Hotel Ballroom

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She gets a text – meet me in the main ballroom, midnight.

Everyone in the room was asleep, she quietly slides out of bed. She had pre-planned wearing a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts to bed. She tip toes out of the room. Where can I put the room card? She spies a fire extinguisher and hides the card behind it, then heads for the elevator.

As she is getting on two men are getting off, they could not miss her rock hard nipples poking through her t-shirt. The tight little shorts displayed her camel toe. The hottie definitely got their attention.

She finds the main ballroom, an employee is running a vacuum cleaner twenty feet away. Luckily his back is turned, she slides in the door. The room is lit, there must have been a wedding or party this evening. Table clothes still cover the tables but the evidence of a party remained.

He is across the room, she skips toward him, leaping into his arms, kissing him passionately. She bites his lower lip as he pulls off her t-shirt. He grabs both of her breast pulling them toward him as he lowers his mouth to suck on her nipples. She moans as he ravishes her breast. Sucking, biting, pulling her nipples, she is now illegal bahis breathing heavily.

Spinning her around, he grabs her by the hips and plants her on the table for ten. Quickly her short are off. She is naked spread out on the table look up at the chandelier.

“God, babe you look beautiful, deck out in your fucking red hot toes, you have to dress this way all the time.” he tells her.

He grabs her ankles and pulls her toward him, as he put his mouth on her bald pussy. He goes right to her clit, clamps his mouth down on it and sucks it.

“Oh God, you drive me crazy with your mouth,” she screams.

He is relentless on her pussy, licking, sucking, biting, and pulling her wide open, fucking her with his tongue. She is trashing on the table as he has her cumming for the first time. She is trying to catch her breath but he will not stop the assault, as he continues to suck on her clit. He drives two finger into her pussy, she gasps. In and out he drivers his fingers deep into her as she climaxes again.

Spinning her around, her head is spinning, her head is hanging off the table.

“I am going to fuck your mouth, get ready to take my cock illegal bahis siteleri deep down your throat.” He commands.

He grabs her hair and enters her. She is fighting to take all of him as he starts fucking her throat. In and out she is overwhelmed.

“I am going to pump a load down your throat,” he tells her, “Oh God I’m cumming.”

She swallow all he has to offer her. She is panting, trying to catch her breath after this workout.

She gets spun around again, he is ready to fuck her. Her legs are pulled back spread wide open, ready to take is cock.

In one shift thrust he buries his 8″ deep into her. He start pounding way at her keeping up a tempo that is strong and fast. Five minutes, ten minutes, she is taking his assault, she is in heaven, and she lives for his poundings. Slowly her orgasm builds until it crescendos with a withering orgasm. But he does not stop, he drivers her to a second and then a third orgasm.

She has nothing left, she is laying on the table arms above her head trying to process all of the orgasms as he empties himself into her, filing her well used pussy with his cum. She is just ready to catch her breath canlı bahis siteleri when he drives his cock into her butt.

“Oh God,” she bellows, “Holy shit.”

Long slow strokes, slide all of his 8″ deep into her then slowly pulling it back, then in and out and in and out. He is slow and steady, she is getting into the new feeling the new sensations. Five minutes, Ten minutes the tempo is steady, she is really getting into this. She feels a new stirring, her pulse is racing, she is panting; he reaches for her clit, a spark, an explosion. She cums again, a mind blowing orgasm, where do all of these orgasms cum from she wonders, no man has ever done this to me.

“Don’t think you should get back to the room before your missed,” he says.

“Like I have the strength to walk back to the room, I may never walk again,” she replies.

He kisses her passionately and helps her off the table. Helps her put on her t-shirt and shorts. They walk out of the ballroom.

“Now I know why they call it a ball room,’ she says chuckling.

He walks her to the elevator and kisses her good night.

“I enjoy our little dance in the ballroom,” was his parting comment.

She enters the elevator as the same two gentlemen get off the elevator when she got on.

“Damn she is hot,” said one of the men.

“Wonder if she is a good fuck,” said the other.

“Simply the best,” said the guy in the lobby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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