A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 20

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This story includes bodily functions and some severe discipline, so if these offend you, you should read no further. All characters are over 18.


Eleanor was becoming accustomed to having both Sgt. Denise and Sgt. Linda as her flat mates. Her husband was off at the six-month therapy facility at some location of which she was unaware and intended to remain so. Annette, to whom she had planned to be married, whether or not she divorced her husband, had returned to the capital city of the Women’s Republic and it was unclear whether they would remain engaged or whatever.

She had been pleased by her conversation with her mentor and boss, Janet, who had suggested that she enjoy having the two lesbian women with her and use the occasion to relax and step back from the personal turmoil with which her life had been full for some time.

Since the apartment had plenty of rooms, Eleanor told Linda that she wasn’t ordering her to do anything but that if she wanted her own room, it was now totally practicable. She said this in front of Denise to assure her she was not interfering with their relationship.

Eleanor had told them that they of course could wear whatever they wanted around the apartment but that she was mightily turned on by seeing them in uniform. Linda laughed and mentioned to Eleanor that after a day in her uniform and in even short heels, she longed to go barefoot and to get out of the uniform. She proceeded to unzip her skirt and unbutton her blouse. Taking both off she then unhooked her regulation bra and let her lovely 34Bs free. She picked up a plain gray workout tee and left her white panties on.

Denise followed suit, or into her birthday suit. The blonde had a killer figure and cute magenta hicut panties. Eleanor thought she’d be unable to resist getting it on with both of them.

She was amused that both sergeants were so conscious of their need to look sharp when dressed for formal occasions in the correction service that they would then put on some Spanx control panties. This was something Eleanor had avoided despite her admitting to herself that she might benefit from wearing them far more than Denise or Linda.

Both Denise and Linda assured Eleanor that they held her in great regard and affection. They said that she had been so generous in welcoming them to her home and they wanted to do what they could to make things good for her. Eleanor responded by saying that they already had and for the first time in ages, she was feeling more comfortable and relaxed.

Then Denise and Linda said they did have to tell Eleanor something since they were now living together with her. It turned out they had both gotten their periods that day and Denise remarked that even though apparently there was no scientific basis, they had been having their periods in sync for some time.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you got yours soon, Ellie,” she added. “So, come into the bathroom while we change our tampons.”

Eleanor joined them in her very spacious and well-appointed bathroom. She told them that she hoped they might want to try the Goose Cookers period panties, because she had herself demonstrated by using them for her periods that they were superior to the other similar products now on the market.

Goose Cookers was the women-owned company for which Eleanor had been working and had been a major creative force there, under the mentorship of Janet, its executive v.p. She looked at both Denise and Linda, sized up their sizes, and found the right-sized period undies for each in her hall closet.

“I know how women hate to change how they handle their periods,” Eleanor said with a tone of authority, since she had been designing products for feminine use. “But believe me, because I’ve been using these, they hold an amazing amount of menstrual blood. The panties I’m giving you are hip huggers, which are less granny-like than the hi-waist. Even so, while they’re not very sexy but they are cute, and they work,” she explained.

Denise and Linda took the panties and pulled the ones they had on down and off. They smiled and in what seemed to be a well-practiced routine, each reached over and tugged on the other’s tampon string until two well-soaked slender regular tampons emerged from their vaginas.

Eleanor helped them put the new Goose Cooker panties on and said this was the perfect way to test them. In two or three hours, she said, they could come back and see how much had been absorbed and if there were any leaks at all. She added that in several months of using them, she hadn’t yet had an accident.

Amazingly, such was their trust of Eleanor that dinner proceeded with neither Denise nor Linda fretting or worrying that they might start seeing stains on the outside of the undies.

Some hours later, Eleanor was the one to suggest that they convene in her bathroom again to check on how well their new undies worked. Denise laughed as they proceeded to the bathroom and when they arrived, suggested that Eleanor strip down and lie in the tub. Eleanor had a strong submissive pendik escort streak even though she was head of the household and owned the apartment, so she did what the sergeant suggested.

