock and started pumping straight away, jerking my cock up and down.

A message popped up:

“Ohhh.. Is your cock nice and hard? Are you jerking into my knickers? I’m sat in bed on all fours. I’ve got my ass pointed right at you, begging Kadıköy Genç Escort for your cum!”

“Oh God, Oh God” I was mouthing over and over again.

Suddenly, I lifted her thong up to my mouth, biting hard on the crotch I yanked on them hard till I heard the material start to rip, for some reason that just set me off!

With one hand I continued to thrash my cock, with the other I bit, ripped and tore at her underwear, I could hear it snapping and tearing as I completely destroyed it.

I suddenly felt a HUGE surge in my cock, an enormous jet of spunk shot across the room

My face paralysed into a contorted scream of silence as I sprayed my cum everywhere. I was fidgeting and wriggling and breathing like a scuba diver as I emptied my frustrated balls all over their bathroom floor.

All of sudden I came to, suddenly realising how long id been in the bathroom I jumped up and pulled my trousers up, I tucked my shirt it, feeling all the gloopy cum sticking it my chest.

I dropped to my knees and hurriedly mopped up all the cum with the torn shreds of material that was once her beautiful thong.

Once finished, I stuff the thong back in the bathroom cabinet. Taking a deep breath, I flushed the toilet and walked out.

“Jesus Christ! You were fucking ages!… What were you jerking off in there or something,” Dave laughed.

“Yeah” I laughed back “this film about superhero’s just got me so worked up!” I jested back.

“You fucking weirdo” He joked and went back to watching the film.

I sat back down on the sofa. A few minutes later I heard footsteps outside the room, they moved to the bathroom and then went back upstairs.

That’s when I got the text on my phone – “Fucking hell!! I didn’t mean for you to destroy them! They were expensive!” she texts.

“Well why don’t you meet me for lunch tomorrow and I will give you a proper apology” I slyly text back.

To be continued…

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