With Joan at the Hotel

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The following is partly personal experience, partly my invention. All names are changed.

This is my first attempt to publish an erotic story. Please rate and give feedback, be it positive or negative! Thank you. Share and enjoy.

There is a second, purely invented part added in this edited version. Therefore please scroll down, if you have read the first part already!

* * * * *

We met at a time, when chatting on the internet was text-only, and transmitting pictures via e-mail was still somewhat revolutionary. I was a student and single, and Joan was a married mom of two, with an abusive and jealous husband. On her free time and when he was working his shifts, she had started to roam the internet – not for adultery, but for distraction from her boring days. I had begun exploring the net during my studies, and I was fascinated by chat and the possibilities of sharing deep thoughts and desires in an anonymous way. And so our paths crossed.

It took us some time to really take notice of each other, although we were almost the oldest people in the chat room we frequented; but then we hit it off quickly, and soon we found out that our erotic desires fit together very well.

She was unsatisfied because although her husband must have been well equipped and had a lot of sexual stamina, he did not care much about her needs and often verbally abused her. In addition, he was extremely jealous and forbid her to wear sexy stuff or to harmlessly flirt with anybody, although privately, he took erotic pictures of her wearing heels and tights, which she loved to do. In her former life, Joan had worked as a waitress, always wearing high heels. Now she had become quite frustrated, emotionally and sexually.

Since college, I have been attracted to women who like to be in control and who like to show off their legs with hosiery and heels, and so we started fantasizing about me being seduced by her and used as her erotic toy.

She sent me a lot of pictures of her taken by her husband, in pantyhose of various colors and designs and beautiful high heels, and I told her how I would love to worship her feet, legs and whatever she would allow me to. Soon we always assumed that I would be naked and somehow tied up, and she remained dressed in lingerie: we both loved the idea of her staying in control, and me being her ‘toy’ at full display.

However, these ideas remained fantasies for a long time, but we both longed for the real thing. Twice we met in her car for an hour or so during the day in a secluded spot, but it was difficult for her even just to wear pantyhose or stockings, without making her husband suspicious. But finally, she managed to convince him to let her visit a good friend of her in another city two hours of drive away – her friend however was a conspirator, and gave her an alibi to allow us to meet, and we both independently booked single rooms in a hotel, for a whole night just for us!

Initially we went shopping, because Joan of course could not take any sexy accessories with her, due to her ‘cover story’, and for this she also was wearing simple dark blue hosiery. But now she bought some beautiful thigh-highs, opaque, shiny black with a lace ribbon at the top, matching her black leather high-heeled boots.

In a small shop, she found a pair of black satin opera gloves. I had told her how much I would love to see her wearing them and touching me that way, and she put them on immediately for me. As it was late autumn and quite chilly, nobody would notice anything special, as she was wearing them under her coat.

Then we went for dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. It was a delicious torture for me, because I could only touch her legs little bit, whilst my real desire was to drop on my knees and to kiss her thighs.

After dinner, we headed straight to her room, both highly aroused from looks, touch and talk. I stripped completely, got on my knees and helped her removing her boots; I wanted to kiss her legs and feet, but she told me I had to wait and get tied up first!

She wanted me to be bound and laying on the bed, which did not have any posts, and so she told me to cross my arms over my belly, attached a scarf to one of my wrists, looped it around the elbow next to it, then behind my back and around the other elbow and finally tied it to my second wrist.

Then she had me laying down on my back, attached another scarf to my ankle, pulled it up to my crossed arms and twice around them, then back down to my other ankle, pulling all tight so that I was bound in kind of a frogtie, unable to get up from the bed or turning onto my belly. Needless to say, my cock stood fully erect to salute her!

With a big grin, she told me to wait for her and not run away, and went to the bathroom. She let the door open so we could continue to talk, but I could not see her from the bed.

When Joan returned some minutes later, she looked gorgeous: in addition to the black stay-ups, she was wearing the opera gloves and a beautiful Maltepe Fetiş Escort red body with black lace insets, accentuating her perfect rounds. Joan sat on a chair to the side of the bed and started to touch, stroke, massage and tickle me with her toes and feet all over my body, but mostly from head to groins. When she caressed my face, she let me kiss her foot, while pressing and rubbing my swollen cock with the other one.

