Up to Her Ears in it

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“Uh, so you-” the man stammered, “you want to be a nurse?”

“Yes, Mr. Grosser.”

“That’s Doctor Grosser, Sammi. Doctor.”

“Oh, ok! I’m sorry, I’ll remember.”

The doctor smiled nervously across the desk at the young woman. The very young woman. Lots of very young woman as it happened.

“I see you’ve got your own uniform already, Sammi. Er, it’s a tad revealing isn’t it?”

The young woman looked down at herself and frowned prettily, pursing her unnaturally full lips and looking up with a confused expression.

The doctor took a handkerchief from his pocket and idly mopped his brow, thanking his lucky stars that the privacy panel beneath his desk concealed his raging erection. He was equally confused about that as she was concerning the questions about her uniform: he really wasn’t into the kind of girl, but her sheer sensuality seemed to have mainlined viagra straight through his skin and into his blood.

“Ah,don’t you- erm, doesn’t it kind of-” he coughed and got a morsel of control, “erm, how much do you weigh, Sammi?”

He saw her mortified expression and pulled the last shreds of his professional demeanour around him, “It’s important to know these things about future staff, Sammi, please, it’s just part of the process.”

“Oh, ok,” she said, brightening up,”I weigh about 420 pounds.”

“Oh. Well, er… oh.”

This was falling apart around him, it felt like reality was coming apart at the seams.

This girl, shorter than his petite 5’2″ wife, was wider than his car, heavier than he and any two of his family together, and wearing an outfit that looked like it contained less material than his gym towel.

He was lost and he knew it, but he couldn’t help but see the tiny sweep of white skirt that barely, barely, covered her densely muscled crotch. He remembered that when she had turned to close the door behind her, the skirt had actually rested atop her protruding, massive glutes, leaving her bottom naked except for the pathetic fig leaf that was her bright white thong string.

She was a muscular bombshell, but there was something else, something crazily sexual added into the mix with huge, shiny, puffed up lips set in a permanent moue of idle poutiness and painted a glossy atomic pink. Her chest was a pair of craggy boulders spreading the open neck of her top and heaving through, with a pair of massive balloon implants straining at the overtaxed fabric, the crinkled brown flesh of stretched areolae peeking above the lapels even as the thick nubs of Sammi’s nipples threatened to tear through the fabric.

Atop all this cataclysm of muscle and lewdness and raw sex there was the innocent, beautiful face of a college cheerleader, all wide blue eyes, high cheekbones and flawless skin, surrounded by a fall of hair so blonde it almost glowed.

“So,” he squeaked, “what are your interests?”

“Well,” she said, bubbly and good naturedly charming as usual, “I like helping people, going to the gym and fucking people a lot.”

There was a moment of silence from the doctor, followed by the tell-tale purr of a rapidly unfastening zip.

“I think we may have something for you.”


Sammi bounced down the corridor, clipboard propped on one meaty pec as she read and idly straightened herself up.

More or less straightened out, she licked up a last lingering drop on her bottom lip, savouring the full feeling of her mouth as the collagen enhanced flesh pouted outrageously. She didn’t like to admit it to her friends, but sometimes she had the biggest orgasms just diddling herself and looking into a mirror. Everything Mommy had paid for was just perfect and she had gone back a few times to get more filler with the money from her own allowance. She didn’t regret it one bit.

The wings of the hospital in this area were very quiet, a lot of rooms put aside for private wards, specialist treatment areas and even some secure wings for problem patients. Still, as she strode to her first task in her new job, several other nurses, porters and doctors had been forced to press themselves against the walls to let her pass.

Once she had been forced to step aside as a gurney carrying a sallow faced man had been wheeled past. Luckily, she was able to arch her back and stop her tits from getting in the way… the trolley had been able to pass underneath her boobs without too much fuss.

Grinning slightly at the memory of the man’s expression, she turned the corner to the Futa Maternity wing and passed a group of doctors in an alcove, clustered around the dripping body of another, the woman’s clothes torn and ripped in many places and her face red as she retched up mouthfuls of thick liquid.

“Oh God, I only turned my back for a second and then they had her…” Sammi overheard one of them say in shocked tones.

Sammi put her clipboard down on the counter top nearby and made her introductions to the supervising nurse, a hulking black man with warm chocolate eyes and the physique of a Greek god. She smiled as he flirted travesti istanbul with her and slid around the counter to continue the conversation.


