Village Ch. 04: Charlotte

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Occasional use of capitals for emphasis

Some use of ellipsis…

Single inverted commas ‘ ‘ for thoughts

To divide sections:


Another one in my ‘Village’ series, very loosely linked to others in the series. Sensible comments appreciated.


John was bored, he had refused to go on holiday with his parents, as he had a job and wanted to save for university. He forgot that there would be long periods of nothing. Then the phone rang, next door neighbour.

“John, I’m sorry, are you doing nothing?” she said. “The sink is blocked, and I need to fix it, I don’t want to get a plumber at the weekend, could you have a look, I’d be sooo… grateful.”

Annie was a bit gushy, and over the top, John quite liked her, partly because she had a pair of lovely tits. John was eighteen and had never had the opportunity for a good fondle. Annie had noticed John’s obsession with her tits, ‘Don’t dribble,’ she thought last time she met him. She shook her head, teenage boys and hormones, she thought. Annie was separated from her husband, she was forty and was a little bit short of sex. She often thought of her teenage neighbour. But how to get him?

Then she hit on the age old idea of the blocked sink, the god of plumbers invented blocked sinks. She thought about a mouse in the kitchen, but quite liked mice, and found them quite cuddly and nice.

So blocked sink it was, naïve John never realised he was being set up, but as we said earlier, he was a nice boy who like looking at Annie’s tits, and left his hormones switched on, He cleared the sink, Annie was grateful and offered him a beer. He sat down and drank the beer, Annie a wine, then Annie started her ploy, well tried and tested.

“I’ve never seen you with a girl, John,” she said and got the standard reply:

“I find girls difficult to talk to,” he said.

“A nice boy like you?” she said, “I thought they be falling out over you.”

“No,” he said.

“What about Charlotte, over the road? Nice girl, I’ve seen you walking home from school together.” She replied.

“Charlotte’s just a friend,” he said, defensively.

“Friend?” said Annie, guessing that Charlotte might see John as more than a friend.

“Friend,” he said, firmly. He couldn’t tell Annie how often he thought of Charlotte, and how often she was part of his dreams…

There was a silence, whilst Annie thought.

“So if your friend Charlotte was here, and she was sat next to you, what would you talk about?” Annie asked.

“She’s going into biology, so we would talk about animals and things,” said John, wondering where this strange conversation was going.

“So let’s practice, talk to me about animals and things,” she said.

So John spoke about animals, repeating the things that Charlotte had said to him,

“Well that sounds interesting,” Annie said, “so why would Charlotte not find that interesting?”

John was lost here, what was Annie getting at, he turned to her, “I think that you like Charlotte more than you let on,” said Annie, quietly.

Annie was right of course, John wondered where this was going, still.

“So here you are, sat next to Charlotte, would you kiss her?” she asked.

“I’ve never kissed, her, she’s just a friend.” Said John.

“I kiss my friends,” said Annie. “Have you ever kissed a girl, John?” she asked quietly, knowing the answer.

John looked at her, “No,” he replied, “no, I get all nervous.”

Annie had him now, entangled in her web, “Let me show you, it’s easy, you put your heads close together, like this,” putting hers near his, “turn your heads, and push lips together.” She kissed him, to his surprise. They pulled away from each other, “Now ask me if you can kiss me back,” said Annie.

John did so, Annie nodded, and he kissed her back, they held the kiss longer that time.

“Easy isn’t it,” said Annie, John nodded, “but you need more practice,” she said, pulling him to her. John responded to the kiss, enjoying it, he put his hand on her shoulder, pulling her tight to him, he could feel the swell of her breast, Annie smiled, she knew where this was going, ‘easy does it’, she thought. She let the kiss continue, then got hold of his hand and pulled it slowly down to her breast. John felt the breast, then opened his eyes, and looked at Annie, “Go on,” she said, “I’ve seen you looking at them.”

John fondled her breast, continuing the kissing, “It’s time you took my jumper off,” said Annie, John did as he was asked, laying the jumper on the floor. John returned to the fondling and stroking, Annie kissing him enthusiastically, he made no attempt to unfasten the bra, awaiting a signal, “When you have done that for a while,” said Annie, “the girl will expect you to unclip her bra, don’t worry, she will let you know if she wants you to stop, a nice girl will do it gently, not wanting to hurt you.” John did nothing.

“Go on,” said Annie, “clip’s round the back, or I can undo it if you’d Şerifali Escort rather.”