After some minutes, she grabbed her mobile phone, and told me she would now call her husband! She thought for a moment, then she asked me whether she could trust me not to tell him anything? I said I was not sure, and I might need some ‘assistance’ to keep quiet, as aroused as I was.

She did not immediately get my hint, so I told her that I really also liked the blue hosiery she was wearing before, and had been dreaming about kissing her through it. She replied that she did not like it that much and was even thinking about throwing it away. I suggested that she could perhaps use it to help me keeping quiet?

“You want me to gag you??” she asked after looking at me for a moment – she still was sooo innocent!

I told her that I fully trusted her and that I would love to finally be completely at her mercy and under her control, no, that I even desired it! She smiled, apparently really flattered, and told me that she would love to do that, but that she was new to this and had no idea how to do it.

I asked her whether she had worn panties before changing into the lingerie. She fetched her pretty black panties with some lace trimmings, and after confirming me that she had fresh ones for the next day, I asked her to get the blue hosiery. It was a pantyhose, and I told her to make a double knot into its legs right below the top, to put the panties into the opening, forming a ball, and to tie off the pantyhose at the top.

For a moment, she looked at the pantyhose, then her face lit up with a big smile, and she said “I think you have been talking too much lately, now be a nice boy and let me stop you a bit! Uhm, I guess you want me to tie the legs around your head?”

I whispered “Yes please – Mistress!” and opened my mouth.

She inserted the ball, pushing it behind my teeth with her gloved fingers, then slid the legs of the pantyhose around my neck and back over my mouth, and started to make a knot. She hesitated a moment and said “Shall I tie it faster? Moan once for Yes or twice for No!”

Of course I answered “Mmmm!”

She mockingly asked “What, shall I untie you??”

“Mmm-Hmm!” was my immediate answer.

“Just kidding, I like having you all for myself and unable to run away!” she said with a sweet smile, then pulled the gag tight and placed the final knot beneath my nose.

She started walking around the bed, admiring her work. Then she took out a small camera from her bag, and said “You look sooo cute, I would really love to take some pictures of you to show my friend, as a small reward for giving me an alibi.”

I became a bit worried and uneasy, and she must have noticed it, because she added “Don’t panic, I will make sure that one cannot recognize you – unless somebody knows you fully naked!”

She sat down again on the chair to the side of the bed, put one of her stockinged feet over my face to cover my eyes, while resting the other one on my chest, and took a picture. Then she shifted herself, put one leg across my belly, the other foot between my legs below my cock, and took a close-up of her foot and my lap.

“I will send her the first picture now, but the second one, I will show her only when we meet next. Must keep her motivated!” she grinned, “and you” she added, while texting her friend and at the same time massaging my cock with her toes.

After a minute of typing, and exciting me so much that I was slightly panting, she turned around, put her legs alongside my chest, grabbed my cock with one hand, and called her husband. She had great nerves, for she told him about the weather, shopping and dinner with her friend, and about the boring TV programme in the hotel and that she would soon go to bed because she was tired and had nothing interesting to do — all while tenderly pumping me with her gloved hand, and caressing my face with her toes! Finally she told him good night, and hung up.

Now she climbed onto the bed and kneeled down next to my chest, spreading apart her knees to let me see her thighs, crotch, belly and breasts, all covered of course by the stockings and the lace body. I was absolutely on fire and dying to feel her, and I managed shortly to touch her knee with one fingertip. She feigned being shocked, quickly pinched my nose for just a second, but long enough to let my adrenaline level jump up, because I could not breathe anymore for that moment!

“My, my, be a good boy! No touching unless I allow it, understood?”

I nodded my head and moaned, panting heavily.

“Do you wish me to be your Mistress?”


“Do Maltepe Gecelik Escort you want to obey me always?”

Yes! and I nodded again.

“Would you like to please your Mistress?”


“Would you like to kiss and lick your Mistress wherever she wants?”


“And where would you want?”

I took a long and intense look from her breasts to her belly, her arms and hands, her knees, thighs, and then let my eyes wander very slowly from her stockinged thighs to her crotch, finally keeping my view there and softly humming.

