Ken’s Encounter

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Caroline Riabtshoun

Nineteen year old Ken Bradshaw felt the agonizing boredom deep in the core of his petty existence. The past week has been pure, inescapable misery, and his only solace is gazing at the girl next-door. The decline in life’s value began the same day his family packed up and moved to Serenity Cove, on the very first night when Ken discovered the town was littered with children and married couples, but offered a small population of people his age. To make matters worse, they lived in a trailer, surrounded by a small community of trailer trash. The rich and sometimes snobby people in Serenity Cove called the trailer park, The Middle Class Ghetto, and the people living there were highly looked down upon.

Currently, his solace, an eighteen year old girl named Daisy Parker, was bathing in the sun. She is a cute girl, the perfect remedy for the blues. She has long black hair, a deep bronze glow to her skin, enchanting blue eyes-though at the moment she is wearing sunglasses with big, black frames, and her body is almost perfect. Ken stares at Daisy’s cute, firm breasts, her long, smooth legs and her cute little toes. Life still sucks, but it suddenly isn’t as gloomy.

It is Wednesday morning. Wearing a two piece bikini and shiny with an oil coating, Daisy reclined in the lounge chair in her small backyard. The grass is green, the roses that grew in the front of the yard were splendid, and the house trailer itself looked more modern then the one Ken’s father had purchased two weeks ago. Two days after buying the trailer home, he told the family about Serenity Cove. They had all been so thrilled. His parents were adapting nicely, Trish, his ten year old sister, had a bunch of friends already, and Mike, the seven month new arrival in the Bradshaw clan, didn’t have the vocal cords to announce his feelings. At the moment, Ken was the only member of the family who hated Serenity Cove, but his father had only one word of advice for him: “Your nineteen years old, nobody’s making you stay here. You can leave when you wish.”

His father made things sound so simple. Ken would’ve gladly left, if only he had some money. He worked at several grocery stores and fast food restaurants since his fifteenth birthday, but foolish purchases and bad financial planning left him without a dollar to call his own. Everything in his room, his very small room, the television, the DVD player, the Playstation 2, the radio, everything, was bought out of his own pocket. Ken is horrible with money. He spends money like a rich teenage girl, and has experienced more buyer’s remorse than any three people put together. Lately, however, in the mist of his newly found boredom, he found himself paying more attention to his possessions.

The section of the trailer park Ken lived is wider than it is deep, allowing all the trailer’s to face the street. The patch of grass where Daisy baths in the sun is about fifteen feet from back entrance to rear fence. There aren’t any trees and there are even less animals, but you had the right to do whatever you wanted with the fifteen feet you were given. The old backyard, in the place Ken wanted to be right now, was three times as large and there was a swimming pool.

Ken watched Daisy from his bedroom window. He had chosen the bedroom in the back of the house because all the other bedrooms were in the front of the house, and also the kitchen was a few steps away. He didn’t even know a Daisy existed, but having her to stare at was an extra bonus. Ken found himself wondering about her. What was her story? What did she like? Did she have a boyfriend? Was she as bored as him? Did she anybody interesting in this depressing town?

“Screw it,” he whispered in his empty room. “Why wonder?” He opened the door and left his stuffy bedroom. His room was the only one without a ceiling fan, and his parents had not bought him one yet, so nights have been sizzling experiences. Maybe he could have a sizzling experience with Daisy.

Ken’s parents would’ve been happy to know he was finally following their advice. It had been his mom who told him about the gorgeous girl in the next trailer. “Maybe you should go introduce yourself,” she had suggested. “Her name is Daisy, she’s about your age and she’s very pretty.” Ken ignored his mother that day, but she was right. Daisy was pretty. He found himself staring at the girl more and more as the days ticked into a week.

He slid open the screen door and stepped outside. The hot weather washed over his six foot frame, attacking his unprepared body. It took his eyes over a minute to adjust to the harsh daylight. When he felt prepared, he looked over at Daisy, still sunbathing in her yard, turned over so Ken could get a good look at her sweet ass. Making the adjustment from window watching to looking up close was difficult. Suddenly, Ken couldn’t find anyway to introduce himself to the new neighbor. Ken had felt this way before. Once upon a time, he had been a big baseball fan, and had the opportunity to meet Frank Thomas. He Uşak Escort watched the three hour game, then was invited onto the field with a bunch of other small children. He walked over to his idol, looked into his eyes, saw the face he’d seen so many times on TV, and was unable to do or say anything. It was like his entire body turned off. Ken felt exactly the same as he stared at Daisy.

