When Coach Moved Next Door by DirtyDad

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When Coach Moved Next Door by DirtyDad
All of the k**s at your school thought it was just about the worst thing to happen. The new high school wrestling coach is building a house in the field behind your house. It caused all sorts of drama when it was announced that he would also be the school vice principal.
Everyone agreed this was horrible. No one would want to hang out at your place this year. Everyone thought this was horrible except for your cousin, Troy.
You and Troy were born two hours apart f******n years ago, first you then Troy. You look like you could be brothers, the only major difference is your body is more filled out, probably from all the sports your parents always forced on you. You have always been close, everyone knows that, they just don’t know exactly how close you two are.
You two have always enjoyed getting naked and playing with each other. When you were little, people thought it was cute and as you got older, you two realized what you really enjoy doing wasn’t cute. It was dirty, immoral and wrong. It also made your dick hard just thinking about it and you did “it” as often as you possibly could.
Troy was able to console you over the fact that your friends wouldn’t want to come over this year by pulling out his dick and rubbing it in your face. His dick is bigger than yours something you have never minded because it gave you something thick to practice sucking on. He didn’t even have to say anything, just by rubbing his uncut head on your lips caused your mouth to open as if like magic and you automatically get on your knees – you read once that all good cocksuckers start on their knees.
Your cousin started to fuck your face and you pull your pants down, stroking your cock with one hand, reaching around to finger your little smooth boy hole with the other.
His go to body part has always been his dick. He likes to go to the mall in Tyson’s and hang out in the bathroom where older men like to suck it. You on the other hand, while you do like your dick, you really like your bubble butt. Or more to the fact, the way the older men online react to it.
While sucking Troy’s dick, you think about the two guys you chatted with online last night – they had to be at least 60 years old… When they asked you to lay back and spread your legs so they could see your butthole, you almost came on the spot. In fact, when you watched them jacking off while looking and talking about your “pretty pink boy hole” you came without even touching yourself.
You felt the familiar tingle in your balls and tapped Troy on the butt with the familiar signal that you were going to shoot. He grunts “save it for me,” but you get lost in the feeling of his boyspunk coating the back of your throat.
You learned early on that you really liked the taste of cum. You’ve jacked off many nights thinking about going to the mall with Troy, but not to get your dick sucked, but to suck and drain as many dicks as you could.
You drain his rod by some good deep sucking that you’re perfected over the years, then fall back against the bed. He swears a little when he realizes that you shot your load on the floor. He quickly drops to the ground and licks as much of your sperm off the floor, cussing at you for wasting it.
You point out a few good ropes of cum that hit your leg and gasp a little when Troy slowly licks it off of your muscular and mostly smooth thighs. He looks up at you while doing it so you can enjoy the show. You both read once that good cocksuckers always make eye contact with the man they are serving. You both read a lot about how to be good at gay sex. But the only practice you’ve had is with Troy.
“Have you seen the new coach yet?” you ask Troy as you watch him slowly clean the cum streaks off your leg. “If he’s good looking, I won’t mind the isolation of having him live here.”
“We’ll all see him tomorrow at wrestling tryouts. What are you going to wear? I mean, we should dress hot, just in case, don’t you think?”
“How do you dress hot for wrestling tryouts? There’s not much hotter than a tight singlet, you know,” you respond, but you are already thinking about tomorrow and who you’ll see at tryouts….

Jason Andrews is a senior and captain of pretty much everything. Because of getting sick in elementary school, Jason missed two years, so now he’s the oldest k** in school at 19 and you’ve jacked off thinking about him every night since early summer. He was at the wrestling preview, you were there with your junior high team and couldn’t stop looking at him.
Jason was tall, blond and very, very muscular. His smooth skin was tanned and almost glowed. You got to see him in the shower after the preview and heard him joking with his friends about having to shave all over, so it made his muscles stand out more. Ever since then, you’ve thought about being able to
help him shave down, then rubbing lotion all over his body. You and Troy have watched many porn movies about sex slaves, and you want to be Jason’s sex slave!
“Earth to Billy!” Troy snaps you back to the land of the living by popping you in the face with his semi-hard cock. You grab him, pick him up and slam him down on the bed. You grab his legs and spread them wide apart and fall between them, slurping up his balls into your mouth. You both have nice, big, hanging balls. “Show me…” you say as you gently fondle his nuts with your tongue.
Troy starts playing with his foreskin – you are cut but have always been interested in the missing dick skin. He tugs, twists and opens his “gum” as you have always called it. It’s long and lose, even when Troy is hard and you’ve always liked chewing on it – something that drives him wild!
“I may wear my light blue, mesh singlet,” you mumble between spitting out his hairless boy-nuts and start chewing on Troy’s “gum.”
“Such a show-off slut,” moans Troy.
