Cindy Powers

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We met on a blind date at a local sports bar. Tina, one of my co-workers, set it up. Her name is Cindy and she is cute and tiny, about 5 — 1 or 5 -2 tops. Very cute, in fact, and confident.

She smiled and reached out for a handshake. Wow, very firm. I think I winced and I saw her smile just then.

We chatted for a while; she told me about her job at the gym, the one Tina goes to. She mainly works the counter, greeting members and mixing-up protein shakes.

I wondered what she might think of me; I’m 5 -10 and thin, in shape but not really muscular. During dinner, her sleeve rode up on her arm and I caught a glimpse of her bicep; it looked very plump and hard. I remember thinking that it looked as big as or bigger than mine. I looked back a couple of times and she noticed.

Smiling, she flexed it and it really bulged into a rock-hard peak. She said that she works out quite a bit, especially at the end of her shift when she closes up. She asked to see mine so I flexed for her.

She said “it’s cute, but I think mine might be bigger,” the whole time smiling and looking me in the eyes.

I was a little embarrassed and I didn’t know what to say at first. I said something about her looking pretty strong for a girl.

She perked-up, hearing that, and put her elbow on the table and offered her hand. . . “Come on,” she said, challenging me. At that point I was nervous and was looking for the exits. . . I was worried that she would beat me and I would be embarrassed.

I couldn’t talk my way out of it, so took her hand. She grasped my hand so tightly, and then told me to tell her when I was ready.

“Go” I said, just before her arm tightened and started tipping mine. She eased a little and I tried to move her arm back. I was pouring it on, and she didn’t budge. She must have recognized when I realized I had no chance, because she smiled and asked “enough?” She pushed mine down in one motion and held it to the table.

“Thank you for that,” she said.

I asked if she wanted to get going. She must have known how I felt, but I had no idea.

“I’d like to go, but let’s stop for a drink; my treat,” she said.

We went into a lounge that was across the street from the beach, we slid into a booth, and she ordered two margaritas. She didn’t even ask what I wanted, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

When the waitress left us, Cindy slid real close to me and knelt up on the seat, facing me and looking down into my eyes.

“That felt so sexy when I pinned you,” she whispered as she started kissing me.

She was wild and was all over me; kissing and licking my lips . . . her lips and tongue were having their way with me.

She stopped just in time for the waitress to bring our drinks. Cindy took a big sip and asked the waitress to bring two more in a few minutes. They were good and very strong; I told Cindy they were just like her “sweet and strong.”

We finished the drinks and walked over to the beach. It was a nice with a warm breeze. The moon was full and it was bright, giving off plenty of light as we walked.

We sat on the sand and she started kissing me again. She asked how I felt Kıbrıs Escort during our arm wrestling; right “when I knew she had me.”

“Pretty embarrassed,” I said, “but mostly helpless.” “I knew there was nothing I could do to keep you from beating me.”

“How would you like to feel that again?” she asked as she rose to her knees and moved right against me. “We can wrestle here right now,” she taunted.

I didn’t want to take her on, I knew she’d win — even though she’s so tiny and I’m so tall. I made up a lame excuse about having too much to drink.

I’m sure she knew I was afraid. She started kissing me again and her hands were all over me. I was hard as a rock and she moved her hand over my cock, feeling it through my jeans. I’m pretty small and I’m sure she knew that by then, it didn’t slow her down though.

She pushed me down and straddled my legs. Before I knew it, she had unzipped me and had my hard cock in her little hand; holding it firmly and rubbing her thumb along the very tip, “Ooh, it’s a cute little one – I love it,” she said as she made me cum in about 30 seconds.

“That was too easy; we need to work on that,” she said as we got up.

We walked back to our cars and Cindy kissed me goodnight, then told me to call her. We got in our cars and drove off. I kept thinking about the date, how she is calling the shots . . . how she easily pinned me in arm wrestling and I knew she would easily beat me if we ever had a fight. I also thought about how easily she had her way with me; holding me down and playing with my cock. I couldn’t believe how fast I came; that’s never happened before . . . really.

I didn’t call her the next day; I didn’t want to seem desperate. The next two days were so busy; I didn’t have a chance to call. She called me that Thursday night:

“You’re not blowing me off, are you?” she said, in a teasing voice.

“N-no Cindy, it’s just been crazy this week. . . I was going to call you”

“Good, I’m free tomorrow night and there’s a carnival in town. . . I think it could be fun . . . do you wannna’ go with me?” she asked.

“Yes, that’ll be great” I said, thinking a public date might be better.

“Good, I’ll pick you up at 7” she said, then mentioned that a couple of her friends were going too.

Friday night at 7:15, a grey SUV pulled up and parked right in front of my apartment. Cindy got out and I met her at the door. She looked so sexy in her tight jeans and T-shirt. I couldn’t help noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra; her small and firm tits didn’t need one.

We walked to the truck, and I saw that Tina was driving. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach; I didn’t want her to find out that my petite new girlfriend was so much stronger than me. There was nothing I could do about it so I climbed in the back seat; in the middle between Cindy and her friend Christine.

Cindy introduced us, Christine and Sue both work with her at the gym; Christine is a personal trainer and Sue teaches cardio kick boxing.

They were both quite pretty; both tiny, about 5 — 1 and were wearing cutoffs and camisole tops. I couldn’t help but notice their Kıbrıs Escort Bayan shoulders; when they moved their arms, their shoulder muscles would flex and move about.

