Yui’s Awakening: Lesbian Massage 01

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Yui had heard about the opening of a new aesthetic salon near her neighborhood from Ms C, who also told her that they offered a ‘special service’ for women with the right password. After some discussion with Ms C about what the special service involved – Ms C explained that she was naked, the woman who massaged her remained clothed but talked to her throughout the session and was very good with her hands – Yui was more than keen to try it out, indeed, she was aching with the anticipation of having a lovely woman give her a full body, naked massage – her first real physical contact in many months!

Yui arrived some minutes before her appointment – it was within 5 minutes walk from her apartment, which excited her even more. She pushed the button next to the anonymous looking door and was soon greeted by an older woman wearing a mask (as was everyone) in the salon uniform. She was taller than Yui, slim, with attractive eyes, and very friendly. She introduced herself as Yuna. Yuna was perhaps in her mid to late 30s, slim, with long and slender legs and arms. In fact, everything about her seemed to be long and slender. Her lovely neck was pale and inviting to Yui. Her long hair was rolled into a large bun and her eyes shone brightly above the white mask.

Yui wondered, in fact she hoped, if her masseuse would be Yuna as she was ushered into the lovely waiting room.

The salon – Belle – was, of course, for women only, and featured a calming decor and atmosphere that made her feel completely at ease. There was another staff member, in the same uniform as Yuna but younger. She was carrying towels and moving between rooms that Yui assumed were where the massages took place.

Yuna confirmed with Yui what she ostensibly had come for: the 1 hour shiatsu massage. Yui then whispered the password, shyly conscious of the fact that she knew it and was eager to use it. Yuna didn’t even look up from her paperwork, she just acknowledged the ‘special service’ request with a tick on the form.

Shortly, Yuna ushered Yui into one of the rooms. The lighting was low, there was the scent of jasmine in the air, and the soft music wafted with the jasmine. Yuna instructed Yui to undress and leave her clothes in the provided baskets, and to wear the large towel left there by the other staff member. Then she left.

With a mix of nervousness and excitement, Yui peeled off all of her clothes, for some reason furtively glancing at the door when she removed her panties, then wrapped the towel around her body. As if on cue, Yuna knocked softly and entered. She then directed Yui to the massage table at the candle-lit end of the room.

“Please lay on your back with the towel over you,” she said in a soft, kind voice.

“Have you ever had a massage before?”

“Oh, yes,” offered Yui. “Many times.”

“Have you ever had the special service before,” Yuna whispered.

Yui wanted to let Yuna know that she was well experienced with women, but then a thought struck her. She would play innocent, naive, and as if it were her first time.

“Well… not really. I mean, no,” she coyly stated. She decided then and there to play the inexperienced first timer, partly for her own desire to be once again the young, naive girl that Ayaka had seduced, london escorts and partly to see how the lovely Yuna would treat her.

Yuna adjusted the towel so that it covered Yui completely, just moving it down to reveal her shoulders.

“OK, I’ll explain to you as I go if that’s alright with you,” she said.

“Yes, please. That would be very nice,” whispered Yui as she closed her eyes.

Yuna moved to the head of the bed and deposited some warm scented oil in her hands, which she then rubbed together.

“First, I’ll start here,” Yuna whispered as she lightly ran her fingers over Yui’s pale shoulders, up along her collarbone, up her neck and down again.

The butterflies in Yui’s stomach went crazy. She shivered with the delight of this gentle human touch, and recovered enough to apologize quickly.

“It’s OK. Please relax, I’ll just touch you gently,” Yuna encouraged in a low and soothing voice. Yui could quickly relax her body, and just as quickly settled in to enjoying this new and thoroughly exciting experience. She was so looking forward to letting Yuna take control, and the thought of playing the innocent submissive made her nipples hard. She hoped Yuna would notice them through the towel.

More warm oil, and Yuna’s hands began to softly caress Yui’s shoulders again. Her hands were soft, but authoritative in their work, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful curves of Yui’s neck and shoulders.

Yuna asked Yui to raise her arms above her head. Yui complied, enjoying the feel of the cool air on her smooth armpits, and not caring when the towel exposed one of her nipples. Yuna adjusted the towel (for some reason) and after more oil began her long, sensual and gentle caressing of Yui’s arms, from her fingers all the way down to her armpits. Fortunately, Yui was not ticklish, indeed, she enjoyed the feeling of someone caressing her armpits, and had even had Emi licking and kissing her there several times.

All this sensual touching, and the fact that she was surrendering herself to Yuna, lulled Yui into a blissful, private little world where she alternated between remembering some of the wonderful love making sessions she had experienced, and then focussed on Yuna’s talented hands lovingly caressing her arms, shoulders, neck and armpits.

Yuna had indeed noticed Yui’s erect nipples through the towel.

“I can tell that you are enjoying the massage Yui san. This isn’t your first time, is it?” she whispered, almost cheekily.

“Well, no. It’s my first time to come to a salon for a full body massage, but it’s not my first time to be… touched like this… by a woman,” Yui replied in a low voice, as if to keep it a secret between her and Yuna.

“I see. Is there anything special you would like me do? Sorry, I’m talking too much!” Yuna quickly apologized, almost embarrassed.

“Oh no, I like the sound of your voice Yuna san. Please keep talking to me, it’s very… relaxing,” whispered Yui.

“OK, but I’ll have to whisper in your ear, in case some of the other clients hear.”

Yuna repositioned herself so that she was closer to Yui’s head, and leaned closer as she still caressed her arms and armpits.

“Yui san, your arms are so beautiful and soft. london escort Such a lovely shape. And your shoulders… so delicate, pale. And such delicious armpits…” Yuna whispered close to Yui’s ear.