“Hey you,” came the sultry voice from the other yard.

Ken turned around slowly, trying to rebuild his confidence. While living in Cicero the first eighteen and a half years, Ken never found this hard to talk or look at a girl. He felt like some kind of basement freak.

“Can’t you hear me,” Daisy said.

Ken turned around, looking at the girl who didn’t know she was helping him cope with this miserable town. She was laying on her stomach, her face turned to allow her a decent look at him. She pushed the sunglasses from her eyes and slowly moved into a sitting position.

“Can you hear me,” she asked. Daisy’s feet were resting on the grass as she sat on the edge of the lounge chair.

“Hi,” he finally managed to say.

“For a moment there I’d didn’t think you spoke English.” Her smile is bright and big. Her teeth are perfectly straight. Her face is heart shaped, featuring the cutest little ears and a nose so small and thin it was laughable. She removed the sunglasses from her face and placed them beside her.

Ken approached Daisy, stopping at the fence which divided the properties. There house are the last two on the section. Daisy’s family lived on the absolute last. Next to her house was a big empty prairie, where trees actually grew. Before the trees and the emptiness, however, was a picnic area, built for the trailer residents. A parking lot divided the two sections of the trailer park, but that could only be seen in the front of the house.

“You must be Ken.” Daisy ventured.

“That’s me.” He still nervous, but the feeling was evading him. “My mother tell you about me.”

“I think I picked it up in a dream.” She smiled again. “She came over and introduced the family yesterday. My parents are love with your parents. They haven’t been in the real world. Talking to a family from the city is like Half Price Day at the Gregory’s Grocery Store to them.”

“Gregory’s Grocery Store?”

“Never mind. Why didn’t you come yesterday?”

“Didn’t feel like it,” he said honestly. “I hate it out. Nothing like I’m used to. Is it always so quiet?”

“Always.” Daisy never broke eye contact while she was talking. Sometimes, Ken found himself looking away from her stare, the impact of her deep blue eyes were arousing, and he looked away to avoid embarrassment. “You from Chicago?”

“Cicero actually. It’s a town right by Chicago.”

“You live here your whole life?” Ken asked. The sun was piercing down on his body, trying to suck the life out of him.

“Yep. Lived in the trailer park my whole life too. Went to high school and graduated at Serenity Cove High School. People didn’t think to highly of me.”

“Why not?”

The quality of his voice, the deep wonder of it, made Daisy blush. She was obviously not used to guys talking to her, or thinking she was pretty, which was very outrageous when Ken thought about it. Why wouldn’t any guys like her? She is fucking gorgeous to say the least.

“The trailer park effect,” she explained. “It’s like a disease and you’ve been infected with it. The town people can be very cruel. Lots of families move away because of the verbal abuse.”

Daisy stopped looking into his eyes and let them wonder over the rest of Ken’s body. She didn’t seem disappointed with what she saw either.

“You’ve got to have some friends.”

“I did, but my closest friend, her name was Angel and she was seventeen, moved to Montana or North Dakota a month ago. Lately I’ve been just as bored as you.”

Across them and to the right, there was nothing but emptiness. The town of Serenity Cove was built in 1894 on a giant prairie. The town became suitable for certain higher class citizens who found the solitude comforting. When the trailer park was built a few miles away from the town in 1976, there were many protests. The land, however, didn’t belong to Serenity Cove, so it was built and remained. Technically, the trailer park didn’t belong to the town, so the residents of the park lived in a town without a name.

“I didn’t know you were handsome,” Daisy surprised him. “Dark hair, cute face, nice body and those sexy dimples when you smile.”

Ken didn’t know how to respond to the compliments. “You ain’t so bad yourself.”

Daisy blushed. “Boys never say that to me. They call me the Middle Class Trailer Park Slut in the town, and I’ve only had sex twice in my whole life. People can be so mean.” Suddenly her voice had become much more seductive. It happened very subtly, but Ken could notice the change. “How about you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you have Uşak Escort Bayan a girlfriend?” Daisy asked, then added, “I mean, did you?”

