For James

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I’ll never know why I woke up, looking at you with only the pale moon lighting up your face, so calm, so peaceful, but at the same time so sad. I cuddle closer, feeling the warmth of your scrawny frame against me, nuzzling your ear. You make some mottled noise and roil in the sheets. I want to stroke your hair, to hold you tight and to set you free form those chains that hold you to the past. I have my own shit, waiting for me when the sun comes up again. But not here, and not now.

My hand slides over your thigh, finding that familiar bulge that I know so well. Cupping it, squeezing it, working it. You make some groggy sound as you open your eyes, your manhood also rousing in my palm.

“Shhh,” I hush, putting a finger to my lips for you. But I don’t try to stop your cock. No, I just encourage it, feeling the firm head against my palm, then the throbbing of your pulse as I wrap my fingers around it and Give it a little squeeze. I plant a light kiss on your lips as I run my fingers up and down on it, gently.

You try to kiss me deeper, but I hold your head down and shake my head silently. Holding your rod, my thumb starts to caress its head, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri using your precum to lubricate. I stroke your hair for a few moments, looking into your eyes. Tired, confused, and full of lust. I grin, a naughty grin, as I slip under the sheets, feeling the cool fabric on my naked skin. I kiss down your chest and stomach, my hair dragging behind my lips like silky long streamers. My nipple grazes your cock for a moment, sending a strange thrill through both of us.

The tip of my tongue sneaks out, circling the top of your dick, finding all the special little places that set you off and make you shiver, tickling them teasing them. You see the shifting lump in the sheets, and here a soft chuckle whenever you suddenly jerk or gasp. And then, you feel my warm mouth around you, my tongue sliding about. Slower, more deliberate, my lips going back and forth, deeper and deeper.

I’ve closed my eyes, focusing on the warmth in my mouth, savoring it, loving it. My hand finds your balls and plays with them strokes and soft squeezes as my other hand run along your thigh, the nails gently grazing flesh. Down farther and farther I go. And then you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri feel my go down all the way, totally enveloping your shaft in the moist warmth of my mouth, making little slurping sounds, my ass swaying under the sheets as I try to cover you totally. To explore every inch of your cock.

As I feel your hips rock with my, the way you yearn for it, need it, I pull back. I let your rock hard shaft slide form my lips, teasingly nuzzling it. Then I start to crawl op your body like a lizard; with my belly dragging over you so that I can feel your cock rub down my neck, between my tits and across my belly as I poke my head out grinning like an idiot.

“Katy,” you start, but I shush you again and kiss you, more passionately now, my tongue sliding between your lips wrestling with yours. Then I push up, looking down into your lust addled eyes and knowing mine are the same. I feel myself almost dripping and so empty. I need to feel you inside.

My hips seek your shaft and I feel your head rubbing over my cunt lips. My tongue peeks out, wetting my lips as I ease slowly down, feeling it slip away and then trying again and. OH! I feel you stretch güvenilir bahis şirketleri my entrance and gasp, shivering.

“JAMES!” I moan and catch myself. No words here. Just this. Just what we both need. I lower myself, the pleasure to profound it’s almost pain. As I try not to moan bear my teeth in the agony of ecstacy. I can’t anymore, I need to moan. I go up again, and down, fucking myself onto your shaft until hips meet hips. We’re joined, you in me.

“Uh… oh oh.” I can’t help it. I have to make noise, make sound. So are you, grunting as I feel you enter me, fill me, complete me. My slick velvet walls yielding to your hard cock, being spread, but clinging to it. Oh shit… shit.. It’s so intense. I whimper, feeling it build in me. Faster and faster. My hands pin down your shoulders as I work on you, up and down. I can feel it coming. My heart pounding. I bite my lip. I want it so bad, but I don’t want this to end.

And then hot warmth spraying into me, my whole body a quivering mass of nerves as I cry something out. Not sure what. Oh God I’m full. I’m total. I slide off you, collapsing on the bed to your side. My hear is fluttering, my body feels like wet noodles as you pull me into your embrace. We kiss, my tongue stumbling, still drunk on the ecstasy. As we drift slowly apart, I feel content. But the longing is sneaking back into me head, even only inches apart, the distance is too much. Because I remember that moment, when just for a second, we were both perfect.

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