Worshipping Willy Ch. 3

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New Orleans amorous adventures continue. If you’ve not read Chapters 1&2, you might want to start there to meet the characters and get the overall flow.

* * * * *

It was now afternoon, the third day of the conference, just fourteen hours after my liaison with Willy. Wandering the streets of the French Quarter, I was generally heading towards the convention center. August in New Orleans is hot and sultry, with stifling humidity. My mind wasn’t on the heat. It wandered back over the delicious sensations of making love with this incredibly beautiful woman. The image of her naked next to me made the walk a pleasant experience, regardless of the heat.

I wandered to the Acme Oyster Bar and sat down for a dozen succulent Louisiana oysters and a cold beer. Couldn’t be a better way to spend a hot afternoon. Well, there was a better way, but she was at the convention center, hard at work.

The shucker behind the oyster bar was a large black man in a long, dark rubber apron. His dexterity with these shellfish was something to watch, as he deftly slipped the short bladed knife into the crevice of each shell, severing the foot and placing the fresh, raw oyster down in front of me.

“You eat all dese babies you be givin her some good lovin tonight!” he said with a deep chuckle.

“May be I need six more!” and we both laughed out loud.

I left with a wave after paying the bill and leaving a generous tip. It was almost a mile to the convention center and by the time I arrived I was feeling the heat! Entering the exhibit hall, I began wandering the aisles, searching for Willy’s employer. I found their rather large booth in a few minutes and found the woman who had so completely consumed me last night.

“Hello Gary, how nice of you to stop by again. Mr. Jameson, let me introduce Gary, a potential client of ours.” she said leading me to meet her boss.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Jameson.”

“Thanks for stopping by again, Gary. What exactly is your company looking to do?”

I told him briefly what we were looking for and he said, “Willy, why don’t you take Gary to the demo room and show him some of the capabilities our products can provide.”

“I’d be happy to!”

And of course, I was happy too, as this meant I would have some time alone with Willy. The demo area was a small, curtain enclosed room at the top of a rounded staircase in the middle of their booth. She climbed the stairs ahead of me, giving me a great view of that glorious ass! It was all I could do to not grab both cheeks as I climbed behind her.

Reaching the top of the stairs she stopped, opened the curtain and gestured me inside. It was Pursaklar Escort a small platform with seats for three people and a computer sitting on a little table. We had the room to ourselves.

“Let me show you some of the capabilities I can provide,” she said and wrapped her arms around my neck once the curtain closed behind us. Our mouths sought each other and tongues began the dance of passion. She pressed her body to mine and I felt again the warm firmness of her full breasts, her nipples stiffening as our bodies moved together. Dropping her right hand, she rubbed the length of my rising cock as I held her butt and began to massage her beautiful ass.

“I am so glad you came!” she said in a husky whisper. “Now I’ll make you cum!”

Pulling down the zipper of my pants, she freed my cock and wrapped her hand around it, stroking gently. She had to step back a bit for room and that gave me the chance to caress her swelling breasts. I’m not a great judge of cup size but Willy had to be a 36D. Her nipples grew erect and hard as my fingers played around the areola and squeezed.

“Oh God, Willy! That feels so incredible!”

“Well I love what you’re doing to my tits! Can you feel how hard my nipples are right now?” she moaned in passion.

“Yeah, baby. I feel how hard they are. I want to have you naked right now, riding my cock on this table! But that might be a little too risky.”

“What a lovely thought, but I still need a job after today,” she said with a giggle, “That may have to wait for tonight. For now I want to suck this gorgeous cock again and taste your cum in my mouth.”

Kneeling, she brought her lips to the swollen head of my cock and softly brushed across the tip. Willy had talents in this area such as I had never experienced. She licked up the length of my cock, then swirled her tongue around the head, stroking and pumping me in her hot hand. Then she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck, moving her head up and down, taking ever more of my stiff penis into her mouth. Pulling back up to the tip she again ran her tongue lightly around the head while pumping me.

“Is that good, baby?”

“Oh God yes, Willy! You are incredible! But I’m about to cum so slow down a bit.”

Now you know she wasn’t going to slow down! Willy loved to bring a man to the very edge and linger there.

The sounds of five thousand people milling about the exhibit floor surrounded us, as she engulfed my cock, sucking and swirling her tongue around the thick shaft. As She felt my spasms begin she became immediately motionless, squeezing the base of my cock between Rus Escort her thumb and forefinger. It’s an exquisite pain to be right there on the brink of orgasm and be stopped. I was doing all I could to control and hold, and she made certain I did. My penis twitched and if possible grew even harder.

