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Sammy”s Kitchen Chapter 6

“Hey, guys, my name is Sammy. Today I”ll be showing you how to make authentic Spanish tapas and at the end of this video, I”ll feed them to my cute and unsuspecting twin brother Jakey.”

I looked at the ingredients I had arranged neatly on the counter. I had lots of cooking, frying, and mixing ahead of me. I wanted to try to make at least six different things. In case you didn”t know, tapas are traditional Spanish snacks usually served at parties or in bars. I wasn”t throwing a party but Jakey had a big game against another school this afternoon and I wanted to make him a surprise meal to celebrate or comfort him, depending on the final result.

It was Saturday, almost a week after our Hellozone adventure. The final weeks before the winter holidays were super intensive at school and I had no time to work on my channel. I recorded a quick video of me making fish & chips since I was making it for dinner anyway, but that was it. This was my first cooking-only video since our little breakthrough and I was happy to see that it accumulated over 500 views in three days. It was nowhere near our hit ice cream video that was getting close to breaking the 40k mark, but I was pleasantly surprised to find people commenting on my process and saying they will try it at home. Half of the comments were more or less civil suggestions about what I should do with Jake but I didn”t mind. I wasn”t missing my 69 views era. And some ideas were actually pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, I was slowly reconciling in my mind about what I had done with Jake. He didn”t seem fazed by the way I rejected his sexual advances. After the dishes-cleaning incident, he never tried anything and we were spending time as usual – playing games, watching movies, and eating. I felt more and more ready to step out of my safe space and embrace everything he wanted to give me but I was trying not to show it yet. Knowing Jake, he probably knew anyway.

The oven timer beeped. I took the small, round green peppers out of it and dressed them with olive oil and lemon juice. I timed everything perfectly. Just when I was arranging them on a big plate, I heard the intercom tone. I was double-checking if the camera was angled right when I heard a few voices on the staircase, and seconds later, Jake came home with Sasha and their two other teammates. I wasn”t expecting it and tensed as they talked loudly while removing their shoes and jackets. The hall was connected to the kitchen but they didn”t even notice me as they discussed the game in excited voices.

“… they didn”t see that diving header coming, Sasha, that was something else!” I heard Jake”s voice. “Damn it”s hot in here. Or was it so cold outside?” he asked and took off his t-shirt. The other boys did the same. They had their everyday clothes on so they probably had time to shower and change after the game.

“Oh hey, Sammy, I didn”t see you here,” Jake said and trotted through the kitchen to give me a hug and a peck on my cheek. Sasha and the two other boys snickered and I got red in the face. “What”s with all the food, Sammy, did you make it for us?”

“Uh, yes, it was a surprise… for you, Jakey.”

“Oh my god, Sammy, it looks amazing. Hey guys, look what my talented brother made. You”ll die when you try it!

The boys didn”t need to be told twice. They all cramped inside the tiny kitchen and gathered around the table, shoving snacks in their mouths one by one.

“Dude, I was starving,” Sasha said. I stared at his pale, slim chest and had to blink a few times to shake myself out of it. “Your brother really knows his stuff, Jake. Why don”t you send him to Master Chef or something?”

Jake turned his bright eyes to me. “It”s a good idea, Sammy. You”ll win this thing without even trying.”

I blushed even harder. “Uh, I”m not that good. And anyway, I wouldn”t…” I started but Sasha interrupted me.

“Dudes, I hope someone was recording the last action because this was an obvious penalty. We would”ve won even higher if the referee wasn”t blind.”

“Leave it, Sasha,” Jake patted him on the back while chewing garlic shrimp, “let them have this one. Don”t let them think that we”re bothered with it.”

“And I don”t get why the coach didn”t let you play from the start, Jake. That new Billy dude is hopeless. None of his crosses connected. It baffles me why it took forty minutes to get him replaced.”

“It was his second game, Sasha, give him some credit.”

