Megan Ch. 02

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Big Tits

In the back of Gus’ car again, it always seemed to come back to there. There were three of us in the backseat, Gus’ sister Jess was next to us. It was getting cold but the windows were still rolled down so the smoke would blow out. You could always tell when winter rolled in because the stars sharpened up at night. Megan was next to me, under a blanket. She leaned over me, pretending to look at the stars, putting the blanket over both of us. I glanced over at Jess, bobbing her head to the music.

Megan’s finger started stroking my thigh, down to my knee and back up towards my crotch. I worked my fingers towards her leg, rubbing the outside of her jeans. I traced the same pattern her hands were tracing on my leg, softly and then harder and then softly again. My fingers inched up inside her thigh and got warmer. Her hand was resting on my cock, giving it a steady pressure through my jeans. I felt her stomach, still under the blanket, smooth skin and hard muscle. I could feel her breathe, I leaned over and blew in her ear until her breath quickened. I slipped my fingers downward, inching past her waist, I could feel the lacy edge of her panties in the little hollows made between her hipbones and her lower abs. My hands got stuck in her jeans. I tried the button, pulling it straight out. It wouldn’t come. I tried again, struggling to keep my hand from looking like it was moving under the blanket. I finally yanked Tekirdağ Escort and it came free, but nearly uncovered us. Jess looked over. “You have another camel?” Megan asked.

“Sure.” As Jess rustled in her purse, I unzipped Megan’s fly. She took the cigarette, lit up, and took a long drag. She was going to enjoy herself.

I crept my hand down, I could feel the edge of her pubic hair. It felt like it was cropped close. My cock probably jumped a little in her hand, all my other girlfriends were too shy to trim.

I kept moving my whole hand down, I had to keep it flat on her body to inch it down her tight jeans. I hadn’t even reached her slit yet and I could feel the humidity of her body, she wiggled almost imperceptibly and my hand slipped down. I could hardly move any of my hand but the tips of my fingers, but I was cupping her mound, the heel of my hand on her short pubes and my middle finger running down the curve of her slit. I spread my pointer and ring fingers slightly, and dipped my middle into the heat. She was already soaked, it felt like her pussy was made out of hot chocolate, smooth and sweet.

I looked over trying to catch her eye. She blew out smoke, not a care in the world. Wouldn’t look at me. I’d make her look.

I slid my finger down a little and curled it under, just penetrating her vagina. Not much leverage, but I could get it in a little Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and press down with the heel of my hand into her clit. I stroked with my finger and pressed with my palm, slow at first and then speeding up. She pumped her legs open and closed just a little with my motion. I looked over. Nothing.

I moved my hand up some, spreading her lips with my ring and pointer fingers and tickling her clit up and down. I could feel it hardening, a little bump that I could only feel on my downstrokes. I sped up. She coughed. Still, she wouldn’t look.

I slipped my pointer finger down to get it wet with her juices, brought back up and started rubbing her clit with two fingers, trying to catch it in the crevice in between to put pressure on it from both sides. She put her cigarette out in the ashtray in the center console. I sped up. She wouldn’t look. I rubbed faster, working a little harder. She wouldn’t look. She turned and started talking to Jess.

Boys, the movie, the cold, school, tests.

I kept rubbing and she worked her legs in and out faster. I tried to keep speeding up.

The soccer team, the holidays, dry skin, chap stick.

Her panties were bunched to the side, but I could tell they were soaked. My arm was starting to get tired. She kept talking.

Her dog, my dog, Gus’ dog, Mark’s dog.

My fingers were sliding faster than Escort Tekirdağ I thought possible now. I felt like I could smell her in the air, but I knew that was in my head, with the wind still whipping by from the open window. I felt like I could see her pussy through my fingers, turning pink and swollen with arousal. Still, she talked.

Baking, parties, cakes, how to get beer. She faltered. I rubbed. Jess looked at her. Megan couldn’t say anything. Finally she choked to the front seat,

“Gus, who is that guy who…who bought us beer?” Jess leaned up to hear the answer. I took my opportunity. I was moving my whole hand now, drawing my wrist in and out of her panties, three of my fingers now pressing her clit. I started rubbing in circles. The blanket came off, my hand was still bucking frantically in the air. Megan’s hips were rising to meet my hand. She closed her eyes and lay back, controlling her breathing. I pressed, I rubbed, she gasped. She kept perfectly still.

For a second I could see the whole tableau from another perspective, Gus and his girlfriend joking in the front, Jess’ head poked up to listen to them. My hand still in Megan’s panties, her hand still resting on my cock through my jeans. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out.

Then, Megan opened her eyes, sat up, pulled the blanket back over us. She didn’t take my hand out of her panties. She didn’t take her hand off of my crotch. Jess sat back. We rode like that the rest of the way home.

Gus dropped me off first. I said goodbye to everyone, leaned into Megan.

“You owe me.”

She smiled back. “I think you were just getting me back for last time. But we’ll see.”

…to be continued.

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