Your light blue mesh singlet always gets attention, mostly often for the wrong reasons. It not only shows off every curve, crack and dimple on you, when you sweat, it gets almost see-through. After a few hours of wrestling, you basically look like a naked, wrestling Smerf.
And Jason likes it.
After the preview was over, the old coach told the high school boys to take the younger ones to the locker room and show them the showers. Jason walked by you and clapped his hand on your shoulder and said to “come with me.” Those three words almost made you shoot in your jock right there.
“The jocks hang out over here,” Jason said, then he walked in front of you. Your eyes glued to his big muscular butt. He starts to undress even before reaching his locker, but by the time he’s there, his singlet and jock are already down around his ankles and he’s goofing around, walking like a penguin. His big dick and balls flopping around and making smacking noises against his thighs.
You were never happier for a tight jock on as you feel your own cock quickly getting hard. Then it happened.
“I really like your singlet,” you hear Jason say.
You turn around to say thank you but the words catch in your mouth as you see him fully naked, except for a little stubble around his juicy cock. He’s absentmindedly scratching at his balls. They look like a handful even for your big hands.
“Where did you get it?”
You mumble the web address and quickly sit down, pulling your small towel into your lap to cover the growing jock-bulge in your lap. Troy sits in your line of site and is quietly laughing while rubbing his crotch.
“I really like how it gathers here in the leg,” Jason says. He reaches over and slips two fingers under the material on your thigh. That “tingle” hits your balls, you catch your breath and can’t say anything.
Jason stands up next to you, fully naked. He scratches where his pubes should be and swears. “Fuck this itches! Do you think coach will hire someone to shave us down now that we’re seniors?” He reaches back into his locker to grab a small black bag, and has to lean over you a little to do so. His cock and balls swing past your face. If this was Troy, you’d just
casually lean forward and suck him into your mouth.
He straightens up and dreamily fondles his heavy nut sack. “You gave us all a great show today, not just the wresting – you’ll easily make the team and probably freshmen captain – but also the way your singlet was see through. Gotta give the spectators a show! And with that he grabbed his towel and walked totally naked across the room towards the showers.
You look over at Troy with huge eyes and your mouth wide open. You move your towel so Troy can see your hard cock in your singlet. He moves over and looks around, then gets on his knees and motions for you to stand up.
He tugs at your singlet and whispers for you to stand up. Where the “jocks” have their lockers there’s a direct line of site to the showers, but the area is hidden from most everyone else. Your cousin quickly slips your hard cock into his mouth and within second’s gags on what is probably the largest load you’ve ever shot while you watch Jason Andrews in the shower, fondling his junk as he shaves his balls and crotch.
You are so lost in thought that you don’t even realize that Troy is now hard and pushing down your throat. You gag a little which brings you back to the present and quickly flip around so you can slip your cock into Troy’s open mouth.
You both shoot and swallow at the same time.
After a couple minutes of nothing but heavy breathing and quiet slurping on dicks, Troy says, “shit… didn’t realize what time it was. Mom is gonna kill me if I’m late for dinner.” And with that he jumps up and quickly dresses. Before leaving he comes over and kisses you. Not the kiss a cousin gives to his relative, but a
dirty, I-bet-you-can-still-taste-your-cum-in-my- mouth kinda kiss.
After dinner you can’t get your head off tryouts tomorrow. Will Jason remember you? Will you get to see him naked again? Wonder what the new coach is like? It would be great if he was good looking and liked boys! Fuck, now your dick is hard and you need to cum again. You move to your full length mirror and strip, while admiring your body.
You tug on your pubes – you don’t have a lot of body hair yet, but you do have bushy pubs and a hairy crotch. You think back to Jason and decide that you want to be as smooth as he was and with that you grab your razor and jump into the shower.
When you get out you move back in front of the mirror to inspect the new you. The first thing you notice is how big your balls look now. Big and manly, just like Jason’s. Your dick is hard and looks larger now too. You grab a bench and sit on it, laying back and spreading your legs. You see your pink butthole and pucker it like some of the guys in the porn you watch.
Your dick is drippy now so you decide to check out your favorite website, “Boys 4 Masc. Daddies.” You position your webcam so that you can show off your new smooth body.
It doesn’t take long before your first IM. It’s from a man in town on business.
Damn boy, how can you not have a Daddy with a hot body like that?
You think for a second and then reply…
Who says I don’t have one?
A hot boy like you should have more than one 😉
Someday I hope so. Right now, I only have my cousin, to fuck around with… wanna see?
You and Troy have made several short videos for occasions such as this. You both have copies and willingly share with dirty old men online. You send him one of Troy sitting on a chair and you are between his legs doing your best imitation of a cock worshiper you saw in a video once.
Fuck boy, that’s hot! Are you a good cocksucker?
I’ve only ever sucked his dick. I think I am, he bahis firmaları says I’m good at it. I want to learn how to be the best though.
Is that really your cousin? What’s your name, mine is Jonathan.