“That’s good, baby. Willy’s not finished with this gorgeous cock just yet! You like that don’t you lover?”

In answer I ran my fingers in her hair, lifted her face and leaned over to kiss her mouth, while she played her fingers along my cock. Breaking away from my kiss, she smiled and brought her mouth back to the task in hand, her eyes smiling up at me as she licked pre-cum from the tip of my penis.

Now she sucked in earnest, knowing that it wouldn’t take long. My hands stroked her hair, running down her shoulders and along her back as she bobbed her head up and down on my swollen penis. Once more she pulled back and flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick as she pumped me.

“Oh baby, that’s soooo good! That’s soooo good! Please don’t stop”

Smiling up at me she took me completely in her mouth and pulled me in deeply, her cheeks sucking on my stiff shaft, increasing the speed of her up and down movements.

“Now, baby! Now!” I cried trying to keep my volume down, though I doubt anyone could have heard us over the din below.

This time she did not slow or pinch, but sucked and pumped my cock for all it was worth. Orgasm roared over me as hot, salty cum filled her mouth. Never missing a stroke she continued to suck and pull the semen from my balls, swallowing to pull and suck my cock some more. Licking the hot, red tip of my penis she sent a shiver through my whole body. I had to lean on the table to keep from falling over. The pleasure was so intense.

A tiny bit of cum had escaped and graced the corner of her voluptuous lips. I leaned down and licked this drop from her lips, savoring my taste from her mouth. Then I slid my tongue into her mouth and passionately kissed her for several seconds.

“I’ve got to get back down stairs,” she said with a smile and a lick of her lips.

“Oh no. Not yet you don’t.”

I lifted her khaki skirt above her waist and she leaned back against the table. She was hot and wet, her clean-shaven pussy glistening through silk panties. She spread her legs and I began to slowly kiss the inside of her thighs, running my tongue up toward that heavenly well of pleasure. She moaned and it was her turn to put her fingers in my hair, pulling my face against her hot pussy. There is a unique joy in giving head through silk, both for Sincan Escort the giver and receiver. Willy was completely in the pleasure zone.

But I wanted my tongue in her vagina and my lips around her swelling clit now! I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. Resting her smooth round ass on the table, she pulled me back to where I belonged. I plunged my tongue into her, feeling the squeeze of her vaginal walls. Licking down, I slid my hot tongue along the crack of her ass and she lifted slightly off the table to give me access.

“Oh God, baby! That is so good!”

Not pausing to answer, I returned to the swollen lips of her dusky sex and sucked and pulled them with my mouth, tracing my tongue along the sweet entrance. Her clit now stood out, pink and hard, blushing against her dark skin, a swelling dome demanding attention. Flicks of my tongue made her tremble and she pulled me closer. I took her clit into my mouth, holding it ever so gently between my lip-covered teeth while my tongue danced back and forth. I circled my tongue around her clit, and then slid it back into her vagina, thrusting like a cock along her inner walls and tasting the sweet nectar that had begun to flow.

“Oh, you are incredible! Make me cum, lover! Please!”

“Yes, baby. I will!”

I focused my attention again on her throbbing clit, sucking, licking and coaxing her towards orgasm. She moaned and pulled me hard so that my lips pushed against her pubic bone as my tongue teased and lathed her clitoris. Suddenly she tightened her grip on my hair and leaned back a bit more, pushing her pussy hard to my mouth. She came in shaking waves of pleasure, moaning quietly as I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and caressed her.

“Stop, baby!” she whispered. “I’ll never make it down the stairs!” At least one of us remembered she still had work to do.

I gently licked her pussy, tasting her sweetness and cleaning the overflow of her orgasm and my kisses. Picking up her silk panties, I slid them on, one leg then the other, pulling them up her thighs. Now she smiled, bent down and kissed me.

“We taste good together,” she said and smoothed out her skirt.

“Let me take you to dinner tonight. I know of a wonderful restaurant called Peristyle.”

“That would be lovely,” she answered, “as long as I get to ride that big cock of yours the rest of the night.”

“Well, if you insist!” I said with a smile.

As we made our way to the main floor of their booth, Mr. Jameson was there to greet us. From the stairs I said, “Willy thanks so much for the demonstration. You guys have some impressive solutions to offer.”

Mr. Jameson smiled and asked, “So what are the next steps, Gary? Can we call on you at your office once the conference is over?”

“Absolutely! I look forward to it.”

Who wouldn’t? But that’s a future story. First there was tonight’s dinner. Little did I know Willy had plans for a party beyond my imagination.

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