John nervously unclipped the bra, he was expecting a ‘Stop I have changed my mind, this is wrong!’ but Annie wisely stayed silent, as he unclipped the bra, “Pull it away, now.” whispered Annie, She sat there, half naked, her large breasts swaying in front of John.

“Play with then, please.” said Annie, “It feels nice when a man plays with a woman’s breasts.” John got stuck in to breast playing, the first pair he’d ever touched.

Annie pushed herself to him and continued kissing, “So if you play with me, it’s alright if I play with you?” she asked, John nodded, she had her hand on his knee, and to John’s surprise, ran one finger up, and ran it gently along his cock, which was as expected, straining against his jeans, without hesitation, she pulled the zip down and fumbled her way into the jeans and stroked his cock, gently.

John realised that some direct action from him might be appropriate, nothing to lose, so he put on hand on Annie’s knee and trailed it up her leg, “Well done,” whispered Annie as his hand reached her crotch.

“At this point John, ” said Annie, “a woman is going to say one of two things, ‘stop I don’t want to’, or, ‘let’s go to bed’,” Annie stood up and held her hand out, John took her hand as she led him upstairs, he couldn’t believe his luck. She opened the door, led him into her room, double bed, and stopped in front of him, her hands to his belt, unfastening it and dropping his jeans, he pulled his tee shirt off, naked now, Annie unfastened her skirt, dropped it and pulled her panties down, as she stood up, she planted a quick kiss on his cock end, to John’s surprise. “That’s what you get for being nice,” she said,

Annie led the way to the bed, pulling the duvet back, and lying down, on her side. John joined her facing her, they edged up to each other and embraced, had a good snog. John couldn’t resist another breast fondle, and Annie put her free hand on his cock and began a slow wank.

“John, I guess you haven’t played with a woman’s vagina before?” She asked, John shook his head, “Give me your hand and I’ll give you a quick tour,” she said, “Clitoris, lips, inner lips, vagina,” she said, guiding his hand, “have a good feel around, but finish with the clit,” she said. “I’ll tell where’s good,” she finished.

John had a good feel around, encouraged by Annie’s cries of, “There, back a bit, put your fingers up my cunt now, then back to my clit, oh! That’s just right, ohhhh!” She was carrying on wanking his cock, at the same time.

Annie pushed away from him and lay on her back, legs apart, “I need you in me now!” she said. John didn’t need any more encouragement, he got between her legs, Annie got hold of his cock as he lay over her and guided it up her cunt. “Push it in,” she said, “push your cock up me!”

Annie pushed her hips up to meet him, as he pushed his cock in. “Go for it!” she exclaimed, “Just fuck me!” John obliged, with all the vigour of an eighteen year old. Annie’s final cries were, “Don’t stop, keep going, yesss, oh! Yesssss.” They came together, John pumping his seed into her good and hard. They rolled apart, Annie returning to John to drape herself over him. “Here endeth lesson one.” She said laughing.

Annie explained to John what was going on while they rested. Annie was separated from her husband, children grown up, but Annie was sexually unsatisfied. She didn’t want an affair with a married man, why mess up another marriage? Her friend hit on the idea of going on holiday and seeing what they could pick up. They struck gold, they had rented an apartment in Spain, and found two young men had the next apartment, they saw each other on the balcony, asked the boys round for a meal, spaghetti, lots of wine, and at the end of the meal, each woman sat on a settee, leaving the boys to decide who to sit with.

The boys soon got the idea, snogging resulted, clothes removed, and shagging commenced, they didn’t even make it to bed, the first time, both women thoroughly shagged on their settees, in front of each other, inhibitions being pointless.

The boys were there a week, and left Saturday morning, the women were there for two weeks and were delighted when two slightly older men checked in, no delay, they invited them round that night and got a repeat shagging session and were thoroughly shagged during the rest of the week.

The women returned home, fully satisfied and determined to have a repeat holiday later.

Annie then hit on the idea of a bit of local satisfaction and thought about John. Bingo, hole in one. “I cannot see you too often,” she said to John,” people will notice, but I’ll call in a few days,”

Annie rang him a few days later, inviting him round, when he got there, her friend was there as well, two women. “This my friend who went to Spain with me, you can have both of us.” Annie said. They led him upstairs, all stripped off and he had the friend first, then Göztepe Escort moved on to Annie. All three shared a bed, it was John’s first threesome, as the women pleasured themselves while he rested.

