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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 28 – Zach or Ethan?

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 28 – Will Zach cum between us?

“I”ll leave you two to clean up. If you want, we can talk before you turn in.”

The boys cleaned up. Zach was kind of shocked when Andrew licked off the cum from his fingers. Andrew saw him grin when he did it. They pulled on their underwear and went out to the front room to chat with Ethan.

“Hi Ethan, we were just chatting.”

“I saw. I”m glad you two are having fun. Zach, you don”t need to worry about a thing, I”m not going to freak out or tell anyone. You boys can do what you like as long as you both agree. I promise to wait before entering if the door is closed.”

“Andrew, can I see you for a second?” Ethan said as he walked into the kitchen. Andrew followed, and he pulled him in for a hug and whispered in his ear. “Andrew, be careful with Zach. I can see that he is really into you. Make sure you two discuss your relationship, and don”t hurt him.

Ethan was actually the one hurt. Seeing his boy with Zach hurt his heart, but he knew this would come, he just didn”t think it would be so soon.

“Ethan, he just came out to me. He”s a total virgin, or well, he was until today. I”m sorry Ethan, it just happened.”

“Andrew, you can do whatever the two of you agree on. Just make sure he knows where you stand. If you want to pursue him and be his boyfriend, then you need to talk about the rules. We can stop having sex if you guys want to be exclusive. You just can”t tell him about us. He could say something to the wrong person and we would be separated. I would be in jail and you would be in a group home.”

“Ethan! No, it”s not like that. He wanted to blow me, but I wouldn”t let him because I”m not ready to let anyone else do me but you. You”re the only one I want to make love to.”

“What happened?”

“He kissed me and well, I liked it. We went into my room and kissed some more. Um, well, actually we kind of made out, but I didn”t really feel the electricity that I feel with you. In the heat of it, I grabbed his boner and stroked it maybe twice, and he shot his load. I”m sure he”s quite embarrassed by it. Thank you for not making it a big deal, can we drop it?” Andrew begged.

“Sure, let”s go back or he”s going to think we”re doing it.” Ethan laughed.

“Too soon,” Andrew said as he hit Ethan on the shoulder.

They walked back in and sat down. Zach leaned over and whispered, “I couldn”t hear what you were talking about. Are you in trouble? Is everything okay?”

“It”s all fine Zach. He just wanted to remind me to be respectful of you” Andrew said loud enough for Ethan to hear.

“So boys, did you have a fun day? I mean, other than, never-mind.” Ethan asked as his face reddened. His heart ached at seeing his young lover in the arms of another.

“Yeah, I”m glad that Zach and I have become good friends after working on this project. It”s nice to have friends and not just be the little brainiac kid in the school.” The conversation was a bit awkward at first.

The conversation got better and turned to the rest of their day. Both boys were very animated about it until it was time to go to bed. Other than the night Andrew spent at Zach”s, this would be the only night in a long time that he didn”t sleep with Ethan when he was home. Andrew hoped Ethan would be OK and that he would be too.

Zach and Andrew went to his room and stripped off their underwear. Zach wasn”t even completely naked when he asked “Can I play with your cock?”

“Sure, it”s only fair. Please don”t make me cum.”


“Would you play with me again?”

“Sure.” Andrew hoped that this time he wouldn”t make him accidentally shoot. They played with each other, or rather Zach explored Andrew thoroughly.

Zach asked, “Can I suck on your cock?”

“I”m not ready for that, Zach. You know, I have a lot of experience, but I don”t think we are ready. I”m in love with someone and need to sort my feelings out before I do more intimate things with you.” Andrew would have loved to, but he was conflicted about Ethan. Could he play with Zach without making Ethan jealous? Would playing with Zach change his feelings toward Ethan? Andrew got quiet, went limp and just hugged Zach, thinking about the man in the bed in the next room. Andrews”s mind was racing. It was just for fun, wasn”t it? He knew Ethan was probably hurting.

Zach was happy to have his bestie in his arms. He hoped it would be more but didn”t want to push or hurt Andrew. He knew Andrew had been through hell and wanted to remain friends no matter what, even if that meant they wouldn”t be boyfriends. After all, Andrew could be his coach since he was an expert.

The boys fell asleep in each other”s arms. Morning came too soon, but Ethan was bright and cheery, making them breakfast. They came out in just their underwear and Ethan sent them back to shower and put on clothes before he would feed them. They showered together. It was fun for the boys to get to wash each other. Ethan”s touch always felt more intimate, but Zach”s had a fun and different touch.

