A Very Happy 19th Birthday Present

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A Very Happy 19th Birthday Present


Amber Solis

I was 19, and so was my cousin, Roy. Our birthdays were only a month apart. Every year around the holidays, my family would come to Texas, from our home in LA, California, and spend the whole Thanksgiving through New Years with them. They lived in this nowhere little town in Texas, so small it was barely on the map. For God’s sake, they didn’t even have air-conditioning, in that little house, and believe me, even in December, in Texas, it could be an ungodly 80+ degrees. At night! And I don’t even want to talk about the humidity! They had to sleep with all the windows open, and fans blowing on them. They were too far out in the country for most TV and radio stations, and my Uncle wouldn’t allow cable or satellite tv in his home.

So you know what they did to pass most evenings? They read books! Can you even imagine? They practically had their own library specializing in Romance, science fiction and mystery genres. And some math and physics. Actually, they had a little of everything in that library.

Ah, but surely I enjoyed the “peace and quiet” of the country, right? People, don’t even try and complain to me about the noise of the city! You just don’t know how loud the countryside can be at night! And it was a free-range cattle area, too. So sometimes at night, you’d wake up to what sounded like a grizzly bear outside your window, only to see it was a herd of cattle, coming from God knows where to graze, for a day or two. They’d mow the lawn very nicely, leaving only steaming piles of cow-manure, and move on.

Even worse, was when you finally got used to all the racket at night, you would wake up to complete, and total silence. It was deafening. I wondered what was going on, so I asked Roy, one day, and he said,

“When all the night creatures suddenly go silent, it means there is an apex predator in the area. Something like a Bobcat, a Wolf, or a Bear, even. They all know to shut up, when one of those is around, and that’s always our first clue that there is one of those, in the area. But it’s ok. All they had were these little black bears, barely 100-200 pounds. They almost never come into an occupied house, or bothered people, and the rest of them always left people alone.

During the day it would often be so hot that I was glad to wear nothing at all. When company came over, unless they were naked, too, pretty much everyone wore swimsuits, unless they had work to do that required denim jeans and boots.

And they, my mother’s family, accepted this like it was normal! And my Mom and Dad always raved about how nice it was, being back in nature! For a girl from LA, it was a week of pure hell. At least … it would have been, if not for my cousin, Roy.

We always got along great, as kids. I don’t know why. He was as “country” as I was “city.” Working on the farm, and in construction, made him big and strong, and he had a rugged, out-doors-y handsomeness to him. Often working in the Texas 100+-degree summer sun without a shirt, wearing only shorts, had given him a great body with a gorgeous bronze tan, to go with his straw-blonde hair, always cut short, and gray eyes. 5′-10″ tall, his shoulders so wide they existed in different time zones from each other, and 250 pounds of solid muscle!

But it was more than that. I had always felt close to him. And him, to me. He was just a good guy, “stamped on both sides of his coin with honor and good will,” as they say. A super-straight-arrow Junior Scout through and through. Just literally born to be too damn good for his own good.

I knew this because, frankly, I’m a knockout. 5′-5″ tall, red hair, green eyes, freckles on pale white skin, wrapped up in a 36-B hourglass figure. By the time I was 18, I even had straight girls hitting on me. And some gay guys!

But in all this world, there was one guy who had never hit on me, never once touched me in any way without my permission. If he bumped into me by accident, he apologized, and blushed. I even had to initiate our hugs! Yes, my cousin, Roy!

And before you go asking: no, Roy is not gay. He always had a girlfriend hanging around the house. While he wasn’t a “player” in any way at all, he was, not surprisingly, very popular with the young ladies in that little town. They were always hanging around him. He would date a girl for a few months to a year, he wasn’t a one-night stand kind of guy!

And here’s the other thing that made all of this so remarkable: when we stayed with his family, that house was tiny. Less than a thousand square feet. Only two bedrooms! Which means. we had to share a bed. We always had, since we were little kids. As we grew older, our parents saw no need to change the arrangement. They knew I was safe, with Roy. So, yes, even as we got older, we slept together, in the same bed, in the nude.

What? Oh, yeah. I’ve said the word “nude” several times, haven’t I? Yes, we slept in the nude. But that’s not really the big thing it would ankara escort be for most people, as our parents were, basically, nudists. We had been raised that way our entire lives. So, yeah: we slept together, in the nude. Not that big a deal, to us, by itself. Seeing each other naked was a sight we had been accustomed to our whole lives. And when I was with Roy, I was never happier to be naked. Because he was such a hunk!