They taught John a lot, and he shagged until his balls ached.

They sent him on his way the next morning, but with advice about Charlotte.

A day later, John walked over to Charlotte’s house, late morning, less nervous than he had been previously. He rang the bell, door opened, Charlotte’s mum there, “Is Charlotte in?” he asked.

“Yes,” said her mum, slightly surprised, John had hardly ever been to see Charlotte before, except for school work. she took John in, “Just wait,” she said, “I think Charlotte is having a shower.” she left and a returned, “two minutes,” she said, and made John a coffee.

John quite liked Charlotte’s mum, in fact quite attracted to her, she looked like Charlotte, shorter blond hair, but just as shapely, she had been mistaken for Charlotte’s sister recently, which secretly pleased her. She liked John and wished Charlotte and he would get together.

Charlotte entered the kitchen, hair wet, wearing a kaftan, she greeted John and went to him, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mum was a little surprised, her daughter never showing any previous affection for John, but perhaps she was just being nice?

“I’m at a loose end,” said John to Charlotte, “do you fancy coming over to listen to a few records, or a video?”

Charlotte responded with more enthusiasm than John or her mum expected, “Hey, that would be great,” she replied, “I’ll just go and get dressed.” John was a little disappointed, since it was obvious from the hug that Charlotte was wearing nothing under her kaftan.

Charlotte reappeared a few minutes later, wearing skimpy shorts and a crop top, with acres of midriff exposed, the costume oozed sex, her mum wondered if it was really appropriate for listening to records in, but made no comment.

“Don’t forget your key,” Charlotte’s mum said, “remember I’m at a party tonight and will be back late, I might even sleep over,” a little bit of a lie, Charlottes mum was having an affair, and was not sure where she was sleeping, and was hoping for minimum sleep, maximum sex. She nearly said ‘sleep over at John’s if you want’ but felt that was going a bit far.

Her mum watched them walk out, puzzled, she had never seen the two of them show any affection towards each other, yet as they walked down the drive they were holding hands.

Her mum watched them go, wondering herself what would happen to them, she had one important piece of information, or at least was 99% certain, Charlotte was not a virgin, and as her mum knew, once you start having sex, you want to carry on, ‘Good luck, John,’ she thought.

As they reached the road, Charlotte looked down, “You are holding my hand.” She said.

John laughed, “I think that it is you who are holding mine.” Charlotte laughed, John let go of her hand, she still held his, “If you don’t want to?” he said.

Charlotte shook her head, “No it’s fine, we have never held hands before.” They resumed the hand holding and walked on in thoughtful silence.

John took her in the house, into the lounge, Charlotte shivered and hugged herself, “I’m cold.” she said.

“I’ll put the heating on,” said John.

“No,” replied Charlotte, “I’m not that cold, have you a duvet or a blanket, we could sit with that over us?” she said.

John went upstairs and returned with a large duvet, “My parents’,” he said, “King size.”

He gave it to Charlotte and put a record on, turned back to her, she was sat on the settee, she patted the seat next to her, “Sit next to me,” she said. John sat down, and she spread the duvet over them, only their heads protruding. “Nice and cosy.” She said. They sat there, listening to the record, Charlotte relaxed, sighed, and lent against John. John put his arm over Charlotte’s shoulders.

Charlotte thought about this, but said nothing, she leaned her head against John, relaxing more, she felt nice, comfortable and cosy.

John was silent, wondering what to say, Charlotte seemed happy, why say anything, he breathed in, “You smell nice,” he suddenly said.

Charlotte turned to him, “I cannot remember the last time you said anything like that.” she said and kissed him on the lips.

John was surprised, “You kissed me!” he said.

“You paid me a complement, a nice complement,” she said, “that deserves a kiss.”

John looked at her, realising that a bridge had been crossed, what to do next?

He hesitated, wrong move now would blow everything, but be positive, “That was a nice kiss,” he said, “May I kiss you back?”

Charlotte knew things were changing, John was giving her a way out. She could say ‘no’, and they would listen to records, and probably never do it again, or ‘yes’ and change her life. She bit her lip and nodded, not daring to speak.

John, lent to her and kissed her Ümraniye Escort on the lips, she responded to the kiss, she put her hands to his head, holding him there, he put one arm around her bare waist, they held the kiss, neither wanting to stop. Charlotte opened her mouth to John’s probing tongue, met his tongue with hers.