The boys continued eating and discussing the game, forgetting about my presence. I saw where things were going so I quickly put away a few pieces on a small plate for Mom. It was a good call because five minutes later, the plates were empty.

“Sammy, you did it again, you bastard!” Jake hugged me again. “We”re going to play on the console, come with us!” he added and the four shirtless boys disappeared into our room.

I stayed put for a full minute, trying to decide if I should be flattered or mad. I was unable to resolve this dilemma, so I turned off the camera and just started cleaning the kitchen. Three hours of preparation and twenty minutes of cleaning to make food that was gone in less than ten minutes. I mean, it was supposed to be eaten but it was for me and Jake… I didn”t even get to try it, I realized.

I was finishing scrubbing the oven when the door opened and Mom came home.

“Hey Mom,” I said, “you”re home early.”

She didn”t reply or even look my way as she took off her coat and proceeded to remove her boots.


“Oh hey, Sammy, how”s your day? And what smells so nice?”

I looked at her suspiciously. “Is everything alright?”

She finally istanbul travesti looked me in the eyes. “Sure, all is great. Oh, except they announced today that the factory is cutting jobs and they”re letting my entire department go. Christmas is just two weeks away and I have to look for a new job. Other than that, everything is perfect.”

“… I”m sorry, Mom. You don”t have to get another job. I”ll cut on the food expenses and we don”t need any presents or anything…”

“Listen to me, Sammy, it”s going to be fine. I”m just mad at those rich motherfuckers who only see numbers in tables when looking down at us from their leather chairs. Eh, I”m sorry, Sammy, it”s not your fault and here I am, taking it out on you. I need a drink.”

She turned and left to go to the bathroom. I frowned. I didn”t ask for much in my life but my humble wish-list included Mom feeling happy on Christmas. I didn”t even feel so bad about the lost job. I was sure we could make ends meet with her day job and we definitely could use seeing her at home more often. I didn”t care for presents, either. I just wanted us to be worry-free and happy.

I took a long glass out of the cabinet. I threw a mint leaf, a quarter of a lime, two ice cubes and poured in some gin. I filled the glass with sparkling water, took the plate I saved for her earlier, and carried it to the living room. I sat on the chair and waited, listening to the voices of Jake and the guys playing games in our room.

“I made you a drink and some tapas, Mom,” I said as she walked into the room in her home clothes.

Mom sat on the couch and looked at the tiny setting I prepared for her. A few seconds later, she let out a long sigh and covered her eyes with her hands.

“You shouldn”t have to deal with that, Sammy. I just don”t know what else I can do. I tried everything.”

I felt tears coming to my eyes. I sat next to her and hugged her from the side. “It”s fine, Mom. We”re in this together. Jakey and I will help. We”ll figure something out, I promise! You don”t need a second job. I can save more on groceries!”

“It”s nice of you, Sammy. We surely have to cut expenses until I find something else. There are also other things I need to pay for but I don”t want you to worry about that.”

“Mom, leave it to us, we”ll figure something out. Now, eat your dinner. And tell me if that drink is strong enough.


I watched a movie on TV with Mom but couldn”t really focus on it. I kept hearing the boys” excited voices from our room. I still felt bad about my ruined video. Ain”t gonna lie, I”d been looking forward to spending time with Jake, too.

“Why aren”t you hanging out with the boys?” Mom asked as if reading my mind.

“I”m not in a mood, Mom. I”m a little tired.”

Before the movie was over, Jake and the rest finally poured out from their cave. Jake stuck his head into the living room.

“Hey Mom, I”m going to watch the Champions League at Sasha”s, I”ll be back later!” He didn”t even wait for Mom”s approval and the boys just left.

Hearing it put my stomach in a tight knot. It was a very bad sign, too. I was starting to get jealous of Jake. Something I promised myself I”d never let happen. Without a word, I stood up and went to our room.

As I could”ve predicted, they made more mess than I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. Snacks bags, empty soda cans, dirty plates, and cups everywhere. The worst was my bed. What a mess! It looked like someone had wrestled in it. I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath, and started cleaning.