Lying on the tub, she was self-conscious about not being as attractive as the two lovely lesbians. Denise pulled down her undies, as did Linda. Then they stepped into the tub and squatted over Eleanor. They examined the panties and saw that the crotch had absorbed their menstrual flow with no leakage. Then they slipped the panties down and off.

Squatting over Eleanor, they held their pussies open so that the flow would drip on Eleanor. At the same time, they were holding their labia apart, so they could direct their pee at her. Together, as if they had practiced this technique (which they had), they released their pee and it was aimed at Eleanor’s open mouth.

“We’re giving you something to drink, sweetie,” Linda chuckled as their blood-tinged pee made pink streams into Eleanor’s open mouth as she hungrily took in their gifts and proceeded to swallow as much as she could. She leaned up as Denise’s stream faded and put her lips on Denise’s pussy lips, licking those and Denise’s whole vulva and inside her vagina.

She liked the slight metallic taste that the period gave Denise’s quim. She did not want to ignore Linda and did the same for her, noting that the brunette had a sweeter taste to her period and pee than did the blonde Denise.

Eleanor suggested that each of them use a pad in the period panties when they went to bed. “I think they will likely hold your flow for the overnight,” she advised, “but why take a chance this first time?”

Denise pulled up her period panties so they fit snugly around her, but Linda held off for a moment.

“Ellie,” she asked, “I’ve got something else coming out that I’d like to have you receive, if you want.”

Eleanor looked up at her with a wide grin on her face. “Oh, Linda darling,” she exuded, “you’re going to make a doody on me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, you imp,” Linda laughed, “here comes poopoo for you.” With that, as she squatted, and as she let out a major fart right in Eleanor’s face, Linda’s cute little puckered anal opening pooched out and a nice big light brown doody slid out and right down onto the waiting face.

Linda’s doody smelled powerfully and for a moment, Eleanor was worried that she might get sick right then.

“That must be the Mexican food we had for lunch,” Denise commented, making Eleanor that much more fearful.

Linda decided she should be considerate, so she took a few sheets of toilet paper and carefully removed her shit from Eleanor’s face. She deposited it in the toilet and came back to give Eleanor a big kiss on her mouth. That gave her a taste and sniff of the combined pee and period flow that Denise and she had rained down on Eleanor and she quickly drew back.

Eleanor slowly rose from the tub and hosed herself off with the hand shower. She then announced to Denise and Linda that she was posting a chart in her bathroom that they each should use to enter each time they used the bathroom to pee, poop, or attend to their period.

“Make an entry that describes what you did each time,” she instructed, “and when you come home, enter each time you used the bathroom at work. I will do the same. We then can see how we all manage our bodily functions.”

“Eleanor,” Denise said in response, “we’re used to having that done when we were noncoms at the Re-Education Camp and we like the idea. But I’d also like you to keep a chart of when you discipline us here. You can put down whether you use the cane or other implement or spank us. It’s a little like an old-fashioned punishment book.”

Eleanor looked at Linda and asked her if she agreed.

“Yes, Ellie,” she responded. “It will be good for us to appreciate also what you are doing for us in having us stay here. We know that you’ve been going through a rather challenging time with all the turmoil and both your husband and wife-to-be departing almost at the same time. We won’t even mind if you decided to take it out on us if you get in a bad mood, although we don’t really want that to happen.”

Eleanor said that she would organize a punishment chart or book for them. Then they all did gravitate to Eleanor’s master bedroom and the two sergeants lovingly undressed her. They clambered into bed and cuddled and held each other. Hands began to caress breasts and fingers found their way into pussies and anuses.

“It’s really nice, Ellie, to be here with you and Denny,” Linda said softly. “I know it has hurt you for the others to be gone but it’s really wonderful with just us girls. I have great, great respect for the Major and enjoyed getting to know her so much as a person, but that cock did freak me. I know it’s unfair of me, but I just don’t want any cock around me sexually.”

Eleanor then looked into her eyes and kissed her. She told Linda she already loved her, and was so much enjoying being with women, too. She confessed that she liked being filled during sex but that when escort pendik Linda or Denise played with her and used toys to fill her, it gave her a good feeling.

“I hope you don’t think I’m some old hag who’s stuck on being plugged by cocks,” she said rather calmly.