Yeah, that’s Troy, I’m Billy. We are real cousins and born just two hours apart. We, obviously, are pretty close.
You have a hot cousin with a nice dick, what brings you into this chat room?
Older men make me really horny.
You grab your dick and let it flick back onto your tight stomach to show me how hard and horny you’ve become.
Where are you? I have a pretty nice dick to practice with and I’m in a quiet hotel in DC.
Damn, I’m in Loudon County, about an hour away from DC.
You lay back and pull your legs up, showing off your pucker just like a guy in this chat room showed you to do.
Do you like my butthole? I actually just started shaving my pubs and crack today. It’s the only place where I have much hair on my body.
You lightly stroke your puckered butthole, just like the 62 year old banker taught you two months ago when you were chatting with him. He said it was a very good way for you to tease a gay man.
Well fuck. A hot, smooth boy like you WOULD be out in the country. I don’t have anything going on tomorrow, I could drive out there. You got a place we can meet and play?
Shit, I forgot to do this so you can see I’m not an old troll.
I send you an invite to see my webcam. You click on it and see me sitting in a robe, open with my big dick sticking straight up. I grab it and thump it against my stomach to show YOU how hard and turned on I am.
My cock is bigger than Troy’s, do you think it would be good enough for you to practice with? And see this…
I zoom the camera close to my cock and show you the steady stream of precum oozing down the side of my swollen cockhead to halfway down the shaft.
Are you cumming?!!
Haven’t you ever seen precum before? It’s what happens to a man when he’s really turned on. It tastes sweet. You’re gonna love it, I promise.
You start shaking. You can’t tell if it’s from being nervous or excited. You quickly decide you don’t care. All of a sudden you think of your fort. You hadn’t been to that thing in a couple years, but it would be a perfect place to take an old man to and suck his dick. It’s out in the woods so you wouldn’t have to worry about being too noisy either.
I live with my parents, can’t come here but I have an idea if you’re up to it.
You explain the situation to me and your balls start to tingle when I say I’m game. Your cock is harder than you’ve ever seen it get before and it looks bigger too. You say that you can meet me at this local farm produce area that I can park my car there and no one would
see or care if they did. The address shows up in GPS, so that’s set. From there it’s just a five minute walk to the old fort.
I tell you that I need to jump in the shower, so if it takes an hour to drive, I could meet you in two.
Hey Billy. When I meet you at the farm stand, I will expect that you are completely naked. You can wear shoes of course, don’t want you hurting yourself, but no other clothes, you understand?
In the video I see you catch your breath and freeze for a second.
Yes sir. I understand. Naked except my shoes.
You log off and run around your room for a second, not sure what to do next. You think you should run out to your fort to see if it’s ok and look around and grab a backpack, candles, matches, batteries, a couple blankets and pillows. You shove this out your window and quickly get dressed. It’s a warm late summer night so you don’t have to wear much. A tank and shorts should be fine, except your dick won’t go down.
You try to hide it in the waistband of your shorts, but it’s still too obvious. You see a dirty jock and quickly put it on. It hides your dick better, but you’ll still have to hold something in front of you when you walk past your parents.
You go upstairs and chat a little, not really sure what you say. You walk out the back deck, down the steps and grab your backpack and run down to the edge of the woods. The trail is still there, a little overgrown so you grab a machete from the shed and head to your fort.
You have to cut back the trail in a few places, more so the part heading in the opposite direction, towards the farm stand.
The fort held up pretty well over the last couple years. Its two stories, with a tree growing up the middle of it. You and four friends could fit comfortably in the lower part – what you call the living room. There’s an old chair, table and two short stools. The chair will need a blanket on it, and it smells musty. There’s a bottle of fabreeze sitting on a shelf, thankfully with some left. A couple sprays and the place smells livable.
There’s a loft for the second story, with a ladder going up to it. Upstairs is enough room for a futon pad and small table you used as a nightstand. You spray the pad while thinking of all the nights you spent with Troy in here, doing things you hoped you were going to do with this old man tonight. Your dick throbs and your balls ache. You have to cum.
You get on your knees by the window, which has old plastic, lose on one end. You and Troy used to have shooting contests from this window. Some of the targets you tied to the tree branches are still there. You spot your favorite and as soon as you touch your cock you shoot.
Bulls eye!
You laugh and do the Rocky fists above your head. You notice that for construction of the new coach’s house they had to cut down some trees and now it’s a pretty straight shot from your fort to the house. If you plan on using your “sex fort” as you now call it in your head you’re going to have to figure out a way of camouflaging it a little better. The fort is on your parent’s property, so there’s no worry about anyone messing with it… you just don’t want some “old troll” – that’s what Jonathan said wasn’t it – of a coach and vice principal can’t spy on you while you’re sucking a REAL man’s dick.
You look at your watch and still have an hour to wait.
