Joe Ch. 01

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A new series, following the life of Joe, a young man in London, whose ex has just left him. If only he knew what would happen when there is a knock at his door.


‘Take it. I don’t care.’

‘You bought it for me. So d’you want it?’

‘I said no.’ Joe pushed away with trembling palms on the doorframe of his bedroom. Leaving “that man” do to what he wanted.

Joe made his way to the small kitchen-come-dining area of his flat. Kyle always called it an apartment, he hated it. He hated the way that Kyle seemed to need to inject Americanisms into every possibly opportunity. Kyle was from Surrey? Why did he think he needed to do such things? Joe didn’t much care to answer those sorts of questions anymore.

“Fuck him.” He thought, as he removed a large bottle of vodka from the shelf above the sink.

He sat down at the circular dining table – with his bottle of vodka and his pint glass – and begun to pore.


Kyle was gone by four in the evening. He had taken his suitcases and black sacks of clothing, belongings and the like.

He didn’t say goodbye to Joe.

This should have pissed him off, he should have been midway through an argument (crying and screaming at his ex), but he wasn’t. He was still sat in his kitchen, making his way through the challenge of the vodka bottle. It wasn’t a massive bottle, though big enough to leave you with a hangover for a day or two if you polished it off yourself. This was the task that Joe had set himself.


Bed called for Joe at eleven in the evening. Taking the bottle (and leaving the glass at the table) Joe staggered with drunken slur along the hallway to his bedroom.

It seemed hollow.

Joe had never really kept many things. He had his single-door wardrobe and his chest-of-draws where all his clothing was kept. In the other corner was his bookcase (with very few books, and fewer DVDs), and beside his bed was a small cabinet with three draws; all with the objects that had become common place in the intimate side of his and Kyle’s relationship.

Joe slammed the bottle of vodka on the cabinet, and removed his t-shirt with great difficulty. The jeans were an even greater task, one that he did not manage to complete. He fell to the bed, with his jeans around his ankles, and slept.



“There can’t be anyone there?” He somehow thought through the headache that had awoken him.

‘Joe? You there?’

“Fuck… Sake…” He thought, lifting his head away from his duvet. He wiped away the dribble and staggered off the bed. One stood he half-heartedly pulled up his jeans, and left the room to answer the door.

‘Don’t you ever answer your phone?’ Olivia barged passed him as Joe opened the door. Olivia was his best friend, and he didn’t want to see her.

‘Hello, Oli, come right in…’ Joe sighed, sarcastically.

He followed her to the kitchen area, were she had sat herself at the table.

‘Right, come on, talk to me.’ She commanded, removing her coat and throwing it upon the table.

‘Do you want a coffee?’ Joe asked, begrudgingly.

‘You sit down, babe, I’ll make it.’ She stood from her seat and began the task of coffee that seemed too much of a challenge for Joe at that moment. ‘You look awful, by the way, babe. What did you do to yourself last night?’

‘I drank.’

‘You drank?’


‘Drank what?’

‘Vodka. Lots of vodka.’

‘Fucking hell, Joe, d’you not remember Christmas 2012?’


‘Exactly! You’d just broke up with, oh, what was his name? The tall one with the lovely butt?’


‘That’s the one! We went out Christmas night, and then you didn’t turn up for three days. I found you in a hotel in London, with three bottles of vodka, two whiskeys and a bin full of used comdoms. I don’t want you back there!’

Olivia turned to the table and placed the two coffees in front of them both.

Joe took his and had a large sip. It was too hot but he needed it. ‘That won’t happen this time, Oli. Kyle was a prick, travesti porno and I just needed one night of getting shit-faced and forgetting him.’

‘And have you forgotten him?’

Joe lowered his head. ‘No.’

‘Exactly, because you didn’t do it right! I’m thinking we go out tonight, maybe hit a few clubs, get you drunk? All will be good in the world!’

‘I don’t want that, Oli, I just want to stay home. No messy stuff. Just alone. Sorry.’

Olivia smiled at him. ‘Babe, it’s fine, maybe tomorrow we can go out, once you feel a bit better?’


Olivia had stayed at Joe’s flat for two hours, and several cups of coffee, until she realised that at twelve in the afternoon she had an appointment.

She left in quite a hurry, and forgot her bag (something that she had not ever done).

Joe grabbed the bag and placed it by the front door of his flat, as he was more that confident she would be returning in a minute or two for it.

A whole hour had passed before Joe received a knock at the door. He had not dressed himself in that time, though he had showered and planned to spend the entire day dressed only in his jeans and sat in front of the television.

The knock at the door has annoyed him a little, he was only one episode through his daylong marathon of ‘Buns’ (a soap opera of a programme, following the lives of gay people in the city of London).

As Joe answered the door, he became aware of how exposed he was just in his jeans. It would have been okay, if it was Olivia, but it wasn’t Olivia, it was a man, and he was smiling with confusion.