Denise and Linda each took her in their arms and hugged her tight, telling her that meeting her had been a major plus to their being assigned where they were now.

“We’re only worried that when we get moved again, we don’t want you to be left high and dry, sweetie,” Denise confided. “That’s why this informal arrangement is probably best for everyone now.

Eleanor’s success at her work had increased her income significantly, as Janet had made sure to reward her for her several successful project initiatives. She had gained a good deal of positive attention in the Women’s Republic for her success and only rarely was there any reference to her previous tribulations.

She was only mildly surprised to receive a telephone call from her older sister, Meredith, who had been divorced and had apparently reached a dead end in her own career as a publicist. Meredith asked if Eleanor was free for dinner that day as the older sister was in the city for a couple of days interviewing for jobs.

Eleanor made a reservation at The Lounge, which duly impressed Meredith because she knew this was second only to The Vic, the exclusive women’s club, as the top place to dine in the city. The Lounge, of course, catered to those women who were dominant or submissive, as well-appointed facilities for discipline were available in the ladies’ room. This was a take-off on the old practice of women taking their misbehaving children to be punished in the ladies’ room.

Eleanor by now had been introduced to the manageress and hostess by Janet so she was promptly welcomed and led to a choice table where she could see and be seen by all who arrived. Soon Meredith appeared, and Eleanor immediately observed that her sister was the worse for wear. She was only 30 but looked 40 or older, Eleanor thought, especially since her clothes seemed a bit out of style, too.

Eleanor kissed her and welcomed her. They had not seen each other in several years and Eleanor recalled that Meredith, then married, had not been very interested in lending Eleanor any support when she was in trouble and suffered mightily at the hands of the court. Even though Eleanor was subsequently cleared of the adultery charges, she had already been punished severely and Meredith still did not communicate with her.

“You look divine,” Meredith said to Eleanor as they kissed. Eleanor invited her to sit across from herself. “I see that life here agrees with you,” she went on.

Eleanor smiled in return and asked Meredith what she wanted in a nice but all-business way.

“You haven’t seen fit to contact me before,” she said calmly to Meredith, “when I might have benefitted from hearing from you. And we were then even living not too far from each other.”

“I’m sorry, Ellie,” Meredith said, trying not to lose it, “but my marriage was on the rocks and now I’ve been out of work and somewhat down on my luck. I hope you’ll be willing to help me because I have a couple of good leads here and would really appreciate it if you saw fit to give me a decent send-off if you are contacted about me and maybe let me stay with you for a bit.”

“Lots of asks, sweetie,” Eleanor commented. “Did you have any idea of what I went through?

Meredith blushed and said in a very low voice to her sister, “Of course I do, and I couldn’t steel myself to deal with it.”

Determined not to lose her cool, Eleanor responded calmly, “I really do intend to help you, Meredith, even though you haven’t seen fit to reach out to me until you needed something. I have a delightful, large apartment and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”

Meredith’s eyes widened, and she thanked Eleanor profusely.

“I’m also going to go with you after lunch here and get you some better outfits,” Eleanor added, “because you won’t do well wearing the kind of things you have on.”

Meredith might have been provoked at one time by Eleanor’s criticism, but she knew her younger sister was telling her a truth no one else would.

“You’re right, Ellie,” she said with a sad look. “I’ve been pretty much out of pocket since the divorce and couldn’t afford to get what I needed.”

“I know you too well from the past, sweetie,” Eleanor answered, “and I well recall that you used to spend like there was no end to it all. I have one more thing that will shape our relationship from now on.

Meredith had warmed to Eleanor’s willingness to give her much needed assistance but now was worried about what the price tag would be.

“I can’t afford to give you much in return,” she said with a hollow look. “I’m happy you’re willing to do what you said you would. What are you going to ask me to do?”

“Meredith,” Eleanor said with an air of decisiveness, “you have been totally undisciplined and now you are reaping the result. pendik escort bayan You no doubt know what being taken to the ladies’ room here means. Yes, you will come with me and I am going to discipline you in the starkest way, with a well-deserved spanking.”

Meredith’s eyes widened again, and she was about to snap back at this incredible statement.