Your dick is still hard even though you just shot. At least your balls aren’t aching though. You shove it back in your jock waistband, straighten up a little more and head back to your house. The old lantern works with the fresh batteries you brought. You leave it on, but downstairs and partially in a cupboard so it’s not too bright.
You head back to your house, your head still swimming. You realize that you are still shaking and get really nervous for a minute and stop. Should you do this? What if he’s a serial killer or something?
Your head flashes to the close up of my cock and the precum. You wonder if it really tastes sweet… just think of it, candy from a man’s pee hole.
And he wants me naked, you think to yourself. ‘Me naked with an older man. I wonder if he’s going to be naked or just me. I hope it’s just me, at first…’ you think to yourself.
You tell your parents that you’re tired and want to shower and go to bed. More small talk that you really aren’t paying attention to because you can’t stop thinking about what precum really tastes like.
You shower and make sure your shave job from earlier was good. You sneak out your window, laughing at yourself because your hard dick is making it more difficult to get through the small window.
At the fort you quickly undress. You stand there, wearing just socks and hiking boots. Your dick standing straight up, touching your belly. You hear your heart beating loudly and feel it pounding in your chest. Every beat causes your dick to twitch. You get lost in this until all of a sudden your phone goes off. It’s a text from me. “GPS says I’m 15 mins. away. You naked for me yet, boy?”
You hold your phone up and snap a naked selfie to send to me. You type in, “my dick hasn’t gone down since we started chatting. Hope you like the way I look, sir.”
You remember a boy in a porn calling an older guy “sir” and the older guy liked it. You hoped it would work that way for me.
You sit in the chair and wait five minutes. Snapping a couple pix of your dick for Troy to see tomorrow. With ten minutes to go you make your way out of the fort and up the path to the farm stand. You didn’t think it was possible, but you were even more turned on by the fact that you were naked outside at night. If anyone saw you, there’s no way you could explain this in a logical way.
By the time you get to the farm stand you wonder why you’ve never gone naked like this before. You make a mental note to see if Troy will do it with you sometime. You sit on a picnic table and wait, casually stroking your butthole. Every time you touch it, it sends chills down your back and makes your nuts dance. It’s always been sensitive, but never like this. You wonder if it’s because you’re outside naked. If the night air has something to do with it because your skin feels tingly all over.
Right on time you see headlights down the road and instantly think to hide. Your stomach falls just like being on a rollercoaster. You fight the urge to hide and sit up straight, spreading your legs a little more so your balls can hang free. The nervousness in you has caused them to move tight against your body so it looks like you have a baseball under your cock. You tug on them by habit as you see the old man get out of the car, the lights are left on.
I walk up to you and say, “Hello Billy, I’m Jonathan.” I reach out my hand and grab yours to shake. You are shaking, more out of nervousness now than anything. “Thanks for being naked, stand up on this table for me.”
You do and I stand back.
“Turn around and let me see your butt, Billy.” You slowly turn around, noticing that the more you show off to me the less nervous you get.
“I double checked to make sure my butthole was clean and smooth for you, sir,” you hear yourself say as you bend down on all fours, butt pushed in the air my direction.
I move to the side so the light from the headlights can hit you fully.
“Well fuck, Billy,” I say with a groan. “I had planned on you just practicing your oral skills on my cock, but now you gotta show me that. And now I am going to have to eat your pretty little boyhole. Have you ever had that done before Billy? Has Troy ever licked your little pucker before?”
“No, he won’t.” There’s an eagerness to your voice that shocks you. “We’ve seen it done lots of times, but he won’t, no matter how clean I get. I’ve always wanted it done. Guys in the porns sure seem to like it!”
You gush this last sentence more than you’d like.
“Let me get these lights and why don’t you show me your fort, Billy.”
Your dick throbs every time I say your name. I get the lights and tell you to lead the way. You have a flashlight and turn from time to light up the trail for me at the tricky parts.
“You have a very, very sexy butt, Billy. Have you ever been fucked in your ass before?”
“No sir, not yet. Troy and I decided years ago to not do that. We wanted someone who really knew what they were doing to do it first. I do like to play with my butthole thought. I can shoot really fast if I stick a finger up my hole when jacking off…”
You hear yourself babbling but can’t stop. Your heart is beating so hard you are sure I can hear it. Is tonight the night you get your cherry popped? You hadn’t thought of that until just now. FUCK! You wished Troy was here with you.
“Well, I don’t plan on fucking you, Billy.” You hear a bit of disappointment in my voice. “I will be tonguing your little virgin hole though. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a chance to eat cherry before.”
We get to the fort and you don’t remember walking at all. You open the güvenilir casino door and let me in. I pause and look around, I can only stand up straight in one section. I move to the chair and sit down, catching a stool with my foot, I move it over and pop my foot on it.
I pat my thigh and say, “come over here and sit,” grabbing you by the waste and pulling you over. You sit, shaking nervously, realizing all of a sudden that you are in fact naked and an older man is looking at you like you’re a chocolate desert.