Licking her cum-sticky fingers clean one at a time, looking playfully at Benoit, her boss, Sammi let a little satisfied purr rumble through her chest as she savoured the taste of him. Compared to Dr. Grosser he was in a different league, pleasant as her interview had been. She felt that she was going to feel right at home here in the Futa Maternity ward.

They both looked up as the sound of running footsteps and shouting came from the ward, the double doors bursting open and a trolley bed pushed by four sweating nurses in the loose blue smocks of more regular uniform wheeled the bloated form of a fifth out between them, naked and cum covered and very obviously very pregnant.

“Take her down to Special Maternity, stat!” Benoit roared.

“Sammi,” he continued, pointing at the still-swinging doors, “I need you to go in there and do what you can for our poor mothers-to-be, they’re climbing the walls in there.”

“Ok!” Sammi called as she trotted to the doors.

“Watch out though! Those women in there are a hormone bomb waiting to go off!”

This place was looking like fun.


Someone had turned the lights down in this ward and the steamy heat was oppressive for the young nurse as she made her way further and further into the gloom, hearing the occasional feminine grunt in the half-lit shadows of the rooms and beds.

A massively pregnant form stepped out of the shadows, a rampant penis arcing jauntily upwards from underneath her swollen belly. The woman’s eyes were clouded with lust as she waddled rapidly over to Sammi on an obvious intercept course, angling to jump the muscle mountain and ram her cock anywhere warm and soft.

She wasn’t ready then when Sammi simply scooped her up and cradled her like an infant as she kept on walking, dipping her head slightly to take the tip of the cock into her mouth and start slurping on it contentedly even as she carried on walking deeper into the ward.

The huge nurse shuddered as the futa in her arms let loose with a hoarse little cry emptying her churning balls into Sammi’s mouth and throat, shuddering and writhing in the muscular embrace as waves of orgasm and release rolled through her hormone ravaged body, the swell of her belly getting spattered as the cum Sammi couldn’t keep down blasted out from between those ludicrous blow-job lips.

As they stepped through a door into the main ward room, Sammi ducked her head to press her luscious lips into the gasping mouth of her patient and share a sloppy, cum swapping kiss as the last few spurts squirted out between their bodies.

Sammi saw the vagueness of fatigue in the woman’s eyes as she lay her out on an empty bed, watching tenderly as the futa drifted to sleep, idly licking her cummy lips and caressing her huge belly. It seemed that with the lusts finally abated, the mother-to-be was finally able to get some rest.

Stroking the woman’s hair gently Sammi, sighed happily and turned around.

Fourteen pairs of eyes stared back at her, and fourteen huge, rampant phalluses bobbed to a primal rhythm, all pointing at her incredible physique.


The cocks ranged in size from very large to monstrous and ran the gamut of skin colours, shapes and states of obvious sexual agitation. Some of the women were lush and curvy, others tall and willowy, some even muscular, but even the largest was only twice the size of a champion male bodybuilder; nothing compared to Sammi. Each one of these futas sported huge, gravid bellies that were shiny and taut with their babies.

Every girl knew that futas were often incredibly beautiful and sexually potent, but few realised that it worked the other way as well: when a futa got knocked up, she got very knocked up. Not only that, but it seemed that pregnancy only made them more potent, more lush and generally turned everything up to eleven.

Not that Sammi minded.

“Hi-,” she started, only to be mobbed by a tide of fertile, virile flesh. Huge, milky breasts were pressed into face and chest, swollen bellies rubbing against her even as huge, thick futa dicks crammed between her thighs, her buttocks, her pec cleavage, the ridges of her abs, the nooks where her biceps met her forearms, even her armpit was a tempting target one one of these desperate futa goddesses.

After a few minutes of frantic pushing and shoving, the group realised it had little or no chance of pushing Sammi over and overpowering her on the floor. Her clothes were a ragged mess and the only thing that remained was the tiny nurses cap she wore, perched atop her blonde curls.

One by one the women stepped back and began planning another wave of attack, but Sammi leapt into action first, seizing two mattresses nearby and throwing them to the floor to make a large area in the middle of the room, when two more joined them a second later.