But Eleanor went on. “You will come and live with me and my roommates and I fully intend to get you placed where you will have a great chance to succeed,” she said very brightly. “The two women who live with me are correctional officers; in fact, I am engaged to another woman who also is one. I’m going to ask them to continue to discipline you as they see fit,” she stated. “It will not be unfair, but I feel you need some re-education, which is what they do at work, although mostly for men.”

“You’re driving a hard deal, Ellie,” Meredith slowly replied, “but I really have no choice and I do so respect what you’ve accomplished here.”

“Well, then,” Eleanor said firmly, “let’s go now to the ladies.” She stood, as did Meredith, and she took her sister by the hand as if she were a small child. The hostess nodded to Eleanor with a smile and watched them enter the large front area of the ladies’ room.

Meredith was somewhat taken aback when she saw the instruments of correction along the side of the room and then she found herself standing in front of Eleanor, who seated herself on a firm armless chair which was next to a low table with a strap, cane, and spanking glove on it.

“You will lift your skirt, Meredith, well above your waist and make sure it stays up there,” Eleanor ordered. This was the beginning of a new Eleanor, one who would move past her historic submissiveness and assert herself now.

Meredith did what she was told, almost in a trance. She then winced at what she knew was coming next.

Eleanor reached over, put her thumbs in the waistband of Meredith’s worn white panties and pulled them down to her knees.

“Spread your legs,” she said, “and keep them apart so those panties don’t fall.”

Now Meredith’s brown bush streaked with gray hairs was on display for her sister and Eleanor noticed that Meredith’s labia were rather flappy and bulged out beneath the plentiful hair.

Eleanor then guided Meredith across her lap and put on the tan spanking glove. She looked at Meredith’s pale white globes and began to spank her on alternate cheeks and gradually increased the intensity of the spanks.

It did not take long for Meredith’s bottom to show redness and then color deeply. She began to whimper and then cry outright at the strong spanks Eleanor visited upon her previously unspanked bottom.

Now Eleanor picked up the strap and began giving Meredith medium-powered strokes across the red bottom, intensifying both Meredith’s responsive cries and the deep red now crimson color of her cheeks.

As two other pairs of women in the room watched, Eleanor told Meredith to stand up and bend across the table in front of them and grasp the other side tightly. When Meredith spread her legs to make sure the panties stayed at her knees, her vulva and anus were fully on display to Eleanor and to the rest of the room.

“You are going to be caned, Meredith,” Eleanor informed her, “and I hope this makes you think about how you will act in the future.”

Eleanor picked up the thin cane, lay it across Meredith’s bottom, drew it back, and fired two quick strokes across the middle.

Meredith screamed at the stinging strokes but did not move from the table as Eleanor readied for the next pair, which struck the top of Meredith’s bottom. The screams made Eleanor appreciate the soundproofing of the walls of the ladies’ room.

Then Eleanor drew back the cane and fired two final strokes at the bottom of the bottom where it meets the thighs, aiming for the sensitive crease there. She was on target and Meredith let out a shriek that made the other women look up.

Eleanor decided that unlike the caning Denise had administered by request in the ladies’ room when Eleanor took the sergeant to lunch there, she would not use a whip between Meredith’s legs, at least not this time. She also felt she didn’t need to threaten that severe step to Meredith…yet.

She told Meredith she could pull up her panties and let her skirt down. Then they left the room and Eleanor signed off on the check with the hostess as they departed. She proceeded to take Meredith to one of her favorite stores which featured personal service and together, they selected several appropriate outfits for Meredith, who was slightly embarrassed when Eleanor asked her to specify her bra, hose, and panty sizes so the saleslady could fulfill the choices the two had made at the lingerie counter.

Eleanor took her sister home and listened to Meredith’s account of her recent hard times. On the way they stopped at the rather seedy hotel where Meredith had left her suitcases.

“Yes, Eleanor,” she said, trying not to burst into tears, “I’ve spent time with men whom I didn’t respect because I needed someplace to stay and someone to support me. And I must confess that just now was not the first time I’ve been spanked in recent times. I’ll just let you understand how low I have fallen.”

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