I rub my hand over your chest and stomach and ask if you play a lot of sports. You mumble something incoherent back to me because you’ve noticed the outline of my cock in my pants, a wet spot developing around the outline of the cockhead.
“Take my shoes off and I’ll let you touch it, here, swing your leg around and straddle my leg while you untie my shoes.”
Almost in a trance, you move so you are straddling my right leg. You can feel me flexing my leg muscles. As you lean forward to get my shoes, I lick my finger and rub it on your quivering boyhole. When I touch it, you jump like someone shocked you with electricity.
You jump up and look at me, with an evil grin on your face. You pull the other stool
and put my foot on that. You slowly hike your leg up, making sure to stick your butt out in my direction.
It takes some doing, but you get my shoes and socks off. I stand up and take my shirt off and tell you to undo my pants. It’s so crowded with us both standing in the one tall section, I push you back onto the table.
“Pull your legs up and pucker that cherry for me, Billy.”
As strip and stroke my hard, drippy cock with one hand, feeling you up with the other hand. I snag one of the stools and pull it up next to the table. It’s the perfect height for me to sit on and my face comes right to the edge of the table, directly in front of your asshole. You feel my hot breath on your pink pucker and start to shake, this time it’s all from anticipation as you’ve totally forgotten about being nervous.
I take my tongue and make light flicking movements on your butthole. This causes your entire body to shake each time I connect tongue to skin.
The table is shaking so hard, I grab you to calm it down, before it breaks. Doing this I shove my face into your asshole roughly. The beard burn hurts, but only heightens the sensation in your hole.
I take sharp bites out of your tender, virgin asslips, causing you to yelp every time. Even while this incredible sensation is happening, you know you’re going to be sore tomorrow but you don’t care. I could eat, swallow then shit out your asshole and you wouldn’t care. It’s a feeling like nothing you’ve felt before. All of a sudden…
“FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM!” you scream and grab my head and start fucking your raging hole with my entire face.
And with that you stop making any sense of a language and just make noises. I look up and watch as you shoot, rope after rope of jizz.
The first shot goes past your head and splats on the table. The second and third hit you directly in the face. You automatically open your mouth to catch what you can. The training you and Troy did coming to you naturally.
The next couple hit your chest and stomach, causing a nice pool of boy cum in your bellybutton. I feel your balls churning on my nose and stick my tongue in deeper, at the same time sucking your asshole as hard as I can.
Two more shots, one past the first, the second hits you squarely in the left eye and drips down your cheek to your ear. As I suck and tongue-fuck you, you ooze out a steady stream of cum into the tummy-pool and start shaking. It’s like quick little seizures, but all in a good way.
I continue to kiss, lick and lightly suck your now swollen and read asshole until you can’t take it any longer. You push my head away with one hand, but the other is keeping it there, under your now lose and dangling nut sack.
Fourth time cumming tonight, but by far the best you’ve ever felt. You look down and laugh at the mess, licking some of the cum off your lips and fingers. I slap your had away and say, “I did the work, I get the prize.”
I reach for my phone and get the video going and hand it to you. “I will want to show this to some buddies back home, if you don’t mind.” With that I take my time cleaning the jizz off you with my mouth. Talking to the
camera from time to time, telling absent people how good your cherry hole and jizz tastes.
I reach for the phone and say to the camera, “I think Billy here needs to save his jizz for us. I’ll sell it for $100 a shot… what do you think Billy?” I turn the camera your direction. “What do you think Billy, you and me going into business together selling your cherry spunk? 50/50?!”
“Fuck yes!” you say back eagerly.
I look around, grab my shirt and wipe my face off. “It’s my turn now. Why don’t you show me upstairs, boy?”
You hop off the table but when your feet hit the ground, your knees give way. I catch you and pull you close to my chest, your feet off the ground.
“I got you boy,” I say with a very naughty twinkle in my eyes. I lift you up to the “loft” just to show you how much more powerful I am than you. You stay on all fours on the futon, moving the pillows against the wall for me, then sit on the opposite side of the bed, waiting for me.
I crawl up and have to lift my legs over you to get settled. You stare at my hairy ass, “do you like that? Having someone eating your butthole like that?” The eagerness in your voice tells me you are not only willing to learn how to eat my ass, but the chances of me dissuading you are pretty small.
“Very much so, and maybe later you can try a bite of my ass, but right now, you need to practice on a man’s cock, don’t you.”
I spread my legs and motion for you to get between them. You smile, then look downstairs and jump down, grab your phone and then settle in between my legs.
You toss the phone to me and say, “Please take some pictures for me. Troy won’t believe me unless I have proof.”
You automatically hook your arms under my hairy legs, pulling yourself in so tight that I can feel your beating heart against my asshole. I pucker it and you laugh and look down, pushing my legs back, obviously showing me that while yes, I am bigger and stronger, you aren’t a weak little boy. You are physically fit and willing to use it to get what you want.