She ran her hand under John’s tee shirt, feeling his body, his nipples, she lifted the tee shirt off him, pulling it over his head. “Too warm under here,” she said.

John looked at her, wondering if he could reciprocate, ‘Be brave’ he thought, put his hands to her top and lifted it over her head, then went back to continue the kiss, Charlotte was wondering when her bra was coming off. She realised that she wanted John’s hands on her breasts, soon. John was wondering the same, his hands moved to her back, fingers searching for the clip, He looked at her, Charlotte smiled at him, “Take my bra off, John,” she said, John needed no more bidding, off came her bra. They were still covered by the duvet, John pulled it back to look at her naked breasts, Charlotte pulled the duvet completely over them, “Like a cocoon,” she said, “our nest,”

“Love nest,” said John to Charlotte’s delight’

“Breasts are meant to be touched,” she reminded him, he reached out to her, she encouraged him, “that’s nice, rub my nipples,” she was saying.

“You have found a girl,” she said, “in our cocoon, wonder if I can find a boy?” She put her hand on his knee and slowly ran it up his leg, slowly, she got her hand to his cock, held it, squeezed it, “I found a boy,” she said.

John was surprised, another bridge crossed, in his view breast fondling was one thing, but girls didn’t touch cocks for nothing. Charlotte was still stroking his cock through his shorts.

John put his hand on her knee, ran his hand up her leg and fingers up inside her shorts to her crotch, rubbing his fingers up and down her slit. Charlotte moaned in pleasure, then she put her hands to her waist, unfastened her shorts and pushed them down, looking at John watching her, “Pull my pants down,” she said, John pulled them off, she put her hand on his shorts, “I’m in charge of shorts, today,” she said. Unfastening them and pulling them off, John pulled his underpants down, both naked now, still in their cocoon.

Charlotte laid down on her side, pulling John down to her, still both under the quilt, she put her hand down to his cock, he responded by running his fingers to her slit, finding her clit, rolling it in his fingers, Charlotte was a little surprised, she thought John was a virgin, but he certainly knew where all the bits were. They got back to snogging, their hands roaming freely, they laughed when their arms got tangled, trying to get to all the bits. “Oh! Goodness!” Charlotte said, as she got roused, she edged round to lie on her back, legs apart, they both knew what was next.

“Are you…?” asked John, not knowing how to put it.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” said Charlotte.

John moved over her, she put her hands to his cock, guiding him in, “Go all the way in,” she said, “I want to feel your pubic hair rubbing on mine.”

John obeyed, rolling his hips side to side, to rub hair on hair, he was thinking, ‘I went in easily, was she a virgin?’ never having had a virgin, he didn’t know, ‘who cares’, he thought, his cock buried deep in her. She rose her hips to him, “Off we go” she said, he was ramming in and out, she was lifting her hips to meet him, an experienced move, but John didn’t know that. They were both well roused, it didn’t take long before her vagina was pulsing, sucking on his cock, and his cock was spurting deep in her. They came to a halt, both panting with the effort. “Bit hot and sweaty in our love nest.” she said, laughing, she kissed him, lovingly, “Well done,” she said, then laughed again, “and I have been well done.” She said.

Eventually, they threw the quilt off, grateful for the cool, “Let’s go and lie on your bed.” she said to John, he led the way. She got to his room, looked in, “When did you last change the sheets?” she asked, “Another bed, please.”

“Advice from a girl,” she said, “always keep your bedroom as though a girl is coming there that day, one day you are going to be right!”

He took her into his parents’ room, with later consequences. They got into bed, pulling the quilt over them, Charlotte cuddled into John, “Just hold me,” she said, they snoozed.

They slept, and Charlotte woke about six, they had been there several hours, she woke John by kissing him, “That’s a nice way to wake me up,” he said.

She lay on her back, confession time, “Was this your first time?” she asked. He gave a stunning response, without thinking.

“With a girl.” He said, automatically, not realising.

Charlotte turned to him, “Girl?” she asked, “Please explain,”

John realised that there was a hole, and he was in it. Truth was his mum’s advice, he used it here, “She was a little bit older than what I call a girl,” he said.

Charlotte rolled over to face him, “How old,” she asked.

“I guess about forty,” he said.

“She lives in the village?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Is she a mum?” she meant was she a mum of children like them.

“Yes,” he said.

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