“I did. I still kind of miss her, but I’m also glad its over.” Although Ken was having trouble in his relationship with the old girlfriend before he left, he did miss her. All part of the blues, he supposed.

“Was it hard telling her good-bye?” Daisy asked, sounding as if she really wanted to know. “Was she prettier than me?” she asked before he could answer.

“No,” he said. “You’re much prettier.” This turned Daisy’s bronze cheeks pink. She loved getting paid a compliment.

“You’re very sweet,” Daisy said. She turned on the smile. “You want to come in my yard and sit with me? It gets really boring around her. I haven’t had a friend in over a month.” When Ken did nothing in response, she started talking again. “Please sit by me. I don’t bite. I’d just like some company.”

The fence separating the properties is about four and half feet tall. Ken has no problem jumping over. He takes a seat next to Daisy on the lounge chair. He could smell coconut on her hair, peppermint on her breath, but couldn’t make out the smell of the oil on her body.

Before Ken could get comfortable, Daisy threw an arm over his shoulder and clutched her face against her left arm. “I haven’t been with anyone in so long. I really like you.”

The situation was getting a lot weirder. Daisy seemed really strange, but strange or not, she was really arousing him at the same time. Besides, if Ken scared her off, he had nobody.

“Make love to me,” she said suddenly, confusing deeper.


“We could do it,” she said. “My parents aren’t. I saw your parents drive away this morning we’re all alone. Let’s make love her, in the grass.”

“We can’t,” he protested. “Someone might see us.”

“No one can. There’s all prairie around us. Your other neighbors and all the trailers are blocked off by your trailer, giving us all the privacy we need.”

Ken gave it serious thought. His cock was hardening in his pants and Daisy did make some good points. Before he could answer, Daisy crawled onto his lap and began kissing him. She sucked his tongue with her lips, then she teased his tongue with her very active, very sleazy tongue. Ken ran his fingers through her hair while she played with his erection through his pants.

“I haven’t had a cock in so long,” she moaned. Daisy kissed his cheeks, his nose, his chin, his lips again. Her grip on his cock got heavier. This was turning out to be one strange encounter.

Daisy removed the two piece bathing suit and sat on his lap naked. Her breasts are small, but full. Her nipples are pink, thick, and the surfaces are three inches wide. Her pussy is shaved clean. Her labia is swollen. Her cunt is actually dripping. She throws a hand around his neck while running the other hand around her cunt.

Daisy rolled off of him, landing between his legs. She told him to pull out his legs so she could take off his pants. While she did that, Ken removed his shirt. Daisy seemed to like his sports sculpted body a lot. She licked his chest down to his stomach, enjoying the taste of his sweaty, salty flesh as she stroked his cock through his boxer shorts.

“I have an idea,” Daisy said.

Daisy squirmed with pleasure as Ken moved them into a sixty-nine position. Ken laid down on the lounge chair and Daisy moved top of him. He put his undivided attention to her smoothly shaved pussy, which exuded a sweet, musky aroma. While he worked the pussy, Daisy gobbled up his hot cock, moaning like the animal in heat she turned about to be. She sucked and kissed his needing cock. Her body flowed with an intense sexual lust, stronger than any women he’d ever pleasured. Daisy’s hands expertly pulled and tugged at his balls as if she wanted to discovered every square inch of his genitals. Ken was starting to realize why they called this girl The Middle Class Trailer Park Slut.

Ken didn’t care one bit. He pulled apart he pussy lips and licked up and down between them, tasting her sweet womanly juices. His tongue around her cunt when the need arrived. His fingers worked around the outer lips, causing Daisy to scream out louder. In minutes she was screaming from her first orgasm. In his entire life, Ken had only did this several times, and didn’t think he was that gifted.

Daisy took his entire seven inches into her mouth without a problem, sucking and slurping away. Her tongue licked around the head, and continued to move in a circular motion around his prick. She mumbled and breathed heavily around his cock, sending shivers down his spine. He could see the back of Daisy’s head bobbing up and down frantically, her hair moving wildly.

She moved his cock and moved her body up, enjoying Ken’s tongue. She pinched her thick nipples between her fingertips, moved her pussy up, down and around his face and gasped about how much she loved it.