“Oh, but my feet you don’t want to kiss?” she teased me, because of course I could not see them the way she was sitting.

Not knowing how to answer correctly, I just hummed several times in a frenzy, looking at her.

“So you want to kiss my eyes??”

That and the suspension made me laugh, which sounded quite funny due to the gag, and she also laughed.

Then she looked at me and asked me “Honestly, do you like my feet?” to which I answered with a very long and soft hum. They were really beautiful, and she must have sensed how much I liked them, because all of a sudden she asked me “Did you ever jack off while looking at them, after I had sent you pictures?”

Somewhat guiltily I hummed, looking away. She grabbed my balls, squeezed them lightly and said “Look at me, my cutie! I really don’t mind that you were aroused so much just by looking at my feet. In fact I love it, and the only thing I demand is to always tell your Mistress immediately if you like or dislike anything, understood?”


“Are you thirsty?”


“Fine, but I am. And you seem to have here something delicious” she said, while gently grabbing my throbbing cock, “which is for my pleasure only, right?”


“Do you want me to kiss it?”

Yes! — But then it hit me that I could not withstand her for a minute, and quickly hummed twice, while shaking my head.

“Why not? It belongs to me, doesn’t it?”


“You fear not being able to resist me?” she asked with a sly smile.


“Sweety, you are laying helpless here at my mercy, how could anybody expect you to be able to resist anyway??” she said with a giggle. “Besides, as I said, I am thirsty, and you can try resisting later.”

With that, she straddled my head, taking it between her knees, and bent over my belly, supporting herself with one hand, taking my balls with the other and my cock between her lips.

I was trapped between her tighs. The feeling of the stockings and her warmth together with the view of her lap only inches away from me and the fine but intoxicating scent of her arousal all together were driving me crazy already – and then in addition her touching, licking and kissing my cock! And to know that I was totally under her control made the excitement too strong. I started to feel dizzy.

To top all this and to torment me even more, Joan slowly lowered her hips now, finally pressing her crotch against my mouth, and grinding herself on the knots of my gag. It was insane: she was only a tongue length away from me, but I was unable to reach her! All together quickly drove me over the edge. I could deny her my complete surrender for only a minute…

“Mmmm, you taste delicious – just the right shot I needed now to revitalize a bit!” she giggled after swallowing and licking me clean, and then lifted herself off of me.

I tried to follow her, not wanting to let go of her scent and the feeling of her legs on my face.

“You know, you have made me really horny, and now that nobody is listening, I guess we can let you use your mouth and tongue again” and with that she undid the knots holding my gag, finally removing it from between my teeth.

“Thank you – Mistress” I said, “but do you just want me to talk, or anything else?”

“Lots of else!” she laughed. “But to serve me well, you need to move a bit, so ..”

And with that, she cut off the top knot of the pantyhose that had been my gag, and took out her panties. Then she wrapped one of its feet around my balls and the base of my cock, and tied it off. Finally, she undid the scarf around my ankles and released my legs.

“Now get off the bed!” she told me, while teasingly pulling on the pantyhose leash attached to my cock, which again had become rock hard.

“It seems you very much like what I’m doing — don’t you want to show your appreciation?” she said with a wink, while tapping the floor with her toe.

Eager to please her, I dropped to my knees and kissed both her feet, from toes to ankles.

“I really love having you kneeling before me. Isn’t that an appropriate place for you?”

“Yes, Mistress, the only place to serve you right, I believe.”

“Then keep down there! But are you able to..?” she teased me while stroking and lifting my cock with her toes, making me squirm and moan and trying to follow her movements.

“Seems like Maltepe Genç Escort you’re having difficulties, so let me help you a bit.” She bent down and pulled me closer to the bed, then pushed the pantyhose leash between my thighs, grabbed it from behind, and wrapped it around my ankles.

“You better stay where you are now, if you got some balls and like to keep them” she whispered in my ear, squatting behind me while stroking my cock with one hand and holding my neck with the other.

