Barbie’s Monthly Treat

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Barbie awoke to the gentle lapping of a hot tongue directly on her most sensitive clit, the feeling was exquisite and she thought she was in heaven.

She opened her eyes and looked to the source of her pleasure and saw Jared’s blonde head bobbing up and down. He looked up at her, stopped the delicious licking and smiled sweetly. “Good morning ma’am! I thought you would like breakfast in bed,” he said.

“Thank you Jared,” she purred in return. “Please do keep it up!”

“Oh it is up,” was his reply. With that he moved up her body, his face glistening with her morning dew, and kissed her long and hard on the mouth – she hungrily sucked on his probing tongue tasting the sweet saltiness of her own pussy. How she loved the taste of her own body.

She understood what he meant when she felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach, she looked down to see him in his glory and saw a drop of pre-cum oozing out of the eye of his cock. This was just too much for her and she had to taste him.

She turned and pushed Jared onto the bed so he was on his back, turned so that her pussy was over his face and they both assumed the 69 position. Jared parted her lips with two fingers and she felt the rush of cool air on her pussy, which was quickly replaced by two probing fingers slipping into her very wet hole and with a hot tongue circling her clit, she moaned in appreciation.

At the same time she held his large, thick cock in one hand and her tongue trailed round the head of his cock, circling and licking up the pre-cum, boy how good that tasted. The more she licked, the more pre-cum he produced, until she just had to take more and more of his cock into her mouth as she sucked hungrily on him. He was so horny today and that was just the way she liked it.

Jared knew he was pushing all the correct buttons, Short links her moaning was getting louder although muffled, as his cock was being eaten with relish. He was finger fucking her harder, going as deep as he could, feeling his way inside her tight, wet pussy. His tongue was sucking, nibbling and licking all around the swollen, sensitive clit and he loved the way just touching her in this way got such a response. He could feel her vaginal muscles clenching on his fingers, almost stopping the blood supply but wow, this was certainly worth it and he couldn’t wait to slip his large cock inside this tight cunt and feel those muscles milking him. But he had to make her cum in this way first, wanting to taste her cum, feeling it rush over his face, how he loved that!

She suddenly stopped the blow-job he was getting and he felt the tightening of her body against him. He could hardly breathe as she pushed her sopping pussy against his face, he could smell how horny she was and taste it too and he just wanted more and more of her. He sucked even harder on her clit and finger fucked her furiously as she tightened against him. As she came she screamed with pleasure yelling “Jared, oh Jared finger fuck me harder oh harder, suck on that clitty aaaaaaghhh oh yes darling.” It was a sound that could have woken the dead.

As she came down from that powerful orgasm, his face wet from all her juices, she turned round and said, “Thank you Jared, now it is your turn”

He couldn’t wait, he knew what was coming next as she turned round so that she was sat astride him – he sat up and kissed her long and deep. He could feel her erect nipples against his chest and with one hand circled one bud, then the other. She kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue as she moved herself against his cock, rubbing against him, wetting Short link his solid tool. They moved together like this for a while his hard cock just touching that heavenly hole, not penetrating but eagerly waiting that first feeling of a tight pussy round the head.

She reached down between her legs to guide him a little way in, just relaxing slightly against the tip of him so that first penetration could take place. He pushed against her tight pussy hole and entered, as he did her muscles contracted round the thick throbbing member and they both sighed in ecstasy. With one hard push he was deep inside her, all the way in, her cunt expanding to take him all. Barbie grinned to herself, fuck that felt so good, she wished she could stay on him all the time this way, he felt like an extension to her own body.

With Jared in to the hilt, they stopped moving and just kissed, eventually Barbie moved her hips in a circular motion, grinding her pubic bone down on his heavy swollen balls. She pulled herself off his cock slowly, all the time squeezing her muscles up his thick cock as he left her body, until the just the tip was inside her.

Then she started to fuck Jared, slowly at first up and down his cock. He didn’t move with her, just delighting in the feeling that was surrounding his body. She speeded up her movements, as she did so he reached down and started pressing on her clit, moving with the same speed that she was fucking his cock. This felt so beautiful, he too didn’t want this to end, but he could feel that familiar heaviness in his balls and knew that this union was to end soon.

He moaned, “Oh Ma’am please may I cum inside you?”

“Soon darling, very soon,” was her reply. She slowed down her movements, but his animal instincts took over, he now needed desperately to empty his balls, either inside her tight, beautiful cunt, in her mouth or over her large, beautiful breasts.

He started to thrust up inside her, she pushed down heavily on his cock to meet his thrusts, squeezing his cock like a vice.

“Oh Ma’am that feels so fucking good, again, please again,” he begged.

She knew that he would cum soon. She didn’t want to tease him for too long, after all he had licked and cleaned her pussy out so well earlier that it was only fair she should let him wash the inside of her cunt with his copious amounts of cum.

She started to fuck him up and down his cock as he thrust harder and faster into her.

“Jared, do you want to cum now?” She asked, knowing the answer.

“Oh Ma’am yes please,” he replied, his balls aching for release.

Barbie pulled off his cock quickly and knelt on all fours on the bed.

“Fuck me like a whore then!” she yelled.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Her arse was in the air and he could he see her pink pussy hole glistening with both their juices, his cock was so hot and wet for her. He pushed the head of his cock against her pussy and entered hard and fast and started to pump against her, holding her hips for leverage as he fucked her harder than he had ever done in his life.

“Harder Jared, or you don’t get your bonus this month,” she yelled, as her cunt gripped his cock.

He felt his balls tighten and he knew he was about to cum deep in her cunt, he pushed hard one last time until he was all the way in her, pulled her close to him and yelled “Aaaaaaggghhh Ma’am here it is, and it is all for you!!!!!”

She squeezed the last drops of cum out of him as he pulled out of her, exhausted and happy.

“Thank you Jared,” she said. “Leave the breakfast tray on the table. When you have washed up – you can go and clean the pool and I will join you in the jacuzzi in half an hour”

Barbie was so glad her that husband had agreed to get hired help in once a month. She certainly got her money’s worth in Jared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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