After lunch, they went out to the local family fun center. They had a lot of fun things to do. Everything from batting cages, bumper cars, go carts, water bugs, and mini golf. They did a little of everything and even had pizza in the castle before they played even more. Zach had to get home, so they took him by their place to grab his things, then took him home.

On the way back to the house from Zach”s, Ethan asked Andrew in a very jealous tone, “So, are you boys a thing now?”

“Ethan! I told you last night, I”ve told you as many times as I can, I only want you.” He blurted out, almost in a scream. He purposely didn”t play with Zach because of his love for Ethan. How could Ethan question this? He was on the verge of tears. He couldn”t imagine losing Ethan now.

“Buddy, I know you have, but it”s OK for you to have a friend your age. You know, ankara escort I love you and I”m in love with you too. It may not make sense to anyone, but you are my partner. I love you more than anything. And when we make love, it”s the most amazing thing in the world.” He paused. It was silent for a moment. “There, I said it. Are you happy?” He kind of looked sad.

Andrew was about to cum in his pants. Ethan just admitted to him that not only did he love Andrew, which he knew, but he was IN love with him too. Andrew knew this, but Ethan had been having a hard time reconciling that, or saying it. They had been enjoying each other a lot, and Andrew knew that this was being in love, but until Ethan admitted it out loud Andrew was worried. “Yes, yes, Ethan, I am happy. I only want you. I”ve had enough sex already to know that I don”t need sex, I want love, and I want to have someone make love to me, not fuck me. I need you, Ethan. Promise me. I know you think I”m just a silly kid that can”t make this choice, but I know what I want.” Andrew was jumping up and down in his seat like a boy that was just told he could have a puppy.

“Andrew, I will do everything in my power to make sure we are together for as long as you desire. I don”t ever want to be apart from you.” Andrew was so happy that he finally admitted it. A big weight was lifted off of Andrew”s heart. Ethan agreed with him, and now it was up to Andrew to prove to him that he would be loyal. What did Ethan say? Partner, his loyal partner. Andrew couldn”t believe that in a few short months he went from suspecting Ethan was in it for sex to never wanting to be away from Ethan, not even for a moment.

They pulled into the driveway and Andrew ran into the house. Ethan figured the boy had to piss. Andrew was stripped naked before Ethan even got to the door. Andrew pulled him into their room and stripped Ethan”s clothes off, climbed on him, and just passionately kissed him for what seemed like hours. Andrew broke off to say “I love you” about a dozen times. The two were making love without the sex. Ethan was really getting into it too. His cock was hard, huge and hot. A couple of times, it grazed Andrew”s ass. They were groping each other”s bodies and this was such a different experience for them. No sex, but the most intimate contact and lots of kissing and touching.

They stayed there until bedtime and realized they had missed dinner.

“Let”s just make breakfast,” Andrew suggested. Naked, they both went to the kitchen and decided cold cereal would be safest without any clothing on. They ate their breakfast and then went back to bed. Andrew nuzzled into Ethan and they kissed, hugged, and slept soundly until morning.

They slept in, and when they went to the kitchen to eat breakfast, they just sat quietly. Andrew whispered “I love you” to Ethan, and he whispered it back. Andrew”s grin was splitting his face.

“Thank you for last night,” Ethan said, after he took a sip of juice. “I”ve been afraid of being hurt if I fell in love with you. I saw you with Zach and wanted you to be happy, even if it hurt me. I didn”t want to say I was in love until I was sure you understood it, and were in love with me. You were very distrustful of me at first. When you accused me of only wanting to help you to take advantage of you, it hurt me deeply. I would never hurt you or anyone. I saw your hurt and decided I needed to help you, and part of that was to not push for anything more than taking care of you. I was always cautious about affection and touch because I didn”t want you to think I was trying to take advantage. Our sex has always been amazing and a way for us to show our love for each other, but last night I had the most amazing time. I knew I was in love with you, and you were in love with me.”

“I mean it, Ethan, I don”t need sex to be in love. I want you to make love to me every time we are together. I really am in love with you, Ethan. You saved me for a reason. I was a throwaway kid fucking men to survive. I”d probably be dead or diseased in a few years anyway. I stopped believing in God a long time ago, but there has to be a reason the universe brought us together.” Andrew got up, walked behind Ethan as he was sitting there having his juice, and hugged him tight around the neck. He kissed him on the cheek and then stood there holding on.

“Can I still be friends with Zach?” Andrew asked as he was hanging on to Ethan”s neck.

“Of course, why not?”

“Well, I think he kind of wants to explore sex stuff with me.”

“Do you want to explore it with him?”