Every piece of trash, every dirty dish, every plastic bag, painted a vivid picture in the back of my mind of Jake having fun with his teammates, playing games, wrestling, and talking about soccer. But the cleaning also had a therapeutic effect on me. It helped me regain control of my space by removing all traces of the intruders. This was a place I didn”t want to share with anyone other than Jake, who ironically, was spending the evening with his best friend.

So what? I asked myself. He was allowed to have other friends than me. He invited me to hang out with them but I declined. He fricking kissed me in front of his friends.

When I was happy with the cleanliness of the room, I hopped on my bed and opened my still brand new phone. I scrolled down the image gallery to Hellzone day. I wish I had taken more than just a few photos that day. Unfortunately, the park had a strict policy against using cameras during rides, and even when we were just wandering around, I was too focused on being with Jake to care too much about recording. I had my gloves on all the time and that didn”t help either.

The ones I took, however, brought a smile to my face every time I looked at them. Jake posing in front of Devil Viper with his eyes and mouth open in excitement. Jake eating popcorn. Jake posing next to a dude in a Jason Voorhees costume. Jake drinking coke. Jake laughing.

And finally, a selfie I took with him right after our Ferris wheel ride. Our heads pressed together, with slight, dreamy smiles on our faces. In our happy eyes, I could see all the excitement of the day. The rides, the Ferris wheel, the snow, the fireworks. The kiss. Oh, the kiss! It made my head spin more than Devil Viper itself. Life would never be the same after it, I knew it.

I put my phone away and placed my hand on my tummy that felt hot and tingly all of the sudden. I closed my eyes. I was happy for Jake winning his game. I was happy for him having fun with Sasha. I was happy for him being happy.

I opened a book I started reading two months ago but hadn”t touched for a few weeks now. I was still kadıköy travesti reading it at 10 pm when Jake finally came home. He opened the door to our room and his face appeared.

“Hi, Sammy,” he smiled and waved at me excitedly. I smiled and waved back. Then he disappeared and a minute later, I heard the shower running. I was trying to read some more but couldn”t focus anymore, so I put away the book. After a minute, I decided to take off my clothes and I only wore the orange boxer briefs I got from Jake. I covered myself and waited.

He came back quickly, fresh and wearing my white briefs. I raised the edge of my cover and without a word, he laid next to me and placed his hand on my chest.

“The second best day ever, Sammy! We destroyed them today, no better word for it. It looked bad at first but then the coach let me play just before the end of the second half. I don”t want to toot my own horn, Sammy, but we were a different team from then on. Sasha scored four goals and I assisted for three of them. Shit, Sammy, I”m so hyped right now!”

“That”s awesome, Jakey. I”m sorry I didn”t come to hang out with you guys but I was tired. I”m so proud of you.”

“Thanks, Sammy. It”s good to be home with you now. How did the video turn out?”

“Uh, well,” I looked away before my eyes could betray me but it was too late.

Jake opened his mouth with concern. “We didn”t ruin it, Sammy, did we? Oh my god, we did… I”m sorry! We were so excited I didn”t think for a second. But it was so delicious, Sammy, everyone said that!”

“It”s fine, Jakey, really. Tapas taste best when you share them with friends. It”s good to hear that they thought it was tasty. How was your night out?”

“Great, Sammy. Thank you. I wish you would have hung out with us but don”t worry about it, I”m all yours now.”

“It feels good that you”re back, Jakey,” I said and placed my hand on his hip. “I kind of wanted to spend all evening with you. There”s something important I”ve been meaning to tell you.”

“What”s that, Sammy?”

“I think I”m ready for you, Jakey.”

It took him a few seconds to understand what I was talking about. When he did, his eyes brightened.

“Uh, Sammy, that”s amazing. Are you sure?”

I nodded, looking him right in the eyes. Jake bit his lower lip.