‘Hi, Jonah, is it?’ Asked the man. He was young, maybe in his early twenties, Joe thought. A slight holiday-tan to his skin, with a dark blonde hair and sapphire eyes. He looked after himself, it appeared. And with him stood in the doorway of Joe’s flat, dressed in a vest and shorts, excited Joe.

‘Um, no, sorry, he’s not lived here for a few years now.’ Answered Joe, wishing in that moment that he was in fact Jonah.

‘Oh, he said he lived here, like two days ago.’

Joe laughed. ‘Well that has Jonah written all over it. Do you want to come in?’ He asked, noticing the suitcases sat by the mans feet.

The man nodded. He picked up his suitcases, and made his way into the house.

‘Second door on your left, you come to the living room.’ Said Joe. The man nodded and made his was with his cases into the living room.

One Joe had shut the front door, and managed to remove the smile from his face, he quickly walked to his bedroom and covered his upper body with a t-shirt, then he made his way to the living room and took a seat upon the three-seater sofa that the man had chosen as his seat.

‘It’s David, by the way.’ Smiled the man that called himself David.

‘Joe.’ He introduced himself with a hand held out for David to shake, he did so.

‘Sorry about this, I don’t really know what I was thinking… Meet a man online, and expect him to be truthful? Such a twat!’

‘I’m guessing, with it being Jonah, you sent pictures and videos?’ Joe asked, not entirely sure that he should have.

David nodded, then he stood up. ‘I should go, sorry about all this.’

Joe reached for David’s arm and stopped him. ‘I’m guessing Jonah told you that you could stay with him?’

David nodded. ‘I’ve been living on friends sofas for the past three months.’

‘Well, just stay the night? Can’t do no harm, can it? You need a place to stay, and a vacancy has recently become available here!’ Smiled Joe.

David smiled back, but his face spoke of uncertainty. ‘Are you sure? I mean, I don’t know you. I meet you two minutes ago on your doorstep, looking for – what I’m assuming is – your ex.’

‘It fine.’ Smiled Joe, getting to his feet. ‘I’ll sleep on the sofa, you have my bed. And then decide what you need to do tomorrow? And you don’t even have to be in the house until you go to bed! Go out and have fun, I’ll just wait up for you.’ Joe wasn’t too sure what he was doing. He had alt yazılı porno just invited a complete strange to stay at him flat, just because the man was handsome and Joe could possibly be in with a chance.

‘Okay.’ Smiled David. And the negativity washed away from Joe’s mind.

‘Shall I put your cases in the room?’ Asked Joe.

David nodded, and took one of the two cases in hand. Joe took the other.

‘Right, show me to your room, Joe!’ Grinned David. Allowing Joe to lead the way.

Joe wasn’t entire sure what was going on, but his groin had somewhat jumped the gun, and prepared his manhood for action. If David noticed, it would be more than embarrassing.

As they reached the bedroom, the suitcases were placed upon the floor by the wardrobe. David began to observe the room, smiling to himself.

‘Midnight drink?’ He asked with a smirk, pointing to the bottle of vodka that Joe had forgotten to dispose of.

‘Shit!’ Joe grabbed the bottle and three it into the waste bin. ‘Sorry, bad night…’

‘It’s okay!’ Smirked David, and he took two slow steps towards Joe, until they were almost nose to nose.

There was a noticeable difference in each of their breathing; heavier, deeper. As though they needed the other to hear their desire.

‘What are you-?’ Began to ask Joe, as David interrupted him, placing his lips upon Joe’s.

The moment that their lips collided, Joe changed. He no longer wanted to be sat in front of the sofa and doing nothing at all. He wanted to fuck David or for David to fuck him. He didn’t care. As his hands explored David’s body, and David removed his vest, the only thing upon Joe’s mind was losing himself in that moment.

They fell onto the bed with a thud, as each pulled the other. It took no time for David to remove Joe’s t-shirt, and to unzip his jeans.

Joe kissed over David’s neck, as David’s hand slowly dived below Joe’s waistband. His hand explored for a moment, until it found what it was looking for. His hand was cold upon Joe’s instrument, though it warmed up quickly, as he stroked it gently. With his other free hand, David somehow managed to remove his own shorts: presenting Joe with a rather spectacular instrument of his own.

Joe understood the message and took David’s impressive cock in his hands. It was warm and solid and throbbing, and he wanted to feel it inside of him.

They laid there, kissing each other’s bodies, moaning in ecstasy, as their hands explored the other; stroking and grabbing and feeling.

Then, something happened. And Joe wasn’t sure what it was. As he could feel himself getting closer and closer to ecstasy, something happened in his head. He opened his eyes, and he saw the man that he was kissing, and it wasn’t Kyle. He pulled away, and grabbed his pyjamas bottoms off the floor, before running out of the room and into the kitchen, leaving David naked and alone on the bed.