“Well, he”s not had any experience, and of course I could teach him a thing or two. I can also do sex stuff with him without it being intimate since that”s what I had to do to survive.” Andrew figured that would let Ethan know he didn”t mind it.

“If that”s what you want, I will only caution you not to lead him on. If he thinks you”re falling in love with him and you”re not, you need to make sure you don”t hurt him when you don”t return the love. If you do fall in love with him, then that”s awesome. I”ll be hurt, but I also understand you needing someone closer to your age.” He paused for a moment and looked at Andrew.

Andrew was ready to blurt out when Ethan continued. “I also don”t want this to bring back any bad memories of your time on the street. Don”t feel like he is just another job for you.”

“Ethan, I won”t fall in love with him. I”m already in love with you. I can”t love anyone else like I love you. I think I can make sure he knows that we are doing things only for fun and, of course, I”m going to enjoy it too, so it wouldn”t be like it”s a job. It will be a fun time. I don”t want you to be jealous though.” Andrew was hoping Ethan wouldn”t be upset.

“OK, just know you two can always talk to me about anything. You know, it won”t ever change my mind. Besides, how can I be jealous? I have the sexiest boy of the two of you.”

“And I have the sexiest boyfriend of all!” Andrew proclaimed.

That was the last of the jealousy talk. They went on living life like normal. Wait, no, not normal, like normal lovers. They both expressed their love whenever they could.

Andrew had a chat with Zach, and he was good with being friends with benefits and promised that if he felt deeper feelings, he would tell Andrew. Could he really do that? Let”s all hope so. On the last day of Ethan”s shift, he enlisted Grandma”s assistance in devising a strategy.

Andrew was planning a big night with Ethan. They went to the grocery store, and Andrew used his money to buy a cake mix, frosting, and one of those tubes that has colored frosting to write on a cake. Grandma had him buy some chocolate pudding mix too, to add to the cake. They were making a triple chocolate cake.

Grandma and Andrew had fun making the cake, letting it cool, and frosting it. She asked Andrew what he wanted her to write on it, but he told her he was still thinking about it and could probably escort ankara do it later. She didn”t think anything of it so she said fine. They put the cake in a cake container in the refrigerator to set the frosting.

They had that all done by dinner time and had a quick bite to eat. Ethan came home a bit later, and they said goodbye to Grandma, and Andrew was finally able to kiss his man.

“I love you, Ethan,” he said between kisses.

“I love you, Andrew.” He was hugging Andrew and lifting him off the ground a bit.

Andrew was being very attentive to Ethan. He didn”t want Ethan to go to the refrigerator. That was going to take some tricky work. He got up to wait on him anytime he thought he was heading there. Ethan was on to him. He knew that something was up, but he just let Andrew be his servant.

They finally went and showered together before sliding into bed. All night, Andrew cuddled with Ethan, and they were both poking each other.

Morning came too soon. The next day, they had to go to a CPS required doctor”s visit. A week earlier, they had gone to get some tests and blood work at the lab. The doctor”s appointment was early, so they hit a drive through for breakfast. They got breakfast burritos on the way to the doctor.

When they pulled up, Andrew started to panic. This was the doctor the boys traded favors with to get them medicine and other things when they weren”t feeling well. The doctor was right on time and asked Andrew if he wanted Ethan to come in too. That had Andrew worried a bit, but he thought with Ethan in the room, he would be safer.

“Get up on the table and sit here on the end for me, young man.” The doctor said, acting as if he had never seen the boy before.

Andrew hopped up onto the paper covered little table. The nurse came in and took his vital signs, wrote them in the file folder, handed it to the doctor, and left the room. The doctor opened up the folder and flipped through a few pages until he had the lab results. He pulled over a rolling little stand and set the folder down on it.

“Okay son, here are the tests that we took. As you can see, these all show negative. That”s a great thing. No HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, but now I need to check you for some other things. He winked so that only Andrew could see. Do you mind dropping your pants and underwear? Stand on this step here facing me.”

Andrew did as instructed. The doctor”s gloved hand was cold as he grabbed Andrew”s balls. He was being rough on the boy. Probably since he knew his fun with him was now over.

He should be worried that Andrew would turn him in. He felt each testicle and kind of ran his fingers around them. He pushed them up and had Andrew turn his head and cough. He lifted his scrotum and inspected the area around it. “OK, now turn around please and bend over the table.”

Andrew did as instructed. He spread Andrew”s buttocks and looked for whatever it was he was looking for. He did make a couple of noises as he poked at his hole. “Son, I need to ask you something. Should we have Ethan step out? I don”t want to embarrass you.”

“No, it”s fine,” Andrew responded.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” he asked.