“So… would you like us to…”

I didn”t let him finish. I sealed his mouth with my lips and kissed him eagerly. Jakey… how could anyone be so handsome and full of life? We kissed for about a minute laying on our sides and then I started slowly turning him on his back. I climbed over him and pressed my body against his.

“Oh yes, Sammy, I love it…”

I took both his hands and pressed them to the bed on both sides of his head. I adjusted myself to maximize our skin contact area, turning myself into a warm cover for Jake. He whimpered when I kissed him again and pushed my tongue inside his mouth.

We were both very hard, our erections pushing against the fabric of our underwear but I couldn”t get enough of this foreplay. It was Jake who finally ran his hands down my back, gradually making his way down to my briefs. I rolled over to the side and quickly took them off. By the time I laid on top of Jake again, he was naked too, and our hard dicks were squeezed together. The feeling of our naked bodies so close was the most exhilarating feeling I”ve ever experienced.

A few minutes of sensual kissing later, I forced myself to sit on Jake”s thighs. I grabbed our hard boyhoods with both hands and brought them together. I had missed the sensation of the underside of his penis touching mine. It was one of the very few things we hadn”t done together throughout the years and I couldn”t believe how much we were missing out. I slowly stroked our connected shafts, observing closely as our skin moved and folded, revealing two excited glans. They were really identical. Pretty big and thick, they were a joy to be held in my slim, teen fingers.

I looked up at Jake. His eyes were barely open and his arms were lazily outstretched on the bed. His sexy body, so relaxed and yet so tense and strong. I smiled at him and he smiled back as I continued my slow massage. I didn”t want to rush anything. There was so much to explore but we had all the time in the world.

Probably no more than five minutes of this passed and Jake sat up to kiss me some more. His hands joined mine down there and I almost exploded. If this was the only thing we would ever do for the rest of our lives, it would be worth it.

“I love little Sammy,” Jake said and stroked me gently.

“And little Sammy loves you, Jakey.”

We went on like this for a few more minutes. I was in heaven and the best was yet to come.

“Get off of me for a second, Sammy.”

I did what he asked for but I missed his sexy dick as soon as I let go.

Jake backed away a little, put a pillow behind his back, and sat against the wall. Then, just like on the day when I was feeding him chicken soup, he opened his mouth and slightly stuck out his tongue.

My head spun more than it did on Devil Viper. I understood what he wanted, but first I got on all fours and crawled over to him to kiss him some more. With his big eyes and cute tongue, he looked like a little puppy. I couldn”t resist him.

Then I got on my knees and Jake looked down at my hard penis that was now pointing at his mouth. He opened it even wider and without wasting more time, I slowly put it in.

Oh my god. The sight of my moist, pink tip slowly sliding along Jake”s tongue and disappearing in his mouth was almost as hot as the feeling it caused. I stopped when one-third of bakırköy travesti its length was inside and let Jake tingle the head with his tongue. It felt like the room was getting hot like a sauna all of a sudden. Jake looked up at me and placed his hands on my buttocks – then he pushed, motioning me to go deeper. His mouth seemed so small in comparison to my meaty dick and I made a few gentle thrusts to test the waters. Jake was taking it like a champ and I regretted I couldn”t kiss him at the same time. I was almost balls deep when I hit his throat and he gagged a little. I backed away but Jake pressed my buttcheeks and forced me back in. Then he took me out of his mouth and grabbed my dick in his hand.

“Can you fuck me with your beautiful fire dragon already, Sammy? I can take it.”

“A… alright, Jakey, I”m sorry,” I said and he winked back at me.

Jake put my dragon back in his hungry mouth and looked at me expectantly. I felt a surge of confidence. I was afraid of hurting him but I was outright terrified of disappointing him. I clenched my teeth and started thrusting – slowly at first, then faster and faster. It felt fricking amazing. The warmth of his mouth was nothing like I expected – very cozy and hot at the same time. Jake seemed to like it and he was whimpering, opening and closing his eyes, seemingly torn between experiencing my dick and showing me his gratitude.

