Wife Is Away

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“Where my passport?” Sophie shouted as she desperately searched her bag

It was 08:23 and the taxi was due to pick her up at 08:30, “You put it on the side in the kitchen! To keep it safe!” I collected it and handed the passport to her. The taxi was waiting outside; I kissed her goodbye and said I would see her on Wednesday.

Sophie was away for 3 days on a business trip, which meant I had the house to myself. Sophie and I had been married for about 5 years, as far as I knew, she never suspected that I liked to dress up in women’s’ clothes.

For a number of years I had been buying boots, skirts, underwear and other clothes secretly on eBay and hiding them in the shed. Whenever she went away I would get out my little selection of clothes and spend most of the time she was away dressed up and made up.

At about 09:30, once I was sure she would not suddenly return having forgotten something, I went out to the shed and collected my clothes. It all fitted into a box that I hid at the back of the shelves istanbul travesti in the shed to try to avoid me being found out.

I took all the items out of the box and laid them on the bed. I had bought a lot more on eBay and at charity shops over time, but had thrown some away and given some back to the charities as I worked out what I thought fitted and worked. My most expensive purchase was a pair of false breasts, which once in the bra made me really look the part.

I started to get dressed. I first slipped on my very tight black panties; I had bought them tight so that I could tuck myself under to stop myself getting erect. The panties are black polyester lycra material which is really silky to the touch. I love the feeling of tights on my legs so next I pulled on a pair of black pantyhose loving the erotic silky feeling of them on my legs. Next my bra a wonder bra type from Tesco, into which I place my fake breasts.

I lie down on the bed enjoying the feeling of the kadıköy travesti panties and the tights and the fact that I now have full breasts. I push my hand down the front of the tights so I can rub my mound and my fake clitoris made by my folded penis. Rubbing it though the silky panties I can feel my penis trying to get hard by being constantly restrained. My precum making damp patched on the panties. I continue to enjoy the sensations caressing myself more vigorously to climax.

As I continue to pleasure myself, I feel that my penis is getting smaller and I am having to massage harder to find my clit. Can feel my panties getting wet, and then I realize I must have cum and fallen asleep, and I am now having a wonderfully weird dream.

In my dream, My hand continues to massage my clit and I feel my fingers start to trace the outline of my pussy lips, my panties are soaking with my juices, I slip my fingers under the edges of my panties and can feel my lips anadolu yakası travesti as I trace my them with the tips of my fingers. They move slowly upwards to where my clitty should be. As my fingers move across it I almost explode in screams of ecstasy.

I am desperate not to wake myself from this vivid dream, so decide to test my imagination further. I move my fingers down my lips, as I had done on occasion to Sophie, when she would lie on top of me and guide my hands on her clit and into her pussy, where she would let me play with her pussy as if it was my own. Now I had my own pussy, I could feel the sensations I must have given Sophie. I slid my fingers between my smooth lips, all the time expecting to wake up, and then slowly slipped one into my vagina. My dream was incredible, I could feel my finger sliding into my pussy and if I concentrated I could also imagine the sensation on the inside. I slipped a second finger in next to the first and pushed them both into my warm damp pussy. This was too amazing a dream for words.

My palm was now resting on my clit and with each movement of my fingers my palm rubbed my little button. Almost without thinking my fingers were pleasuring my pussy and my palm was driving me to a renewed excitement level. Then …..OMG….. all I could think ….. I couldn’t think……I screamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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