What the fuck? This guy knew the answer already. He had done the deed with Andrew when he needed medicine. “Doctor, I was on the street and had to do whatever it took so I could make money and survive. Yes, I have had a lot of it.”

“Well, your sphincter has had a few fissures. Do you have pain when you have a bowel movement?” he asked.

“You mean poop? No, not usually. I mean, sometimes it”s hard to poop, but not all the time.” Andrew responded.

“Okay, now I need to insert my finger. This may not be pleasant, but I need to check out your prostate and make sure there are no internal issues that we would need to run more tests on.” He put some ointment on his finger. Andrew winced a bit because the doctor just jammed it in. Andrew could feel him working around and he hit his prostate. Andrew”s cock sprang to life. The doctor was rubbing his prostate and it seemed like he was enjoying himself. Andrew felt his balls tighten up and suddenly he shot his load right there on the doctor”s table. “Oopsie, sorry son, sometimes that happens. Well, I can see you”re a healthy boy.” Andrew could only hope that the doctor”s fingers would be covered with shit for what he did. As the doctor pulled out, Andrew pushed, hoping shit would fly at the doctor. It worked.

Andrew could hear Ethan snickering, but he couldn”t see him from his position. The doctor grabbed some paper towels and was trying to clean up the mess of cum and shit.

Andrew got up as dignified as he could, pulled his pants up and snarled at the doctor, “Are we done yet?” He was giving him an “eat shit and die” look. Andrew wanted him to know he knew what he did and didn”t appreciate it.

“Yes son, we”re done for today.”

“Ethan, let”s go!” Andrew barked. Ethan got up and led the way. Andrew got to the door and looked at the doctor and whispered to him, “Tell Cole I said hi. If you hurt any of them or do that to me again, I will go to CPS and let them know who you really are. Be sure you treat Cole right and pay him for once. You don”t get it for free, and he needs the money to survive. You”re a freak! Do it, or it”s not going to end well. I will take you down. Never, I mean never, do that to me again. You didn”t have my consent.”

The doctor turned as white as his coat. He closed the door behind Andrew and remained in the room.

“What was that about?” Ethan asked.

“That fucker wasn”t checking my prostate, as you could see, he purposely got me off. I told him I knew his secret and that he had better be careful.” Andrew didn”t want to give Ethan all the details. “I”m surprised he did that with you in the room.”

“Yeah, it seemed a bit too much. I”ve had those exams and never had a doctor spend so much time in there.” Ethan responded. “But now I know where your button is!” He said as he sprinted to the car with Andrew chasing behind him.

“I”m going to get you for that.” Andrew was yelling and laughing. He was actually hoping Ethan would find that button too, but time will tell. Thankfully, Ethan dropped the comment about the doctor. Andrew knew that the boys needed him, but he was definitely a predator.

They made it home pretty quickly, and Andrew was so excited. Since Ethan had Andrew out of school for the doctor, he was able to stay home the rest of the day. It was Friday, so not much happened at school anyway. Ethan was caught up in some program on TV, so Andrew was able to sneak into the kitchen and pull out the cake and add the lettering on the cake. He carefully got the cake out, snipped the end of the tube and got ready. He had one shot at this. He tested the frosting on his finger first to see how fast it came out and licked it off. Then he finished lettering the cake. He put the lid back on and ankara escort bayan pushed it to the back of the fridge and put some bottles of Fanta in front of it in case Ethan went to get something and he couldn”t intercept him. He left the rest of the frosting tube in the fridge, which he regretted a bit later that evening.

While he was in the kitchen, he threw together some sandwiches, chips, and drinks and put them on a tray to take out to Ethan.

“Hey buddy, what”s up?” Ethan called out as Andrew came out of the kitchen.

“Oh nothing, how are you, my love?” he asked.

“You know, you have to be careful you don”t slip when other people are around, but I do like the sound of that.” Why was Ethan trying to ruin the mood?

“Nothing little about this!” he said as he grabbed his crotch. “You just wait until it”s fully grown and dwarfs yours!”

Ethan broke up laughing, and Andrew jumped and landed on his lap. He put his arms around Ethan”s neck and started kissing and exchanging tongues with him. They kissed for quite a while, and when they broke apart, Ethan said, “You taste awfully sweet.”

“Aww, thank you, my love.”

“No, I mean what were you eating that was so sweet?”

He had forgotten he had licked off the icing. Oops. “Just a leftover crumb from one of Grandma”s cookies,” he said, trying to recover.