Then she sat on the bed in front of me, legs slightly spread so that I was facing her crotch, her feet on the floor between my thighs, playing with my cock and my balls, and she commanded “What are you thinking now, my sweet one?”

My excitement was becoming unbearable, and with heavy breathing I replied “Please Mistress – stop caressing me, because – otherwise, I might stain – your beautiful stockings – “

“Too late, your precum did it already” she said with a big grin, lifting one foot in front of my face, adding “but if you clean up well, I may forgive you.” Carefully, I licked away a drop with the tip of my tongue.

“No no no, you can do much better!” she said while shoving her toes in my mouth, lifting her other leg onto my shoulder, reclining on the bed and starting to caress herself through the lace body. “Show me how much you love my stockings and feet, and being helpless at my mercy!”

I massaged her toes with my tongue, sucked in more of her foot until I almost gagged, and licked its sole in slow and forceful strokes, while being forced to watch her fingering herself.

She started to squirm, and I felt her foot trembling in my mouth from excitement and tension. All of a sudden, she squeaked softly, removed her foot from my mouth, placed both legs around my neck, teared open the crotch of her body, said “Make me come, now!” and pulled my face into her lap.

I was neither in the position nor in the mood to argue with those wonderful and convincing arguments…

This is the continuation of the first part. It is pure invention — all ropes are of legal age, and no furniture has been harmed!

As she was burying my face between her tighs, I was breathing and drinking her while caressing her swollen velvet lips with my tongue. “Lick me, my pet, deeper, yes, please me!” Her breathing became as ragged as mine. I was already in heaven, and I did my best to lift her, push her up there with my tongue. “Yessss, that’s my good pet, you’re all miin-nn-nnngggg!” Her lap flushed my mouth with her juices, while she spasmed from pleasure and pressed my head into herself, almost suffocating me.

When she finally came back from her climax and released me, she exclaimed, “Oh dear, are you fine? Did I hurt you? I am sorry, I was completely lost in pleasure!” while still laying on her back, panting.

I replied “I am more than fine,” smiling, and wiggled away from the bed, so that I could bend down, adding “never felt better,” and kissing her toes. “Thank you for allowing me to please you!”

“You are welcome, my pet” she smiled, now propped up on her elbows. “You were marvellous, and I would like to grant you a wish, provided I can do it. But soon I will also need some sleep, you have exhausted me!”

“Thank you Mistress! Actually, I have a very bold wish” I smiled. “I would like to sleep next to you, of course bound and attached, so that you don’t have to fear anything.” I tenderly kissed her knee.

“Hmm, that’s a very interesting idea,” she replied. “But I doubt it would be healthy for you to keep you bound this way all night.” She slid her foot along my bound arms.

“True, but I have brought with me some items that might come handy,” I smiled.

“Oh you naughty one!” She giggled. “Shall I look in your bag?” She closed the buttons at the crotch of her body, got up, and fetched my bag.

“Well, I neither can do it nor could prevent you from doing so!”

She laughed, squatted next to me, pulled my bag close, and peeked into it.

“So let’s see what you have brought. Clothes of course, mhm, nice boxer shorts! Oh, what’s this? Lace?” She pulled out a piece made of opaque nylon with lace trimmings. “Hm, that looks rather like something for me, doesn’t it?”

“Absolutely, Mistress. I hope you don’t mind I bought you a bodystocking, just in case you’re missing some pyjamas?”

“Well, I never wore such a thing, but we will see.” She smiled, and continued rummaging through my bag. “Ah-ha, that looks more practical!” She pulled out two pairs of Velcro cuffs, linked by attached rings, and a pair of mittens with leather straps and buckles. She obviously was puzzled. “What are these for? It’s not winter in here!”

I helped her. “They could prevent me from using my fingers.”

“Do you want me to try them on you?”

“You have the power to do whatever pleases you.”

“Got it!” She smiled, then proceeded to put the mittens securely onto my hands. “Is that good? Don’t they hurt?”

“No, it’s a perfect job, Mistress!”

She again looked into my bag, and produced a ball gag, which she did not immediately recognize. After she had looked at it for a moment, she smiled, and all of a sudden grabbed my balls and started squeezing them increasingly.

“Uh, Mistress, please be careful!”

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