I hook my legs around you so you couldn’t move if you wanted, but you don’t budge. The musky smell of me hits your nose and you dive in for a closer smell of MAN.
I put on hand on your head, keeping your nose put where my legs meet nuts. With the other I put your hand around my cock, pulling it back so it’s directly in front of your face.
“You like that smell, boy?” I say as I force your head in harder. You mumble something like “Fuck yeah, sir.” But it doesn’t really matter, I can feel your tongue and lips trying to devour every inch of my crotch, savoring the musky man-smell.
“Look how drippy you make me, Billy.” I say as I pull your head up from my crotch. You try to dive in so you can put my dick in your mouth but I hold you back.
“Patience Billy, patience.” I say while firmly moving your head so I could see you better. “Let’s take some pictures before you go full cock-pig on me boy.” The words “cock-pig” make your balls start to tingle again. The joys of being a young boy… you can cum almost right away. You wonder how many times you’re going to cum tonight. Your record with Troy is 11 times in one night.
“Here, hold your head right here so you can use my cock like it’s a lipstick. Let’s get some pix of you getting those pretty lips all shiny with my precum.”
You ask if I’ll shot video instead and I do. You slowly rub my cock head on your lips, talking to Troy, telling him that it really is sweet.
I put my hands behind my head and tell you to show me what you can do, that I really wanted to bust a nut down your throat.
You take your time, doing everything you learned with your cousin. Watching me to see where the sensitive spots were so you could pay special attention to those areas.
I’m pretty shocked at how good you actually are. Every once in a while I have to pop you on the head and say, “teeth!” Letting you know to be more cautious with the MANS cock in your mouth. It takes about 30 minutes or so, but I start to feel that familiar “I’m going to blow” feeling.
“Billy,” I say. “That’s gonna make me bust a nut if you keep doing that.”
You are laying between my legs, licking, sucking and kissing the spot under my head, where the foreskin would meet the cock. You figured out early on just how sensitive I am there. You told me you like the way it makes me look when you “mess around” there and you call it my “special spot.”
You have dried cum all over your boyish face.
An hour earlier you sat cross legged, between my legs, stroking your cock while you “messed around” with my “special spot.”
All of a sudden you pushed up in time for me to watch as you shot your stringy sperm into your mouth and onto your face. That
caused my dick to ooze a thick steady stream of precum.
I asked you to let it dry so you looked just like one of the professional cocksuckers at this club in L.A. I liked the combo of you looking so angelic and the thick, flaky strips of dried cum across your face.
So here we are, you, looking so hot, boyish and slutty at the same time, between my legs and I have to decide how to best do this, while being captured on glorious digital cell phone, emptying my nuts on an u******e boy.
I grab my dick away from you and grunt, “suck my nuts Billy, get ‘em in your mouth and suck hard while I shoot.”
I push your head down so I can wedge you there with a leg, freeing up my left hand to video the event.
Stroking my cock I grunt while thick globs of white cum spurt out in your hair. I rub in another glob, then pull my nuts out while shoving my dick past your lips. You seemingly naturally start nursing the cum out, not too hard and not too slow either.
I grab you by the hair and start fucking my dick with your head. The video is shaky, but it shows you choking and sputtering on my cock, while cum spurts out past your lips. You jump off my cock to catch as much as you can making noises that I can only explain as a horny, happy cocksucker boy.
We watch it while I hold you close on my chest. You point out where you shot into the futon while I skull-fucked you. You notice the time and let out a groan – a much different sound from the groans you’ve been making for the last few hours.
You walk me back to my car, asking me about the cocksucking club I mentioned earlier. I tell you all the sorted details of my visits while
keeping a hand on your round bubble butt. I have one finger forced down the crack, resting on your sweet, swollen butthole. Your ass cheeks grab at my finger as you walk, but since you have one hand holding it there, I can ASSume you like it.
I tell you that I’ll deff let you know when business brings me back to DC. It happens at least once a quarter, most often more.
“By the way, Billy,” I say after kissing you like I’m trying to get my cum back. “Thanks for being naked. I figured you went to all the trouble of shaving, you may as well show it off right off the bat. In fact, I like seeing you naked so much, would you mind emailing me a naked pic each night?”
“Fuck yes I will!” You say as you thump your ever-hard dick against your stomach. “Troy will want to, is that ok.”
“Fuck yes it is!” I say, putting your hand on my stiffening cock. “I’ll see you in a few months. Maybe we can plan internet casino this so you can be in DC, in a real bed. Of course that’s taking a minor across state lines for lewd purposes. I’m game if you are?!” I say with a wink and twitch.
“Fuck yes,” you mumble as you drop to your knees and rub your face on my bulge. You look up at me, “thank you, “you say. “Thank you for letting me put this in my mouth and practice my cocksucking.”
