Like a Dream

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You have just gotten out of the shower. Your hair is still wet. Your wearing a long white, maybe pink, terry cloth robe (nothing on underneath). You walk into your room. It has hardwood floors, crisp white walls, and a big four poster bed. The bedspread is white lace, as well as the curtains. The room also has a big floor-length mirror with a wood border and stand.

You are standing before this mirror, your hands on either side of it above your head. You’re softly talking yourself in and out of having a relationship with me, but you don’t really know me. You have your eyes closed, talking still, when you hear this light laugh behind you. You open your eyes quickly. It’s me, and our eyes meet in the mirror. I have a slight smile on my face. I’m wearing black boots, blue button-fly jeans, and a white T-shirt.

I come up closer behind you. You feel me against your back. I put my arms around your waist and kiss you softly on your neck. I move my lips up to your earlobe, lightly biting it, and then whisper, “You know I want you…” You close your eyes, avoiding a response to me.

I continue kissing down your neck, my hands moving slowly up to your breasts, gently caressing them through your robe, making you moan softly. I move my hands down from your breasts, gently kneading every part of you that I touch, Sinop Escort over your tummy, rubbing your navel, getting closer to your pussy. I lightly rub over your pussy, teasing you, then moving up to the sash of your robe. I start to pull it open, and you bring your hands down to stop me, telling me you don’t want to do this in front of the mirror. I push your hands away, and tell you, “Yes, in front of the mirror.”

I pull the sash open, my other hand resting on your tummy. I slowly pull the robe open, exposing your breasts and pussy, making you blush, making you hot as well. I move my hands up again to your breasts, touching and rubbing them, making your nipples harden, making you sigh. I move my hands down again, over your tummy, rubbing your navel, this time touching inside your pussy. I rubs all over your pussy, feeling how wet you are. I pull one of your hands over to touch your pussy with me telling you I want you to feel what I do to you.

You try to pull your hand away, but I hold tight, making you rub yourself in front of me and in front of the mirror. I finally let your hand go, and I start fingering your wet pussy, making you watch my finger moving in and out, slowly, teasingly. I move my thumb up to rub your wet, swollen clit, making you gasp and moan. I lean in closer to you, taking Sinop Escort Bayan my hand away from your pussy. You close your eyes in disappointment. I start pulling your robe down off your shoulders letting it fall in a pool at your feet. I turn you around to face me, putting my hands on your hips, telling you to put your arms around my neck. I pull you up, forcing you to wrap your legs around my waist, putting your wet aching pussy in contact with my hard cock, making us both groan. You rub against my jean covered cock, getting hotter. I hold you up by your ass, rubbing, pulling you in harder against me. I tell you to undo my jeans. You pull hard on the buttons opening them all with one tug.

I have nothing on underneath, and my hard cock presses hard into you. I walk us slowly over to the big beautiful bed, putting my knee down on the bed, laying us down slowly, going deeper into you. I push your legs up high, resting them on my shoulders making me go even deeper inside. I lean down and kiss you deeply, and start moving in and out of you hard, deep, and slow.

Filling your hot pussy over and over with my hard cock. I reach a hand down and rub your aching clit hard with my thumb. You start whimpering, getting close. I pull out fast, lifting your pussy up to my mouth, sucking hard on your clit making Escort Sinop you cum so hard. Shoving my tongue deep inside you, making you cum over and over. When you’re done cumming, I pull my tongue from you, and move up your body, kissing you again shoving my wet tongue in your mouth; you can taste yourself.

I roll us over until you are on top of me. I make you sit up and straddle me. I am still clothed, so you pull my shirt up and off my body, you push my jeans further down off my hips leaving them to rest on my thighs. You take my still-hard cock in your hand, raise up on your knees, and slowly sit down on my cock, taking me deep inside you,

squeezing me tight. I put my hands on your waist, lifting you up and pulling you back down onto my cock. You lean down, kissing me deeply. I move my hands up to your breasts and nipples rubbing them over and over. I pull you up further getting your nipples closer to my mouth, I take one between my lips, lightly biting it before sucking hard. I do this over and over to both nipples while you keep riding me up and down, faster, harder, deeper, over and over. Feeling me moan my pleasure against your breasts and nipples, making you wetter and hotter, you fuck me faster and harder, feeling me throbbing inside you, ready to shoot my hot cum deep up into you. You stiffen your pussy around me as you feel my hot cum shoot into you, filling you full of it. You limply collapse on my chest and we fall asleep.

In the early morning hours, you awake to my hot, wet tongue licking your tender wet pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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