Eyes gleaming in triumph, istanbul travestileri the biggest futa there came forward, her thick limbs covered in large, sculpted sweeps of muscle and pushed her brutal looking dick at Sammi’s face, sturdy barbell piercings all the way down the gnarly veined fuckstick gleaming in the half dark. Sammi grinned at her as her lips closed around the monstrously wide head, her jaw creaking audibly as she fought to take in the huge, hot meat.

Then she sucked. Hard.

The first clot of heady pre-cum spattered into her hungry mouth as the power suction short circuited the brawny futa’s mind, drawing a grunt from her and a wobble at the knees that threatened to send the expectant mother down in a heap.

Sammi’s arms encircled the stunned futa like the rocky headlands around a bay, the freakishly developed musculature of the nurse eclipsing the impressive physique of her patient, and she gently lay the big woman on her back, the battering ram dick standing straight up like two feet of pure sexual threat.

A wave from the hulking nurse drew a tall black amazon from the crowd, her longer, though leaner, cock shiny from the sheer hydraulic pressure of blood being hammered into her fuck flesh. A bit of manoeuvring and shuffling later and the two specimens of gifted futa-dom were on their backs, crotch to crotch, legs tangled in a lewd stroking motion as they rubbed their bellies together and pressed their cocks between their swollen tummy flesh.

Sammi waddled forward herself, her thick thighs spread and gleaming along the insides with liquid arousal, grunting in satisfaction as her pussy kissed first the huge black tower and then the punishing bodybuilder meat as she ground her hips over their throbbing shafts.

Her cartoon lips pursed into an “O” over an inch deep as she slowly sank down the cocks, taking both in her straining pussy, her teeth gritted as she stretched herself painfully, revelling in the sensation as her fuck tunnel got the workout of her short life. It was like the burn she got at the gym, a proper, wholesome pain that tickled the part of her brain that set off her buzzing, swollen clit.

With a shuddering sigh, she sat lower and lower, her huge tree trunk thighs bloating with pure musculature as she ground her hips, hungry for the deep stretching pain that was setting her pussy on fire, her thick lips skinned back from her teeth now as she got halfway down.

A short figure slipped around her, thick cyclist thighs pumping beneath a proud belly and long swinging cock. The woman had the caramel skin of a Hispanic, and the junk in the trunk to go with with it. Even as Sammi worked her way down, she heard muttered conversation and then felt a thick cock head prodding her back door.

Trying to turn her head, her view was obscured by her own towering traps and she gave up, instead concentrating on getting as much cock stuffed in her pussy and asshole as she could. It felt like someone had stuffed a handful of baseball bats into her trembling torso, via both holes and her hissing gasps of effort were growing into rougher grunts of effort.

It was paying off though, as she looked down into the blissed out face of the muscled futa who had tried to dominate her, those eyes squeezed shut in sensation as Sammi’s cunt gobbled up more and more dick, one cool steel piercing at a time as she worked her way down.

A thick cock was suddenly in full view, hovering inches from her face and parked in the canyon of her pecs and heavy breasts, pre-cum flowing freely from the tip and lubricating the shaft and the flesh of her chest as the tiny asian woman attached to the thickset weapon grunted and squeaked her pleasure, her round belly jerking as she shoved her hips forward hard, the head brushing Sammi’s cheek.

Her attention was taken as a long, comparatively thin, cock was pushed into her cheek, the instant reaction, unthinking, led Sammi to take as much as she could into her mouth and let this futa woman fuck her face as well as she could. The taste was divine as she felt pre-cum sluicing down her throat and smelt the heady aroma of cock in her nostrils, letting her tongue bathe the turgid flesh lovingly. As she sucked hard she was rewarded with a shivery moan from the lucky recipient.

Feeling more and more aroused, Sammi wiggled her hips and bubbled a gasp around the spit-soaked cock in her throat, bringing her hands up and out and beckoning with her soft, strong hands. A throbbing log was placed in the palm of each of her hands and she began to jerk off the two futa women who had presented themselves, luxuriating in the feeling of sticky pre coating her fingers as she worked those cocks expertly.

The raising of her arms had let her full width become readily apparent, her back flaring like a cobra’s hood, lats fighting massive arms which bulged with every pump of her jerking hands. Even the centre of her back was a big groove of squirming muscularity as traps and delts and intercostals all fought for real istanbul travesti estate on her unreal physique.