“Well, I thought you tasted sweet, but Grandma”s cookies may have you beat!” he quipped. Andrew started tickling him and soon he was bucking him off of his lap. Andrew was in heaven. His lover and he were playing on the couch and having fun. The wall really has come down between them.

“Ethan, I made lunch and I have a surprise for later too.” Andrew went into the kitchen and brought out the lunch. He knew it was basic, but Ethan appreciated the effort.

“No pickle with my sandwich?” Ethan joked. This couldn”t get any better. Andrew grabbed his crotch again. “Here”s your pickle.” Ethan grabbed and tickled Andrew until he said, “Uncle.” They sat watching TV while they ate their sandwiches.

“Since it”s Friday, I wanted to have a special dinner with you. Just us. I”ve made arrangements to have delivery thanks to Grandma, who helped me arrange it.”

“What”s the occasion?” Ethan asked.

“Just because I love you, is that okay? I wanted to thank you for being, well, you.”

“That”s great,” he said. Andrew realized this may have been uncomfortable for Ethan, since he”s always the one doing things for others, but Andrew wanted to do something for him in a non-sexual way.

“You always do things for me, and I know you don”t expect to be paid back. Let me do this dinner for you. It might not be fancy, but it comes from my heart.” Andrew snuggled into Ethan and had no idea what they watched the rest of the day. His mind was racing and he was thinking of this amazing man he was cuddling up against.

Andrew”s trance was broken when the doorbell rang. He ran to the door, handed the guy a twenty as a tip, and took the bags of food that he had already paid for into the kitchen.

The delivery guy smiled. This was a great tip! “Tell your dad thank you for the tip!” Andrew just smiled.

“Ethan, stay on the couch. I”ll set the table.” Andrew plated the food. It smelled amazing. They had steak, baked potatoes, broccoli with cheese, and a slice of amazing molasses bread. Andrew quickly put them on the table, grabbed utensils and glasses, and poured them each a glass of sparkling cider. He grabbed a candle from the shelf, lit it, and put it on the table. He turned off the lights, and Ethan looked over and saw what he had done.

Tears formed in his eyes. He came over and hugged Andrew. “Thank you! This looks amazing. I love you!” And he planted the juiciest kiss on Andrew”s lips. Andrew walked over to Ethan”s chair and pulled it out, motioning for him to sit. He put his napkin on his lap and took his own seat.

“Wow, this is wonderful,” he said.

Andrew grabbed his glass and held it up. Ethan followed suit. “To us, forever!” and they clinked glasses. They took a sip and dug in. The food was great.

“I can”t believe you did this all for me. To think, I was just out on a routine building fire call and I ended up saving some street kid that turned out to be so awesome and the love of my life. What did I do to deserve this?”

As they neared the end of their meal, Andrew picked up the plates and took them to the sink. Ethan started to get up, and Andrew pushed him back to the chair.

He pulled out some smaller plates and got out a tub of ice cream from the freezer. He scooped out a ball for each plate and placed them on the table with a fork.

Ethan looked at Andrew like he was crazy.

Andrew just smiled at him. The only light was the candle light, so it was pretty romantic, but Ethan was confused. A fork? For ice cream? One scoop, on a plate?

Andrew got the cake server out of the drawer and placed it on the table.

Another strange look.

He went to the fridge and pulled out the cake container and set it on the table next to the candle. He made sure it was oriented correctly and lifted the lid.

Ethan took one look at it and started to tear up. Andrew had written, or attempted to write, “To my hero, my lover.” Andrew had a new respect for cake decorators, as frosting tubes are difficult to write with. In the middle was his attempt at drawing him and Ethan, but it looked like a bad stick figure drawing or a game of hang man.

He walked around behind Ethan and hugged him, kissed him, and asked him to hurry up and cut the cake.

He laughed through the tears and cut each of them a nice piece.

They ate the cake and then went to the couch to relax. Andrew dropped his pants by the side of the couch and sighed, “That food was stretching my pants” and Ethan followed suit. They sat there in their underwear and watched whatever was on TV. Neither of them cared; they were breathing in each other”s essence.

When bedtime came, Andrew grabbed Ethan and they showered together, went into their bedroom, and Andrew had sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed the frosting. It was so cold, but he squirted some on his chest, making a line to his cock. He tried to make an arrow, but it wasn”t working. He walked into the bedroom, and Ethan stared at him and started cracking up. Belly laughs, hysterical laughs. Andrew was about to start crying when Ethan was finally able to say, “Come here, you missed a spot,” and he licked it all off, starting at the top and all the way down to Andrew”s groin.

When he hit the end of the trail, he looked up and asked, “May I?” Andrew just nodded.

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 28 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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