After a minute or so, he grabbed my hand and guided it to the top of his head. I gently grasped his hair and he squeezed my fist, making me tighten my grip a little.

“Mhmmmm!” Jake urged me, his mouth full of cock, squeezing my fist even harder and I tightened my grip on his scalp as strong as I could. Jake moaned with pleasure and closed his eyes. I was barely registering what I was doing but it seemed to be working for him.

“It feels so good, Jakey,” I gasped, “does it feel good to you too?”

“Mmmm,” he mumbled again and nodded, looking me right in the eyes. Shit! I never expected to see anything like this in my life and I couldn”t be more thankful. When he finally trusted me with keeping up the right tempo on my own, Jake moved his hands from my butt and started moving them along the sides of my body, causing my skin to shiver.

“I love you Jakey,” I said, squeezed his hair even harder, and started plowing even faster.

“Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm,” Jake moaned.

Some of my pushes were hitting his throat now but I didn”t care anymore. I felt my orgasm approaching. I spread my legs a little more, lowered myself so that I could almost kiss Jake”s hair and increased my tempo to the maximum. Jake was taking it so well. He let go of my body with his hands and I felt one of them touch my balls.

“Oh yes, Jakey! I”m almost there. I”m almost…”

I spasmed and with a few long, slow thrusts, I erupted in his mouth. I was glad I was holding on to his hair because I almost fainted. One of Jake”s hands wandered up to my buttcheek again and he squeezed it as if trying to squeeze me out of my juice to the last drop. And it worked. My orgasm lasted half a minute and I felt my dick pulsating and sending waves of pleasure up my spine long after I had finished shooting. I saw Jake”s adam”s apple jerk a few times, hinting he took it all the way down like a fricking champ!

We didn”t break eye contact as I gently slid my saliva-covered penis from his mouth. I couldn”t believe it fit there all the way. There was no trace of my seed anywhere and it could only mean one thing.

I lowered myself to Jake”s eye level and kissed him again. This time his mouth had a slightly different taste, a little bit salty and tart, with a nutty finish. This was the slowest and most passionate kiss we”ve shared so far, at least my post-orgasmic bliss made me feel like it.

I didn”t want to be selfish, so I backed away in all fours to take care of Jake”s penis. But with a surprise, I saw that his own hand was wrapped around it and his entire torso was covered with glistening gobs of cum.

“… Jakey?”

“I”m sorry, Sammy. Taking your dick got me so horny I couldn”t stop myself. We came at the same time if it makes you feel better.”

It did. I never was a big fan of cum, to be honest. For some reason, I found it a little gross and I only tasted mine a few times to satisfy my curiosity. Its gooey texture and bitterish taste were not really my thing. But now, looking at Jake, I knew I loved him so much I”d devour just about anything coming out of his body.

“Sammy…” Jake chuckled gently as I hungrily licked his warm emission off his tummy, slowly moving upwards to his chest and looking him in the eyes to make sure he knew how much I loved every single bit of him. Jakey slid down to a lying position and when the cleaning was done, I wrapped his neck with my arms and covered him with kisses.

“I”ve been waiting to be like this with you for a long time, Sammy.”

“I”m sorry it took me so long, Jakey.”

“Shut up, Sammy. I”d wait 50 years if that”s how much you needed. How did it feel?”

I looked him in the eyes, hoping I could convey all the pleasure and happiness of finally sharing this last bit of our intimacy.

“It felt right, Jakey,” I just said.


We lay there for a long time naked, cuddled tightly and talked about our days and things we didn”t have time to discuss during our busy days. I didn”t want to spoil the mood and hesitated before telling him about Mom losing her second job.

“We can”t let her get another job, Sammy. Your channel is growing fast. Soon we”ll be able to provide.”

“It”s not growing fast enough, Jakey. At this rate, I hope to be earning ten dollars a month for the next year.”

“Then we gotta make it grow faster, Sammy. I have a new idea. Let”s record it tomorrow.”


Thanks for reading! Chapter 7 is on the way. Please let me know what you think so far – ail

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