Valentine’s Tease Ch. 09

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Filled by His Mistresses

Razak groaned, on all fours and chained to the floor. The wolf could not have said quite how he seemed to end up chained up there, beside a luxurious four-poster bed, but it seemed that he would not be destined to sleep on it that night as there were already two occupants to the room that surely would be claiming it for themselves. His blue tail lifted, exposing the white fur beneath, but he was already right where he wanted to be for them as a green-scaled paw trailed its way carelessly down his back.

“You’re keen, aren’t you?”

She said it offhandedly, the dragoness eyeing him up like he was a piece of meat to be devoured and, oh, how she intended to devour him. Lashing her lips with a dark flicker of tongue, her yellow eyes glinted with wickedness as her tail curled around the hips of the mare beside her, tugging her chestnut body in closer, as much as the equine scowled and rolled her eyes.

“Easy… You’re sharing him tonight.”

“We’re both sharing him, darling.”

“Well, yes, that is the meaning of sharing, isn’t it?”

They squabbled between one another, the chestnut mare and the green dragoness with lighter bands of paler shades running down her front from the underside of her jaw. As alike as they were different, they were hypnotising and all the wolf pup between them could do was whimper sweetly and hope to appease them with his body, letting out a softly submissive bark as he raised his buttocks for the dragoness, for that was just where she was standing at that time.

It had the desired effect as they quieted, paws on him, roaming his body so freely that one could have been mistaken for thinking that they owned him. Well, that was kind of the deal but it was complicated in modern society, something that polite furs didn’t really speak about, the kind of BDSM Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort that went on in the deepest, darkest basements, locked up away from prying eyes. It was consensual, of course, but, to him, there was nothing quite like knowing that every last one of his rights had been stripped away from him, losing everything that made him who he was, just to kneel at their hooves and paws and murmur so very sweetly.

“Please…” He breathed, eyes closed, not needing to see. “Use me.”

The mare chuckled and tipped his muzzle up to face her, crouching down to his level.

“And why do you think we should do that?”

It was not a question that they wanted him to answer and he whimpered softly, the dragoness’ fingers teasing up under his tail, probing past the barrier of his anal ring, as much as that had ever been designed to keep out those that were better than him. The wolf’s head swam as he tried to arch back, but the mare’s fingers closed firmly around his muzzle, holding him in place even as he grunted and whimpered in as appeasing a fashion as he thought he was able to.


It was not for him to decide what he was to do even as the mare turned his muzzle up higher still, swinging a leg over his shoulder and presenting to him the flower of her pussy. With her folds already soft and dripping with her arousal, there was little question about what she wanted but Raz still waited, lips parted, knowing that it was her command that came above all else and what he should, ultimately, wait on.

The horse’s tail flicked, flagging proudly, wafting her scent nearer. It was all he could do not to lose himself in that scent.


As if he was going to deny such an order, digging his tongue eagerly up into the mare’s hot pussy and slurping away, eyes half-lidded with pleasure. It was as easy as it ever was to lose himself in the softening, sweetening aroma of her cunt, how it enveloped his tongue so very gently, regardless in the power in the muscle behind her pussy. The dragoness was not idle either, fingers plunging into his tail hole, not because he needed to be prepared Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort at all for what was to come but simply because she enjoyed toying with him. And wasn’t that just what the very best kind of toy was intended for in the end?

He didn’t have to say. All he had to do was lick and lap and slurp into her pussy, twirling his flexible tongue up and around her clit, her moans guiding him on. Yet it was hard to focus too as the dragon moved in close again, her fingers replaced with the tip of a firm cock, a silicone toy with a girth that sent a tremor through his body.

“You can take it.”

He’d have to.

It had been lubricated, which was a small blessing, as the dragoness bore in, the strap-on dildo teasing deeper and deeper, forcing open a hole that wanted to yield and yet didn’t know how to, not when so much was going on at once. But he had to give in to her, yield in some way, panting and heaving against the mare’s pussy as he fought to concentrate on the task at hand.

But they didn’t want to make it easy for him, the devious pair set on using him for their pleasure at all costs. He was the cost that they were willing to pay for their pleasure as the dragon groaned and rammed into him, thrusting and fucking him just like a male, if only to glean her own pleasure from the other side of the strap-on, which crammed another toy, trembling with vibrations, into her pussy. After all, there was no sense to her in fucking a sub to put them in her place if she wasn’t going to get her rocks off too. One just had to be fair about it and, truly, it was not about the submissive, their pleasure, regardless of what those that may have liked to turn their position into a fetish may have thought.

That didn’t concern them. They were there to use him, Razak whimpering and shuddering between them, two strong, powerful ladies using him just as they pleased. The mare groaned deep in the back of her throat, orgasm rising swiftly as his tongue sought out each and every last little sensitive spot that he knew of, suckling her clit sweetly between his lips.


Her moan was music Kadıköy Vip Escort to his ears as the dragoness hissed through her teeth, jaws clenched, tail sweeping around to press up between his legs. He could not force them apart much more, chains clinking with sweetly erotic music, but he tried all the same, her tail teasing up against his nuts, not that he thought that they would see much use that night – not in the way that he wanted, anyway.

The mare confirmed it, moaning loudly as she crushed his muzzle into her pussy, lingering on the edge of climax, as much as it threatened to explode right there and then. The dragoness to his rear was much the same, the saw and grind of that faux-cock pounding his tight hole sending his head spinning, wanting it all, cock twitching and aching for that sweet, sweet release wherever it could be gleaned from.

“Don’t you dare cum.”

He had to hold it back, hold back even as their moans of orgasm rose above him, the mare flooding his muzzle sweetly with her juices as her cunny even squirted – he’d gotten her off that hard! And, still, he was not allowed to cum? Raz shuddered with the injustice of it; alas, that was the position that he’d put himself in when he’d knelt for them and it was the delicious tingle of a repercussion that he would have to live with. Their cries rose and rose even as he drank down all of the mare’s juices that he could, slurping his tongue around inside her, her velveteen warmth, wet and dripping, closing and rippling around his tongue as if even that part of her wanted to drag it in deeper.

Grunting thickly, the dragoness leaned over him, shadowing him with the weight of her body, breasts pulled down lightly under their own weight, though he had not yet, that night, had the pleasure of wrapping his lips around her nipples, trembling with desire. Razak shuddered, rolling his hips from one side to the other, the need to cum still there, his wolf-cock throbbing anxiously, though the gleam of moisture at the tip seemed to be a perpetual thing at this point, something that would never, truly, go away.

“Said he was a good fuck, didn’t I?”

Yet the night was far from over, his body hot and primed for their pleasure, whimpering as his mistress mare drew away, only to smirk down at him, tail flicking high.

“Now for something really special…”

Raz shuddered, tail jerked up as high as he could get it. He couldn’t wait to find out.

Happy Valentine’s Day…

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