Joe was sat in the kitchen, with his head in his hands, at the table. Waiting for the moment the front door would close, and David would be gone.

‘Handsome boys shouldn’t cry.’ David’s voice came from the doorway.

Joe looked up, tears streaming down his cheeks. ‘Sorry…’ He wept.

David took a seat at the table next to Joe. He had not bothered to dress himself – even naked his body was impressive. ‘What was that about?’

Joe looked into David’s eyes, and tried to smile. But he couldn’t. ‘My ex left yesterday. Packed his bags and fucked off. Gone. I should’ve said, I shouldn’t have kissed you back.’


‘Because he left yesterday.’

‘And why’d he leave?’

‘He’d had enough, and had been fucking some arsehole at work…’ Joe laughed, only then realising what he had said.

David laughed. ‘So he does that to you, then fucks off, and you feel guilty for doing something with another guy? That makes no sense?’

‘I know… I should just be able to do whatever the fuck I like… But I can’t… I don’t know… I just can’t…’

David üvey baba porno smiled, reaching for Joe’s hand and taking it. It felt comforting and natural. ‘I think you can. And I’m not just saying that because I want you, really really badly. I’m saying it because if a guy’s going to do that too you, then he isn’t worth your spit. So forget him and fucking do what you want!’

David stood up from his seat, and walked to the doorway, before turning back to Joe. ‘I’m going to go to your bedroom, where I shall be naked and on your bed. You don’t have to join me, but if you want to, I promise you you’ll enjoy it.’ David walked away and headed into the bedroom.

Joe sat for a moment, weighing up the situation.


In the silence of Joe’s flat, there were footsteps that walked towards Joe’s bedroom.

‘I see you made up your mind then?’ Grinned David, upon seeing the sight of Joe in the doorway.

‘I suppose I have.’ Joe smirked, sliding his fingers between his waist and the elastic of his pyjamas. Slowly they slid down until the were upon the floor in a heap.

With slow footsteps he walked towards David – who was laying quite comfortable upon the top of the duvet, leaning himself up with the pillows.

Joe sat upon the side of the bed, and looked into David’s beautiful eyes. ‘Your too hot for your own good, y’know that, don’t you?’

David smiled. He sat up, and took Joe by the waist, pulling him closer.

Their lips touched, and their hands grabbed and the feeling that overcame Joe returned. With both of them laid bare, there was no need for hands awkwardly reaching to remove clothes. Their hands were free to resume their exploring of the new body.

Joe had his hand gripped tightly upon David’s cock, and he pumped it vigorously, as David was almost doing to same to him. David (Joe assumed) was in too much ecstasy, and he could sense David was getting closer and closer to climax.

With this in mind, he moved himself from beside David, to on top of him. His legs either side, and his arse cheeks resting upon David’s throbbing manhood.

‘How do you like it?’ Joe asked, gently rubbing his cheeks into David’s cock.

David didn’t answer, instead he gently thrusted, sliding his cock along the smooth gap between Joe’s cheeks.

Joe smiled and lifted himself up, and with both hands, he held himself open for David to enter. He squinted a little, as David’s impressive manhood slowly tried to make its way inside.

‘It’s too tight…’ David complained, still at that moment trying to manoeuvre his cock inside.

‘First draw, at the front.’ Joe pointed to the cabinet beside the bed.

David reached behind himself to open the draw, and from it, he took a half-full bottle of lubricant. He smiled.

Before Joe was able to take it off of him, and apply it, David had Joe by the waist and had thrown him quite roughly onto the bed, as he sat himself up. He turned Joe over and straddled Joe’s arse cheeks, lining himself up with Joe’s tight hole.

‘This how you want it?’ Joe moaned, cheekily lifting his butt in he air.

There was a moment where nothing happened, Joe was facing the directions of the pillow, and behind him David was moving about. Then, he felt two cold, lubricant covered hands place themselves on his arse cheeks. Then he felt them being separated, as David’s cock made contact with Joe’s ready hole.

Joe had be longing for this, ever since he saw David’s handsome face standing at his door.

There were slow and gently movements, and then David was inside of him. A feeling that Joe did not think he would ever be able to describe. With caution, David was thrusting himself into Joe, gradually picking up a rhythm that Joe could move to.

They were in time, as David thrusted, Joe would push against, and the speed was picking up, the force with which David was fucking him was getting harder and harder, until David was pounding him. He had hold of Joe’s hips, as he slammed his groin into Joe’s arse, over and over and over, and each time it was harder, and faster, and it was the most amazing feeling Joe had felt in such a long time.

‘Having fun?’ Came a voice from the door.

Joe and David stopped and turned, still connected with each other.

In the doorway of his bedroom, was stood Kyle, tears in his eyes and fists clenched.

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