Visiting Nurse

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She looked like a nurse … sorta. Her dress was white, as were her stockings and shoes. But they weren’t typical nurse’s shoes; they were bone white sling pumps with four-inch heels. She was tall and slim. They were nearly eye to eye when she stepped up and through his doorway. A smile had flashed across her face as she stood with her purse in one hand and a metal attache case in the other. There was some sort of tubular metal object strapped to it.

She bent at the knees in an almost curtsey movement and sat the metal case down. Extending her hand she said, “I’m Amanda LaWinter.” Still standing in the living room she recited her experience and special training that lead her to the specific kind of work she was currently doing. She asked that he show her to the bedroom and said she would explain the procedure as they went along.

Less than a minute later they were both in the bedroom and she was setting up her stuff. The tubular metal thing turned out to be a collapsible stand that extended to six feet or so and had a three-legged base. As she set the stand in place at the edge of the bed she glanced up and found him staring at her. She knew why. Her matching white lace bra and string bikini panties were apparent under the translucent white dress. The lacy elastic tops of her thigh high stockings were only a little less so. “I’d like you on the bed on your tummy with your head at the foot of the bed for your enema,” she said, maintaining eye contact with him. He was sure he could see tiny white starbursts in the ice blue irises of her eyes.

He wanted to stand and watch her work but did as she directed. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could look in the mirror of the dresser opposite the foot of the bed. The angle was wrong and he could only see a reflection of himself dressed in a thin cotton robe as she had instructed when she called to set the appointment.

“Just lie down and relax,” she said as he felt her touch his shoulder. “It’ll be a couple minutes yet. I’ll tell you when I’m ready to begin.” He felt vulnerable and overpowered but again did as she said. He lay with his left cheek on the sheet and had a view of the bedroom door as she left the room. A minute or so later she entered the room carrying a bulging red rubber enema bag, the coiled hose with a white plastic tip.

“Turn your head the other way and bend your left knee,” she directed. He complied, facing away from her, still prone on the bed. He felt the robe being pulled off his thighs and butt. After a short pause something began to tease his anus. It continued for half a minute and he found himself enjoying the sensation and wanting more. It was as if she heard his thought as she slowly pushed the tip into him. Several seconds later a sharp click punctuated the silence. “Can you feel the flow?” she asked. He nodded his head slowly several times, afraid to move or make a sound.

A large white presence filled istanbul escort his vision and his head moved slightly because the bed moved. It took him a few seconds to grasp the fact that she was sitting on the bed just to the left of his head, her right hip and thigh so close that he could not focus on the white cloth of her dress. His gut was beginning to feel full. The pressure seemed relentless, filling him, pushing into him until he felt bloated and tight. Still it didn’t stop. “Uuuuuh,” he moaned as the liquid pushed its way into new places inside of him.

“Try to relax. You still have a ways to go,” she said as she placed her hand on the back of his neck. His arms and legs began to move involuntarily, small strokes at first as if he were trying to swim away from the increasing pain.

He didn’t remember her moving off the bed and kneeling in front of him. Her hands were on both sides of his head, only his chin touching the sheet. He inched himself toward her until his chin slipped off the edge of the bed. He tried to ignore the pain in his lower body and raised himself up on his elbows. Again he saw the entire universe in her eyes. Each bright blue iris was a galaxy. There were a hundred thousand more, he knew. But right now these would do. The pain overtook him and he moaned at her.

Her eyes clicked up and to the left and then came back to him. “Only a little bit more,” she breathed. He took it all and waited. Finally she pulled the tip out of him. “Roll over onto your back,” she directed. He moved carefully and didn’t much care if the robe gaped open or not. It didn’t make any difference because she promptly pulled at the half bowknot of the belt and then fully opened the robe. In her other hand was a large tube of lubricating jelly. She squeezed a three-inch ribbon of the clear gel onto his abdomen and a like amount just above the base of his penis. Then she began to massage his abdomen slowly and gently. She saw and felt him squirm under her hand as she increased the pressure on his distended belly.

He moaned in pain and protest, his eyes narrowed to slits. Her hand moved lower and spread the second gob of lubricant around the base of his penis as well as coating the limp member itself. Her hand went back to his abdomen and she applied increasing pressure until he moaned again. “Okay, go empty out,” she said with a smile.

He moved to the toilet and expelled the two quarts of water she had given him.

“Wait a couple more minutes to make sure it’s all out and then come back in here.” she had said to him, as she stood framed in the doorway. Her arms were extended from her sides, her hands resting on the doorframe above her head. It had the effect of raising the hem of her dress a couple of inches. Her feet were in the classic model’s pose with her weight on her back leg. “You like this next part much more,” she added with a smile.

