Year of the Swing Ch. 02: Tammy

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This is the second entry to my ‘Year of the Swing’ series. For our backstory and first steamy exploit, please read *Year of the Swing – Ch01 Stacy*. Thank you and I hope you enjoy our story.


Catherine was busy with housework when we got a notification from our swinging account on the computer. We eagerly checked to see what it was and it was an invite to chat with a young woman, with a bio that looked like she would be a nice match; personality wise. So we accepted her invitation and the chat window opened up on the screen.

Malcolm – ‘Hello I’m Tammy.’

Tammy – ‘Hello Tammy, I am Malcolm and my wife Catherine is seated next to me.’

Malcom – ‘Your bio looked very interesting. I’m only nineteen would that be a problem?’

Malcolm – ‘We are fine with that. Is there a reason why you are interested in an older couple?’

Tammy – ‘I’d like to be with people that are more experienced than people my age.’

I gave her our city and asked her how close she was to us. She ended up being only fifteen minutes away and we offered to take her to dinner. She accepted and said she was eager to meet.


Three days later, the time to meet Tammy was upon us. We were less nervous this time, we made sure the house was nice in-case our dinner went well and Catherine put on her best lingerie. I watched her dress and had a hard time keeping myself from taking her then and there. I let her finish getting ready then grabbed her from around the waist and kissed her deeply. I could see the hunger in Catherine’s eyes and could tell that, if things went well at dinner, Tammy was going to have a very good time. We had talked to her earlier in the day and let her know what we would be wearing and Tammy had done likewise.

We reached the restaurant a little early and waited outside for Tammy. She showed up moments later. She was the definition of ‘the girl next door’. We chatted for a bit and I asked if she was ready to eat. Tammy giggled and said, “You could say that,” which we all laughed to. I opened the door for her and Cat and her walked in. The dinner was good, but the conversation was great. Everyone was flirting heavily and we all knew where this night would be headed. The entire dinner became a slow and intoxicating session of foreplay. We paid for the check and told Tammy she could follow us home Kadıköy Anal Escort if she’d like and she quickly agreed.

On the drive home Cat and I talked about what we thought of Tammy and we both agreed that she was going to be a lot of fun. We exchanged ideas on how to pleasure her and talked about all the ways we wanted her and we were hoping she was thinking about the same.

I parked our car in the garage and waved for Tammy to park her car in the driveway. She did and I opened the door for her and led her into the house. Cat took her coat and we offered her a drink. She said no thank you and asked if she could go to our restroom to ‘Freshen up’. Cat pointed out our restroom door and I had a glass of water. Cat walked back to me and I gave her a passionate kiss, knowing what would go down in a little while. My cock had been in a permanent state of arousal since we entered the house and I needed these women soon.

We heard the door to the restroom open and Tammy walked into the room, her steps seductive even though she didn’t seem to realize it. Both Cat and myself almost had our jaws drop to the ground. Tammy had changed into a lacy negligee and looked amazing.

Tammy gave both of us a sexy look and said, “I’d like you two to take control of me now.” I glanced at Catherine and she gave me a nod. I slowly walked over to Tammy and pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeply.

“Follow me.” I said and we all walked to the bedroom.

I picked up Tammy and laid her on the bed while Cat started taking her own clothes off. Tammy and I locked into a kiss and I let my hand caress her waist, not wanting to go too fast, despite my eagerness to take this woman now. My hands glided over the silkiness of her negligee, approaching her pleasure zones, but changing direction just as they were about to touch.

Cat had finished undressing and joined me in enjoying the body of this beautiful woman that had given herself to us. Cat was kissing Tammy now and I took the opportunity to undress. It felt good to let my cock free from the confines of my jeans.

I bent over Tammy and gently kissed my way down her body, I reached her lacy panties and could see that they were thoroughly wet now and giving off an aroma that was intoxicating. Gently, I kissed her mound and then the soft skin of her inner thighs. Tammy was softly Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort moaning into Catherine’s mouth, encouraging us to continue.

