Mr. Michaels

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So it is fall 2010 and I had to observe in a classroom for my teaching degree. The teacher I was working with is Mr John Michaels. He was average looking with short brown hair and blue eyes. He had a gorgeous toned hard body due to his after school workouts with the lacrosse team. He is young, only about 29. We had flirted back and forth but nothing serious.

He controlled himself around students but when it was just me and him during his prep time I could tell he wanted me just by the look in his eyes, not mention his swollen pants.

Now I wasn’t used to this because I have been slightly overweight for most of my life. However I had spent the summer working out, tanning at the beach and getting into shape. Now I have a nice hourglass figure with 36dd breasts and light brown beach curls in my hair. Even though I had lost the weight I still had nice tits. I felt and looked better than I ever have and this newfound confidence must have shown off.

I had been working with Mr. Michaels all of September and it was now the beginning of October, and my 22nd birthday was quickly approaching. Mr Michaels asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I guess it was the newfound confidence, or just the fact that I was so aroused when I was around him, that i simply said “you”.

He was slightly taken aback by my frowardness but quickly regained his composure and said nothing for a moment but instead just smiled. He didn’t have to say anything it was all right there in his face, the want, the need, the sexual frustration that had been building.

The following week it was my birthday. All day during class as he would walk around I would pull my knee length skirt up a little bit higher, and I would make sure I was still showing enough cleavage to look professional while trying to turn him on at the same time. It seemed to be working. After a while he had to teach from sitting behind his desk!

During his prep period he came straight over to me and said “I’ve had a hard on since this morning because of you, Now you better do something about it or stop flashing me during class!”

Well I guess he didn’t expect me to do what I did next. I stood up and kissed him while taking my right hand I began to stroke his dick through his pants. He kissed me back with such a passion that I was getting lightheaded.

When I pulled away he looked confused. With a smile on my face I told him to go lock his classroom door and turn the lights out. After he did that he returned to me waiting on my knees for him.

He stepped in front of me and I immediately unhooked his belt and undid his pants. I pulled down his pants and boxers so I could finally get a look at that cock I had wanted for this last month. Sakarya Escort It was the best cock i had ever seen. Completely shaven about 7 or 8 inches long and just thick enough so my fingers barely touched when wrapped around it. There was already pre-cum oozing from the head.

I quickly stuck my tongue out and liked it up. Mr. Michaels gasped out loud begging me to take his cock into my mouth. I happily obliged. I was able to get about four inches in my mouth and I used my hand for the rest. After a few minutes I was more relaxed so I tried to go all the way down. Mr. Michael moaned deeply when i had his whole cock down my throat. I reached around and grabbed his bare ass pulling him forward and pushing his cock into my mouth as far as I could.

After I did this a couple of times he took his hands and put them on the sides of my head and started to fuck my mouth. I could feel his balls smacking my chin as he shoved his cock down my throat.

After a few minutes he said “I’m gonna cum all over your mouth and down you throat you little slut……..uhhhhhh almost there….that’s it suck harder…oh god, oh god….unhhhhhhhhhhh” He had pulled his cock out of my mouth to cum on it and my tongue, but before he was done he stuck it back in my mouth and I could feel the cum hitting the back of my throat.

Mr. Michaels then to his cock out and sat down on the desk behind him and looked at me. What a sight I must have been tousled hair, cum in and on my mouth. I licked it off, fixed my hair, and cleaned off his cock just in time for the bell to ring for his next class.

As I was getting ready to leave after his last class he asked me to stay a little later and help him grade some exams. I said yes, and excused myself to use the bathroom.

I went across the hall into the bathroom and locked myself in to a stall. I took off everything except my black lace bra, stockings, thong and garter set. I quickly stuffed my skirt and shirt into my purse, and sprayed a bit of perfume on me.

Now I put my jacket back on because one, we were still in school, and two it helped keep my new appearance a surprise. My jacket was one of those plaid fashion long button up ones that go to just above the knee. So I buttoned my jacket up the way it was when I left and went back to Mr. Michaels room.

Once I went back in I walked over to my table and put my purse down. I turned toward him and began unbuttoning my jacket slowly. When I opened my jacket I got the exact response I wanted a nice bulge in his pants for the second time that day.

So i said “Like what you see?” Cliche, i know, but it did work. All he could do was nod, so then I said “Well then come and get it.” He Sakarya Escort Bayan first walked over to the door to lock it and shut the lights off, so it looked like we had gone for the day. He then came walking up to me and wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my ass with both hands while kissing me.

