A Dream?

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So Dawn, I was tired and a little buzzed last night. That’s what days off are for. Right? So, I was nodding off at the keyboard, but not in vain.

I had a dream about you last night. I had to stay after class to finish up some overdue work. I was going to be heading back to college and this summer course would help me finish my junior year. I was always a procrastinator. There you were in the front of the room, at your desk, me, at mine in the first row. You, in those black fishnets, tight skirt and that low cut blouse, were making hard for me to get anything done. You were just making it hard for me, period! You kept strolling by, peering over my shoulder, oh so casually letting your breast brush up against my back, your hand, a light touch on my shoulder. Finally you went back to your desk and I could finish my work. As I am sitting there I look up and notice that you are watching me, intently and I can see from my seat that under your desk, one of your hands is running up and down your thigh occasionally disappearing between them! You are not really watching me, you are looking past me into space. But now I can’t stop watching you! I “accidently” drop my pencil to the floor. As I bend over to pick it up “Shit, she has on no underwear!” I realize.

You look up and smile like you read my mind, but continue with your massage now quite bold and apparent you don’t care who sees.

Concentrate, I must be dreaming, this can’t be happening. Finally I finish and I bring my paper up to your desk.

You want to review my work with me so I stand beside you at the desk while you go over my paper. It is my turn to brush against you. I am leaning over your back looking bahis firmaları at your red pen as it goes quickly over my paper, looking down your blouse at your ample bosom. “Oh god, I so want to suck your tits!” I am thinking.

You look up at me like I said it out loud! Did I?

You just smile and turn back to my paper , while at the same time leaning forward even more so I am now witness to two pink nipples straining at the sheer fabric.

“Finished.” You put down your red pen and before I could make a move you slide your hand up my thigh to the bulge growing in my shorts. Now that I didn’t dream.

“I think with a little tutoring you may just get an A yet.”

So, here I am, hot for teacher. Visions of Van Halen’s video play through my head.

What next? I didn’t have to wait long. You have mounted the desk, one foot on your chair the other perched on an open drawer, your skirt up over your thighs.

“Is this what you were looking for?” You are again caressing yourself and I can hardly move.

“I guess you didn’t fall for the fallen tencil prick?” I stammer.

You just laugh at my Freudian slip.

“Kiss me, now!”

I don’t have to be told twice, but as I reach for your head you turn away.

“Not these lips, those lips!” as you gesture downward.

I gaze down between those gorgeous thighs and see two pouting petals of flesh beckoning me.

“My pleasure!”

I am on my knees, on the floor, between your legs. I can smell the fragrance of arousal and it only makes me hotter. I kiss one thigh then the other, back and forth working my way to to the juncture of your passion. I must be going to slow for you kaçak iddaa try to pull my face into your pussy. But I am in no rush, you need to be patient. I want to savor those juices, inhale all of your aroma. A lick, a tickle. Hmm, you smell so sweet. Now, those luscious lips are right at the tip of my tongue. Yum tasty, just a little lick. Lite little kisses around your labia, up one side down the other, ever so mindful of your clit looming there between the folds. Gee I must be doing something right as you rotate your hips to meet my lips. Ah your lips. I suck one then the other into my mouth as they stretch and swell with you passion. You are so wet now, and I haven’t even got to the good spots!

I grab your ass with my hands and plunge my tongue deep into you as my nose meets your clit.

“Oh god!’

I lean back just so I can see your face for an instant and catch a breath of air. You also are breathing hard.

“You Like?”


“You want more?”

“Yesss!” you hiss at me.

I am now standing over you and take your face in my hands and give you a long deep kiss, letting you taste you own juices, our tongues darting in and out. Who ever knew that just a kiss could be so very erotic and sensual? I linger on there, feasting on yours lips, while my hand wanders down between your legs. You are so moist, as I start to stroke between your thighs.

I lay you back on the desk, your feet up, you knees spread, your juices all over my assignment. You are now fumbling at my belt, my zipper, my cock. You have it out and start pulling on it stroking it.

I break off that long passionate kiss so I can watch you again. I take my member kaçak bahis in my hand and stroke it along your juicy slit, up between your lips, past your clit, down again, through your legs to tease your ass. You are getting wetter, I am getting hotter.

You grab my cock again and try to bring it home. You are in such a rush, yet I am content to just massage your labia, watching your passion build. I so do like to watch a woman get hot and you are no disappointment.

“Please, fuck me now!”

‘With pleasure, teach!” and I thrust to the hilt, feeling that tight pussy engulf all of me. I pull your hips hard into me as I grind away with my prick exploring the depths of your womanhood. You reciprocate digging your nails into my ass.

Now I start with long, slow strokes, feeling every inch of your vagina. I pull out just so I can rub your clit again and drive back in again and again. You have new caught on to my rhythm and are matching me stroke for stroke. We kiss again and I swear you will suck my tongue out of my mouth. I can only imagine what you would do with my cock!

Your panting is interspersed with little gasp and squeals as our frenzied passion rises in unison. No longer slow exploring thrusts, we are animals in heat pounding each other’s sex, looking for that crescendo.

I begin to feel that creeping sensation deep in my balls, knowing my end is coming.

You may be there also, or have you past that point. I don’t know and really can’t stop to ponder. I am going and coming and pounding and fucking and just when I am about to unleash my load, my alarm goes off and I wake up in my bed, alone.

“Damn, I hate when that happens!”

So I go downstairs and get ready for work and there on the kitchen table is my paper, with an A+, and outlined in your sweet juices is a watermark of your gorgeous derriere.

Have a great night Dawn. I know I did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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