She came Escort Uşak powerfully, soaking the lower half of his face and sending out a passionate scream that echoed through the trailer park. Ken couldn’t stop though. He continued doing what she liked. Soon, Daisy moved back down and paid more attention to his cock. She slurped him down until her nose touch his balls. She grabbed his knees with her small hands and began bobbing up and down again, this time really slowly, then quickly, the slow again, rotating the two speeds every thirty seconds or so, making a slobbery mess below her.

Ken was able make Daisy cum three more times, then she moved forward with her body and straddled his cock, riding him backwards. Daisy moved her body up and down and back forth, enjoying, the hard, long feel of his cock. His hands cupped her breasts while he thrusted into her. She met each and every one of his thrusts, causing aloud slapping effect to fill the confines of the backyard.

“Slam your big city boy into my pussy,” she moaned loudly. “I wanted this so bad. Ever since I saw you peeping at me out your window, I’ve been waiting for this.”

Ken hadn’t been aware she knew of his staring, but acted as if it didn’t bother him. Frankly, it wasn’t too hard. She turned around and rode him the other, allowing Ken suck and bite eagerly on at her sweet nipples. The fucking intensified every second. Their passion up into a powerful momentum. He could feel Daisy’s pussy juices leaking over his cock.

“Oh! Yeah!” He mouth opened wide as she moaned into his ear. Her body seemed to melt into his body, becoming one being. Ken removed himself from her breasts and rediscovered her mouth. They teased each other with the tongue, but never missed a beat. Daisy matched him thrust for thrust. For a slut, her pussy was really tight, and she felt it contracting over his cock, swallowing it and sending for juices that leaked over his balls.

“Let’s go on the grass,” she said.

“What for?”

“I like the feel of mother nature when I’m fucking.”

Daisy moved down on all four, not even bothering to spread a blanket. He moved from the rear and began fucking her sweet pussy once again. Her head was down on the grass, almost chewing on the stuff, mumbling and moaning in a frenzy of lust. Ken’s balls slapped wildly as he pounded her deeper and harder. He watched her small, firm breasts rock around.

A few minutes later that settled in a missionary positon. Her legs wrapped around his back as he moved his cock around in a circular motion. Each movement caused Daisy to moan a little louder, making Ken concerned with curious neighbors. He was almost positive someone was listening. Daisy was being too damn loud.

She moved her body against him as he seriously fucked in and out of her tight, wet hole. Ken was panting, sucking deep for his breath as the lethal sun shined down on their activities. Ken could sense he was about ready to cum. He didn’t no how he lasted this long. He took her legs and held them by the ankles, thrusting into her at much powerful speeds, causing Daisy become wilder.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ken barely managed.

“Cum all over me,” she moaned. “Forget that. I want to taste your city boy cum.”

Ken released himself from her beckoning cunt, and stood up in the grass. Daisy was up on her knees and at his cock in record time. She took him by the base of the cock and moves up and down the shaft with both hands, licking the head. She seems to really love the taste of her juices.

Screaming loudly, thankful for release, Ken fires a jet of cum into her open mouth. The second and third jet misfire badly as his body jerks and his knees get weak, landing on her forehead, in her hair and on her cheeks. She takes his cock in her mouth so she didn’t miss another drop, placing the head directly on her tongue, turning pink to milky white. When the flow stops, she doesn’t swallow, instead takes his cock all the way in her mouth, deep throating, sending shivers down his body.

Shaking a leaf in a strong wind, he watches the cum seep out the corners of her lips. His cock his between her lips as this happens, making him hard instantly. She moves her head back and forth over his cock, allowing Ken to fuck her mouth. In a matter of seconds his ball tighten and he’s ready to cum again. Daisy knows this and pulls the cock out of her mouth, let it spurt on her face.

The second explosion isn’t as great as the first, but it covers much of Daisy’s left cheek, landed over her left eye and shot across the bridge of her nose. Spent, Ken passes out on the lawn, completely naked. He looks and to his left. Cum has leaked all over Daisy’s throat, breasts and stomach, and as far down as her legs. She runs her finger down her body, drawing up cum and inserting the finger in her mouth. She mumbled her delight.

“I never made a guy cum twice.”

“Fuck me like that again, I might cum three times.”

“That’s something I’d like.” She laughed. “I never let a guy bust his nut on my face.”

His nuts felt worse than busted at the moment, they felt shattered. Ken couldn’t believe this girl was walking around on her front lawn with cum on her face, butt naked and acting as if everything was just fine.

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