From behind, two futas who had been ogling the imposing peaks of Sammi’s gargantuan biceps slid their cocks in the gap between the nurse’s forearm and the flexing, vascular, peaked muscle, grunting and moaning as their cocks were squeezed and massaged, even as they fucked back and forth desperately. The feeling of these women getting off on fucking her muscles was lighting a fire deep inside the slutty nurse, helping transmute the pain of her stretching into the distant rumble of slowly approaching tidal waves of orgasm.

Sammi shivered as a wet thump on her back told her of a futa cock sliding up and down her heaving flesh, frotting herself on the rippling muscle canyon that ran up the centre of the nurse’s back, the heady pre-cum from the new arrival spattering into her hair and across the back of her neck, anointing her lewdly and adding another note to the symphony of sluttiness that filled her mind.

Finally, she felt two bellies pressing in insistently, pressing into her shoulders and the cocks associated with them sliding between her thick triceps and widely flared lats, the streams of rich pre running in streams down her flanks and seeming to almost boil off her from the heat of her arousal.

Dimly she counted 12 lovers using her body all at the same time in an orgy of heaving pregnant bellies, swollen futa balls, thick futa cocks and her own orgasm inducing body.

Speaking of which…


Sammi drank greedily as the cock in her mouth blasted jet after jet of thick, heady cum in orgasm, the barrage last minutes, with each shot powering out more creamy issue than a blast from a hose. In seconds she was full, her stomach taut with the sheer volume of cum crammed in there, her abs only barely able to keep her tummy flat as a board. Gurgling and dribbling great sloppy loads of jizz from her huge puffy lips, Sammi throated and sucked and drank, losing herself in the wanton act of being marked by some anonymous, hung, futa.

The cock popped free from her mouth as the one from between her thick pecs was suddenly shoved hard into her mouth, the asian woman gripping her head with manic strength as she hilted herself in Sammi’s face and let fly a salvo of punishingly think, backed up spunk that had the texture of cottage cheese, all thick and virile and lumpy.

Sammi worked her throat expertly and downed as much of the potent goo as she could manage, painfully aware that her belly was growing outwards slowly, her muscles complaining slightly as they were forced to relax and stretch under the hydraulic onslaught inside of her. Luckily the cock was removed then for the petite mother-to-be to paint Sammi’s chest and straining fake tits with thick clots of ball batter, the slowly softening length slapping into her breasts, mashing the cum into her flesh even as the futa’s lips met Sammi’s own and they shared a lewd, snowballing kiss.

As they pulled apart their mouths were each filled with thick, chewy cum, a strand linking them and stretching almost 3 feet before breaking and falling sloppily down Sammi’s front and onto the grunting, pounding muscle futa lying beneath her.

Soon another cock was between her breasts and another rammed deep into her mouth, savaging her throat with every thrust.

She tensed as she felt the cock brutalising her ass grow suddenly in girth, feeling as if every contour and blood vessel had just doubled in size inside her and she moaned around the cock as a truly biblical explosion went off deep within her guts, blasting up through her body and powering the contents of her cum-packed belly up and out around the cock embedded down her throat.

She and the futa she was blowing shared a sympathetic spasm as the vacuum powerful sucking action was supplemented with a turbulent hydraulic contraflow, bloating out Sammi’s bull neck and giving a shiatsu massage to the fuckmeat buried in her face.

Perversely, this set off the futa whose cock she was sucking and Sammi groaned as her body became a battleground for the irresistible force and the immovable object. Luckily for her, neither mattered against the body of a cast-iron cock-whore like herself. Still, she felt her belly bloat under the assault even further and couldn’t help but sit down further on the cocks assaulting her pussy as the futa that had basted her insides withdraw and came happily all over her ass, truly spent for now.


The churning of cum inside her had set the two below her right on edge and Sammi stopped moving as she worked the others, taking another dick into her mouth, raising a chubby, fat dick to her face to hose herself down with thick streamers of jizz and plaster her hair to her skull with the virile, glue like substance.

As one of the girls fucking her biceps pressed her cock into Sammi’s mouth, stretching her lips to force both angry shafts into her face, Sammi couldn’t help but feel the first crest of an orgasm, her pussy working over the cocks still buried inside her. She shuddered and bucked and moaned around the cocks fighting to plough her throat, her nerve endings setting alight as she was basted by one of the futa’s fucking her lats, coating her side in potent cum.

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