Anyway, as I was saying: Roy had every opportunity in the world to take advantage of the situation, and he never did! And it wasn’t as if I hadn’t tried to tempt him! Oh, my Lord, from the moment we turned 18, I was shameless! Cuddling against him, sitting on the couch, while we read books. Demanding he give me a hug and a kiss, before we went to bed. And as he embraced me, I would refuse to let him go. Kissing up and down his neck, as he tried to extricate himself from my arms without hurting me, and trying to turn away so I didn’t see his growing erection. Once in bed, I’d often roll over so I was half on top of him, while he was asleep. Or waking him up and asking him to hold me tightly because I had just had a terrible nightmare!

“Oh, Roy! I just had the most terrible dream!”

“Oh? What was it?”

“I dreamt I was in bed, alone, naked, with my gorgeous cousin and he wouldn’t do anything inappropriate to me! It was AW-ful!”

“Lunaaaa … go back to sleep, silly!”

I don’t know how he slept, because apart from that recurring bad dream, I certainly didn’t sleep much!

No, Roy was too damn good for his own good. I knew, even long before we were legally adults, that I was going to have to take steps to help him through this. Every good guy needs a streak of iron in his spine, or else he ends up as a doormat for the whole world. I couldn’t let that happen to my favorite cousin!

So, while I may not be that good of a girl … No. No point in in denying it, or prettying it up. The fact is: I wasn’t that good of a girl. Unlike my beloved cousin, I was born to be a whole lot more pragmatic. Maybe that’s just a female thing? No girl can afford to be too good. Or too bad. But if it had to be one or the other? Being too bad was a better option for a woman. A woman who is too bad can still have a family, and a husband. And lovers. And a life! True, she may leave a lot of emotional wreckage in her wake, and even bear a lot of it in her own soul. But she can have everything life has to offer.

A woman who is too good? Apart from a convent, or academia, what choice in life is there, for her? So, no, I was never as “good” as my favorite cousin. You probably already guessed that, though, from what I already told you about how mercilessly I teased him.

But even so, no way was I going to stand by and let my favorite cousin be set up to be the world’s doormat.

Ok. All right! In addition to all of that selfless, noble sounding stuff about saving my cousin … I was super horny. Ok. There was that, too.

So, naturally, ever since the day Roy turned 18, a year ago, I had to make his life pure Hell by flirting with him as shamelessly as I could. I was throwing myself against him, grabbing him from behind in bear-hugs and nibbling on his neck and ear, running my hands all over his body, humping his ass. Shameless. And proud of it! He stood there and took it, like the stoic he had always been. But I never could seem to wear him down enough to give in to his desires and take what I was offering him. And there were limits to how far I could go. Yes, my family, and his, are nudists. They encouraged us to see, and take delight in, the human body. Hugs all around were frequent, as were kisses, and cuddling together on the couch. You should have seen how my mother had her arms around Roy at any opportunity. His mother, too, often had her arms around Roy! But there were limits, even so, to what I could get away with.

This year, when my Uncle announced Roy and I were going to be left alone in the house that night, because they were going to go see some friends and spend a couple of nights at their place, my heart leaped with joy! No way, NO WAY, was I going to let this opportunity be missed!

I had to! I’d do anything, with any means I had at my disposal. Whatever it took. I had to show him there were some situations in life, that, when they presented themselves to you, all the rules went right out the window.

Oh, don’t look at me at like that! I loved my cousin with my whole heart, soul, mind and body. And in the end, the methods I had to employ, while objectively wrong according to every rule of society? Became some of my most treasured memories.

And on the night of his 19th birthday, I had a clear shot. His parents and mine had gone to visit some friends, they wouldn’t be back for two whole days! Leaving us all alone in the house. And I had had enough waiting. I was in the mood to break some rules!

And Roy? You want to know what he said? Can you even guess? Here’s how that played out, that night:

“What’s çankaya escort got you sighing so heavily, over there?” Roy asked. We were relaxing after dinner, it 06:30 and already dark outside, with a full moon beginning to rise in the sky. Since it was just us, we were in the nude.

