Cabin Fever

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Cedric hurried through the train car, head swinging back and forth in the hopes of finding an uncrowded booth. He normally loved traveling by locomotive, but for some reason the train had been overbooked with tourists, leaving little to no room for breathing space.

He was starting to get fed up when he passed what he assumed was an empty compartment. Disbelieving of his luck, Cedric skidded to a halt and stepped back to eagerly look through the window. It was small and looked unoccupied aside from a single suitcase tucked under one of the benches. He didn’t see anyone but knocked anyway. When no answer came, Cedric tried the handle and was pleased to find it unlocked. He entered, and upon shutting the door, found that the room was largely sound proofed against the outside. The abrupt silence buzzed in his ears, but it was welcomed.

Looking around, he didn’t see any other evidence that someone had claimed the space, and figured that when the other person arrived, they wouldn’t mind him being there. If they did, he would have to look forward to sleeping in the aisle.

In the meantime, Cedric set about stuffing his things under the plush seating and made himself tiny by curling up in the corner. Tired from all of the earlier traveling he had done, Cedric closed his eyes and was out in minutes, the soothing lull of the ride doing him in.

All too soon, Cedric was shocked awake by the door to the compartment opening and slamming closed. He sat up from his slouch and blearily looked up to find another man staring at him with surprise written all over his face. He didn’t seem that much older than Cedric, but judging by his clothes, he had tons more money and a reputation to uphold. Cedric felt gross and small in his oversized waistcoat and uncombed hair, and felt even more humiliated as he wiped the fresh drool from his chin with the back of his hand.

“Um, hello, sorry to intrude–“

“It’s fine.” The man turned away from him and sat on the opposite seating, his back ramrod straight. He stared outside of the window, watching the countryside roll by before turning his dour green eyes back on Cedric. “Benjamin.”

Cedric blinked at him dumbly before realizing that he was being introduced to. “I’m Cedric.”

Benjamin hummed and resumed staring out the window. Cedric watched him for a moment before pulling his legs back up onto the seat and nestling his cheek on his knees. His eyelids lowered, and though he knew nothing about his ‘roommate’ he immediately dozed back off again.

The next time he awoke, darkness had begun to reach into the window as day eased into night, the train still steadily roving over its tracks. It took Cedric a moment to understand what had woken him, and before he opened his eyes, he was aware of two things. One, that his compartment-mate had moved to sit across from him, and two, that he was breathing heavily. Cedric moved his head, his neck istanbul travesti aching something fierce, and cracked open his eyes, hoping the guy wasn’t hurt or anything.

To his surprise, Benjamin was staring right at him. He sat comfortably leaned back, legs spread and his trousers undone, one hand steadily gliding along the plump length of a large cock while the other cupped and massaged a set of heavy-looking balls. He didn’t stop once they made eye contact, with Cedric swearing it only made his movements quicker. Cedric swallowed, unable to look away. He had no idea what he should do as this was the last thing he ever expected to happen to him.

After a full minute of tense silence, Benjamin spoke.

“Forgive me. I haven’t had time to myself in ages. I did not mean for you to wake up.”

Cedric almost responded back in turn that he understood and didn’t blame him. Instead, he uneasily looked away towards the window. There were still many hours to go before they arrived at their destination. Could he sit there and pretend that his compartment-mate wasn’t getting off in front of him or should he risk resting his head on the grungy carpet of the aisle, where people wouldn’t think twice about stepping all over him? He shuddered.

“If I may,” Benjamin continued on, his voice neutral, “you’re very beautiful.”

Cedric blushed. He’d been called many things, a failure, lazy, a waste of space, but never beautiful. He was unsure if he should be flattered or disgusted. So he kept quiet.

Benjamin sighed and slowed his movements. “I’ve offended you?”

“No,” Cedric found himself saying, “compliments are just… rare for me.”

“Ah. I understand. I hope you believe me, then. I spent the latter part of the hour watching you sleep, and… it struck me how fragile you are, almost delicate. But you must be strong having come this far.” His green eyes flicked to the back of Cedric’s left hand, where a criss-cross of thin whip marks sat starkly against his pale skin, the lines upraised and bright pink.

Cedric tucked his hands out of sight; he didn’t have to ask Benjamin to elaborate what he meant.

“And that gave you the idea to perv on me?”

He hadn’t meant to accuse him so plainly, but the words slipped out before he could think them through. To his relief, Benjamin chuckled instead of lashing out.

“It gave me many ideas. This was the least invasive.”

Cedric finally looked at him again, curious. Benjamin gazed back, his eyes twinkling. He was now idly rolling his scrotum about in his hand, the stroking stopped completely aside from the gentle rubbing of his thumb underneath the bulbous cockhead. Precum pearled and dripped steadily from the slit, leaving a glistening trail that drooled upon Benjamin’s lap. Cedric hated what the sight did to him, how it made him feel, how it made him ache…

“What do you mean?”

Benjamin smiled. istanbul travestileri The expression seemed foreign on his face, but not disastrous. “I had the idea of making you earn your keep, seeing as how you’re in my private cabin.”