You’re playing with your dick, trying to get a rise out of me. It works.
You suck one more load out of a 50- year-old man’s dick, by the side of a fruit stand as the sun starts to rise. Couldn’t have planned it better if we tried.
You walk home thinking.
Try outs are in a few hours, FUCK!
You just had a man stick his tongue inside of your asshole, “FUCK I wish he was doing that right now” you say out loud.
You love having a man’s dick in your face, fuck yes!
You get home and just fall into bed, desperate for the few hours’ sleep before you have to get ready for tryouts. You fall asleep thinking about how you’d go about getting a job at a cocksucking club.
Tryouts weren’t horrible. They weren’t good either.
You were sluggish, couldn’t focus at all.
Honestly, it wasn’t all your fault. It was the new coach. Fuck he was hot! And after the night you just had, all you could think of was whatever it was that made the big bulge in his short.
Well over six and a half foot tall, the Coach was the biggest man you had ever seen, in every way possible. Dark hair with a little bit of grey in, scruffy face from someone who knows it looks messy, but hot so who cares. He had on typical tight coach shorts, but when he moved you could see his muscles moving under them. On his ass you could easily make out the straps of his jockstrap. Every time he walked in front of you, all you could think about was how good that jock must smell at the end of the day.
He wore a tank top, with the school Viking on it, but all you could see was his muscular hairy chest fighting to get out of the cloth. He tried to cover this with a school windbreaker, but this only made the anticipation of any movement that would allow you a shot at his chest and arms.
You were still kicking yourself in the butt Monday at school when Jason came up behind you and grabbed you in a headlock,
forcing you to breath in the sweat of his armpit. You resisted just enough.
“Billy, what happened at tryouts, you were totally off,” he said. You were more focused on the fact he knew your name.
“I hadn’t slept the night before,” you said, which was not a lie. “I was so nervous, and got myself all worked up. I blew it, I know,” you said, adding in your head ‘and I blew him too!’
“That’s what I told Coach,” Jason said. “He wants you to stop by after school today and tryout again. Can you make it? Can you focus?” He grabs you again, tickling you before getting you in another sweaty headlock.
He turns to walk off but smacks you hard on your butt, “I’ll spank you if you don’t do right this time.” He turned and walked off fast enough so that he didn’t have to see you drop your books in front of your stiffening dick.
After school you run to the gym and to Coach’s office.
Coach is sitting on his desk, his windbreaker is on the back of his chair. His tank top is in a basket of dirty wrestling clothes. He has a towel thrown over one shoulder and is holding a shower bag in his hand. You notice his big feet match the rest of him in size because he’s wearing flip flops.
You catch yourself staring at his chest so you force your eyes to the shower bag. He says, “It’s easier to shower here until my house is finished. I understand we’re going to be neighbors.“
“Yes Coach, you’re moving into the corn field,” then catch yourself with how that sounds. “Well, you know what I mean.”
Coach laughs and you watch how his body ripples. Again you have to force your eyes
away from him and look over to say hi to Jason and notice his best friend, Andy is there too.
Andy is a close opposite as you could get from Jason. He’s dark, mixed-raced, shorter, and much thicker but just as friendly as Jason. They’d been best friends ever since Andy moved to town three years ago.
Andy’s shirt is off, Jason’s is on. Both are wearing dark mesh gym shorts. You can’t be sure without staring, but it doesn’t look like they have anything on under them.
Coach gets off his desk and says, “Ok, let’s get this going. He moves out to the empty gym, where the wrestling mats are. He points at you and Jason and says, “Shirts off and let’s see what he’s made of. He strides over to the bleachers and sits up a couple rows. Andy comes over and coach motions for him to sit below him, he leans on him with one arm and whispers something to him.
You can’t tell what he’s saying because Jason smacks the side of your head as he moves past you to the opposite side of the ring. He mouths as he passes, ‘I will spank you, pull down your pants and spank your bare ass right here.”
He takes off his shirt and flexes in your direction, trying to intimidate or excite – you’re not too sure, but the slap to your head stings and you flip your shirt off over your head and flex back.
You are smaller than Jason, but other than that, you are built the same. Looking at him at 19 with his shirt off is probably exactly what you will look like. The thought of being naked while looking like that makes your balls tingle.
He picks you up and pins you down pretty fast, the first time. You hop up and kick off your shoes and pull off your pants. You
cross back around, motioning for him to come at you again, this time you’re wearing nothing but your white briefs. He, obviously, is not wearing anything under his shorts as his sick is semi hard.
He moves towards you but you notice he favors his right leg, you make a pay toward that side and slam him to the ground. You purposely grind your crotch in his face and swear he nuzzled you a little.
Coach whistles and yells “enough!”
He walks past you and motions for you to come with him. You look at Jason and he smiles and grabs his crotch and mouths for you to suck it, then laughs. You follow Coach past his office and to the showers, he strips and turns on the water before turning towards you.
