What You Want

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I lower my hands between my parted legs. All that hides my pussy from your view is the red triangular front of my G-string.

You lick your lips as if preparing to feast upon a meal prepared by Bobby, Wolfgang, Emeril, or the like. Your mouth waters at the first site of my nectar seeping through the thin fabric.

Noticing your reaction I smile slyly, knowing this whole situation is in my control. I take the fingers of my right hand and rub them firmly against the spot of moisture; it slowly begins to grow. I can barely take the sensation, but the look of anticipation on your face reminds me to slow down, making you wait.

From the lowest point of the triangle I glide my index finger up along my plump outer pussy lips so that they surround the fabric and make it cup my clit. The now hard nub is a bit stiffer and peeking out from its hood. The mere feeling of it touching the fabric and the kinkiness of the fabric being surrounded by my pussy lips feels so naughty and I love every moment of it. I especially love the way you look as if you want to jump through the computer screen.

The red triangle pointing to my entrance, I take its direction and insert my middle finger into my pussy, the sensation is amazing. A groan can be heard in the sole ear bud placed in my right ear. You like what you see. I slowly slip the finger out of my valley and bring it up to my lips, glossing the red lipstick with the most natural balm. I follow by trailing the tip of my tongue around my full lips, licking my juices off of my lips. I taste as sweet as Maltepe Anal Escort honey, perhaps sweeter.

Wanting more I place the pad of my middle and index finger at my entrance and bite my lip as I try to push the digits in. I’m so tight the task becomes a feat I’m not ready to battle, but I must, after all that’s what you want.

On the other end you’ve already placed your hand between your own legs, I can only imagine what you’re doing out of the camera’s sight. But that doesn’t matter, because that’s not why I’m here.

I finally work up the courage to push both fingers in, it’s slightly painful and something between a gasp and moan escape my lips when I finally get the tips of my fingers in.

“Push them all the way in.”

I do as I’m told, biting my lip even harder. I thrust the fingers deep inside of me, lifting my bent legs up a bit off of the bed to give myself more access. My mouth opens into a red ‘O’ at the sensation.

“Leave them there.”

I don’t question you, I just obey.

“Place your – ugh – other hand.”

Your own touching is proving to be successful. I know what you require and I oblige, placing the middle finger from my other hand within the hole between the ample cheeks of my ass. My muscles flex around my finger as if inspecting the foreign object.

“Pro – proceed”

I begin pumping the three fingers in their respective orifices, slowly and meticulously. With every push into my pussy, thick creamy juices run out, on occasion spurting past my finger and onto Maltepe Yaşlı Escort my hand and wrist. My ass begins to become accustomed to the finger in it and allows me to feel pleasure from that place as well. Moans, clinching of teeth and a slightly more rapid pace result. You look on intently.

“Ugh, Damn. Fuck. Shit. Keep fucking going. Do as I say. Yes. Listen to Daddy. You fucking- damn! Listen. Yes. Just like that!”

Your words spewed in pleasure cause my own, each making my pussy twitch around my fingers at every slur. I could only hope you’d say my favorite before it was all over. I continue to do as I’m told; now stroking my fingers in and out of myself faster and faster. The buildup begins, but I know I must control myself. Or else.

“I wish you were here, I want to feel your tongue, Baby. I want you to take care of Daddy. But, first, let me take care of you.”

Just the thought made my body shiver. I nod my head and prepare myself. Removing the finger from my ass and using the hand to place the other ear bud onto the tip of my clit. I’d already prepared, adjusting the audio levels of my speaker output. “Ok.”

“Fuck yourself for me, Baby. Let me see. Yeah, just like that.”

I noticed, although slowed, your hand was still moving between your legs, out of view.

I closed my eyes and took everything in, pumping my finger into my yoni with your direction.

“Speed up. Fuck that pussy like I would. You’re going to earn it today. Prove to me you want it.”

And that, I did, bucking Maltepe Zenci Escort my pelvis into my fingers as I thrust them deep within me. But, to give you what you wanted, I needed more, and you knew that.

I faintly heard the prerecorded humming pump out of the left ear bud meticulously placed on the tip of my clit, but I felt it even louder. My eyes rolled to the back of my head in response.

“That’s right. Cum for Daddy. I so wish I could be there right now, sucking on that hard clit. I know it’s poking right out from under that hood.”

Without your question, for the first time that evening I moved the triangle to the side revealing my exposed clit and juice-covered pussy lips.

“Oh. My. Gawd.” Your mouth drops open and you feverishly massage between your legs.

“Daddy, come with me. Come with your pussy. Yes, Daddy, yes! Oh shit, Daddy can your pussy cum now? Please, can I cum for you.”

“Hold that shit you nasty Bitch! Hold that shit for Daddy.”

As if saying the magic word we moan, groan, and climax, together.

For a moment, we both grow silent, our bodies limp in satisfaction.

I breath deeply and muster up enough strength to lift up and peer at the screen. You’re gone. Before I could question the matter, you open the door to our bedroom, walking as if your legs were made of Jell-O(tm). I smile.

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” I say closing and moving the laptop onto the floor by our bed.

“You know I hate the ‘B’ word, but damn I love what it does to you. I love you so much. I feel you need to know that after that word.”

I smile as you lay behind me and wrapping your hands around to my front, preparing to settle in for a nap.

“I love you.”

“I know.” you yawn before closing your eyes.

15 years and we still knew how to keep it hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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