Cedric abruptly sat up straight, his eyes wide. “I had no idea this was–!”

“Calm down. I don’t mind the company. Truly. And like I said, you please my eyes.”

Cedric settled, embarrassed. “Still I feel as though I should apologize.”

Benjamin’s eyes lost a bit of focus; he gave his sack a squeeze. “It’s unnecessary. But if it bothers you, I will present you with my idea to earn your stay.”

A part of him already knew what that would entail, but Cedric wanted to hear him say it.

“I will hear it.”

“Whenever I get the urge,” Benjamin began without much tact, “you will let me play with you for the duration of this trip in whichever way I see fit, whether that be petting or outright fucking. If you agree, you have to promise that you won’t deny me, otherwise I reserve the right to kick you out. I’ve been without a partner for an entire month, so be rest assured that I have plenty of buildup that needs letting. Or, you can sit there quietly and let me ejaculate into your hands or on your face. Either way, I get what I want and you can continue to have your own space for the next however hours.”

Cedric squirmed, the mental images that conjured in his mind during Benjamin’s list of terms not quite going away. Benjamin waited patiently for his response, his handsome face stoic. Truth be told, Cedric was not unused to a dick up his ass or one shoved in his face, and he found the other man to be strangely trustworthy. He didn’t yell or immediately kick him out when he had plenty of reason to do so, and while touching oneself in front of another without their knowing should scare most sane people away, Cedric reasoned that he himself was far from sane. And a part of him was lonely. He craved company and he craved an intimate touch. Benjamin was a wealthy stranger, but he didn’t seem to mind being in close proximity with someone lowly such as Cedric.


Benjamin cocked his head to the side, his eyes once again shining with excitement. “Okay, what?”

“You may do with me as you please.”

“Then sit beside me, please.”

Cedric unfurled from his warm spot to take the single step over to Benjamin’s side. He sat beside the other man and looked at him, waiting for the next command. Benjamin grabbed his hand and guided it to his cock. It was thick and warm and slightly damp with sweat and sticky cum. Cedric swallowed, allowing Benjamin to set the rhythm once his slender fingers wrapped around the shaft. His fingertips barely touched and it seemed as though his hand had to travel quite the distance before reaching either the root or the head. Benjamin let out a breathy moan and closed his eyes, his own travesti istanbul hand falling away from Cedric’s once he got into the right pace.

Cedric stared into his slack features for a moment before letting his eyes trail down to watch his movements. His confidence grew as he watched Benjamin’s thighs quiver and saw the way his cum came gushing out in a stream. His own cock pressed eagerly against his trousers, tenting them, but he ignored it and focused more on Benjamin’s needs.

Tentatively, Cedric ran his thumb over the head on his upstroke, catching and smearing the liquid around the head and down the veiny shaft. Benjamin hissed, his hips flexing upward, his left hand roughly manipulating his scrotum as his right fisted in the collar of Cedric’s jacket. Feeling empowered, Cedric wrapped his free hand around the bottom half of Benjamin’s shaft and stroked him firmly but steadily as he gripped the area just under the head and jiggled his hand rapidly, his thumb incessantly caressing the tender piss-slit.

Benjamin’s hand migrated into Cedric’s hair, his grip almost painful. His panting turned louder, slightly more higher pitched as his hips buckled eagerly. Cedric glanced up to find Benjamin once again watching him, his mouth open and eyes glassy. Then, abruptly, Benjamin gave a strange twitch and he was forcing Cedric’s head down, yanking him low over his hips. Cedric only had a moment to understand what was happening before he clearly saw the head pulse, jump in his own grip, then splatter him in the face with fresh sperm.

He jerked in Benjamin’s grasp but Benjamin held him still, outright moaning as his cock thrummed and released again and again in rapid succession, the shots growing weaker with each pulse. By the time Benjamin relaxed, Cedric’s entire face was dripping. From his forehead, to his cheeks, his nose and chin, there wasn’t a spot on his face that hadn’t been touched with the milky white cream.

“Oh dear, oh my dear,” Benjamin muttered, blindly reaching into his coat pockets. He procured a handkerchief, finally, and pushed Cedric against the backrest in order to properly dry his face. He had to fold the cloth every which way to get most of it off, then once satisfied, he leaned in to press a chaste kiss to the parted swell of Cedric’s lips. “Mm, thank you,” he muttered, pulling away. “Just how I envisioned it.”

Cedric wiped at his eyes with his sleeves, pleased by those words. “I’m glad to hear it.”

“And would you be glad to hear that I’ll be recovered in a few short minutes? In the meantime…”

Cedric jumped as Benjamin stroked his bulge.

“You don’t have to,” Cedric squeaked, shoving him away.

Benjamin pulled a face. “No? I don’t like to leave my lovers unsatisfied.”

“I am plenty satisfied.”

His compartment-mate didn’t seem to believe him, but he left the matter alone and relaxed.

They rested in companionable silence, until true to his word, Benjamin’s cock began to re-harden. Cedric watched it with faint fascination.

“It’s sensitive,” Benjamin said while affectionately stroking Cedric’s hair, “but rest assured, it won’t be fully undone for a while yet.”

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