Even Tina looked strong; when she turned the wheel of the SUV, her biceps rose and peaked a little.

Cindy smiled and softly said “that’s right, we’re all strong, much stronger than you.”

Sue turned to me and said “don’t worry Stu, Cindy likes you and we won’t hurt you . . . too much.”

“Don’t be afraid, we’ll all have fun . . . now give me a kiss.”

We had just arrive at the fairgrounds and parked. The three friends watched as I obeyed Cindy and kissed her.

We climbed out, and I saw Tina checking me out. She smiled and teased me, telling the others that she “can tell that I liked this”.

Christine and Sue held back a giggle, pointed at me and said “aww, that’s so cute.”

I felt my face redden.

Tina led the way, I paid the admission and we went in the carny. We did a couple rides first then grabbed a quick bite. After we ate, Cindy wanted us to do the hammer-striker game.

The thing was huge, about 15 feet tall and had numbers 1 through 10 on a scale that led to the bell on top.

Cindy went first and slammed the hammer down. The ball flew to the top and loudly rang the bell.

Next it was my turn. I was worried that she would show me up in front of Tina and the others… I took the hammer nervously; the thing weighed a ton. I thought if I could raise it then slam it down; the shear weight of it would ring the bell.

Slowly and precisely, I lifted it as high as I could. I pull everything I had into that swing and slammed it hard on the pad. I watched as the ball rose, just barely above 7.

“Don’t worry, Stu” Cindy yelled. “You’re just warming up; go again.” The three of them cheered me on, encouraging me to ring the bell.

My second try was no different, but my third was actually worse — just under 6. I was tired and sore.

The girls had fun taking turns, each ringing the bell every time.

I over heard Sue asking Tina “do you think he shrunk inside yet?” Tina laughed.

“We need to pump him up,” Cindy said to the others. “Let’s take him over to the gym and give him a quick workout.”

We stopped at my place and I grabbed some workout clothes and a towel. They brought me in; the place was huge and filled with all kinds of equipment.

“Get changed and we’ll meet you here in 5 minutes,” Cindy ordered.

The locker room was packed; it was almost closing time and guys were showering and changing into their street clothes. One guy was changing right next to me; when he dropped his towel, I was shocked. His soft cock hung at least 6 inches and looked so thick.

I saw him smirk when I was changing.

I met the girls in front of the locker room door; just then the hung guy came out. “Goodnight Jim,” Cindy yelled.

Jim replied, “G’night babe.”

Sue went first on the seated bench press. When it was my turn, I had to take 3 plates out to be able to lift it comfortably. I did a set of 12 lifts and sat at the machine to rest.

Tina asked Escort Kıbrıs if she could work in while I rested. I agreed and got up so she could go. She put 3 plates back in and I watched as she lifted the amount quite smoothly and quickly.

Soon it was my turn again and as I tried to lift it, my arms and chest shook. They told me to take out some weight so I wouldn’t hurt myself because it looked like it was too much for me.

I took out 2 and continued to lift; it was fine until I got to the end of the set — muscles shaking again. The girls joked about how much stronger they were. They were clearly pleased and didn’t hide it. They made muscle poses and laughed out loud.

They stayed with me through the circuit of machines and the results were the same. I was winded and thirsty so I went to get some water. I returned with four bottles. By then the gym was empty, except the girls and I and a couple cleaning guys that were finishing up.

“What do you think girls — a Karate lesson for Stu, more weight lifting, or we make a slut out of him in the locker room?”

They snuck me in the men’s locker room. I tried to protest, but that didn’t stop them.

Cindy made me kneel in the middle of the large shower stall and took off my shirt. They all stripped down and stood in front of me, crouched down I was even level with their pussies — the pussies I would be licking any second.

I felt a hard slap, then someone grabbed one of my nipples and pinched it, then both. The shock of the attack and the burning pain had me writhing and whimpering.

Christine stuck her ass in my face and I instinctively kissed it. It was sexy and firm and I was so aroused from this ordeal, that I was sure I had a six-inch boner.

Next, Sue approached and thrust her pelvis out, I immediately licked her pussy, licking and sucking as she commanded. She pulled my hair and ground her pussy hard against my mouth; she shuddered as she came on my face.

“Way to go Stu!” Cindy cheered. She congratulated me on a nice win.

I had no idea what she meant, but she explained that I had won my very first “sex fight.”

Tina and Christine started kissing. Cindy told me to watch them as they went from passionate kissing, to much rougher play.

They were wrestling in the gang shower with the hot water blasting on their reddening skin. Christine pulled Tina’s nipples, but Tina was able to get her fingers on her opponent’s clit. She started working it feverishly. . . Christine lost focus and stopped her attack; almost going limp.

Tina spun around and got on top, in a 69 position. She continued her attack on her victim’s swollen pussy with two fingers, while sucking her clit mercilessly.

Christine moaned and writhed, soon having an intense orgasm. Tina was victorious!

They had me face them as they sat on a changing bench. “Now is time for a contest,” Cindy announced. “Let’s see who can make Stu cum first.”

They decided the order and had me lean back. A foot was brought out and it was caressing my balls and cock. Before I knew it, Sue was declared the winner as my penis twitched and shot a little cum on her foot.

She held her foot out and I licked it clean; I knew I had to obey her and feared the consequences.

The girls laughed and were flicking my cock with their fingers as it quickly went soft.

Sue said “we’ll have to do this again soon, maybe with some of our other boys.”

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