We moved over so you couldn’t see us from the hall. He slid my jacket off me slowly while running his hands down my body sending an electric current pulsing through my body. I then unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him, tossing it over a desk or two. He reached around and unhooked my bra in one swift motion, so he could see my beautiful round breasts.

Mr. Michaels turned me around and came right up behind me against my body. I could feel his naked chest up against my back and hard cock right up against my ass. As he squeezed my breasts and ran his hands over my flat stomach I got so wet my juices soaked through my thong and started to run down my leg.

Mr. Michaels bent me over the desk and spanked my ass 22 times for my birthday and then once more for good luck. I enjoyed every one and moaned louder after every smack. After that he rolled me over so my back was on the desk.

“Did you want me to make you feel better?” he said as he rubbed my sore ass. I nodded and said “Yes, Mr. Michaels please eat my pussy and finger my tight cunt. I’m so wet for you. I want it so badly my body is aching.”

He wasted no time. He pulled my up so I was sitting on the desk and put two fingers inside me. I made this indescribable sound of pleasure that urged him on. After about ten seconds he added a third finger which just made me cum right there. My body shook all over as I came and my juiced leaked down his whole arm.

He didn’t give me any time to breathe in between because as soon as I finished cumming on his fingers he got down in front of me and starting sucking and licking my clit. He just moved my thong to the side so it wouldn’t interfere. Because I was still on a high form the last orgasm I came within minutes.

I had one hand on the desk to hold myself up and the other on his head pushing his face into my pussy. The harder I pushed his face down the harder I could feel the orgasm building. I could feel it in my toes, I came so hard that I even squirted a tiny bit on his face. I told him I needed a minute to relax and enjoy the pleasure he just gave me.

After I had completely soaked in the feeling and I stopped tingling, I got up. I pushed Mr Michaels up against the wall and undid his pants for a second time that day. But this time I just deep throated his hard cock a couple times, then I stood up and slid my soaked thong off.

I pushed Escort Sakarya my body up against his, took his cock and rubbed it on my clit. I asked him with an innocent look on my face “So Mr. Michaels, where would you like me?” He smiled, took me over to his desk and said “Here, bend over and stick your ass out”.

I did as I was told because I wanted him to fuck me into oblivion. I spread my legs apart giving him total access to my pussy. Mr Michaels took his left hand and put it on my lower back, pushing my body onto the cold desk. With his right hand he took his cock and rubbed it up and down my slit teasing me because he knew how much I wanted it.

“Please Mr Michaels, please put your cock in me. I want it so badly” I said. My body was writhing with anticipation, my hard nipples making my body ache even more on the cold desk.

He took his cock and pushed the whole thing in my pussy in one hard thrust. I let out a gasp of mind-blowing pleasure as he let out a low groan. After that initial thrust he slowly moved in and out of me building up to a good pace. I love being fucked from behind, the feeling of not being in control.

He fucked me deep and hard, smacking my already red ass every now and then. I held onto that desk tightly as his cock rubbed my g-spot bringing me to my next orgasm. I stood there bent over the cold desk, legs shaking as I came.

Then he stopped for a minute and sat down in his chair. He then asked me to sit on his lap. I straddled his lap, facing him, and sat down on his cock, sinking it slowly all the way in. Because I had worked out all summer my legs were toned and strong.

I rode his cock and bounced my tits in his face for 10 minutes before he grabbed my ass and laid me down on his desk on my back. My ass was on the edge of the desk and Mr. Michaels put his cock deep in my pussy.

He was almost ready to come but the new position gave him some more time. I held my legs in the air so he could just concentrate on how deep his cock was buried inside me. Mr. Michaels grabbed my breast with one hand twisting my nipple and with his other hand took his thumb and made circles on my clit. All this combined together i couldn’t take much more-it felt way to damn good.

My back started arching as my pussy started contracting its walls squeezing Mr. Michaels cock inside it. I was experiencing the best orgasm I had ever had. With my tight pussy getting even tighter around his cock he couldn’t take anymore and he shot a huge load inside my pussy.

He sat down in his chair spent, as I lay on his desk with his cum leaking out of me. I took a finger and scooped up some of his cum with my juices and brought it to my mouth. I then got up and licked his cock clean. I slid my thong back on to absorb the rest our leaking juices and finished getting dressed.

After I thanked him for the wonderful birthday gift I drove home with his cum still leaking out of me, thinking of what I would wear next week and what else we could do……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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