“I wish you had been like this at tryouts. Would have saved us all some time, but I understand.’
You are willing yourself to not look down at his dick. You know if you look once, you won’t be able to look at anything else. You can see it swinging around with your peripheral vision.
“I’ll post the results as normal. Thanks for coming by, Billy.” He pulls the shower curtain closed, but it stays open just enough for you to get a good look.
His dick is massive, and it’s soft. Hanging halfway down his muscular thigh and uncut, just like Troy. You think about how it would feel to chew on that when you feel the sting of a towel on your ass. You turn and it’s Jason and Andy.
They have your clothes, you tell them what Coach said and they just smack you on the back and smile. They are sure you are on the team.
Results are posted and not only are you on the team, but you are in fact Freshman Captain. You are also listed under “Ball Boy,” but that is with the JV and Varsity squad names.
Andy walks by and pats you on the back, “hey Ball Boy, how are you doing today?”
“What is the ball boy,” you ask, he refuses to answer. Saying only that Coach will explain at the team meeting that afternoon.
Come to find out, the title “Ball Boy” fits your extra duties well. After freshman practice, you had to wait and clean up after the JV and Varsity teams. Ball Boy picks up all the dirty towels and jocks and gets them going in the wash.
At first you were mortified, but today is a different story. Buried deep in your backpack is Jason’s jock from practice today. You rush down to your bathroom and pull it out and up to your nose. You can hardly get your dick out quick enough so you can jack off while smelling what Jason crotch smells like after a hard practice.
It’s warm for fall. It is perfect weather to hang out in your sex fort naked though. You’ve been hanging out side naked pretty much all day. You took your dad’s binoculars and have been watching Coach moving into his house all day. The movers are gone – not much to look at with the exception of one Latin guy who’s had his shirt off all day. He’s a good foot shorter than Coach, but muscular and smooth, just like Jason.
A couple times, Coach walked past him and grabbed his pecs, Latin guy seemed to like that.
Two of Coach’s friends are still there drinking beers by the pool with him. They both are good looking and built very similar to Coach. One is blond, tan, hairy chest and wears a big
chain collar with a lock hanging in front. He’s wearing worn out, cutoff jeans. You like the way his dick moves around and the crotch of the shorts is so worn, you can see his underwear-covered bulge from time to time.
Coach’s other friend is bald and smooth all over. He has on a very tight, very small, square-cut swimsuit. It fits him in the ass just like your blue singlet fits on you. You reach back and rub your smooth, muscular ass. You think to yourself that if you get to the gym every day, by the time you’re a senior, your ass will look exactly like his. He has an identical collar on, just like Coach’s other friend.
You’ve jacked off so many times watching the men move, you’ve lost count. You are thinking about heading home for dinner when you see Jason and Andy show up. They are both shirtless and wearing small, tight shorts. You start stroking your dick without really thinking about it.
‘Hey, who’s that?’ you think to yourself. Andy’s little brother, Aaron is there too.
Aaron is a year older than you. He was on the swim team last year and did pretty good. His shirt is off as well, but he’s wearing the school swim team speedo. You focus in closer on Aaron.
Typical swimmer’s body, except like his brother, he’s naturally hairy. Not as hairy as Andy is yet, but will probably look just like him in a couple years.
He goes up to Coach and shakes his hand, it looks like they are meeting for the first time. Coach is laughing as he reaches over and puts his arm around Aaron. He pulls him close and Aaron’s hand moves to Coach’s hairy and tight stomach and starts to rub it.
Coach’s friends move behind him and all of a sudden push both Coach and Aaron in to
the pool. Coach jumps out with a roar of laughter, grabs both his friends, each with one of his large and powerful hands, picks them off the ground and tosses them into the pool like they were nothing. He lets out a loud laugh again and looks around to find Jason and Andy, they move on either side of him, he puts his big, hairy arms around their small waste and pulls both boys in close.
Both shock and exhilaration hit you when you spy what happens next. Coach whispers something to Andy, then turns to Jason and puts his meaty hand on his head, pulls him in and kisses him. Hard and deep.
While this is happening, Andy undoes Coach’s shorts and tugs the dripping material to the ground. Coach’s massive cock swings free and slaps Andy directly across his face, causing Coach to laugh out his roar of a laugh again.
With his other big hand, he pulls Andy’s face to his and Jason’s and the three share tongues, spit and lips. Coach turns and falls backwards into the pool, bringing Andy and Jason with him.
You shoot another load of your virgin boy sperm over the newly built balcony of your sex fort.
At the same time, your cell phone goes off. It’s a text from your mom. Come home, dinner and homework it reads. Now??? Fuck!!!
But as you gather your shit and start to head back home, and dirty grin crosses your bright lips as you think to yourself “Having the Coach move next door is going to be a very good thing…”
You dress and text Troy: cum over after dinner? gotta show you something (;

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