When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven- The Ass Slut…

Candie shoved her glistening finger deep inside Veronica’s hot ass…

“Mmm…oh…you are a horny little cunt aren’t you…Veronica replied in response…oh, that feels so good…”

Candie worked her finger in and out of Veronica’s glory hole while she stroked and sucked her cock. She used her tongue sliding in and out of Veronica’s piss hole…running her tongue ring in and out of it making Veronica’s body quake with each lick—each push against Veronica’s head.

Then Mason decided he had an awesome idea…something he wanted the dancer and himself to try on Veronica…

“She’s gonna love this…it’s gonna drive Veronica totally nut’s—I just know it…” He thought as he decided how to execute his plan.

As Mason thought about it all, he watched the dancer sucking Veronica’s hot, thick cock in and out of her mouth and listened to the 2 girls’ moans of pleasure…

Mason wanted to give Veronica a treat she’d never had before. As Candie the dancer was sucking Veronica’s rod and finger fucking her ass, Mason devised a plan to do even more to Veronica’s istanbul travesti hot little asshole.

He pulled Veronica away from the wall and slid in behind her kneeling down he kneaded Veronica’s round ass checks like a loaf of bread. Then he slid down and found Candie’s fingers at the opening of Veronica’s asshole with his hot wet tongue, he couldn’t believe how deep she was buried in…he couldn’t even feel her knuckles.

“Mmm…Mason…you bad boy!” Veronica whimpered as she felt the first hot licks of Mason’s tongue around the dancer’s fingers and down her balls.

“Thought I’d help you keep things slippery back here.” He chuckled as he talked to the dancer.

The dancer said, “Here…let me help you…” with a giggle.

With two finger’s buried deep inside Veronica’s hot ass she spread them apart wide, opening Veronica’s asshole as wide as she could make it go—as Veronica winced and cried out a bit with the stretch that felt good, but stung all at the same time. Then Mason applied the relief that Veronica needed when he stuck his tongue right şişli travesti up between the dancers fingers and buried himself into Veronica’s ass up to his chin—till he couldn’t go any further. The entire length of his hot wet tongue licked and sucked at the inside of Veronica’s deep dark hole.

“Oh Jesus, Mason…your tongue is so hot and so wet…fuck me with it baby fuck me tongue fuck me as deep as you can you naughty boy…” Veronica begged shamelessly.

Mason dug in as much as he could and when he had his tongue in as far as he could he began to suck, hard like he was sucking her cock…but he was sucking her asshole…and Veronica had never felt a outward pull like that in her ass before in her life. She couldn’t hand on any longer then…with Candie still sucking her cock and her balls and rolling them around with her hand…the fingers of her other hand still stretching Veronica’s asshole open wide and Mason licking and sucking as hard as he could…

“Oh, God damn! You two are fabulous! Oh, shit, you’re making me cum…I’m gonna Cum…”

“Ya bakırköy travesti Veronica, ya baby! Cum for us baby…” Mason cried out.

He was so excited by the scene in front of him, and the feelings and smells around him. Veronica and Candie were so hot at that moment. Mason couldn’t stop thinking about how hot this whole night had been, more than he had hoped for definitely.

When Veronica let Candie know that white gold was on its way she grabbed onto Veronica’s balls as hard as she could and shoved as much of Veronica’s cock and balls down her throat as she could…devouring her. Veronica had built up such a huge load that evening that the dancer almost choked as it took her three huge gulps to swallow down all of Veronica’s jizz. When she finished she made her way to Mason and she kissed him deeply letting him get a taste of Veronica’s white gold from her mouth and lips.

Veronica couldn’t comprehend everything that had happened in the last 2 days…how could 48 hours have treated her so well she thought? She couldn’t believe everything they’d done together and how it had made her feel. Not to mention everything that Mason and she had gotten into tonight…with this little dancer. How could it be that she had just unloaded in this hot little Blonde dancer’s throat…with Mason watching and applauding none the less! It had definitely been one hell of an evening out…and it wasn’t over yet…

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