I gently slid my fingers under the strap of her panties and guided them off her creamy legs, exposing her sex. I inhaled her scent deeply and began to kiss her swollen lips, occasionally letting my tongue stroke up their length. Goosebumps formed on Tammy’s legs as she arched her back as her moans got louder. Cat had removed the silky top that Tammy was wearing and had her mouth on Tammy’s left beast with her hand massaging her right one. I let my tongue glide up the center of her pussy and took in the juices dripping from her. I firmly let my tongue enter her hole and took in more of the nectar that I was now addicted to.

Her moans intensified and I slowly made my way up to her pleasure button. Tammy whimpered as I let the tip of my tongue probe under her clitoral hood, her thighs clamped around my head and I put my hands on the top of her legs and drew her in so that her thighs were against my shoulders. I then went to work on her clit, alternating between butterfly wing-like flicks with the tip of my tongue then dipping down into her hole and taking in all the juices now steadily flowing out from her. Her hips began to buck against me as she started fucking my face, wanting the release for the pleasure building in her. I felt her legs tense and she thrust her hips up into my mouth as she began to gush into it, I eagerly took in her sweet honey as she shouted with pleasure. I stayed between her legs until her convulsions subsided and she relaxed. I laid next to her and she smiled up at me. I kissed her softly, then kissed Catherine.

Tammy looked over to Cat and asked her to please lay on her back. Catherine agreed and laid down with her head on the pillow. Tammy positioned herself between Cat’s legs and started to pleasure her in the way only a woman could. I moved myself behind Tammy. My hands gently moved to either side of her smooth and creamy cheeks and she lifted her hips so that her sex was in line with my engorged manhood.

I gripped my cock with one hand and slid it up and down her slit, my precum mixing with her sweet juices. I heard the muffled moans coming from both Tammy and Catherine and we locked eyes on each other. Catherine watched me with loving eyes as I slowly Kadıköy Zenci Escort thrust into Tammy’s slick sheath. I worked my way into her until I could feel my head press against her cervix and I stopped, but Tammy thrust backwards until my balls slapped against her lips. She pulled away from Cat’s pussy briefly to let out a loud moan and quickly went back to her work. I slowly withdrew my cock so just the tip was covered, then drove it home again.

It wasn’t long before Tammy and I fell into a rhythm. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly, following my cock out with every retraction and returning with every thrust. The room filled with sounds of the slapping of flesh and moans of pleasure. Tammy began to buck herself into me, my cock slamming into her back wall while her pussy clamped around me harder and harder. I could tell she was close and so was I. Cat looked like she was getting there as well, her back arching and her hands pressing against the headboard, bracing herself for her coming climax.

Catherine came first. Her left hand came down and grabbed the back of Tammy’s head as her hips pressed into her mouth. Tammy kept at it until Cat let go of her then quickly raised her head exclaimed, “I going to cum!”

Tammy looked at Cat and said, “Can he cum in me? Please let Mal cum in me!” Cat looked at me and nodded to both of us and I quickened my pace. Tammy started screaming. “Cum inside me. I want to feel you fill me!” her taunts made it impossible to hold back any longer and I slammed hard into her with a loud grunt. My balls started pulsing with tremor as I could feel torrents of cum flow out of my cock. Tammy started to cum with me, her pussy gushing over my cock and a mixture of my cum and her honey started to seep out of her as our bodies exploded together. Tammy rocked back and forth in short strokes, riding the waves of ecstasy and milking every drop of my seed from me.

My cock was covered with our sexy mixture and I could feel it sliding down my balls. She kept her sex against me until my cock softened, my head fell out of her and a stream of juices flowed from her. She reached down and dipped her index finger into her dripping hole. Then she brought it up to her mouth and sucked it clean.

Tammy moved to the head of the bed, and embraced Cat. I slid in behind her and wrapped my arms around both of them. I can’t tell you how long we stayed in that position, but Tammy ended up staying the night. When she left in the morning, we said our goodbyes and gave her an open invitation to join us whenever she felt like it. Cat and I stood in the driveway as she left, both thinking about how much we’d enjoyed the night before.

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