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I have liked woman’s feet for as long as I can remember. Noticing I would get turned in different situations involving feet, Even shoes and socks. In the relationship I have had, finding a woman that’s willing to tolerate it was hard enough, but finding a woman that was into it well…..I thought was impossible. Then I met WICKED.

She was a beautiful woman with the body of a stripper. A mother, she had a good job and a mellow personality, but she also had a wild side that I didn’t know about until I told her that her feet turned me on. She was wearing sneakers, the type that had no backs to them, white Sketchers I remember that were well worn but not nasty. She wore them often and usually without socks on so they were damp with her sweat, had the imprint of her feet inside them and they were stinky!

She was testing the waters, shy about it at first. She put her feet on me and watched for me to get hard. When she saw the reaction she got, she pushed a little more and a little harder, rubbing my cock with her feet through my pants. She worked her foot under my shorts and up my leg until her foot touched my cock directly. She curled her toes around my cock, almost pinching the head of my cock between her toes, and she had the biggest smile on her face when she felt how HARD she made my cock. I can honestly say, I don’t think I have ever gotten harder than when she touched her feet to me.

She moved her feet to my face. Lightly rubbing my face and lips with her toes, exploring my face and watching my reaction…I wouldn’t move if I was on fire! Her feet smelled awesome, like Fritos and sweat. They were soft, well maintained and cared for, they were damp with her sweat and she put them all over my face. They moved over my mouth and nose, her feet forming like a tee pee or a gas mask where she Maltepe Öğrenci Escort was forcing every breath I took to be filtered through her toes! I was enjoying it so much I let out a quiet moan and as I did, I felt her toes wrap around my nose and her pushing her feet into my face harder. The harder she pushed, the more turned I would get…and she knew it! And Liked it! By this time, there was pre-cum all over my cock and it was hard as a brick and bouncing up and down with every heart beat. She told me NOT to cum, demanded it actually with a tone that had a little devil tone to it. She said if I came before she allowed it, I would have to pay the price. When I asked that the price was, she laughed and said, “you’ll eat it”. Right away I knew what she meant. She had mentioned before that it would be such a turn on for her if she could watch me eat my own cum. NOW…it was important that I have control over my own cock. She was threatening to make me eat my cum and I knew she wasn’t just talking.

She took her feet from my face, sat up on the bed and said she wanted a bottle of water. So as always, I got up and walked to the kitchen to get her that bottle of water. When I returned, she was standing there smiling by the bed, still naked accept for her sneakers. She took the water, opened it and took a drink but never took her eyes off me. Wicked told me to lay down on the bed again and close my eyes. As soon as I got on my back, she climbed on top of me and started to kiss me. I felt her reach for something in the nightstand but didn’t give it much more thought that that, she kisses sooo good. She whispered in my ear “I’m going to blind fold you, don’t move” and I didn’t. I stayed right where I was and let her tie that blind fold on my face. She started kissing me again, but Maltepe Çıtır Escort a little deeper and more passionately that usual. She was obviously turned on by something and it felt good. She grabbed my right hand and pulled it over my head and I suddenly felt a piece of nylon quickly wrap around my wrist. She whispered in my ear, “just go with it” and of coarse, I did. The my other hand, pulled up and shackled the same as the first. Next my legs, both ankles tied to the bed so now I was spread eagle.

She straddled me, I felt her hot and wet pussy pressing and grinding on my already hard cock. She reminded me that I was not to cum until she said I could or else. Now she is grinding on my hard cock, kissing me, running her hair over my face and being as sexy as a woman can be. Then, I was taken by surprise, she reached around and grabbed her sneaker from her foot and brought it up to my face. She pressed her VERY stinky shoe to my face and held it there. It was a VERY strong smell, almost like and mixture of vinegar and Fritos. I couldn’t take it, it was stronger than it ever has been before, so I tried to turn my head, but as I turned right, she followed. I tried to hold my breath, but she just laughed and asked “how long do you think you can hold your breath”. when I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I exhaled and as I was taking a fresh breath, she pushed even harder on the sneaker against my face and said “there you go baby, breather me in, see how that feels”. My cock got ROCK HARD, more from her forcing me to smell her sneaker than the smell itself. It was like a drug and I actually felt high. It was so strong and not very easy to take but she wasn’t about to let me stop and it was having a HUGE effect on me so I gave into her, tried to relax a little and breathe in Maltepe Elit Escort her stinky shoe. It wasn’t long until my cock was pounding, wanting to explode. I asked her to stop grinding on me, but she just kept moving back and forth, now and taking my cock inside her soaked pussy. Now it was getting bad, I KNEW I was close to Cumming, but didn’t want to tell her. I knew that she has been wanting to make me taste my cum for a long time, and I heard it in her voice that she was serious tonight.

Some how she knew I was close to Cumming. Maybe she felt my cock start to jump, maybe she felt my hips moving with her grinding, or maybe she just knew me better than I knew myself. Now she reaches back and slips my cock inside her and starts to ride my cock. She knows this is something I can NOT resist Cumming with, when she’s on top, I don’t last long at all, never mind having been made to inhale her feet and sneaker now for close to an hour! She gets faster and faster, and finally lets go of the sneaker but leaves it resting on my face. She starts fucking me like she hasn’t had it in years, calling out my name, yelling for me to fuck her harder and swinging hear head around like a porn star! All the time she’s on tope of me she’s telling me “you better hold back, I’m not ready yet” but she kept fucking my cock. Then…..all of a sudden, she jumped off my cock, swung her body around and put my cock in her mouth and swallowed the entire thing and held it there for a few seconds. She started sucking my cock like only she can. She knows exactly what makes me tick, and what makes me CUM! She forced me to cum so hard I thought it would hurt her. I came and kept Cumming, she took it all into her mouth and there was so much she had to swallow once just to keep herself from choking. But she managed to save some in her mouth. She sucked it all out of me trying to get more, but there wasn’t as much left in her mouth as she just swallowed…lucky for me because she came up to my face, put her finger in my mouth and pulled my jaw down and then……kissed me DEEP AND HARD with the rest of my cum still in her mouth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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