“This story. I just can’t get into it. I keep reading the same paragraph over and over and then my mind wanders, so it never gets read.”

“Got something on your mind?” he asked.

“I was wondering …” I said, “I’m pretty tired, tonight. Want to go to bed early?” To emphasize my point, I stretched my arms up over my head and took a deep breath, pushing my boobs out for maximum effect.

“I bet you’d like to sleep alone tonight, for a change, huh? Since the other bed is unoccupied?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Don’t you like sleeping with me?” I asked.

“I do, of course. But with us alone, the way things are between us right now … maybe we shouldn’t.”

“What do you mean, “the way things are between us now?””

“Look, it’s just you and me, ok, Luna? You have been teasing me ever since we turned 18. All the hugs, all the kisses, all the touching, honestly, I don’t mind it. It’s really nice, even though it does embarrass me. But at night, all last year, and now this year? You’re making it hard for me to control myself when we’re alone, in bed.”

He saw the stunned look on my face, and completely misunderstood why I was so stunned.

“I am sorry, Luna. I am so sorry! I love you like you were my own sister. You’re one of my best friends in the whole world. And I’m the one who has the problem, ok? I know that. You’re just being nice. Loving. Affectionate. Playful. But if you keep that up, especially now that we’re alone, I’m going to do something I shouldn’t. I know it. And I don’t want to do that. I’d rather die than do anything to hurt you or jeopardize our relationship.

I took a deep breath. I stayed calm and relaxed on the outside. But inside, I was shouting, “MOTHERFUCKER!!! WHAT DOES A GIRL HAVE TO DO?????”

I played it cool.

“Sure. We’ll split up tonight. Don’t blame me if you get cold.”

“It’s 8 degrees tonight! Not much chance of that!”

Sonofabitch, SON of a BITCH, SONOFABITCH!!! Again, all on the inside. But this time, some of my anger did show in my voice, when I said,

“Well, then. I hope you don’t feel too lonely!”

I stormed off to the other bedroom, leaving him with a shocked look on his face. I threw myself on the bed. Ok. Opening moves fizzled. But this isn’t over, yet. Not by a long shot! At least I now knew I had been getting to him! That thought made me smile! I mean, ok, many times, recently, in our bed, he was getting an erection, and had to turn away from me. But you can just put that down to man/woman biology. To hear him say it? That made me smile!

A half hour later, he put down the book he was reading, turned off all the lights, and went to bed. I waited another half hour. Roy always dropped right off to sleep.

I crept into his bedroom. As mentioned, I was already naked, because in the heat and humidity, sleeping naked was the only option. Even a fan blowing on you made it only bearable. In the moonlight, I could see Roy’s equally naked body, stretched out in sleep. An outrageous, glorious erection, pointing skyward. In response, my own nipples screwed themselves into tight little knots so quickly it practically hurt!

Even though this was a sight I had beheld many times in my life, I never got tired of seeing his slumbering body. Oh, my lovely cousin had grown into such a beautiful young man, in every respect! He was so lovely, so beautiful, I could only stand there and stare, for several moments, furiously rubbing my clit, watching his chest rise and fall in the rhythm of sleep.

Maybe standing in front of the fan brought the scent of my body, my pheromones, my sexual excitement, already soaking wet between my legs, coating my hand, to his awareness? Because he stirred in his sleep, woke up, and saw me standing there.

“Luna?” he asked.

“Yes, Roy?” I said. I was surprised to hear how my voice seemed to have dropped an octave!

“What do you want?” He asked. “Can’t find your way back to your bed?”

“No, Roy,” I said, taking a step closer to him, suddenly shivering, wrapping my arms around myself. “I’m not going to sleep alone, tonight. I’m right where I want to be. I want to lay down in bed with you.”

He realized he had a raging erection. He quickly put his hands over his cock, or at least, as much as he could. Despite having rather large man-hands, he also had a rather large erection. Even his hands couldn’t cover it all, try though he might. He could cover his cock, or he could cover his testicles, but not both. He decided on covering his cock, which, in the moonlight, and my horniness, made his exposed testicles all the more alluring. My wetness began to turn into an ache.

I stumbled the rest of the way to the bed, on weak knees. kızılay escort And since his hands were occupied, I took my hands, coated in my own wetness, and placed them on his face. I heard him reflexively take a deep breath, his body instinctively taking in the scent of my arousal.

