Dad Dies in Industrial Accident

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Just a quickie in a hotel room.


My god it was cold. I know it was minus twenty outside but the bloody radiators, all three of them, were scorching hot. They were so hot you couldn’t within a foot of them but still this hotel room was miserably cold and there was no way I could get to sleep, even with three blankets and a really thick feather quilt.

Mum was in the other bed and I’d heard her tossing and turning too.

We had attended Dads funeral after an accident at work and decided to have him buried here so his grave was not close to home, that way we wouldn’t have to think about him any more.

Sound harsh? It wouldn’t if you had suffered the way we had with his fists and that massive belt he insisted on wearing and using on us. We had discussed at length whether to bother coming this far for the service but in the end we decided to and even insisted on an open coffin, despite the horrific injuries, just to make sure that it really was him and he really was dead.

His work offered a huge compensation package which we accepted without any negotiation and they paid for the funeral and all of our expenses, they wanted to make it a big affair but we kept it down to a select few colleagues and management. The wake in a local pub saw a total of twenty-one people, including a couple of locals who readily partook of the silly amount of catering.

The wake broke up at 5pm and we came straight back to the hotel and to bed as we are jet lagged and had a very early plane to catch.

It is 7pm and bloody cold.

“You cold Mum?”

“Yes, get to sleep.”

“Can’t Mum I’m too cold.”

I got up for yet another piss and returned to my bed, any warmth that was in there had disappeared.

“Mum, I’m going to climb in with you.”

“OK, it makes some sense.”

I pulled all of my bedding on top of the other bed then got in beside Mum, I found her feet are like blocks of ice as I snuggle in close to spoon her.

“OO that’s nice, goodnight.”

“Night Mum.” I kissed her tight bursa otele gelen escort curly green hair, ironically that was something that Dad had liked when they met and she had kept the style ever since at his insistence although it had become longer over the years.

Mum snuggled a bit closer and her breathing changed as she drifted off to sleep, I followed suit in the comforting warmth.

We woke with a start and I had to take a second look at the digital clock which displayed 1111. There was more noise from the room next door.

“Whats that?”

“Just the neighbours Mum, I reckon th…”

“Not them, this?”

Mum grabbed hold of my erection which had managed to work its way through the fly in my boxers and the pyjamas, it had come to rest between her legs, tight against her pyjamas covered pussy lips.

“Oh I’m sorry Mum, I, er…”

“Oh that’s OK, I thought it was your hand.”

She moved her hand away and her breathing again changed as she relaxed into sleep. Could I get back to sleep? Not in a month of Sundays, all I could think of was my hard willy trying to bore its way through the cloth barrier as it got harder and felt like it is twice as big as ever before. Subconsciously I was even very gently humping, very very gently.

“Go – to – sleep.”

The clock showed 11:44 and one by one worked its way up to 01:12.

“For Gods sake we need some sleep.” Mum turned to all fours and backed down the bed, placed her mouth over my willy and sucked it. This is my first blow job and as I’d been so turned on for two hours, I exploded very quickly. Spurt after spurt shot into Mums mouth which she swallowed so expertly, by the time we were both finished my softening willy was totally cleaned and not a drop had escaped her. “Now go to sleep.” Mum expertly made my willy disappear by pulling on my boxers and resumed her position on her right side snuggled against me.

‘Some chance of sleep’ I thought. My mind was racing as all sorts of thoughts bursa eve gelen eskort wandered through as blackness eventually overtook my tired head.

“For Gods sake. Will you go to sleep?” woke me.

“Hmm, what?”

“If you can’t control that thing then you’ll have to go back to the other bed.” I turned over and mum followed suit, snuggled into spoons position and held onto my willy as she fell asleep again.

There was no way I’d get to sleep with Mum holding onto my erection and again all sorts of thoughts thundered across my head. By the time the alarm went off a 04:30am my erection had been in Mums hand for over two hours. When she woke she involuntarily gripped it and pumped.

“Oh shit. Oh I was dreaming about your dad.”

“I thought you didn’t like him.”

“I’m glad the bastards now dead but you don’t need to know how I was expected to do things for him or face a slap.”

“I think I do Mum.”

She let go of my willy.

“Nooo you can’t leave me like this.”

“I can.”

Mum went to the bathroom while I prepared the pre-ordered early breakfast. My erection was killing me and as soon as I sat to rub myself off mum reappeared wearing knickers and bra.

“Is that always like that?”

“Not really Mum but last night was a bit, well, naughty. And I can’t stop thinking…”

“So is that all for me?”

“Doh. Err, yeah.”

“You’d better nip in there and sort it out quickly, we need to be away in an hour.”

“I’d rather fuck you.” I had no idea whatsoever where that came from or why I said it.

“Really?” she almost shrieked in reply.

Busted! “Ahhh…”

“Would this be your first time?”

“No, I’ve been with Jenny and Michaela.”

She looked at the clock. “Ok Buster, as long as it’s quick. But I’m going on top.”

Before I knew it she had pushed me over backwards and my feet are on the bed.

“Shift over a bit.”

Mum knelt over me and stroked my willy against her pussy bayan escort bursa lips for a few moments, gradually I felt my head disappear and her hot moist channel slowly engulfed me.

“Fuck Mum.”

“That’s right, you are. I’ve never been allowed to use this position before.”

“You can do this as often as you like.”

“One off here Buster, one off.”

Mum sat forwards a bit, placed her hands on my chest and humped her clit against me.

“Fuck Mum that’s good. Ooooooooo.”

“I hope… just hope…”

“Hope what?”

“Just ho…pe ooo,ooo,o,o,o,o,oooo,oooo,oooohh,oooh yes, ohff, ohhhhhh yes. September eleven, ooooohfhh, two, arhhhh, thousand, yeeeeeessssss. Wow and one.”

I was confused, “What?”… “Twin towers?”

“Last time I had an orgasm with a cock inside me…”

Mum stopped talking as I came and just like a few hours ago I pumped spurt after spurt of cum inside her, she was still humping on me and I felt the combined juices running over my balls.

“An hour before the planes crashed we fucked in a hotel which got damaged when the towers collapsed, and this the first time I’ve been allowed to be on top. Wow that felt good. Shit, look at the time the taxi will be here in twenty-five.”

We quickly consumed the cold breakfast and hot coffee, cleaned ourselves up and dressed. The last of the items of clothing were thrown into the bags and we were out of the door as the taxi arrived.

It was cold in our room but the cold really hit as we left the hotel into the minus twenty seven degree early morning air. The taxi felt warm, warmer than the room we’d slept in and for that matter fucked in. The silence was deafening as we travelled and I for one pondered what had just happened.

“How do you feel Mum?”


“Good.” I nodded my head in approval at her reply.

“Damp.” We both sniggered which made the driver look and smile.

At the airport I thanked the driver and gave him a decent tip for driving us safely through the snow and ice then we were in the check-in queue. In amongst the idle chat we’d suddenly smile at each other.

In the departure lounge an elderly woman attached herself to us and kept telling us how happy we look. I had two reasons to be happy, my bullying father had died and left us in a good financial position and I’d got laid.

I hope Mum feels the same way.

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