She had arranged escort bayan two pillows against the headboard of the bed and directed him to sit with his back against them. From the dresser top beside her open case she obtained a device with a clear plastic cylinder eight inches long and two inches in diameter. One end was open and fitted with a gray rubber gasket. Some sort of mechanism that looked like a fancy nutcracker was attached to the other end by a flexible vinyl tube. She eased onto the bed by his right thigh, her feet on the floor. “Have you ever been vacuum erected before?” she asked.

“No, but think I’m about to be,” he replied,

“Once you’re erect this white constriction ring slides off the barrel onto the base of your penis. You hold the tube snuggly against yourself with your penis inside and I’ll pump, okay,” she said.

As he took the rigid plastic cylinder from her he noticed that the gray rubber gasket and the inside of the barrel were well lubricated. As soon as he put it in place she gave three quick strokes to the chrome-plated vacuum pump that resembled a nutcracker with an extra appendage that had to be the piston housing.

It grabbed him. She gave four more squeezes to the pump and the pressure seemed to increase. His penis began to grow. It steadily advanced up into the tube while increasing in diameter. “This is the part I like. I love to watch it get big and hard,” she breathed, forcing herself to make eye contact with him momentarily. Then her gaze went back to his burgeoning pleasure rod inside the cylinder. She stroked the vacuum pump twice more and waited for the purple-green veins to show in relief against the shaft. When they did she put down the pump and used both thumbs and forefingers to force the white constriction band off the end of the tube and onto the base of his rigid cock. The suction having been broken, the clear cylinder fell away to reveal his glistening erection.

Amanda LaWinter glanced at her watch, handed him a bottle of baby oil and said, “Maintain your erection manually for 15 minutes, then we’ll go to the next step.”

“You want … me to masturbate?” he asked.

“Exactly. Keep it just like that but don’t ejaculate. Just enjoy yourself for a while,” she replied.

He did as she said, uttering occasional moans and groans and had to stop several times to let the urgency, the nearness of orgasm to subside. Several times she leaned over and gently squeezed the shaft of his penis and then rolled her wrist to estimate its rigidity.

“Okay. Time to check your ejaculatory function,” she announced. She already had eye contact with him as she stood beside the bed. “Do you want to jack off into a bottle,” she asked as a huge smile spread across her face, “or would you like to put on a condom and have me ride you over the edge into orgasm?”

“You doooo that? he asked.

“Yes, just hold back as Maltepe escort long as you can, maybe I’ll come too,” she smiled. Sitting on the bed she quickly patted most of the oil from his stiff rod with a tissue and deftly rolled a condom onto it. After pulling the hem of her dress up around her hips, she pushed her lacy white panties off her hips and down her legs and stepped out of them. Then she knee-walked toward him on the bed until she was poised splay-legged over his hips. Slowly she settled onto him until she had all of him in her. “Eeeeewh,” she groaned.

He grinned and lay completely still. He was back in command. His entire consciousness was focused on his itchy-achy throbbing prick surrounded by her hot, quivering sheath. He waited for her to break first. She did. “Whaaaa!,” she moaned as she began to fuck him. Then it was, “Ahhhhha!” as she increased the pace. Time was lost to both of them. He glimpsed the fancy filigree at the elastic tops of her stockings where her thighs were working rhythmically so her crotch rose could swallow him whole again and again. He breathed deep and relaxed away from the inevitable spitting of semen that now was very close. He heard her cry, “Oh, goood,” as his spasms began. After dual moments of stillness, the pretty woman in the white dress fell forward onto the chest of the man who was in her. They stayed that way for several minutes, returning slowly to reality from their visit to ecstasy.

Fifteen minutes later she was packed up, had put her panties back on and enjoyed being escorted to his front door. “You’ll be pleased to know you rate quite well,” she said evenly.

“Thanks. What was the purpose of the enema?” he asked.

“It’s not part of the sexual function assessment. I just enjoy watching men squirm in pain from the things I can do to them when I’m in control. It’s a power trip. It excites me,” she said, her eyes aglow. ‘I’m still tripped,” she added, her voice rising from the revisitation of the last hour with him.

His front door closed behind her and Amanda LaWinter stood alone. She took a couple of steps, turned and settled into the semi-rickety deck chair where the mailman left bulky stuff he couldn’t get through the mail slot. Fishing in her purse she found the box of Marlboro Lights and a throw away lighter. She lit one and inhaled deeply. She liked to smoke after sex. There was no cum to ooze out of her and make her panties wet. The condom had caught that. Looking down the street, she found everything normal and ordinary.

After a last drag she tossed the burning butt over the planter and into the grass beyond. Purse strap over her shoulder, silver metallic attache case in her other hand she went to the door, clicked open the thumb latch and went inside for the second time that day.

He was in his recliner, out flat with his hands behind his head, wearing just a robe. Their eyes met and he smiled at her. ‘You stayed in character very well,” he said.

“As did you,” she said to him

“Will Nurse LaWinter visit again in two weeks?” he asked her.

“If you wish,” she replied

“Yes, I do,” he smiled as a wave of after pleasure rolled through his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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