This made Yui audibly excited as she let out a small moan. She was now completely putty in the hands of this wonderful seductress.

“Your hands feel so wonderful on me Yuna san. Please touch me all over my body,” Yui whispered.

Yuna stood up, and rolled the towel that was covering Yui’s breasts down. Her eyes filled with lust as she drank in the gorgeous sight of Yui’s lovely breasts with large dark areolae and her nipples standing erect. Yui, with her eyes closed and her arms still above her head, squirmed slightly at having her body now exposed to Yuna, and the feeling of surrender and being so vulnerable made her even more filled with the desire to be touched.

Yuna dribbled warm oil over Yui’s chest, breasts and stomach. She got Yui to lift herself up so she could slide a couple of rolled up towels under the small of her back. This made Yui’s back arch, stretching her stomach and making her rib cage stick out. Very quickly she could feel Yuna’s long fingers on her exposed skin.

Yuna began by massaging Yui’s breasts, working from the outside in a circular motion, avoiding touching her nipples at this point. Yui could hear Yuna’s breathing above the soft music. She sensed Yuna close to her left ear.

“Such a beautiful body Yui san,” she whispered as her fingers lazily dragged between, around and over Yui’s slippery breasts.

“Thank you,” was all Yui could reply. She had never had this much attention focussed on her body before, and the feeling was out of this world.

Yuna’s fingers gradually circled around each breast and settled on Yui’s by now aching nipples. She began to alternate between flicking and fanning her fingers over the erect nipples, and holding each nipple between slippery fingers and squeezing until they slipped out. Yui, of course, was by now in heaven.

“Oh… feels so good Yuna san. Please love my nipples,” she whispered.

“Your nipples are so delicious my darling girl, I have a special thing for you,” Yuna whispered back. She got up, went to a drawer, and pulled out what looked to Yui like a double egg vibrator. It was in fact a pair of nipple vibrators, each with a bulb suction cup and vibrator on top, both leading to a little controller.

Yuna deftly fastened each suction cup to Yui’s aching nipples, as Yui looked on with curiosity.

“I’ve never even seen these before,” she whispered.

Yuna made sure she was looking Yui in her beautiful eyes as she turned on the controller, first on low speed. She always looked her clients in the eyes as she did this because she loved watching their reactions.

As the buzzing started, Yui felt like both her nipples were being squeezed, sucked, pinched, and teased all at the same time. Her body convulsed with the pleasure it sent through her. Yuna switched the speed up to full and then laid the controller on the bed and resumed her sensuous touching.

“Oh… oh…. god, it feels unbelievable… so good…,” was all that Yui could moan through the pleasure that was coursing through her body from her nipples. london escort agency At the same time she could feel Yuna’s hands exploring her stomach, reaching around her slim waist, and tracing the sexy shape of her ribcage.

“Yui chan, your body is so beautiful. I can’t stop touching your sexy tummy,” whispered Yuna, her voice trembling now for the first time. She seemed to be more caught up in her work than usual.

Yui could tell, even over the buzzing of her new little friends and the frenzy they were creating through her body. Her pussy was by now of course, soaking wet, and neither she nor Yuna had gone anywhere near touching her there. She was aching to be touched there, but at the same time eager to see if this session was going to end with her, or indeed both of them, orgasming.

Yui arched her back, allowing Yuna’s hands under her. She wanted Yuna to explore every part of her body, and the thought of surrendering her body to a woman was further adding to her frenzy.

“Yuna san, touch my body all over… love my every part of my body… it’s yours to play with as you like,” Yui whispered hoarsely. She opened her lust-filled eyes enough to see Yuna, her face flushed with desire, quickly remove her uniform, and bra and panties.

“Oh Yuna san, your body is perfect!” Yui gasped. Indeed, Yuna’s long and slender body was exactly the kind that appealed to Yui.

“Yui chan, I want to feel your beautiful naked body against mine,” Yuna whispered as she removed Yui’s towel and nipple vibrators and mounted the table, hovered over Yui’s gorgeous naked and slippery nakedness. Her breasts were smaller than Yui’s but she had large dark areolae and her nipples were very erect.

Her tongue explored Yui’s body, starting at her forearms, down her slender biceps, spending a good deal of time in her armpits, sending Yui into more delicious full body convulsions. As she licked, her hands with their long fingers wrapped around Yui’s waist, squeezing, kneading and massaging her delicious stomach. Yuna continued her licking, sucking in Yui’s warm skin where she could. She finally rested her whole body onto Yui’s, her hard nipples sliding over Yui’s own still buzzing hard nipples. She used her whole body to massage, caress and love Yui.

“Ohhh, your body feels good on mine Yuna san,” Yui whispered as she could finally push her aching wet pussy against Yuna’s strong and slender thigh. She immediately started grinding against that sexy thigh, and Yuna pushed it harder against her as her grinding became more frenzied.

Within seconds, Yui could feel a massive orgasm approaching.

“I’m going to come Yuna san,” she whispered looking the older woman deep in the eyes.

Yuna quickly planted her lovely mouth on Yui’s, her tongue filling Yui’s mouth and dancing with her own. Yui took this as a sign that she could come, albeit quietly.

Her grinding intensified for a few seconds until Yui felt herself going over the cliff in what felt like an explosive orgasm that had her slippery little body convulsing for minutes after. Yuna kept up her full body caressing and kissing until Yui’s beautiful body had relaxed.

A quick glance at the clock, and Yuna began to disentangle herself from Yui.

“Will you be coming back to our salon again?” She whispered in Yui’s ear.

“Oh, yes please, I want to see you again if that’s ok,” gasped Yui weakly.

“Me too,” purred Yuna, and then she quietly slipped out of the room, leaving Yui to shower and dress.

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