A Gift to My Wife

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One cold July night my wife, Wendy and I were having a dinner when our friend John showed up at our door. “HI John, what are you doing here?” Wendy asked.

“I was at home and Mary was in a bad mood so I decided to get out for a couple of hours.” So we finished our dinner and started drinking, again. Two or three hours later we had moved to the couch and were just getting sloshed. So you know Wendy always had something for John, she was not in love with him but was physically attracted to him.

Wendy decided to put her feet up on John and asked him to rub her feet; she always loved to get a rub. We were talking about this and that you know normal stuff like the rain forest and other world changing subject when out of no were Wendy say’s ” I would like to have a Threesome with the both of you again.” We stated to remiss about the time we had sex all three of us. This was getting pretty hot when the kids came in to ht living room and killed the mood.

“Dad can you come and help us set up the tent; we want to sleep outside tonight.” So I left John and Wendy to talk while I go set up the tent for the kids, on my return I noticed that Wendy was flush in the face and John had a guilty look.

When John left to go home I ask Wendy “What happened while I was setting up the tent.”

“Nothing, why to you ask.” Wendy replied

“Well when I got back from setting up the tent you had a flushed look and John looked guilty.”

“That was nothing, John told me that he is sure that if we were alone and had sex it would be the best bahis firmaları fuck he ever had.”

So I asked her “What do you think of that?”

“I am married with you and would not go and have sex alone with on one but you, a threesome is different you are there.”

“That’s not what I asked you, I asked if you would like to fuck his brains out?”

She look’s at me with a smile and say’s “I don’t know.”

A couple of weeks went by without the subject coming up. So I decided to give her the chance to find out if it would be the best fuck ever. I went to a hotel not to far away and rented a room for the following Friday night. That night I tell Wendy that I had got us a room at a hotel to spend a night away from the kids. Then called John about the room and told him to be there at 6:00 on that Friday night because we needed to talk about some business stuff. On Thursday night I asked Wendy to meet me at the hotel for 7:00 PM, since I was to finish work late and it would be better if she met me there.

That Friday I got to the hotel at about 5:30 PM and setup a hidden camera so I will be able to see what happens, in case my wife does not tell me everything. I also brought a bottle of champagne and a couple of white wine. Now that everything is ready I call John to give him the room number, and then call Wendy from my cell phone to give her the room number and to tell her to meet me in the room.

At 6:00 there is a knock on the door and guess what it’s John. “sit down John I want to talk to you about why you are here, Wendy kaçak iddaa told me that you think that if you got to fuck her it would be the best sex you ever got, and I know that she has been wondering about it since, so this is what I did to end this. At 7:00 she will be arriving here thinking that she is meeting me, when she shows up you tell her what I said and give her this note I wrote, but you can not look or ask Wendy what is in this note. One last thing when she leaves I want you to call me on my cell.”

I went home knowing what will probably happened and wondering if she will have the greatest fuck and what will happen between us. At about 10:00 pm my cell phone rings and it John telling me that Wendy just left. So I leave the house to recover the video camera.

On my return home I see Wendy car in the parking and all the lights were on in the house. As I walk into the house I am greeted at the door be Wendy and a strange look on her face. “So how was it?” I asked.

“It was o.k.”

“Wendy I have to tell you that I hid a camera in the room.”

“O.k. o.k. it was very hot”

“Do you want to see the tape?”

The only answer I got was a mean look and she turned around and went to bed.

Being a curios person I plug the video tape in and watch what happened.

She walks into the room and see’s John there instead of me and takes a step back. “I was told to give you this and not to read or ask you what it says.”

Wendy open’s the letter and reads the letter, it says “I know you want to fuck him so go ahead, kaçak bahis see you at home, and Love you.”

She puts the letter in her purse and puck’s up a glass to drink some champagne, sit’s on the bed next to John and say’s ” I don’t know about this?”

“You know Wendy we both want this to happened, but if you are not sure we can go.”

Wendy put down her glass and gives John a kiss and says “If I don’t do this now I will always wonder about it.”

They must have sat there for what seemed for about 1 hour just talking and drinking. When Wendy got up to go to the bathroom John took off all his clothes and lay across the bed, when Wendy walked into the room and saw John she lay down next to him and gave him a long and hard kiss.

She then started to kiss chess making her way down, when she got the his prick it just all disappeared into her mouth she was sucking on that penis like her life depended on it, she sucked him for not more that 5 minutes and I saw his whole body shake, I though he came but it was hard to tell she kept on blowing. John got up went to clean up and walk back to Wendy and without saying a word took off her clothes and went down on her. After about 4 to 5 minutes Wendy pushed John on his back and rode the hell out of him for a while watching this I thought that she was going to rip off his dick, again it did not last more that 5 minutes and they both came. The both got up and got dressed Wendy picked up her things and left.

That’s it the very hot sex a 15 minute romp, I get up and go to the room open the door and find Wendy laying on the bed awake with the lights off, she looks at me and say’s O.K. it was a crappy fuck. I close the door get in bed and we fucked like animals. Now that was fucken hot sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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