“Luna!” he said, “You … you’re … sexually excited …”

“So are you, Roy,” I said. “Since we are both naked, and both horny, and all alone with each other, at last, we might as well try and make the best of things.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I want to lay down beside you. I want to make love to you. I want to give you every part of my body that you want, anyway that you want me. I want to please you. I want to suck your cock until you come in my mouth, and I swallow every last bit of your semen. I want to fuck you with my pussy, my mouth, and … and, even … my ass. If you want it. Whatever you want.”

“Luna!” he said, pleading. “Didn’t you hear what I said, earlier? We’re not kids, anymore. If you lay down with me, like this, I … I’ll … I might do something we would both regret!”

I had heard enough. I laid down beside him, plastering my body against his, putting my leg over his waist, and pressing my hot, wet pussy directly against his hip. I ground myself against him a couple of times, my vaginal lubricant slickening the contact between my clit and his hip. I moaned softly, my head on his chest.

“Roy,” I said, “There is nothing we can do, together, sexually, lovingly, that I would ever regret. I promise you that with all the love I have always had for you in my heart.”

I ground myself against him again, bringing my arousal to a state of frenzy. I realized he had not yet even laid a hand on me!

“Roy,” I said, my breath ragged and hoarse, “Please touch me.”

“I can’t! I shouldn’t!”

“Roy! If you ever cared for me at all, and I know you do, please? I’m begging you! Touch me! Anywhere, everywhere, any way you want! Please?”

At this point, I had crawled on top of him, straddling his body, my clit rubbing against his cock. His hands automatically moved to my thighs, sending more shivers up and down my spine.

“Roy! Your cock feels so good against my clit. Thank you. But you can make it better for me. For us both. So much better for us both! Please, let me take your cock inside my vagina! Please?”

“We shouldn’t!” he said, his back arching, his body writhing underneath me.

“Yes we should! Roy, Roy, Roy! I want to give you this! I want you to be inside me. I want you to have me! I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel your semen explode within my pussy! I want you to have all of this! Look, just hold still, one second …”

I reached down between us, grasped his now thoroughly wetted cock, got us aligned, and plunged myself down, taking his full length gloriously inside me in one fast, overwhelming, motion. For the first time, he reached out to me. His hands grasped my upper arms in grips of iron, and pulled my chest down on his. His arms wrapped around my back, crushing me to him, as I heard and felt him moan, felt his entire body shudder in the ecstasy of our fucking.

For a moment he held himself completely still, his breath hot and fast against the hollow of my neck, where he had buried his face.

I moved my hips, just a gentle rocking, sliding my vagina up and down his cock, and felt his entire body shudder in response. I stopped, and held myself still, and a few moments later, his body answered with the slightest, most gentle, tender thrust.

I pushed myself up so I could look in his eyes, and said, “Thank you, Roy! Oh, thank you so much for this. I’ve wanted this for us, for so long!”

His hands reached down to my ass, and grabbed my cheeks in the same grip of iron, his fingers digging into my ass. He began thrusting in earnest, rocking my entire body on top of his, like a rag doll. I let him go like this for several moments, then stopped, forcing him to stop, and I whispered in his ear,

“Roy, flip us over so I’m on my back! So you’re on top of me!”

“You want me to do that?”

“Oh, I do, I do! Please!”

Without pulling his cock from me, with his off-the-charts masculine strength, he flipped us over, and suddenly his full 250 pounds of solid muscle was on top of me. I immediately had a minor orgasm.

As I came out of it, Roy was still on top of me, his cock buried fully inside me.

“Roy, hold my hands behind my head, please?”

He did. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, pulling him as deeply inside me as I could.

“Now, Roy, please start thrusting in and out of me?”

“You’re sure you want this?”

“Oh, you sweet, sweet, man!” I said. “I do, I promise. This is right where I have wanted to be, for so long! You, on top of me, holding me in place with your strength, your weight, your beautiful cock buried inside me! Oh, Roy, I’m in heaven, right now. But if you start thrusting in and out of my pussy? It will feel so good to me. Better, even, for me, than for you!”

He began thrusting. Slowly, at first. Only a little at a time. But very quickly he built up his confidence, and was soon thrusting wildly in and out of me. He brought me to three more orgasms, before he finally reached his own.

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